DonKangolJones’ End of Year Special: Best Anime Music of the Year (2010)

I’m back again.  DonKangolJones here remembering love for 2010 with another guest post.  You’d think I didn’t have my own blog.  I didn’t have one last year, but here are my favorites from 2009, just for fun.

Last Year’s Winners

Best Opening Theme:  “Hologram” – Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Best Ending Theme:  “Yahoo” – Kanamemo

Best Soundtrack: Bakemonogatari

And now onto the best of 2010.  Of course this is all from just series that aired this year, with music that played from Winter to Fall seasons of 2010.  So if I missed something let me know.  If you don’t like my choices…  tough titties.  I’m sure my wife is going to kill me anyway after reading this.

Nominees for Best Opening Theme are:

  • Theme for Panty & Stocking” – Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt: too short, but infectious. “Cherry Baby! Cherry-Baby! Be alriiiiiiiiiight!”  I can’t wait to get my hands on the full soundtrack.

  • Perfect Area Complete” – Baka to Test to Shokanjuu: couldn’t think of a nicer way to bring in 2010 than to have this as the first OP theme I listened to.  Incredibly upbeat without being annoying, beautiful animation.

  • Irony” – Ore Imouto: for all I abhor about this show, this is one of the gems I take from it.  A lovely, enchanting theme that made me believe this could be something great.

  • Koko Dake no Hanashi” – Kuragehime: the most impressively musical OP theme in this group.  I’m still amazed at how flawlessly the melodic and rocking parts of this song meld.  And damn the girl in this song can sing!

  • My Soul, Your Beats!” – Angel Beats: to say I wore out this theme is an understatement.  I love how the off beat piano compliments this song.  It’s also my daughter’s favorite song.  She tries her hardest to sing this even though she hardly knows a word.

  • Utauyo!! Miracle” – K-ON!!:  KEION!! GWAAAAAAR!

  • Rain” – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: anything attached to Fullmetal Alchemist adds a level of emotion attachment to it for me.  I think it’s a beautiful song that picks up at all the right times.

  • Uragiri no Yuuyake” – Durarara!!: this song had a slugfest with “Complication” to the end.  While the latter song is my personal favorite, this song… this song right here is the theme for the show.  The moment it starts you know EXACTLY what you’re about to watch.  It’s undeniably good and never slows down throughout.  But it does take a little time to get melodic.  My hat’s off to the drummer, he drives this song, HARD

  • Shinryaku no Susume” – Ika Musume/Squid Girl: this song skirts the edge of my tolerance for the upbeat, but that just means that it did the absolute best it could. “Hajimemasho!  Hajimemasho!”  It’s just a catchy tune that should have been a good hint that you’re in for a fun time.  Love how the guitar goes nuts at around the three and a half minute mark.
    “Shinryaku! Shinryaku! Shinryaku! Shinryaku! Shinryaku! Shinryaku! Shinryaku! Shinryaku!
    Shinryaku! Shinryaku! Shinryaku!Shinryaku! Shinryaku! Shinryaku!

  • God Only Knows” – The World God Only Knows:  HA!  When I found out that the real version of this song was around 8 minutes long I went insane for a few moments.  But surprisingly, it’s an epic build up to the part that’ actually featured in the show’s opening animation.  Keima is a god afterall, and this song is the perfect accompaniment and introduction to the show.  I’m proud of what they’ve done to adapt one of my favorite manga so far.  God Only Knows if they could possibly eclipse this opening.  *THUMBS WAY UP!*

  • Meiya Kadenrou” – Katanagatari:  the OST is decent, but this original opening by far my favorite piece of music.  The second opening reminded me too much of that same group’s work on Code Geass.


Nominees for Best Ending Theme are:

  • Fallen Angel” – Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt: why is this so damn short?  Damn whoever greenlit such a late date for the soundtrack!

  • Listen” – K-ON!!: like the battle for best theme for Durarara!! I struggled to choose which ED theme I loved for K-ON!!  In the end, I played this more, I rocked  harder to this, it was catchier.  Plus it gave me more happy thoughts.  Who doesn’t love seeing their moe blobs dancing and performing in a giant pastry.  Or are they tiny and it’s an ordinary pastry.  Oh!  My head hurts.

  • Ray of Light” – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: the song symbolized something for me the moment I heard it; the end of the Fullmetal Alchemist journy I had been on for some ten years.

  • Kimi ni Kirei no Kizuite Okure” – Kuragehime: hearing this song tv sized and it’s a beautiful song, hearing this in full and you realize it’s a beautiful, beautiful, happy happy song.  Pay attention to the lyrics.  It has a wonderful message.

  • Baka Go Home” – Baka to Test to Shokanjuu: B-A! K-A! GO-OH HOOOOOME!  This is a man’s man’s ending theme song.  I’d love to sing this on a drunk night out on the town with a bunch of friends as they close the bar.  F*ck it!  I play this when I leave work.  “B-A!  K-A!  GO-OH HOOOOOOME!  YEAH!”

  • Holy Shine” – Fairy Tail: “Merry-Go-Round” is one of my favorite ending themes from 2009.  And Fairy Tail has an outstanding soundtrack so this little gem comes as no surprise.  I almost forgot about it as I was making this list.  Good thing I had that last minute Fairy Tail marathon.

  • Brave Song” – Angel Beats:  another song from another outstanding soundtrack.  You think this would’ve been an effective enough warning for how the show ended.  Regardless, this song is no stranger to my relaxing nighttime playlists.

  • Trust Me” – Durarara!!:  Drrr!! is a show about a bunch of freaks and their love stories.  So a song like this is extremely appropriate.  Whether it be friends, lovers or even arch-enemies this song applies in all forms.


Nominees for Best Soundtrack of the Year are:

  • Angel Beats: from the lighthearted, to the dreadful, to the epic, to just plain having good songs; the Angel Beats OST covered it all.  I’m tempted to say it’s one of the greats.

  • Fairy Tail: holy sh*t!  Where’d this come from?  When I first started Naruto I thought it had a great soundtrack.  Fairy Tail’s blows it out of the water.  And it’s not just good for that genre, minus a few duds and one blatant rip off this soundtrack is hard driving, unique and epic.

  • K-ON!!: not my style of music at all, but the memories attached to these songs will last forever.

  • Kuragehime: the opening and ending themes are outstanding enough to get it nominated.  Now I just need the OST.
  • Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt: finally got my hands on the soundtrack and it is OUTSTANDING!  It’s like a third pop, a third club music and a third video game music.  It’s so delightfully insane, just like the show.

  • Durarara!!: seems to always hit the right chord.  From the delightfully goofy, to the timeless memories.  The soundtrack for Durarara!! always seems to have the right melody.  My favorite songs tend to be the ones heavy with piano.


And the Winners are:

“IRONY” for Best Opening Theme

“BAKA GO HOME” for Best Ending Theme

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt for Best Soundtrack

Ending theme was probably one of, if not the hardest choice to make for my end of year blogs.  If you think something else should have one, or if you have your own favorite themes and soundtrack feel free to leave them in the comments.  Links would help, and don’t blame me if some of these vids get taken down.  I’ve done my best to avoid the La Youtube Policia, but nothing is guaranteed.

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34 Responses to DonKangolJones’ End of Year Special: Best Anime Music of the Year (2010)

  1. lelangir says:

    no Gundam Unicorn? Outstanding music, IMO. I have to pay tribute (orz) to kz/livetune for Oreimo’s OP (and for going pro), but personally I’m not really fond of it :/

    • Sorry, never got a hold of the OST & I kinda ignored the movies to get this list down to something manageable. Though I have to say, I really liked Unicorn’s soundtrack. I loved the False Songstress one… eventhough it’s not totally separate from the series one.

      Damn you “Pink Monsoon” for sneaking onto my playlists!

      • KrimzonStriker says:

        A real shame, Unicorn’s full soundtrack left me breathless after I tracked it down on youtube, I must repeated the Unicorn song itself for about an hour when I first found it. Something about the western operatic choral chanting in the background just adds so much when in conjunction with the actual animation, which I suppose goes to show how deep-rooted the classics are within our cultural mindset.

        Still, props for recognizing the greatness that is the Fairy Tail OST 😀

    • sadakups says:

      Word. Gundam UC’s OST rocked.

    • Is Unicorn OST out yet? I personally haven’t had a good listen, but almost like guiletheme.mp3 it can make a lot of things awesome:

  2. BenDTU says:

    No mention of MAXON from SRWOGTI?

  3. Chan says:

    No full ED forFallen Angel?

    shame on you…

    But really that soundtrack was awesome, and it matches the series in tone and sexual humor. It was really worth the wait, though its a good thing that the OST wasn’t released earlier no matter how cruel it was because the lyrics to some of the songs were spoilers to the ending of the series, especially “Champion”.

    But seriously I loved the first op and ed for Durarara! more than the second one, which just seemed more generic to me. Don’t get me wrong they’re good songs on their own they just don’t really match the show as well as the first op and ending.

    Though this is a cop out I also very much liked the 13th opening for One Piece “One Day” by Rootless the lyrics just perfectly matched what was going on at the time as well as what will happen in the future *cries at the memory of reading the incident in the manga*.

  4. No effing way Listen! is chosen over NO THANK YOU!!

    I don’t think it’s even close, though everyone’s outfits in Listen! are cuter.

  5. Wow, talk about complete at odds given my recent review of Panty and Stocking’s soundtrack. I just couldn’t stand the electronica at all! Tastes definitely clashing I guess since I would have given the soundtrack prize to either Fairy Tail or Sora no Woto (a soundtrack you didn’t list but has good merits all the same).

    But to ghostlightning, yes, Sawano’s Gundam Unicorn score has been out for awhile now (I’m tempted to place it close to the first half of the year, but I might be a bit off). It’s pretty snazzy and epic with glorious orchestrals. Maybe could use a few moments of silences to build up the dramatic tension, but that’s about it….

    • Thanks for the heads up on Unicorn!

      I am totally digging the dirty sound of the PSG OST. I personally find it charming in its over/underproduced sound, making for that “dirty” feel that matches the filth of the show (the show is indeed rather filthy, in case you didn’t notice). It’s definitely not a layered experience as I’d say, Eureka SeveN‘s electronic music gives me (the other playlist I have for working out). But sometimes, I like it raunchy and dirty too and this soundtrack evoking the feel of its outrageous show gives it to me.

      • Well hell, how did that OST slip under my radar. Indeed I have to pick it up, because that music can make taking a dump epic.

        @zzeroparticle: it’s all a matter of taste of course, I was fully expecting to get slammed by the rival factions of Angel Beats and K-ON!! for not picking the more musically inclined shows. I didn’t get into Sora no Woto so that’s why it didn’t make it.

        The soundtrack for Fairy Tail is indeed a great one, but there were some songs on that soundtrack that I absolutely hated.

        I enjoyed the P&S OST for its uniqueness and gall. There are plenty of shows whose music does epic, or cute or inspired well. I can’t think of another show that does nasty, eclectic and… even soulful well. It just stood out to me on all levels.

    • If it helps I didn’t really see it becoming this popular either, in my book it’s pretty standard techno/electronic music, though the one ghost posted above is kind of okay. It’s not like I hate electronic music either, I loved Daft Punk’s soundtrack to Tron and love the sound of 80’s music in general, PS&G just doesn’t do anything for me for the most part.

      • Too late, a whole bunch of people I know are nuts about it. Over on twitter random lyrics from the songs get blurted out every now and then. This kind of viral popularity is unprecedented.

        • Finally had some decent time with the Gundam Unicorn OST, and I’ll admit it’s very good. I can see why some people would say it’s their favorite. I only run into one problem when I mash it up against the Panty and Stocking OST.

          It’s comparing two very different things, which makes it hard for me to figure out what’s better. It’s like comparing your favorite pop album to your favorite movie score. You hear the pounding drums, the smashing cymbals and the diversity of instruments and there’s no not being impressed. The OST makes me wish I could watch each of these episodes in a real movie theater, even though my home system is nothing to sneeze at.

          That said they’re both very good in their own ways.

          …and “Champion” is now my favorite song off the P&S OST. “Unicorn” and “Mobile Suit” and “RX-0” are in a 3-way tie right now for Unicorn’s.

  6. DeadlySyn says:

    FMA’s theme.. i suddenly remembered Hohenheim’s montage.. and now i’m feeling really sad…

  7. BumphGb says:

    I’m surprised ‘Arakawa under the bridge’ didn’t get a mention, the first season has my favourite ED of the year:

    • My two episodes of viewing time doesn’t qualify me as a proper judge of its songs.
      But I appreciate the comment and vid. That show’s just not my kinda thing though.

      • BumphGb says:

        I can appreciate that you might not have got on too well with the show as it’s fairly non linear story can often leave me wishing it would take itself a little more seriously at times.
        But the track I posted had an instant connection with me as a genuinely classy piece of guitar pop that even after the hundredth’s listen I still find catchy and entertaining.
        Seeing as it’s your list of favourite that we’re talking about though, it all comes down to personal taste. If this track doesn’t float your boat then who am I to argue.

  8. OverAnime says:

    Weee thanks for the share, I especially loved the music from K-On. I love it! I hope there will be another season for the anime.

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  10. foshizzel says:

    Squid girl! love that opening so addictive and cute lol!

    Brave Song from Angel beats so gooooodddd loved that one! And the song she sings before she leaves in the episode was just as good.

    Durarara! some of the best openings and endings for 2010 to me that is 😛 love the OST.

    Fairy tail! Wooooooo! loved those OST’s too really good, best songs on them have to be the main theme and the slow versions.

    • If there is one universal in this list, it’s everyone’s love for Fairy Tail’s kickass soundtrack. When it comes to my favorites they’re Erza’s theme; Dragonslayer; Laxus’s theme and #25.

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