Mazinkaiser SKL 02 and The Language of Violence

[SKL-Magnum] Mazinkaiser SKL - 02 [4F2BD6B8].mkv_snapshot_16.57_[2011.03.08_00.35.01]

Hyperbole aside, since this episode does have some moments of bomb-diffusing, telepathic boob activities, and maybe some other thing that I can’t seem to remember. It is otherwise a constant series of physical violence. It’s remarkable, really.

Two set-piece sieges: Galan’s forces attack the Octagon, The Death Caprice attack Galan’s palace. We got fights on foot, on the field, the rooftops, the cliffs, you name it – all done in the frenetic pace set by the previous episode.

In this post I’ll talk about 2 things I found interesting in the episode: Galan’s idea of regret, and the violence within the Pilder itself.

[SKL-Magnum] Mazinkaiser SKL - 02 [4F2BD6B8].mkv_snapshot_14.12_[2011.03.08_00.30.27]

Galan’s Regret

Kaido took his sword and stormed Galan’s palace like it was some kind of platform action game, fighting all the way up to the top level – the lair of the warlord. The final boss happily obliges, when I thought the right hand woman would give me a sub-boss battle first. Kaido fought like Mazinkaiser himself, pretty much unbeatable and cannot be harmed by mooks.

Galan, however is a different affair, being a far more formidable opponent than Kiba. Galan drives Kaidou out the palace and into the roof and tells him that he doesn’t want to fight him anymore. This is on account of Kaido being a pilot of the Mazinkaiser. Galan wants to fight Kaiser more than he wants to fight Kaido (since fighting in robots is infinitely more awesome after all). He will regret it if he kills Kaido then and robs himself the opportunity to fight Kaiser.

Well ain’t that fucking cool? Galan is a beast and his giant robot is a beast. As he shows the Death Caprice, he’s faster, stronger, better armored, and more skillful than them. He gives Mazinkaiser a solid beating and rips out one of the Kaiser’s eyes before plunging it through the mountain – creating a ravine just for Kaiser.

Galan is a man who gets it. Fighting using giant robots is the best damn thing. There’s just so much more you can do with them! Sparing Kaido was the best thing he could’ve done, even if he found the fight against Kaiser to be rather underwhelming. That’s what the finale is for anyway.

[SKL-Magnum] Mazinkaiser SKL - 02 [4F2BD6B8].mkv_snapshot_21.54_[2011.03.08_00.37.45]

Kaido Gives Magami the Anti-Brightslap

It could be argued that Mazinkaiser’s loss to Galan was due to Magami going majorly butthurt over Galan reading his fortune. Galan spoke about how they’re fated to fight, and this turns out to be a HUGE issue for Magami who’s thoroughly in the self-determinism camp in the human agency vs. fatalism argument.

Magami showed us the limitations of the dual pilot system wherein he basically ignored his co-pilot and launched attack after ineffective attack on Galan’s robot while failing to defend Kaiser from Galan’s own formidable strikes. Perhaps it’s actually a boon that Kaiser can have another pilot even when one is incapacitated.

The story is how Magami got incapacitated. Kaido punched him out cold. It was amazing. The manly strike to the face is a tradition in robot anime, it’s most famous example is Bright Noa hitting Amuro (twice, not even Amuro’s own father hit him) for being a whiny brat in Mobile Suit Gundam. The more contemporary and famous example is Kamina punching Simon in his cockpit to snap him out of his funk in the middle of a fight in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Kaido perhaps wanted some kind of similar result, but when he punched Magami he really just knocked him out. No it didn’t lead to some dramatic reversal in their fight against Galan. It didn’t serve as some kind of cue for Death Caprice to suddenly turn the tide. To me it just served to point out the language the show spoke: violence and only violence.

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9 Responses to Mazinkaiser SKL 02 and The Language of Violence

  1. schneider says:

    In one of the earlier episodes of New Getter Robo, the batshit insane incarnation of Hayato Jin (who is a terrorist and slices people up Nanto Suicho Ken-style) gets into the cockpit against his will. Taking over the controls of Getter-2, he defeats the enemy monster, but then he rampages out of control, until Ryoma climbs out of his own cockpit, climbs up the Getter’s torso, opens Hayato’s cockpit hatch, and socks him in the face.

  2. apecape92 says:

    I love your post and it’s making me want to go watch it even more

  3. Rockmanshii says:

    This episode was f****** awesome like the first one. But DAMNIIIIIT THIS CLIFFHANGER.
    Now that the cliffhanger rage is aside, about the Kaido punching Magami scene, I really like how you put it, “the anti Bright-slap”, I think I’ll use it too if I ever see something like this now.
    And how they rolled over and over inside the cockpit, oh god.

    • Yeah it was quite fun, especially how it really was a sustained medley of violence. I admit some of the impact (the awesomeness) gets dulled because there’s a fight scene happening one after the other. It’s difficult to keep things fresh and novel for every fight even if only relative to the show itself… but I truly appreciate the effort.

  4. SquareSphere says:

    What might have been hilarious is if Kaido meant to just sock some sense into Magami instead of knocking him out cold. The man doesn’t hold back even on friends. :3

    • I didn’t think of that!

      What if indeed he was going for a “conventional” BRIGHTSLAP and only took Magami by mistake?

      It’s unlikely though, because that would cast aspersions at Magami (for having a glass jaw), and I think the show is more interested in portraying the Death Caprice as awesome instead of having weaknesses.

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