Unfinished Business with UFO Robo Grendizer

ufo grendizer 01 dizer launches from spazer

Here’s a show that I very vaguely remember from my first encounters with television. Along with Sesame Street, Mickey and Donald Disney cartoons, Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies, the first shows I’ve ever seen are super robot anime. The trouble is, out of the five or six super robot shows I’ve started watching, I did not complete any of them as a child. This was because then President Ferdinand Marcos flat-out banned super robot anime!

In the case of Choudenji Machine Voltes V, it took me a quarter of a century to watch the ending. In the case of Mazinger Z, and UFO Grendizer, I never knew how it all turned out in the end. While Mazinger has Shin Mazinger Z Shogeki Hen to provide what I believe is a more concise and overall beter telling of the Mazinger story, for UFO Robo Grendizer I would have to wait for dedicated super robot fans to make subtitled versions.

And it’s here! I eagerly watched the first episode.

Now I can barely remember love for this show because beyond the look and some information, I don’t remember anything anymore about it. I just remembered that I loved this as a 3 or 4 year old. But then again, why wouldn’t I love anything gigantic and robotic at that age?

That was fun. I think I’ll follow this to the 74 episdode bitter end. Here are a few things I wonder about:

How old were you when you first watched anime? Were there any shows you loved then that you weren’t able to complete?

Are there any shows that you didn’t complete then but are only completing now? Do you find your impression changing?

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49 Responses to Unfinished Business with UFO Robo Grendizer

  1. Matt Wells says:

    The first anime I watched (though I didn’t know it at the time) was Pokemon, age seven. I’m very much one of the 90’s poke brat generation. My introduction to mecha came very late, only in the last 4 years or so when I bought the OVA Mazinkaiser on an impulse. Quickly graduated to Getter Robo, from there Gurren Lagann and Gaogaigar and then G Gundam. I’ve never looked back…

    Most anime I saw back in the day was either still running stuff (like pokemon) or shows that were cancelled LONG before the whole series was dubbed (Cardcaptor Sakura). The closest I have to your criteria was the original 52 episode Digimon. That one blew me away for having an actual ongoing plot, and a decent one at that! I remember how in the last 13 episodes, my mother dragged me away to an appointment, and I missed a few of the vital last chapters. I then threw a massive tantrum, undignified in the least at the age of 10. Mum was mighty pissed!

    I still saw the actual ending, but that experience tainted my enjoyment of the series. I may have to go back and watch that one from the begining…Glad to see you covering the last of the Mazinger Trilogy, from what little I’ve seen it still holds up. I just find myself irritated by the fact that Kouji never contemplates breaking into the museum where they have Mazinger Z stashed, and uses it to help Duke Freed fight off the Vegans. Yeah, cause he was doing so well as pilot of an extra back pack for Grendizer.

    Unless you count the manga chapter where they brainwashed him and Tetsuya to fight Duke in their respective machines. Duke snapped them out of it, and the three icons all used their finishing attacks on the Vegan monster of the week. And it was AWESOME. Original Final Dynamic Special, right there.

    • Great share. Like you I seldom if ever finish any of the shows I start on live tv. These are the things about “by appointment” tv that caused real problems in keeping pace with continuity. I mean, if you miss an ep, you’re pretty much fucked. There’s a chance the show will get re-run, but you never really know. And what did I know about keeping schedules at age 3? 4?

      Maybe it’s what keeps us adults in adolescence too, if there’s any credence to that claim: the availability of tv shows “on demand” gives us our first legitimate shot at appreciating the shows of our youth in the fullest sense.

  2. ToastCrust says:

    Amongst the first anime I watch is probably Tonari no Totoro. My family had a VHS of it, and I played that thing to dust as a kid, heh.

    The other probable candidate is the 80’s Dr. Slump anime, which I had many VHS’s of to watch too. Those were the two strongest ones, since otherwise my childhood was Mighty Morphin’, Kamen Rider, and Ultraman, hehe.

    Anime that I wish I could finish, and probably never will, is Tottemo Luckyman!, which is a parody of Ultraman featuring an unlucky protagonist, who eats a dried prune given to him by the true Luckyman (who came from outerspace), to turn into Luckyman. A hero whose only ability is incredible luck and gag-worthy flukes. It’s so obscure in English circles, I don’t think I’ll ever see it reach the light of day, haha.

    The anime that I have finished, is Mahoujin Guru Guru. A great RPG parody anime from the early 90’s, following the adventures of Kurumi and Nike. Luckily for me, Anime-Keep subbed it a long time ago, and it’s in fact my trying to find the series on the internet back in my first year of high school, that led me to find out about fansubs and get into the community.

    Otherwise, my other childhood anime are the super popular stuff that every Asian kid watches: Doraemon and Chibi Maruko-chan. I also followed the really popular 4WD fad via the anime Let’s&Go!, which is another that I don’t think I’ll ever finish.

    Finally, in my 6 year old infancy, I was actually following the Chinese dub of Evangelion as it aired. I even got a VCD of it, hah! I didn’t understand it in the slightest, but I thought the robot violence was really cool, and the incident with EVA-03 made a big impression on me.

    On a totally unrelated note, in those days, it was all about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Never followed sports again, really, after that childhood stint.

    • ToastCrust says:

      Oh, this didn’t really come across in the post, but I can’t choose between Dr. Slump and Tonari no Totoro as first anime, because I’d probably already watched them both by the time I started remembering anything, hahaha.

      • Oh don’t worry, I can’t really distinguish between UFO Grendizer, Mazinger Z, Voltes V, Mechander Robo, and Gatchaman (and Star Blazers). I must be forgetting quite a few as well. I know I watched Daimos a bit later but not that far apart from these. And it’s really tough because I realize I watched a whole shitload of cartoons at the time, and Japanese shows represent only a fraction, albeit a significant one.

        But how lovely to start off with Totoro! I watched it when I was already 27!

  3. schneider says:

    I wish I finished Thunder Jet. That Wuxia fighters IN SPAACE show.

    Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs (Bismarck). Would Robotech count? I never finished it too, I think it reran after Pineapple Salad and I got pissed and never watched again.

    • Robotech will count. Don’t worry, you can finish it because mechafetish has all of it now. Even better, not only will we rewatch it, I’ll probably blog all of it including the novels. Fuck yeah ROBOTECH! (I’m going to get killed but I don’t care).

  4. karry says:

    Okay, i caved in and now downloading Russian dub of Grendizer. Its horrible and five times as cheesy as original Japanese track, but on the other hand – 74 complete episodes. And apparently, Russian TV in the 90s imported directly from Japan, stuff like Sailor Moon with original openings, etc.

    • Good job Russia! I wrote this post almost 2 years ago and only published it now. I still only have 5 episodes subbed. Hopefully the subbers get encouraged by this post somehow.

  5. Lokey says:

    My first anime was the Record of Lodoss War ovas, when i was around seven or eight. my brother brought home the whole set on VHS and we had a marathon. And it was beyond epic.
    My first mecha anime was latter that year when i watched Gundam wing, but didn’t get into giant robots until later when one of my girlfriends made me sit down and watch Zeta Gundam with her.

    • I never really got into Lodoss because I couldn’t stand how the great dragons “flew” like dirigibles, or capital ships from space operas, and NEVER flapped their wings. It was so stupid.

      I will somehow get over my death by facepalm over W’s first 4 eps and finish it someday. After all I did finish all of SEED and GSD.

  6. Dliessmgg says:

    The first animes of which I saw more than a few random episodes were Pokemon and Sailor Moon, because they aired on saturday and sunday morning right after each other. It was probably when I was nine or ten. I don’t feel like rewatching/finishing them.

    • Pretty old for a kid to have discovered anime… not a value judgment. I would probably not want to watch Mazinger Z anymore or just take forever to finish it, or shows like UFO Grendizer too. It’s really tough to take, especially shows so dated and don’t really have a strong grasp of execution.

      • Dliessmgg says:

        In my defense, we only had four TV channels back then and two of them were in French and Italian respectively. I may have seen some episodes of some stuff before when I visited my grandma, but I don’t count that as “discover”. I vaguely remember hating Heidi, especially the opening and people’s reactions. (“It’s Swiss! You’re Swiss! You have to like it!”)

  7. Arabesque says:

    I suppose if I were to be technical, I started watching anime when I was at the ripe age of 3 via means of the VHS and a crazed uncle. Mind you, these were all in Arabic dub so I had no way of actually knowing that I was watching Japanese shows until I was older.
    He was so obsessed with cartoons of all sorts and used to recorded them on his tapes and then show them to me when ever I’d meet him. I think the first anime I watched were either Treasure Island or Future Boy Conan, I was too young to remember which came first.

    I’d spent a lot of time back then burning through his backlog, and I think I might’ve ended up watching the entirety of his collection. (Un)fortunately, that means I have at least several older shows that I will never complete and most likely never will, either because they are too old or I have no idea what they are named.

    As for what I thought of the shows watching/completing them now … I hadn’t thought of it back then, but Conan is a really depressing show to shown to kids. I mean you had people commit suicide (or at least try to) a really crappy post apocalyptic world and some generally terrifying ideas here. I should’ve been scared out of my pants watching this as a kid. (Also, since I first came in contact with the show in the Arabic dub, I’m surprised as how little editing there was between the it and the original. It even had an underwater kiss scene and that made it through on national television)

    Grendizer … I watched all of series, but only remember little of it, other than having loved it very very much. It holds a place in my heart higher than Mazinger ever had, but I’m wary about watching the show now as I fear it might end up removing the glorified image in my head that’s clouded by the mists of wonderful nostalgia.

    Still would love seeing an updated version of it down the line …

    • Yes, I think you got to what I really want to happen. Beloved shows that would benefit so much from a modern update with swanky production values. Wouldn’t that just be wonderful?

      I actually have a LOT to say about this, but I think I’ll make a proper post instead. But thanks for reminding me about this thought.

      • Matt Wells says:

        I’m still holding out hope for Shin Mazinger: Grendizer chapter! myself. What with Hades looking like a demonic form of Grendizer, it’d be interesting to see how Imagawa would tie Duke and co into the reconstructed Mazinger universe he’s building. Of course, that would preclude the existence of a Great chapter first…

        Lets hope Mazinkaiser SKL does well enough for them to consider a sequel, eh?

  8. J. Marshak says:

    Digimon. Definitely Digimon. They used to show it everyday before school back probably when I was ten or something. Two episodes a day, Monday though Thursday. I used to watch it religiously–I remember being absolutely enthralled. I think I saw about half of the first season, and most of the second and third, but by then I didn’t have time anymore or they canceled that programing block or something. I also vaguely watching Beyblade and Medabots, but never systematically, as well as catching little snipits of Toonami that were really intriguing, but I never watched anything more than an episode or two. I think it was my curiosity about that half-remembered stuff that made me pick things up in High School. It was Bleach and I watched like first season or something–didn’t like it very much, but it was a gateway drug for Code Geass which was probably my first and only love in television. After that it was too late.

  9. Jay Garcia says:

    Similar experience, growing up in the Philippines in the 80’s, though my first exposure to anime was more along the lines of Galaxy Express 999. When I finally did get bitten by the giant robot bug, it was by (what else) Voltes V. I never did finish that while I still lived in the Philippines; I only got around to it when I got the entirety of the subbed series a few years ago (which was, coincidentally, when one of my relatives moved to Canada and brought over a VCD boxed set of the dubbed Voltes V as a gift). Watching the sub is like watching it anew; the dub still evokes memories from childhood, but the voice acting seems a little too forced. Overall, I think the series as a whole still holds up pretty strongly.

    I remember seeing (and renting) tapes of UFO Robo Grendizer, but I never did manage to complete that series. It’s on the list of things to acquire and watch, like Thunder Sub. I’m just wondering how much of those old early 80’s anime series still hold up, and whether or not my fondness for them is an artifact of nostalgia.

    • When exactly did Galaxy Express 999 show here? In what form? I have very vague memories of watching it then but I really do think I’ve seen it.

      LOL Thundersub. I always thought that the Terrorstar was a bad Death Star ripoff, and that the Jr. Submarine with the Jr. Crew very corny, but otherwise I loved this show!

      • Jay Garcia says:

        My memory of when I watched Galaxy Express 999 is fairly hazy, but it must have been between the ages of 8 and 10, so…. more than twenty-five years ago?

        Thundersub dubbed is pretty hard to find, so I might have to settle for watching the subbed version. I think the corniness of the shows is a large part of the nostalgic appeal, frankly.

  10. Jell O'Fish says:

    My very first anime was Mazinger Z, one of my earliest memories is sitting down to watch it when it was on in Argentina. It was 24 years ago, and I was 4.

    I never conceptualised, back then, that a cartoon could be from Japan, what Japan was, or that a cartoon had a beginning and end. I don’t think I ever completed Mazinger, although I remember they showed the last few episodes. I distinctly remember my shock when Great Mazinger appeared, out of nowhere, with a new pilot that wasn’t Koji, and just like that, took over the show. And I think that was the last episode of Mazinger they ever showed back then.

    I’m not that compelled to complete Mazinger now. I have little patience for some anime stuff these days. This isn’t me ragging on more ‘kiddie’ stuff, after all, I watch a lot of Super Sentai! It’s just that the thought of watching a 50+ show with little plot and dated animation does not appeal to me. If I were to go into a show of that age, I’d make a valiant attempt with Space Battleship Yamato, I imagine. But the rest: Kotetsu Jeeg, Grendizer, the 80s Astro Boy, Gordian… I just cannot hack, sadly.

    I’d say that the first anime(ish) that I ever finished watching was, well, Robotech. As bowdlerdised as it was, it was the only real robot, adult anime of its nature that emerged in South america for decades to come (they’re still uncommon). I watched it all, several times, over the years, and only recently have I watched the original Macross (which is, really, a masterpiece). Mospeada and Southern Cross are on the list.

    There’s plenty of anime that I’ve abandoned, like Digimon or Pokemon (although Tamers sounds like a good season of the former). There’s anime where I’ve missed episodes (Sailor Moon) and anime which, while old, did not see a conclusion until recently (the disappointing Chapter Inferno and Chapter Elysium of Saint Seiya: The Hades). Then there’s Dragon Ball, which I followed with devotion until the end of the Cell arc and gave up on it, reading detailed synopses and watching occasional episodes of Z and GT. If I’m ever likely to return to Dragon Ball, it’ll be with the recent Kai reimagining.

    • Again I’m reminded of the emerging point… that perhaps part of this extended adolescence that us males are accused of is abetted by the fact that so many of our childhood experiences remain incomplete. So many narratives unfinished and abandoned… that some of us may now relish to complete with both adult and child-like eyes. This is thanks of course to the fan-led distributions of amateur digital translated anime.

      But this is only one aspect. Another, more popular and mainstream approach is the re-production of all these superhero licenses by Hollywood. I do think it’s part of the same dynamic.

  11. Reid says:

    Though “Giant Robo” was the first anime I ever watched “knowing it was anime,” my actual first anime was “Gatchaman” (in the form of “G-Force” on Cartoon Network here in the U.S.). I never finished the show because the programing format changed and the show got dropped. It had a lot of what I loved about superhero shows like “Batman: The Animated Series” but there was something about it that was unquantifiably different and interesting for me as a six-year-old. I’d love to go back and watch the “real Gatchaman” from start to finish, but, like Batman, those DVDs are expensive and hard to come by.

    After “Gatchaman”, and after “Giant Robo”, came “Sailor Moon”. I still love that show, even though I could see it wasn’t the best, even at that time (about nine years old). Of course, I was watching the horrible English DIC dub, which probably has a lot to do with it. I could easily go back and watch the show from start to finish but I haven’t yet and probably won’t because I don’t want to be known as a guy who watches “anime for girls.” Of course, even as a fourth-grader, I understood the show was intended for girls and (I even watched it with my sister), but I still thought the action aspects of it were cool. If I had grown up in Latin America I probably would have grown up attached to “Saint Seiya” for the same reasons: flashy action sequences and costumes and hot blooded shouting. However, it’s impossible to deny the draw of a show featuring lots of attractive female leads that just happen to be powerful super-human defenders of justice (or maybe it’s the other way around…?). The main reason I don’t finish “Sailor Moon” even though it’s my first anime show that I knowingly watched BECAUSE it was anime is that I find myself caught between a rock and a hard place: on one hand, I fear it makes me seem odd to others (even other anime fans might balk at a straight guy watching a girls’ anime, not a show that just features girls in the “moe” sense like “Lucky Star”) and that, personally, it means that I’m a little creepy because I honestly can’t deny that my first love was Sailor Jupiter. I don’t watch H-anime and I don’t want to watch a show I loved as a child if it means I’ll watch it for the “wrong reasons” as a young adult (I’m 23 now).

    Maybe the remedy is to study more closely your treatises on guilty pleasures, Ghostlightning!

    • The stuff about guilt that I put out is more concerned about distinguishing moral guilt as opposed to the inauthenticity of feeling shame for appreciating “low culture” fare.

      While I don’t elevate anime as some kind of art form or literary tradition to compete with other academic pursuits, I don’t dismiss them as guilt-inducing time-wasters either. Culture is flat, art is whatever people agree it is, and most of the time getting worked up about these things ARE the time wasters we could feel guilty of indulging.

      I’m no psychologist, but being different — deviating from highly valued cultural NORMS, can induce shame and guilt. I don’t consider myself competent to discuss this matter in-depth though. I just consider these guilt feelings unnecessary, just as watching TV is unnecessary.

    • Matt Wells says:

      Frankly, I’d be far more disturbed about a guy in his twenties watching a moe show like Lucky Star than I would the same guy watching Sailor Moon. For a start, Sailor Moon’s actually a GOOD show, most of these current moe ones are crap 🙂 Secondly, Sailor Moon can easily be excused as far as your shame goes by reasons of nostalgia. People who watch Lucky Star in my experience do so to watch pre-pubescent girls be fetishised, and that frankly creeps me right the fuck out.

      And furthermore, there’s nothing wrong in having an animated character as your first crush, though many might regard it as odd. How many youngsters had the hormones fired by the sight of Jessica Rabbit? If anything, the Sailor scouts are easier to excuse, they’re Japanese school girls in sailor uniforms with short skirts. No surprise why that gets some people hot under the collar. Really, my first crush is far more embarassing than yours; at the hormonally drenched and confused age of 13, I felt my first emotional stirrings for Katara in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

      That’s right, I didn’t fall for some leggy anime starlet, but a teenage character in a Nickolodeon show for KIDS. Thank Christ for internet anonimity…But for all that, its had no negative impact on my relationship with the opposite sex, aside from my own enormous social incompetence, but I was carrying that cross long before I was an anime fan.

      • Reid says:

        Thanks for making me feel better, guys. Hahaha, “Internet anonymity” indeed! Ghost, I appreciate your correcting me as to my interpretation of your writing on “guilty pleasures,” however, please understand I don’t sit up nights torn as to whether I should watch Sailor Moon or not. It’s not that big a deal, which is pretty much exactly what you said.

        Matt, don’t feel like you’re alone in your estimation of “Lucky Star.” The whole IDEA of the show gives me the freakin’ creeps. A pretty good friend of mine is really into the show and it honestly makes me uncomfortable to even talk about anime with him because I know he’ll bring it up. The fascination some people have with the moe genre eludes me.

        Also, Airbender is such a fantastic show! Good choice with Katara, bud! No need to feel any shame over that. I mean, honestly, when you’re a kid who are you going to idolize? Grown-up actresses or someone in your (relative) peer group? Thank God I had a crush on Makoto Kino (not a real person, which allowed me to get over the crush and move on to appreciating real live women) and not…I shudder to even think…Hilary Duff or Miley Cyrus like some people a few years younger than me did. Those poor guys had crushes on Lizzy McGuire, not the actual person portraying her. So, now that Hilary Duff is actually a grown woman (and very attractive, I should say) I can only imagine they would remain fixated on an older version of the character they “fell in love with.” And that, to be honest, reeks more of immaturity than any amount of slightly ashamed appreciation for Sailor Moon ever will.

        • Matt Wells says:

          Well said! Regarding Avatar though, its somehow worse. Everyone I knew percieved Sailor Moon at the time as just “Anime”, they lumped it in automatically with giant robots and hentai as one whole thing. Avatar they percieved to be just a kids show (which it IS, but that is not to the detriment to its quality. Best kids show of the 2000’s!), and that would have earned me far more of their scorn!

          Though my friend constantly jokes with me saying Hillary Duff was hotter when she was 15 years old!

          …Well at least I think he was joking. I don’t think he was laughing at the time. And he was breathing kind of heavily when we were watching Lizzie Mcguire reruns. And he refused to get up for some reason. And he refused to let me use google on his computer. And there was all that trouble he was in with the police…

  12. WhatSht says:

    my first anime was…..pokemon(does it even count?) i nvr watched every episode, cuz, it aired on saturday morning 10:30am, i always wake up at 9:00am and my parents drag me out by 10:00am, so i nvr get to watch much.
    second was….what was it….? OH! its nanoha, it aired on sunday around 4:00pm, i watched it to pass time and btw, that nanoha i saw on tv was chinese dubs..shit…. i don’t remember the chinese translation of starlight breaker……

  13. Reid and Matt,

    You may be surprised to find out that I consider myself a big fan of Lucky Star, which is one of my most rewatched shows (random episode basis) along with K-On!!.

    I find both shows rather excellent in ways that are different to how I find robot shows are excellent. The fanservice is different, but they’re pretty much delivered as excellently as the best robot fanservice shows.

    Yes, I do think that mecha anime is an impregnable bastion of fanservice, as battleporn, transformation porn, GATTAI porn, MANLY SPEECHES porn, etc etc are all favorite fanservice categories among my friends.

    In a conversation of the (super)flatness of culture, robot culture isn’t necessarily superior to moe culture. They’re all just culture, and for someone like me, YAKK DECULTURE.

    As for indulging lolicons,

    SUP CHAR! SUP JUDAU (including loli siscon)! SUP GLEMY! Don’t get me started on Gao Gai Gar lolilolilol. And yeah, SDF Macross Zentraedi spy trio: Warera, Rori, & Konda… as a group referred to as WARERORIKON (we are lolicons). Robot fans’ claims to innocence of their classic robot anime in efforts to dismiss or hate on moecrap are both ignorant and foolish.

    Gundam has been far creepier for the last 31 years, including Naked Puru in Gundam Unicorn ep 03!!!

    • Matt Wells says:

      Oh I’m not trying to claim Mecha as some kind of bastion of manliness against the dread tentacles of Moe. Like you noted, one man’s mecha porn is about as personally justifable as another man’s “Miku desssssuuuu ka!”. And Gaogaigar, for all its hot blood, does spend an irritating amount of time focusing on an 8 year old little girl shrieking “I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid!”. Every. Damn. EPISODE.

      I don’t mean to insult every single person who just likes K-ON or Luck Star just because they don’t like what I do. I just find watching the daily life of four bizarrely unrealistic 15 year old girls as they act ridiculously cute to be boring as shit. I’d rather watch robots blow stuff up. Again, to each his own. The small but vocal proportion of fans of such shows who ARE total lolicons are what taint any such enjoyment of these series. That said, hearing Konata belt out “Cha-la, HEAD Cha-la!” made me squeal with glee.

      I also dislike how they pander to Otaku’s obsession with weird substituitons for actual human contact with women. Sorry Akihabara drifters, but you are not going to find a 15 year old future waifu who likes Tokusatsu shows from the 70’s. If such a woman did exist, they might want to settle for a man with more to offer than the likes of you. Of course I’m saying this as a guy without a girlfriend on a board about our favourite anime growing up…I could use some perspective on the issue!

      Sorry to bring my personal objections into what SHOULD be a board bereft of my tendency to bitch. I am a born whiner, and I apologise for any offense I might have caused you and others. We remember love here, not hate, and I’m sorry for failing in that regard. Thank you again for the feedback.

      • No worries, all I want is for people to listen. We all have our biases but it stops being fun or healthy when we dismiss others and not listen. When I was new, I put this post out and promptly met SURPRIES BUTTSECKS.

        I don’t take offense, since I know I have to take it to feel offended.

        As for the unapologetic and shameless lolicons, I try not to engage them. When they happen to be friends of mine, I talk about different things. Life’s too short for me to get pissed off by what others fap to.

        • Reid says:

          Ah crap, Ghost. I’m sorry about coming down on Lucky Star. I can honestly say I never even gave it a chance on the premise alone, which is both shallow and unfair of me. I feel like a real jerk now. The whole moe thing just ain’t for me, man. But I definitely respect your opinions on everything anime-related and you’re the last person around here I want to tick off (not just because it’s your blog) but because I genuinely believe you’re a cool guy based on the conversations we’ve had. Basically, I’d like for you to please accept my apology for clumping all fans of moe shows together as creepers, even if I did so implicitly. It was a stupid move on my part. Sorry, man.

          • Like I said, I’m not offended. Some readers might be though. Since I don’t think you’re trying to be an ass about it I saw it fit to give you what I thought would be good feedback.

            Thanks for the kind words, you honor me with your compliments. Just to be sure, there are creepy moe fans, some of them are my friends. But I’d be a bigger jackass if I reduced all their humanity to just their tastes in 2d characters.

            Being around someone moegasm in real-time while watching Diebuster was… uncomfortable.

  14. Reid says:

    About the whole ‘mecha fanservice’ bit, I totally agree. Growing up on a farm I’ve always loved machines, which was something handed down to me by my dad and grandfather. As I got older I built model planes and tanks and worked on the farm equipment with my dad and also on cars and trucks and basically rebuilt my first car right beside the two of them. My love of machinery, vehicles especially, is a huge part of why I’m a mecha fan. In fact, I (mentally) lump shows like “Area 88” and “Future Grand Prix Cyber Formula” and “Wangan Midnight” that have nothing to do with giant robots together with “Gundam”, “Votoms” and others as “my kind of anime”, almost to the complete exclusion of others. I guess that makes me a mecha fan in the truest sense, since I literally don’t distinguish much of a difference between robots and more mundane vehicles.

    • Really, really cool stuff. I am not mechanically inclined though I would love to be. My love for robot anime, is really quite anthropomorphic as I really favor the humanoid designs, as I mention in my post about Gundam love.

      While this is really specific, I really get what you’re talking about and I’ll be thrilled to be able to do the same.

  15. Reid says:

    Any time you want to chat it up about cars, planes, motorcycles (and of course robots, though preferably the reals ^^) I’d be more than happy to do it.

    Thanks again for seeing through my stupidly insensitive and poorly thought out prior comments. I really didn’t mean to come across the way I’m sure I must have. Nothing but love from Reid for all the folks on We Remember Love!

    • Matt Wells says:

      Seconded. Sorry if I came across as an ass, but I’m somewhat new to leaving comments. As if my own inexperience WAS an excuse for being an insensitive prick…

      Apologies to anyone I might have offended, and feel free to disregard me as the moron I so richly am.

  16. AD says:

    My first was Pokemon like many others. I watched it when I was like 4 or something I’m 17 now and have never finished it. As far as I know I’m not gonna. I didn’t even know that it was called anime in the first place. I also watched Rurouni Kenshin and Gundam Wing (Which leads into why I’m such a nut for Giant Robots and Samurai) I never finished those either but I am now finishing them and I am watching it from start to finish (It’s much better when you’re older because you actually understand what’s going on. Great article really made me reflect on that.

    • Thank you. It is indeed quite better to watch certain kinds of shows when you’re older. I mention only ‘certain’ because there are shows that’ll only be awesome to yourself as a kid. I know I will never be able to watch the old G.I. Joe episodes and specials without cringing; much less He-Man, M. A. S. K. and so many others.

      Shows and comics that are amazing for a wide age range are indeed special (Mobile Suit Gundam) so I never tire of remembering love for them.

  17. Vince says:

    My first anime would be Robotech, weekdays 9am @ ABS-CBN.

    I never got to finish it then because after Episode 25, they started it again from the beginning. SIGH~~

    And Cedie and Princess Sarah counts as anime, right? 😉

    • Cedie and Princess Sara definitely count. There are many ways to track down shows you want to see again, though I recommend that you watch SDF Macross instead of Robotech if you’ve only seen up to the 25th episode.

    • Bruno J. Global says:

      Hah! That’s exactly how I got to know about Macross! I got to finish it ten years later thanks to the Internet.

      Unless you meant the reruns due to the movie adaptations, I think Cedie and then Peter Pan and then Princess Sarah showed in ABS-CBN a few years before that run of Robotech. So, Cedie might really be your first anime–in fact, if I’m not mistaken, one that is straight from Japan and, unlike Robotech, not modified to suit American standards (ironically, being part of World Masterpiece Theater, the original source is Western anyway). Actually, if you’ve been watching that channel a few years earlier, you might’ve caught G-Force (Gatchaman) too.

      My anime memories goes far back to my early childhood. I have vague memories of watching Astroboy, Macron One and a giant robot that’s pulling an interstellar train (lol didn’t know the name, sounded like Mazinger but I doubt that’s it). But it’s the Robotech/Macross story that I really wanted to finish.

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