One Million Page Views! Thank You All!


I’ve made many milestone posts – all means to encourage myself to keep at this hobby, to minimize slacking, and get better at doing things. One thing I’ve never marked in these posts is page view milestones, knowing that page views aren’t indicative of actual readership, as an overwhelming percentage of these views (my best guess) is due to Google image searches (this may be particular to anime blogs, but I’m not that knowledgeable on blogging in general).

However, I thought that for whatever it’s worth, a million page views indicates something related to a wide readership (however distant). One of the trade-offs of using a free blogging platform, is a lack of (free) accurate and detailed website analytics. Thus I must make do with onboard analytics which is nice in its own way.

I only regret that I didn’t notice that We Remember Love hit this milestone at least 2 days ago, having been much busier that I don’t get to do admin on the site as much as I’d like. In this post are some thoughts to assessing blog performance using only




I’m too unsophisticated to even attempt the workarounds found in this forum thread. I’ll just base my estimate on the .rss aggregator I use and wishfully think that there are other subscribers using the other feed readers out there. I’ve been using Google Reader since 2006 and I’m just happy there are that many subscribers on it for WRL.

Now, before I get ahead of myself, just because my blog has a subscriber doesn’t mean that that person reads every single post published. I estimate that a third of the subscribers read the posts within 24 hours of publication. Why so few?

Not even counting those who don’t check GR regularly, and those who subscribe to too many feeds (and just click “mark all as read”), I can’t possibly count on every subscriber to be reading or watching the stuff I’m currently into. Most robot fans probably stayed away when I was writing about Katanagatari and K-On!! and I find it wholly amusing if outright moé fans subscribed to WRL. Even so, I don’t expect people to read every single post even if they’re subscribed. I can’t even do the same for the many blogs I’m subscribed to across my broad interests.

Still, subscribers provide the biggest chance that my posts are being read (not just skimmed, tl;dr’d). I sometimes think that GR (GRSI perhaps even morso) stops people from commenting on the posts. It’s certainly the case with me and Basketball blogs. I’m subscribed to a gazillion Los Angeles Lakers blogs (and other blogs about the NBA) since 2006 and I’ve commented a total of 3 times IIRC.

That said, I’ll always be thankful for subscribers! also tracks subscribers within the service which is pretty neat. I didn’t realize until today that WRL has 10 email subscribers. Whoa.


Comments & Trackbacks


I stopped attempting to use comments and trackbacks as performance indicators because I don’t have sophisticated enough analytics. Since I switched to threaded comments maybe 2 years ago, I’ve needed to (dis)count my own replies (as I attempt to reply to every single comment). Currently this is not within the powers of free WordPress analytics so I can’t really do much with comments. A shame really, because I make hosting discussion a primary motivation for blogging anime and manga.

The lack of trackbacks analytics is also lamentable, because I track back to my own posts religiously, in the effort to bring that new reader who is in the mood to read more stuff to my older posts, and possibly generate new discussion. In support of this is my ongoing archive of comments I find valuable here on WRL (though submissions from other blogs are welcome) The Ghosts of Discussions.

A features and editorials blog (like WRL) can’t hope to be posting always relevant articles. I tend to only write one or two posts about ongoing shows per season unless I blog them episodically (very rare). The rest of the posts are topical things, or advocating shows and manga that aren’t quite in the sights of the fandom at any given time. As a result, I can’t count on generating massive page views upon publication which may then result in a thriving discussion in the comments.

Thus, a features and editorials blog relies on the strength of its archive, and I don’t intend to waste the strength of 431 posts (as of this writing). For a first time visitor, I’m counting on 431 chances to make her come back for more and perhaps become a subscriber. Also, among those 431 posts is ONE that has zero comments. I’m still wishing someday someone would feel moé for that post and leave a comment despite how outdated/obsolete the content is.

So what?

I’m quite happy with how things have gone for WRL. I enjoy being part of a smaller part of an international anime fandom. I always want to reach out to more people, to new people; perhaps even to those who aren’t fans yet of anime and manga; but I also acknowledge that I’m not a professional blogger (and in a lot of ways this is a good thing) and lack the wherewithal to conduct marketing campaigns targeted precisely to the kind of readers who would not only subscribe, but also enjoy discussing anime and manga with me in the comments. 

I don’t intend to make a habit of publishing posts about page views so this post doesn’t follow the usual WRL schedule. Maybe I’ll see all of you again after another million. And I probably should at least try to find out who’s that well-meaning fellow who goes on WRL and clicks refresh all day every day over the past 2.4 years.

About ghostlightning

I entered the anime blogging sphere as a lurker around Spring 2008. We Remember Love is my first anime blog. Click here if this is your first time to visit WRL.
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72 Responses to One Million Page Views! Thank You All!

  1. VucubCaquix says:

    Holy cow, congrats!

    This was one of the first aniblogs I lurked, even if it did take me forever to actually muster up the courage to comment on anything.

    • Somehow the idea of a shy Vucub doesn’t fit in my brain.

      It. just. doesn’t.

      Thanks for being a part of WRL’s readership. Feel free to let me know what you think would be great to see on the site. If it’s something within my abilities I’ll be interested to make it work.

  2. Anya says:

    OML Congratulations >.<

    • 2 years and 4 months isn’t a short amount of time if you think about it, though WRL has enjoyed consistent and dramatic leaps in growth in 2009 and in 2010. I’m just happy thinking that some fraction of these statistics are actual readers of the articles.


  3. Fucking amazing. I’ve been doing this for nearly 2 more years than you, and I’ve got less than 400,000—and no way to prove I have more than 29,000 thanks to all the host swapping.

    Of course, you and I have talked stats endlessly, and as a member of this blog, I’ve watched your stats myself. I know some 20-30% comes from Vincent Van Gogh paintings, and another good chunk goes to technically titled gundam images, but even if you took all that away, you’d have as many hits as I have *with* search surpluses. It always has and always will impress me.

    The two of us won’t probably be able to enjoy that kind of success again, at least not this year. We’ve both reached the apex of specificity, and I’m convinced we will both gradually alienate enough of our audience that we’ll only get a few readers per post. But the magical thing is that there will *always* be readers, and they will always be returning. We will have people we haven’t heard from in months suddenly come out for that one post, because they never stopped following our blogs, they just didn’t have the right topic and moment. That, too, will always impress and heartwarm me.

    I think that in 2011, both of us will fade very much into obscurity, paying attention to our good friends in the sphere with the little windows of time we have (yours particularly small). But we’ll be back. Next year, robot anime will make it’s full comeback, with the surge of this year having boosted it to new heights, and a new breed of fans who worship light novels will rise up and understand me better than ever before. We’ll ride that wave out, sink back, and rise again. But we won’t stop. I see you and I doing this for a very long time. Even if we can’t—even if one of our blogs dies for a year and a half while we have no time for anime, we’ll come back. And with you and I being the kind of guys we are, we’ll come back to the same site we left, and continue like we were never gone.

    • Thanks bro. I directly credit good ol’ Vince for 51,050 page views as of this writing. This is a LOT, but hardly 20% (more like %5). The real haul comes from Macross images, Gundam images, and LOL K-On! images (the only reason why a Leiji Matsumoto post can have 15,468 hits LOLOLOLOL thanks Mio).

      If for raw new readers, I think we’ll be as successful as the raw growth of the anime blog readership goes. I always end up making timely posts re the new shows of the season that I watch so there’s always going to be fresh eyes on the blog. Assuming that I don’t get worse as a writer, I can reasonably get 10% of those first time viewers to come back at least once.

      This is probably mitigated by the passing on of some regular readers away from the hobby. You and I have seen some of those guys… they comment on everything for a few weeks, start a blog, then disappear completely.

      But as you said, some of them come back, to show us they’ve never really left. That’s just great and made of perfect… probably the same way I always check out what ak is doing even though I can’t really read about what he’s currently taking on.

      I don’t want to count on too much re the robot anime comeback. I like that there are as many shows as can be seen now! I just don’t want to entertain notions of a “Golden Age” or for the sub genre to be some kind of dominant meta.

      At the very least I want to keep blogging Broken Blade to its end, Mazinkaiser SKL, to its end, Gundam Unicorn to its end, and Macross Frontier to its end — which will probably take until the end of 2012 given the schedule of the BD of the final film. These are shows that keep me looking forward to the conversations to come.

      • animekritik says:

        That’s it!! I’m going to start putting Mio pics in my Leiji posts!!

        Congratulations! I only know personally of one other aniblogger who hit one million, and I secretly suspect he’s actually a govt. robot, so…it’s a great achievement 😀

        • Haha thanks. I always recommend technical labeling of any images you use in your posts (to make it easier to google them).

          Short of baiting and switching readers, I enjoy working in shows that I care about (Macross) into general editorial/feature posts founded on different and more current shows (just like how I did with my Interstella one), especially if spoilers aren’t involved. It’s the same way with mixing in the more obscure parts of a franchise (i.e. Gundam) when writing about very popular installments of it.

  4. 2DT says:

    Your daily page view count makes me green with envy. 🙂
    No, not really. I also remember you were one of the first people to follow me, and I don’t think I ever got around to thanking you.

    Cheers, to a fine blogger and a wonderful human being.

    • Thanks for your kind acknowledgments.

      It’s presumptuous of me, but I’ve always thought your blog’s trajectory mirrored that of WRL. If anything, you’re a much nicer voice in the community and your writing style is far more accessible (not to mention the topics that are intelligent, “real-time” in Japan, and close to home for the young male otaku. I don’t doubt for a moment that you’ll have similar-to-better results, relative to post frequency. If you factor in how I wrote far more often than you, I think you’re doing a lot better so there’s no reason to feel envious at all.

      Of course, I can’t blame you for not having enough robot content for my tastes :3

      • animekritik says:

        Who could have a nicer voice than yours?? As nice maybe, but not nicer.

        • Naw, 2DT actually has a nicer voice than gl. He’s got that voice like he’s flirting with you the whole time he talks.

          …or is that just how he talks to me?

        • Hehe, that schoolteacher in Tottori is damn pleasant, and you’ll never catch him ENRAGED or wildly ranting about shows that let him down. Your innocence in matters Gundam has spared you from the burning effigies I committed to the flamethrowers of my wrath the past year.

          That said, I think I do get credit for keeping my cool during an infuriating albeit civilized discussion (a shitstorm by any other name) regarding the Macross Frontier love triangle. You won’t believe the sheer volume of comments and the amount of content in each.

  5. bluemist says:

    You continue to be one of my inspirations and a staple of my anime reads (when you’re not talking about a mecha anime teeheheee~) More content and more love-remembering to come!

    • Hehe thanks!

      I remember meeting you for the first time in 2008 at Bonifacio High Street and when you started sharing your blog stats my eyes popped out. WRL has had ONE month of comparable performance (2.5k hits/day). In any case your share gave me an idea of what’s possible, and how it’s a big world in anime blogging after all.

      I’m enjoying a rush of robot shows these days, which is a welcome change for me given the desert of 2009 and parts of 2010 (so much so that I episode blogged Macross Frontier which was a 2008 show lols). But do trust that I’ll at least write once for every new show in the season I check out (which can’t possibly be always a robot show).

      • bluemist says:

        Alas my blog has since demoted to a couple hundred hits per day but still it remains leisurely updating in a Neo Venezia-like pace (blogging slowly is preferred there too lol)

        I can’t get stats for my older years anymore but I’m about to reach 500k on WordPress stats since April 2008. Cause for celebration as well. I still believe though that the comments are a great indicator because we realize that it’s people and not spambots who are reading our stuff. WRL is fun because it has so much comment activity.

  6. TRazor says:


    Just wow.

    And there I was, feeling so proud of myself havin achieved 16k hits in my first 3 months. I feel elated each time I see a thousan added. But looking at this… a million?! I mean, a freakin’ million ?!?!

    I bow down to you, ghost. You have my utmost respect.

    I always was a lurker. I’m not a mecha fun, but I liked your writing style, so I’ve stuck around for the past couple of months. Keep it goin 😉

    • Don’t get too impressed! Like I said raw page views aren’t the most precise indicator of actual readership.

      But thanks for liking how I write. I’ve been writing a lot about robot shows recently but if you check out my archives you’ll see a lot of things outside my pet sub genre. I do try to be accessible while going as far as I can in getting into the bones of the material I write about.

      16k views in 3 months isn’t bad, I did slightly better — but only because I put in a ton of work and was posting almost every day in my first 3 months blogging (not recommended).

      • TRazor says:

        Anything specific that’s non-mecha you’d like to link me to? Something that you’re personally proud of?

        I’ve got a couple more writers on the blog now, so I can stretch my legs a tad bit. I’m trying episodic blogging right now, since it’s sort of the “in thing”.

        • There’s a good spread you can find in my welcome for first time visitors page. Then you can have fun exploring the post series in the categories. Here are a few that I feel strongly about:

          Guilty Pleasures
          Diary of an Anime Lived

          Then specific series of posts on certain shows:

          Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
          Revolutionary Girl Utena

          As for episodic blogging, it’s been the dominant format in the history of anime blogs — mostly having value in the years wherein fansubs came few and far between and summary posts with lots of images were the primary means for viewers who could only watch raws made sense of the shows. Random Curiosity blog still fulfills this role for its massive reader base, though some sites like Hanners’ Anime Blog post incredibly quick articles before the subs come out.

          For me, sites like Sea Slugs! Anime Blog serve the purpose of the “office watercooler” wherein viewers get to talk about the shows they just watched the previous evening. My style of episodic blogging (when I indulge myself in it) is more of a features and analysis piece rather than a review format. I’m not very comfortable making value judgments for the sake of viewers. Advocacy however…

          • TRazor says:

            Read the Kino’s and Tatami Galaxy post. Good stuff. Briefly skimmed through K-ON! I’ve never seen a fan of both K-ON! and mecha at the same time.

            Episodic blogging. I’m not sure if it’s my style. But I try anyway.

            And why don’t you review? I think you might be good at it! (After reading the afforementioned two posts, my expression was literaly O_O as I scrolled back up and read “This is not a review.”

          • They exist, though I doubt in equal measure.

            The purpose of a review can do/be several things (sometimes at once):

            1. Communicate the reviewer’s standards via making value judgments on a particular work.
            2. Put a particular work “in its place” among its contemporaries, or for all time (within its respective genres etc.).
            3. Assist a prospective viewer to make a decision whether to consume a work or not.
            4. Match prospective viewers with shows that they would enjoy — which is not the same thing as making value judgments on a work.
            4.1 Keep prospective viewers from shows that will waste their time relative to their tastes — which is not the same thing as making value judgments on a work.

            I am not very interested in most of these.

            I am interested in speculative analysis, breaking down works as continued enjoyment for myself and others who have already consumed the material (ergo generating discussion). When it comes to features writing, I am full on advocating and promoting shows, manga, and/or ways of appreciating such (i.e. referential traditions as a critical mode: remembering love). An advocate like myself cares less about the consensus opinion on the value of Macross amongst all anime or robot anime, etc. I am consumed by my love for it and am concerned mostly with sharing my passion for it to anyone who’d listen.

            At times I’ll come across as authoritative with regards to Macross, Gundam, or robot anime in general… but this is not my objective. I’m less concerned with establishing myself as an expert on these subjects but instead as a resource for fans to discuss what they like and generate online activities related to what we all like.

            But why the aversion to reviewing in particular (I mean, it’s one thing to be less interested in it, but it’s another thing to consciously avoid it)?

            I dislike having to defend shows I like, and I don’t relish panning shows others like. I can’t avoid it, but I’ll do so informally (on twitter, in casual conversation) and not as a direct expression of my hobby. Even when I torch the Gundam shows that I hate, those posts are more in the spirit of fun (or an attempt to address some wider topic) rather than an attempt to make a case on the value of such shows.

          • A lot of people want you to believe that you can’t be a fan of both. GL and I are there to prove that myth false!

            As for episodic blogging, I don’t recommend it if you aren’t sure about it. It takes dedication and you have to go into it seeking a personal reward if you want to get something out of it. Doing it without purpose is tedious, boring, and from my personal standpoint, nothing I’d ever read :p

          • TRazor says:


            Fight the power!

  7. Shinmaru says:

    Congrats, good sir. I hope OVER 9000 of those views come from me alone, at least!

    Anyway, I’ve always into dem mecha, but you and sir schneider have made me a bigger robot geek, so I will always be thankful for that. I would have gone through UC Gundam, Macross and the like eventually, but you guys totally expedited the process, haha.

    • Thanks, and I totally get what you mean.

      I was going to watch all these robot shows eventually but schneider’s existence sure made me want to watch more shows sooner and faster.

      Also, I think a certain part of the robot anime fandom is really made of something like mentor relationships wherein the more veteran fans are maven-like in sharing to newer viewers the things to watch that they’d enjoy. Even I who spent my pre-school years watching giant robots am constantly influenced by meatspace mecha fiends who share robot shows of varying vintage.

      But as with most things, YMMV

      • schneider says:

        Based on my own experience, I agree. I’m where I am now thanks to the help of my different mentors, who showed me super robot shows, Gundam shows, and a host of different oddball robots.

        With my experiences with my mentors, I’ve developed my own mentoring skills, because the clumsiest way to go about it is to hand over a list of essential mecha shows, which becomes very intimidating. It’s bad, because it actually repels would-be mecha fans, and makes getting into the mecha genre more daunting than it actually is.

        I’m happy to help whenever!

  8. chii says:

    Congrats indeed!

    I’m actually going to blame you for making me watch ALL of Macross and ALL of Gundam last year because ever since I stumbled upon “We Remember Love” a few years ago I was in love with the name alone and felt awkward while I had a few of these titles under my belt I couldn’t read a lot of the posts cause I hadn’t seen the other series. It’s been great fun going back and reading posts for these series that I have come to love and some hate so much 😛

    (I should probably check my own blog stats to see where I am view wise but well… lazy~)

  9. soulassassin says:

    Congratulations, I’ll drink to that accomplishment of yours. 🙂 Guess it’s time for you to shoot for the bigger leagues.

    • Salamat p’re.

      I dunno about bigger leagues. I’ll be happy just to keep this sandcastle standing amidst the waves of entropy on my little beachhead on the internet.

  10. schneider says:

    I suppose I owe a lot to WRL, being the direct inspiration for me to start my own anime blog. Reading your posts, I’ve assimilated qualities that did not only make me a better blogger, but a better person.

    You gave me the capacity to give belligerent commenters the benefit of the doubt, and the patience to converse with them. I also learned not to be an insufferable know-it-all who perennially corrects others when they get their facts right, or styling myself to be some kind of unassailable expert in my field (mecha). Also, our conversations have instilled in me a drive to approach shows critically, and not resorting to quick-fire value judgments.

    You’ve written so much good mecha analysis, proving to me that robots aren’t just dumb toy commercials. Sometimes they are, but more often they go beyond that. That alone makes the genre worth fanboying for.

    As for myself, I’ve stopped worrying about stats anymore. What makes me very happy, though, is when people comment on my old posts, like my ode to Gundam X post, which still gets comments every now and them. It’s probably my proudest achievement on my blog, testament to how a simple blog post could get people to feel good about being a fan. And to me, that’s what’s essential about blogging.

    So congratulations! Here’s to a million more hits. Or two million!

    • Thank you, for all that acknowledgment.

      It really is a lot for me to consider. Of course I wanted to be the change I wanted to see in the sphere when I started WRL with mechafetish so that much has to do with how I conduct myself among readers, commenters, and other bloggers.

      I’m very close to picking up Gundam X again, after my SRW Alpha Gaiden playthrough I’m thoroughly intrigued by its world.

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  12. Baka-Raptor says:

    You can thank me (not my website, me personally) for about 1000 of your visits. Good luck uncovering the other 999,000!

    • Thanks for your ceaseless consumption and participation in anime blog discussion not only on WRL but for all the other anime blogs that I keep seeing you on. For someone who isn’t into “community” I think you’ve done far more to make anime bloggers feel welcome than anyone I think. There was a point wherein I thought I’d try to match your commenting stamina and reach… I thought better of it.

      For your site, which miraculously doesn’t garner as many page views, to consistently send viewers over to WRL over the years I’ve been commenting on your site is pretty amazing.

  13. Panther says:

    Congrats dude, and keep them coming. 😉

    • Thanks. I think I should tell you that it was one of your milestone posts maybe 2 years ago that I learned to pay attention to page views from Google Image Searches. It’s been an invaluable lesson, as I suppose 80% of WRL’s pv’s come from such searches. I only wish to convert even 1% of those hits into actual readers and I’ll be happy.

  14. gaguri says:

    I must say I am not too surprised, I expected the numbers to be somewhat as high as this, since mine is something like 200,000 at this point…to celebrate, I will make sure the next anime I watch is the movie Macross: do you remember love. it will be my entry to macross 😀

    …when i have time (*need..sleep…)

    congrats on everything you’ve done so far, and hope you can survive in this game as long as you can!

    • Thank you.

      I dearly wish that you find much to enjoy in DYRL. Content-wise it is insufficient compared to the TV series, but the important themes are there… the music is there, and the illustrations and animations are gorgeous.

      I’m pretty sure you can bump those numbers up if you rename your images in a search-friendly way… if you actually care for such things. I’m enjoying a good run right now thanks to these robot anime OVAs coming out within days of each other… it can’t last but I know I have shows and episodes I’m looking forward to blogging so that’s going to keep me around.

  15. steelbound says:

    Congrats, hope you have several million more 🙂

    Even though Gurren Lagann is my top anime (for now, Puella Magi Madoka Magica is making a convincing case right now for that position), I’m not much of a giant robot fan so I enjoy your non-robot posts the most but I try to at least skim everything. Though if you have to write about robots 🙂 , I’m curious to see what you think of the currently running American series Sym-bionic Titan.

    • Thank you. I have yet to see Sym-bionic Titan because I don’t know how to get hold of episodes as it has yet to air here. I suppose I could look for torrents as I am quite interested.

      While I have made a conscious choice to do more robot shows this year (from my backlog) since I’ve went away from them sampling so many different shows last year, I’m sure I’ll end up blogging something about some new and exciting show. That finance anime coming this Spring with a real long and weird title has gotten my attention.

  16. sadakups says:

    So, how many views from the million are yours? 😛

    • What do you mean? WP doesn’t count blog members’ visits to the blogs they’re members of… so WRL doesn’t get hits from over a dozen people (some who are frequent commenters) for some time now.

      But if you’re asking about hits on posts that I’ve made, I think it’s over 80% since I did make 80% of the posts here.

  17. Myssa Rei says:

    Whoops, was busy with my new night schedule, so I wasn’t able to see this! I suppose congratulations is in order then!

    1 million total hits. Wow, just… wow. I can’t even aspire to something like that.

    • Thanks.

      I worked hard, I must say. I tried all sorts of things, not the least branching out to other types of shows outside robot anime. I think the variety in subject matter made a big difference.

  18. TheBigN says:

    Congrats good sir!

    Starting off a couple of months after me, and having some 300,000+ page views more almost makes me feel inadequate (please don’t say I need to post more. I know, I know). 😛

    Hopefully you can keep up the pace. According to my stats, DMAB’s best year page view wise was 2008, and now the average daily view count is now back to late 2007 levels, so hey. I look at it like the content on the blog is being more specialized, but hey.

    Keep on being awesome. 🙂

    • Thank you N, I never ever forget how you’re one of the first people to discover new anime blogs and one of the first to discover WRL (along with Martin; Lbrevis, Iknight, and coburn I had to beg LOL).

      Thanks for being consistently one of the nicest guys around. DMAB has become more like a tumblr blog lately, which is not a bad thing. I do hope Madoka Magica fans appreciate the hit you guys provide that they just have to have before their download finishes week after week.

  19. Ruby says:

    Congrats on the milestone GL! your stats are pretty impressive 😀
    I always been a lurker around here and rarely ever comment (sorry XP) but I really enjoy reading your stuff (well unless it’s about some ancient show :P)~

    I’m using google reader too and rarely ever click on the “marked as read” even tho I’m subscribed to a gazillion of blogs/sites so I’m sure you have more subscribers than you think who are reading your post 🙂

  20. 1MM page views. That is almightily impressive! Congratulations on the milestone! I would be so happy if I ever get to 10% of your current viewership someday:) Pretty cool to see your average per day growing year on year pretty substantially.

    Your monthly growth rate in 2008 is 166%, 27% in 2009, 8% in 2010 and stabilizing at 4% now. It’s coming down but when you have about 40,000 views per month, it is pretty difficult to go for a ridiculous 10% growth month on month again!

    Now let’s assume a moderate viewing growth rate of 4% per month in 2011, 3% in 2011, 2% in 2013, you will reach your next milestone of 2MM in October 2012. Hope to be congratulating you again when that time comes:)

    • Thanks so much.

      Oh wow, this is the kind of analysis a maths-challenged innumerate like me can only dream about. I can’t thank you enough!!!

      You’ll also notice that February is usually a death month every year. Obviously there are fewer days, but also it’s because winter shows tend to be weak IIRC.

      As for the growth rate, here are some sketchy stats for your consideration:

      2008: 5+ posts per week
      2009: 3+ posts per week
      2010: 2+ posts per week

      I’ve posted slightly less frequent this year. 9 posts in Feb 2011, as opposed to 13 in Feb 2010, and 19 in Feb 2009. It’s kind of ridiculous though that in April 2010 I made only 9 posts and yet got 45k hits (though I consider that month a high point in terms of WRL’s post quality).

      Perhaps I COULD raise my month on month growth rate well above 4% — I’ll only need to raise my output back to 2009 levels perhaps. It’ll be too much for me though. I can’t keep up that kind of productivity anymore (I blogged multiple ongoing shows episodically then: Bakemonogatari and Tokyo Magnitude 8.0).

      • Would be kinda fun if I have time to spare to go through post by post, categorize them whether they are series review, episode reviews, editorials, previews, rants and see which types generate the most views and replies; the full-on blog analytics treatment!

        Like you said, once you have established yourself, maybe it is not the frequency of posts (as long as it is above a certain minimum) but the quality of post that keeps people coming back for more and commenting!

        • Yeah, full blog analytics would be so cool. I mean, I wouldn’t have to be so haphazard in timing the publication of posts. I’d know when is the best time to release the post: (page views vs. comments, new readers/commenters vs. regulars)

          1. release of raws
          2. release of first speed subs
          3. release of best fansubs

          It seems each release point brings different page view groups and numbers; and while the regular commenters tend to show up later, how much of a risk is it to cater to them to a large degree and vice-versa?

          This is just one thing among many that I’d love to plan around. But for now I’ll leave that to the big, professional blogs.

  21. Holy cow, congratulations! That’s intense right there. (Watch me think longingly of the day I’ll get there, haha. I’m so new.)

    But anyway. Seriously, congratulations. I’m really happy for you 🙂

    • Thanks very much.

      While I definitely did a few things that worked, I made a lot of silly mistakes too that fortunately for me, worked out.

      Page views is a game of quantity — meaning the more posts you put out the faster you will get views. Obviously this isn’t a game I want to indulge too much (especially since I can only make 2 posts a week at a level of quality I won’t be wholly embarassed with). I am assisted by the backlog I built over the years when I used to put out more (I put out a post every other day in 2009).

  22. predederva says:

    super late…but congratsz on hitting your milestone!

  23. otou-san says:

    Even later, but I couldn’t just not saying anything just because I haven’t been around. Nice work. Seeing as how I wiped my stats during the great blog blowout of last year, I have no idea how close I come to that but I’m guessing “not very.”

    But this is supposed to be the thread where I blow smoke up your ass so here goes: you deserve it. You put the work in, you publish super-regularly, you have a recognizable voice: inclusive but rewarding to insiders, accessible but authentic, robot-focused but moe as hell.

    It’s an awesome enough achievement and an awesome enough blog that I feel proud about my tiny part in making it happen :3

    • You probably missed this acknowledgment I made to Kadian during WRL’s 2nd anniversary thereabouts, that apart from IKnight I thought of you as a founding influence on WRL, so you shouldn’t sell your role short in the “success” of this blog.

      While I’m never going to be a natural presenter as far a blogging style goes (as opposed to my academic, lecturing style) I think I’ve grown much in making entertaining posts — in those who I submit for primarily entertainment purposes. I’m channeling SOS right there. But more importantly, I truly believe that WRL became what you and Riex envisioned Oi, Hayaku! to become. I only corrupted this vision by almost completely whoring it in the service of robot shows.

      I think being robot-focused but moe as hell is my crowning achievement to date. Thanks for all you’ve said, but this line made my day. We’re all in this together, interestingly enough “all” primarily means all 3 avatars on the SOS sidebar.

  24. Bruno J. Global says:

    Wow! Congrats on this really big achievement!

    Too bad I can’t contribute to the hits like I used to, but I’ll drop by from time to time.

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