[The Only Bakuman Anime Blog Post You’ll Ever Want to Read]


Over the last six months, Ashirogi Muto’s 4-koma FullMetal Panty & Stocking of the Rebellion: You Can (Not) Believe This put them consistently in the top five of Shounen Jump’s rankings.

Their shocking and outrageous humor, apparent disregard for boundaries, and general departure from their previous works got readers from all age groups talking. Additionally, the liberal use of shameless cameos and crossover work, such as the Chuck x Otter love arc, Briefs briefly joining the cast of Bleach, and the dramatic deaths of Scanty and Kneesocks in a well-received arc of Crow, caused their popularity to surge even more.

However, for our heroic mangaka, none of it meant anything – not the rave reviews, not the avalanche of fan letters, not the offers of further crossovers opportunities with increasingly high-profile colleagues. No. All of it was worthless if they couldn’t get their series turned into an anime, allowing Moritaka Mashiro and Miho Azuki to finally get together (for the love of God!).

We find Ashirogi Muto in their studio.


The PRE-FINALE manga chapter!!!…


The alchemic rite has gone awry, and the readers twisted themselves and each other speculating on how the story is going to end. After a few more months of excruciating withdrawal from their favorite JUMP manga, news of the film’s release date arrived with much hype and fanfare.

Leading up to the release date, our mangaka heroes see the culmination of all their work for the first time…




This fanfic is the most fun collaborative experience I’ve ever had. The person responsible for the 4-koma illustrations is my BROSIS (she’s a sis, but she’s totally my BRO) Kiriska of the Opinion Prone blog, who did major contributions to the script as well (but any part of this that sucks is entirely my own). Here’s her potfolio, etc.

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18 Responses to The Only OTHER Bakuman Anime Blog Post YOU’LL EVER WANT TO READ (THE FINALE)

  1. Wait, THE END?!?!… but WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?!?! Or in between, I guess….

    Btw, you still catch the anime? Is it any… better?

    • The anime is grossly uneven, mostly incredibly boring stuff focusing on the juvenile idealized love of Mashiro x Azuki. That said, whenever the focus shifts on the manga-related material, it’s pretty much what I hoped the adaptation would be: BRAZENLY JUVENILE POV MANLINESS… but that’s what I love so much about shonen in the first place.

      The good news is, there’s a lot more of the good stuff now that Fukuda is here and I only worry about the Mashiro goes sick arc later on — it could get sickeningly lame if mishandled. That said, that’s also Team Fukuda’s crowning moment of awesome so I’ll definitely stick around.

  2. chii says:

    the last picture is perfect! lol

  3. Fukuda says:

    I only wonder what would Ashirogi Muto do after Saiko and Azuki get married. I mean, FMP&SotRYC(n)BT does end with the movie right?

    Then again given that it’s GAINAX they’d enjoy royalties unlimited licensing works forever and ever.

  4. adaywithoutme says:

    That was hilarious… and I don’t watch Bakuman… or Evangelion. But if either one had been like that AMV, maybe I would.

    • LOLthanks!

      I don’t think the Bakuman anime is worth your time. The manga, however is my favorite ongoing title (which is remarkable in that I don’t read JUMP otherwise).

      Evangelion… just thinking about how to talk about it in the space of a comment just exhausted me. Bottom line is that I don’t think it’s a waste of your time whether it delights you or enrages you.

      • adaywithoutme says:

        I do currently have the first Evangelion movie in my queue on Netflix, so… yeah, gonna watch it soon! Hopefully the shorter format ensures that I am willing to withstand the teen angst in it!

  5. Kiri says:

    Ne… I want the source of that Saiko/Shuujin picture~. <____<

    Good job putting this all together though, man! I really do like how you set those pictures to the side of the dialogue. XD Much more interesting than just a script.

  6. Fernando says:

    I am actually a big fan of bakuman since i saw myself reflected in the main character, well thats a bit of a cliche but i like to draw anime , tried to make a living out of that to be honest , i’m already on my second volume of my first manga, and i’m really phiched lol.

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