What the Robots You Voted for SaiMecha Round 1 (Earth Side) Say About You

[Click image for Tengen Toppa size, if you can’t handle that, here’s something smaller]

With the end of Star Driver, which threw a gigantic Hail Mary pile of robot sparkles in its final episode, Winter ends and so does the interesting run of robot shows from last year. The real winter of robot anime has begun. But no need to hibernate and warm yourselves by (re)watching SDF Macross or fapping to your backlog while waiting for the next episodes of Broken Blade, Mazinkaiser SKL, or Gundam Unicorn. The Super Dimensional Robot Tournament SAI MECHA is here. You can take out your frustrations on other people by flaming them and the robots they like!

In presenting the robots each round in the tourney site I need to write impartially, but here on WRL I’m here to campaign for my picks. I don’t need to hold back. Fags be crushed, but suck it up. There’s only ONE Acguy Freedom trophy and it’ll be in the hands of a robot I love. SUCK IT GETTERFAGS, Oh wait, no Getter Robo made it into the tourney. NVM then!

If you voted for Evangelion Unit 01 Test Type

Evangelion - 1.11 You Are (Not) Alone [1080p][h264 DTS][DGz].mkv_snapshot_00.18.57_[2011.04.15_20.08.59]

…you want to hump your mother… in front of your dad… who’ll probably get off on it. You musn’t run away! Vote for the VF-25 Messiah instead and really hump your mother (or at least your hot idol girlfriend while she wears your mom’s kimono).

If you voted for RX-0 Unicorn Gundam


…you want to be a magic girl and get raped by Kyubei, who can turn you into a Newtype. Vote for the Gunbuster instead and save the fucking galaxy.

If you voted for Tachikoma

[OZC]Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex E25 Barrage.mkv_snapshot_14.15_[2011.04.15_20.27.19]

…you covertly wish this were SaiMoe instead. GTFO. Vote for Mazinkaiser SKL and watch all your manliness EVAPORATE IN A PILLAR OF FLAME in the presence of the INVINCIBLE KAISER OF STEEL.

If you voted for Giant Robo

cry moar giant robo

…you don’t even like robot anime. GTFO. Giant Robo is big, slow, full of ugly rivets, and is a fake Egyptian. Everybody knows the Gurren Mk. II has the best cockpit in anime, all years (at least while Kallen’s in it).

If you voted for ∀ Gundam

gundam turn a 17 turn a bridge 02

…you hate Japan and want them all its people to perish in a moonlight butterfly so Gundam can be set in America. Shame on you! Vote for the VF-1S instead because you know it’s the real synthesis of Japanese imagination with American design.

If you voted for Evangelion Unit 02 Production Type


…you hate America and are a lame covert Axis like the JapKraut that pilots it. Vote for the NZ-666 Kshatriya instead and be a JapKraut IN SPACE WHERE THERE ISN’T EVEN AN AMERICA!

If you voted for MS-07B Gouf Custom


…you’re a filthy Zeke who hates Guntanks! USA! USA! Vote Gao Gai Gar instead and KNOW THE JOY OF BEING POWERED BY COURAGE!

If you voted for Hyaku Shiki


…you’re a filthy Zeke who’s PRETENDING NOT TO BE! Vote for the Sinanju instead and be an authentic Zeke even if you’re a fake Character (LOL THE PUN THAT HAS THE POWER TO DESTROY THE EARTH FEDERATION).

Now that you can’t possibly do it wrong, go vote in the Sai Mecha tournament!

About ghostlightning

I entered the anime blogging sphere as a lurker around Spring 2008. We Remember Love is my first anime blog. Click here if this is your first time to visit WRL.
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90 Responses to What the Robots You Voted for SaiMecha Round 1 (Earth Side) Say About You

  1. JoeQ says:

    Dude, that is like the biggest picture ever. Resize, plz!

    • JoeQ says:

      Also, stop hating on Getter, realfag!

      • JoeQ says:

        And advocating Gurren Mk. II over GIANT ROBO?! FOR SHAME

      • 1. Nevar resize. Enjoy my Tengen Toppa SaiMecha Brackets!
        2. Am not a realfag, Nagahama super robots > Nagai super robots.
        3. Ugly fake Egyptian wants to hang with actual robots. CRY MOAR slowpoke. Fags who claim to watch Giant Robo for the ROBOTS are liars.

        • Matt Wells says:

          Fair enough! But the Robot designs in GR ARE awesome! You’re brain has just been warped by decades of exposure to robots aiming for a semblance of reality! YOU WILL BOW DOWN BEFORE URANUS, THE MIGHTY HANIWA FLOATING DOLL MACHINE!

        • JoeQ says:

          2. That’s a dirty fucking lie and you know it!

          3. Oh yeah? Well, anyone who claims to like Code Geass or that ugly POS for any other reason than Kallen’s T&A is an even BIGGER liar!

          Okay, I’m done. Srsly though, resize.

          • 2. TRUTH. I watched these shows back in the late 70s/early 80s and while Nagai shows are fun and dirty, they’re nowhere near the animation, action, complexity, and progressiveness of Nagahama robot anime. I still watch them now, and it’s even clearer.

            3. Nope. The Gurren Mk. II is part of a splendid tradition of Shining Finger.

            Fine I get it. It’s too big for you. Will work on it.

  2. kadian1364 says:

    So I’m a Japan and Guntank hating moefag with an oedipus complex. At least I know where I stand in your eyes.

  3. Matt Wells says:

    Ah, ah, well F-FF-f FUCK YOU GHOSTLIGHTNING! The only reason not a single Getter didn’t make the finals is because IT WOULD WIN AUTOMATICALLY! And you know, not enough people voted for it…

    I believe in the Getter… 😦




    I say, this Trolling business really IS enormous fun, I must indulge in it more. 🙂

    Otherwise, I must say your comments are pretty on the mark. Though I still think the original OVA Mazinakiser is cooler than the new one. SKL feels like its just trying too hard, the first God/Demon Emperor just screams badass with minimal effort…

    • Flaming is not really trolling, though trolls certainly flame people.

      In any case,

      HAHAHAHAHA “CLAMP” did not design the Knightmare Frames, they’re by your usual Sunrise crew. Stop pushing that Fat Fake Egyptian Eunuch as if it’s some kind of awesome design.

      Giant Robo lacks cocks and cocKpits GTFO.


      • Matt Wells says:

        I WAS referring to having CLAMP character designs in your robot show as a flaw. Though that doesn’t really matter when your Mecha designs are fucking horrible too… 🙂 I would say for shame Sunrise, but after SEED Destiny, you lost any nostalgic nobility you had in my eyes.


        And Robo lacks a cockpit, because, in a world where literally every person with a speaking role has superpowers, you don’t have to worry about protecting your pilot. Unlike squishy newtypes…Hell, Red Mask pilots Big Gold right in the middle of its CHEST, with his torso entirely exposed to enemy attacks! That takes BALLS.

        And come on, I choose older mechas because I GENUINELY like them over those in newer series. They have the advantage of iconic appearances enshrined by the ages, and their visual design aesthetic personally appeals to me more. The fact that I AM a 19 year old automatic kneejerk OLDFAG is irrelevant. Kinda 🙂

        • LOL 19 year-old nostalgiafag. Whenever I think I’ve seen everything…

          Superpowered individuals make Giant Robo less relevant except as some kind of aesop against the main antagonists’ corruption of father worship.

          Yeah, seriously that backpack could probably fit both Strike Freedom and Infinite Justice in it LOL

          • Matt Wells says:

            It would be a funny old world if we were all alike. 🙂

            And if you think the jetpack is laughable, it at least tries to justify a flying robot the size of the Eiffel Tower. You should see the original Giant Robo’s jetpack; the same proportions as Tetsujin 28’s jetpack, on a robot 20 times its size! Lol tiny jetpacks…

  4. Jack says:

    So in other words, you’re letting us know that you votes for all the wrong mecha!

    • If by wrong you mean AWESOME, then absofuckinlutely!

      • Jack says:

        Well, I was kind of wrong.

        The Gunbuster is awesome.

        • …and it’d crush the Unicorn as if it were a horse stepped on by a Gundam.

          • Matt Wells says:

            Kinda like the Guren Mk. II would be squished by Giant Robo?


            (God I’m alone…)

          • Nope, the SHINING FINGER would be an impenetrable wall of energy and Giant Robo will just crush his fat foot the same way he wrecked his arm trying to punch the Black Sphere.

          • Matt Wells says:

            You do remember Robo has his OWN forcefield? Used it once in episode 3 against Uranus. Sure, its effectiveness against a unit from another universe is fanwank debate at best, but don’t do down the Phat Pharoh as a one trick pony.

            Besides, Vogler’s sphere is a giant metal ball with the diameter of a good chunk of Paris. Guren Mk. II comes in at under Mazinger Z height. Robo would be deflected at best, but crushed? Not on your life!

  5. vendredi says:

    “…you covertly wish this were SaiMoe instead.”

    I would be down for a mecha moe competition based on cuteness. You could run a slate of some of the SD Gundams, the Nobel Gundam, the Tachikoma, maybe an Evangelion unit (they look so adorable when eating)…

    “even if you’re a fake Character”

    3 time more punnery than the standard pun. This puns are gonna make me red in the face.

    • That’s been discussed, and will ultimately depend on the turnout of Sai Mecha! But I think it’ll be a good sideshow/bonus question series so we can do something (By ‘we’ I mean ExecutiveOtaku).

      Also, that’s 3x the Punishment!

    • Matt Wells says:

      Don’t forget Cosmo Robo mode Mic Sounders! Its like someone took a boombox themed Tamagotchi , scaled it up hundreds of feet, and taught it to speak broken Engrish!

      “What Happen?! Mamoru MICCUU FLIEND!!! OH NOOOOOO!!!”

  6. Primeparadigm says:

    Aha! Giant Robo’s lack of cockpit and more autonomous operation makes it more Robot (ie. “mechanical intelligent agent which can perform tasks on its own, or with guidance”) than any of the other mecha here! Taste the beautiful night!

    • What a great criterion by which to vote!

      I suppose one can make a superior recording of Daisaku’s voice and stream it into the wristwatch LOL and make Giant Robo go jump in a lake forever.

      • Primeparadigm says:

        Oh sure, and Kallen’s HAWT ASS (hmmm……….) is a better criterion to vote with.

        • That’s code for the fantasy of the superprototype “real robot” — that is, when the subgenre pretends to the aspirations of realism whereas it actually portrays overpowered unique mecha in all its significant encounters. The mass production units all exist as fodder, etc. and this is actually representative of robot anime.

          Kallen’s ass is forced to sit in a motorcycle seat, unique among ALL Knightmare Frames — to punctuate the point. Giant Robo is the obsolete prehistory of mecha shows. Amazing show and one of the best I’ve ever seen, but as a robot among robots, LOL.

      • Matt Wells says:

        Ghostlightning…Is that recording joke about making Robo jump in a river a dig at The Big O? Cause you know the badguys tried that in one episode? (Didn’t work 🙂 Big O reacted the same way Robo would have: saying fuck that noise and refusing to jump in) I though you only saw the first episodes of Big O and dropped it?

  7. Aeriole Winters says:

    The Pic in there is not Hyaku Shiki lol…. It’s the delta

  8. WhatSht says:

    i voted for…
    -Vf-25(no one can stop me from voting this, unless you give me the models of all variants of VF-25)
    -Unicorn Gundam
    -Mazinkaiser Skull(i choose this based on looks, since i didnt watch it)
    -Guren MK. II
    -VF-1(as i said, i rolled a dice)
    -Gouf Custom

    • It’s no secret that I favor the VF-25 among all other entrants, even more than my all-time favorite the VF-1S. I sense a strong bias on Realfag side of the force in you, though you did choose Skull over the very hardcore real Tachikoma series!

  9. schneider says:

    Wow, I can’t troll like this!


    – did (not) run away
    – saved the galaxy
    – thought this was SaiMoe
    – like fake Egyptians more than fake Shining Fingerers
    – hate Japan
    – am a JapKraut IN SPACE
    – powered by COURAGE
    – am fucking gold

    • Not trolling, just flaming. Wasn’t there supposed to be a difference? LOL I don’t know anymore either!

      For a Jap-hating golden JapKraut IN SPACE who bows down to Fake Egyptians I suppose you’re ok for having COURAGE and not running away and saving the galaxy you’re moe for.

      • schneider says:

        Well, flaming is what happens when you attack a person through the Internet. It’s a lost art because everyone sounds like manchildren while they’re at it.

        And what do you know, I’m half the man you are!


  11. Kshatriya is a sumo wrestler

    The VF-1S would cut its belly on Turn A’s mustache

    Gurren Mk. II is a man with tits as big as Kallen’s

    Mazinkaiser SKL is what a 13 year-old would imagine as the thing he’ll use to blow up his school

    No one gives a fuck about the VF-25

    • 1. if Sumo Wrestlers looked this good
      2. If the Turn A could actually find enough time outside of doing laundry and milking cows
      3. that you fap to regularly
      4. 14 year old; 13 year-0lds are happy people unless they’re you
      5. nobody gives a fuck that you don’t like Macross Frontier

  12. Stormshrug says:

    Your super robots are bad and you should feel bad. Besides the points on which I disagree with you (you unforgivable heretic!), you are completely right (and a cool guy for agreeing with me!).

    Also, I don’t get how you’re trying to connect Meduka Meguca to Gundam UC.

    • Hehehe cheers!

      Kyubei makes organic super robots out of little girls to stave of universal entropy.

      • Stormshrug says:

        I don’t see it.

        Now, if you’d said QB makes liches out of little girls because he’s Acererak and he needs to collect AAAALLLLLLL the souls, we’d be on the same page, but we’d also be talking about D&D.

        But I’m not seeing Gundam Unicorn as being particularly Meguka-y except that it has more “magical” elements than most other UC Gundam series. Except ZZ.

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  14. schneider says:

    Allow me my take:

    VF-25: Kawamori fag
    Eva 01: pretentious

    Unicorn Gundam: newfag, possible Magical Girl fan
    Gunbuster: Gainaxfag

    Tachikoma: moefag, only watches CEREBRAL SHOWS
    Mazinkaiser SKL: X-TREME fag, only watches BAD 80’s OVAS

    Giant Robo: oldfag who refuses to watch new mecha
    Guren Mk-II: T&A Neo-Sunrise fag

    VF-1S: boring
    Turn A: hippie

    Kshatriya: fat Funnel fag
    Eva 02: anorexic Asuka fag

    GaoGaiGar: Man-child
    Gouf Custom: Obnoxious Zeke

    Hyaku Shiki: bling bling
    Sinanju: Char fag

    Guess I’m not up to it?

    • Matt Wells says:

      Why does everyone say Giant Robo is for old fags? 😦 It is just a 17 year old remake. VF-1 FAR older than the OVA Robo. Accusing GR fans of old faggery is tantemount to calling the Big O an old fag unit only (technically true, but from a design viewpoint, not age.) Robo is RETRO CHIC old faggotry, as opposed to plain old faggotry.

      • schneider says:

        Giant Robo is the show that oldfags like to harp as the pinnacle of anime, for many reasons!

        • Matt Wells says:

          I wouldn’t call it the pinnacle of choice for oldfags. Oldfaggery is far too divided and bitter to settle on a single series (“I say its Tranzor Z!” “No you idiot its Robotech!” “WHAT?!” “I SAID ITS ROBOTECH, YOU DEAF OLD COOT!” “WHAT?!”).

          Its probably my favourite series for its chracters, plot, music, overall animation AND main robot design. Admittedly NOT for the other mechs, though I do like them in a funny way.

          If we’re talking outside mecha, I’m with the majority of oldfags in saying Akira represents the pinnacle of what Anime can be, while Robo is just an exemplary piece. Controversial opinion, I know 🙂

          Though having watched a couple of classic super robot series, I must say oldfags can be pretty blind to stuff they view with nostalgia. The original Mazinger Z was virtually unwatchable for me. Oldfags champion Robo ’cause it mixes designs straight out of Gigantor with modern sensiblities to match their adult ones.

    • Match 01: LOL Eva voters pretentious. In this case… yeeeaaaahhhhh

      Match 02: LOL Gainaxfag. In this case… TRUTH


      Match 04: Go eat a bag of dicks. VF-1S is ^9000% excitement.

      Match 05: ROFLMAO

      Match 06: LMAO Obnoxious Zeke. Truth.

      Match 07: doesn’t work.

      Oh I forgot about that fatass fake Egyptian! But yeah I LOL’d at T&A Neo-Sunrise Fag. So good!

  15. foshizzel says:

    LMAO Ghost this post you crack me up good sir 😛

    Hope your choices win! xD

    I got 5 out of 8 😛

  16. IAmZim says:

    I voted for the Drag Queen wearing a pyramid head, LGBT PURIDE MUTHAFUCKAHS

  17. JoeQ says:

    So, let’s see, I’m a moefag anorexic JapKraut with an oedipus complex, who hates both America and robot anime. On the other hand, I’m also an authentic Zeke who saved the galaxy with COURAGE and a VF-1S. Call it even?

  18. DonQuigleone says:

    Besides the D’AAAWWW Tachikoma, I voted Exactly as you did. Aren’t we both amazing geniuses!


    Also, who ever saw the Gurren Mk. 2 cry? That makes it automatically manlier then the Kira Yamatoish Bawling of Giant Robo.

    On the other hand, how could you be so down on the oh-so-advanced military programming of Tachikomas???? Unlike the Mazinkaiser SKL they actually had some semblance of actual intelligence. Mazinkaiser is just for people with more blood flowing to their DICKS then to their BRAINS.

    • Nobody pierced the heavens WITH THEIR GIGA BRAIN BREAK. Brain Powrd was a disaster. etc.

      Ultimately though, I really love all these shows (it’s a lovely side of the bracket), but we’re talking about a zero sum game here and it’s not a time to be wishy-washy and half-assed with the campaigning. You don’t waste a wily squad of Tachikoma with piddling gun-fu attacks, YOU BRING ALL THE OTHER MAZINGERS AND DO A HISATSU THUNDER BREAKING RUST HURRICANE OF ATOMIC ROCKET TURBO SMASHING PUNCHES.

  19. GyroNinja says:

    Ahaha, apparently the Gunbuster is the only thing between us and a perfect disagreement sweep. So close. 😛

    1.) Never seen macross and the Eva-01 looks badass. That fight with Sachiel is amazing. Plus how many other mecha actually EAT their opponents when they’re done with them? (How else are you supposed to gain your opponent’s delicious courage S-2 Engine?)


    3.) The Tachikoma almost lost this match because they have stupid voices, but then I remembered that they’re a crack paramilitary squad of spider robots. Gotta give the non-humanoid designs some love.

    4.) Giant Robo automatically wins here because it’s actually a robot and not a vehicle. Look it up in the dictionary, bitches.

    Also the Gurren has some cool design decisions (I love the extending arm), but it never really fit the show for me. I love me some Burning Finger in my G Gundam but in my real robot anime? Feels a bit weird. Just grab a gun and shoot them.

    5.) Both these robots are cool, I guess, but only one of these robots has a mustache. Plus I just don’t like transforming robots. Not my thing.

    I am still pretty early into Turn-A Gundam, but so far it doesn’t feel like a Gundam show, except I actually mean that in the best possible way. It’s like the Gundam got transported into a parallel universe full of dirigibles and Victorian dresses and holy shit I didn’t know how much I wanted that until I saw it. Seriously if the Turn-A Gundam just had a top hat and a monocle this show would be perfect.

    6.) i am going to vote for all the eva units (all of them) and there is nothing you can do to stop me.

    (The Kshatriya does look pretty sweet though).

    7.) Man fuck those Guntanks, they had it coming. Guncannons are where it’s at.

    Plus that Norris fight in 8th MS Team is just amazing.

    8.) This was actually pretty close because the Shinanju looks totally bad ass. However, it came down to pilots for me, and the Hyaku-Shiki is piloted by Char Anzable, while the Shinanju is apparently piloted by a man named “Full Frontal”.

    … Yeeeeah gonna go with the Hyaku Shiki here.

    • 1. The Eva Unit-01 can’t run far but it’s pilot can sure run away!
      2. cool
      3. Their voices are only stupid in the dub.
      4. This is SaiMecha and not SaiRobot, bitch
      5. Rot in your obsolescence
      6. See #5
      7. Filthy Zeke
      8. So if you put Full Frontal inside Unit 01 you’ll stop voting for it? Greatest method of picking SaiMecha votes evar

      • GyroNinja says:

        Look I’m just saying that if Shinji’s name/codename/whatever was “Heywood Jablome” I might have to reconsider my vote.

      • GyroNinja says:

        Also, in all seriousness (wait you mean we’re not being 100% serious right now?), yeah the pilot does factor into my voting. You can’t completely disassociate a robot’s design with its pilots, its show, and its battles. It’s the same reason why Link and Mario always make it to the top 4 in GameFAQs’ character contests despite having no personality at all. They star in a ton of awesome games, so they much be awesome characters.

        Likewise, the Hyaku Shiki has a badass pilot, so therefore it is a badass mecha. (Seriously, how many pilots can get away with a solid gold mecha? Even Domon Kashu can only do it in his most hot blooded of moments). Giant Robo is an awesome OVA, therefore the Giant Robo is an awesome robot.

        Although in this case the Giant Robo actually is awesome and you’re dumb and wrong and also dumb. Yeah it cries (manly) tears, you know why? Because unlike other robots Giant Robo has a REAL HEART beating inside (or maybe it’s the nuclear reactor, I always get those mixed up). Yeah it has rivets, you know what else has rivets? BATTLESHIPS. Yeah it has a funny Egyptian head, you know what else has a funny Egyptian head? MUMMIES. That basically makes it a nuclear powered mummy battleship and I’m afraid that science has conclusively proven that that is the coolest thing ever. I’m sorry, that’s just a fact.

        Also Daisuke Kusama is the shit. All your other pilots are running around in jumpsuits or disturbingly sexy skin-tight latex suits (stupid sexy Domon…), but he’s rocking a pair of shorts. You want to know why? Because they’re comfy and easy to wear. Daisuke knows that it doesn’t matter if you look like a total dweeb in battle as long and you feel good, because Daisuke doesn’t take shit from anybody. He doesn’t have a fancy cockpit where he gets to sit all safe and warm like a figurative mother’s womb (or literal in the case of the EVA units), if he needs to get somewhere fast he just fucking stands on the Giant Robo’s shoulder, exposed to enemy fire and the elements. Why? Because he is HARDCORE like that.

        You can take your fancy painted prototypes and your robots that turn into jet planes or whatever, Giant Robo is a REAL MAN’S robot, and by man’s I mean Japanese boy’s.

        • DonQuigleone says:

          Dude, I now know why you’re so up on Big Clunky ass Giant Robo, you know why? Because you’re GAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!! That’s right GAAAAYYYYY. You’re obsessed with your mecha be piloted by hot sweaty manly men, or failing that looking like a big hot sweaty manly man, even if it is controlled by a pansy ass boy. I bet you’re just like that boy compensating for your lack of Manhood by controlling some big ass egyptian man-robot.

          If you were a REAL MANNN you’d be voting for Gurren Mark-2 with it’s hot ass girl pilot, with her hot ass, and breasts, and ASSSS. Gurren Mark 2 is what REAL MEN vote for because it’s the only mecha that you could find at the playboy mansion.

          And what isn’t cool about that?

          • I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you’re not really dissing gay people with this comment, but for the sake of avoiding genuine butthurt from those who aren’t even into SaiMecha derailing the comments, I advise you keep the ad hominem away from the following hot buttons:

            sexual orientation

        • LOLOLOL

          No. Having Lord Genome or Master Asia pilot a shitty GM doesn’t make it any less shitty. Putting Daisaku inside a Knightmare Frame only means he’s getting killed (probably by infantry LOLOLOL).

          Also, you had awesome Big Fire dudes work with their shitty, ugly ass robots who didn’t even get a callback after auditioning as Groizer X monsters of the week. No amount of money Imagawa Yasuhiro burned through can help these uglies.

          • GyroNinja says:

            Well let’s flip this around Mr. Pilot’s Don’t Matter.

            How would you like the Gurren if it was Suzaku’s ass splayed out in that motorcycle seat?

          • Assuming he can pilot the Gurren worth a lick, it don’t matter. It’ll still eat KF’s with fast-paced close combat and crush them with its SHINING FINGER. I hate Suzaku, but if he can’t turn me off from Code Geass he certainly can’t diminish the awesomeness of the Gurren Mk II.

            Maybe if the Gurren Mk 2 was perched on Giant Robo’s shoulder… nah, that’ll only make the Gurren fail.

          • GyroNinja says:

            Pah, as if those Elevens could actually construct a machine which could defeat a glorious Britannian Knightmare Frame in combat. The TV series was nothing more than vile Eleven propaganda, designed to slander the honor of our glorious Emperor Norio Wakamoto Charles zi Britannia!


            (also i have no idea what groizer x monsters of the week look like but i’m going to assume that based on the comparison to the big fire’s mechs that they look AWESOME)

  20. Reid says:

    It doesn’t matter what any of you haters say about the Turn A. It’ll still wipe out everything from here to Jupiter and reset world history back to the stone age as many times as it wants. When you’re that godly, you can milk cows or do laundry of whatever you want to do because nobody’s going to stop you.

    Also, you’re right, ghostlightning: I never watched Giant Robo for the mecha. You called me on it. It’s all about Alberto the Impact. However, that doesn’t mean I still don’t appreciate Robo’s design, ugly and fat and slow as it is.

    I should set the record straight about my love for EVA-02, though. I had to go with the robot piloted by a fellow red-head. Sorry if that’s no in keeping with the spirit of the tournament. 😦

    • Put Asuka inside a shitty GM and you’ll vote it over the Turn A then!?

      Put Katz Kobayashi in the Turn A and suddenly you hate it!?


      • Reid says:

        I’m hurt! Absolutely not! I ONLY chose those over some of the others specifically BECAUSE it was either one or the other, after all. In no way do I like Turn A more because of the pilot. In fact, I really don’t like Loran at all compared to some other Gundam heroes. I’ve already said, at length, why I like Turn A and who drives it has nothing to do with it. Now, the Eva-02, that’s a different story. I actually do prefer the four-eyed head (the only difference of consequence between Evangelion units, the main ones anyway) to the ceratopsian-style head of unit 01, but I’m gonna get real and say that it comes down to two things: red-mecha-fixation and my appreciation for red-haired people’s contribution to cool things, even if those people are completely fictional (and a huge jerk in that fictional universe). I’m sorry, but everyone in NGE was unlikeable to me, so I thought, at the time of my first viewing as a 6th-grade student (age 11), “Why not root for the red-haired girl since this whiny dude let me down? His robot is purple anyway and red is a much better color.” Sorry if I’ve made you lose faith in me ^.^

        • LOL if it isn’t obvious, Sai Mecha is all fun and games and it’s a perfect excuse to trash robots that in every other circumstance I can only talk about in appreciative tones. I mean, don’t we all love these robots?

          But this contrivance, the artificial environment wherein we are forced to choose between two units we both like, gives us an excuse (If you will) to go all out and sling not just mud, but particle weapons, Getter Tomahawks, Chodenji Tops, ginormous sunglasses, etc. etc. at each other and about the robots we love.

          • Reid says:

            I didn’t think you were REALLY doubting my robo-cred, ghost. I should, however, point out that all of this choosing one or the other is completely irrelevant because, going by your most recent post, we all know that EFFING MAZINKAISER SKL deserves to win above all others. There is just no way that ANYTHING is as B-A as Mazinkaiser SKL. If the Mazinger Z is the “kurogane no shirou” then SKL is the tower of everything louder than everything else. I actually hope it wins in the end to the exclusion of all other choices (although I have the sneaking sensation that the VF-25 is gonna win…)

            Also, I should point out that I did vot for the VF-25 and I would have voted for the VF-1S if it had been paired against, say, the Escaflowne or even the Zeta Gundam. I’m a huge variable fighter fan. If you’ll remember, I nominated the Lightning III from Flashback:2012.

            Good talking with you, as always, but I’m off to watch Mazinkaiser SKL!

  21. Chris says:

    The fact that nothing from Patlabor made this list makes me want to punch babies.

    Seriously, fucking Guren Mk. II?! That’s one of the ugliest mechas of all time.

    • You mean one of the awesomest. Patlabors are ugly which is why they’re interesting… But the grotesqueness of the Gurren Mk 2 makes it a few cuts above that.

      • JoeQ says:

        But not a few cuts above Giant Robo, OHOHOHOHO!

      • Chris says:

        Man, I love the Ingrams, those things are so great in terms of design (especially their heads), it just feels like they have personality when you look at them. Obviously, it’s a to-each-their-own kind of thing, but I’m still disappointed that something I find as repsulsive looking as the Guren II, ended up in a tournament where something that has actually stood the test of time (the Ingrams) didn’t make it.

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