What The Robots You Voted for Sai Mecha Round 1 (Colonies Side) Say About You


The previous entry on What The Robots You Voted for Sai Mecha Round 1 (Earth Side) Say About You resulted in a mass self-awareness event. No need to thank me, I’ve only arrived at my Newtype powers in the thick of battle: it is only in a contrived environment like the Sai Mecha can one release all the limiters and crush one’s enemies!

Sure, they’re all mecha fans just like me. But in all other cases I must be nice to them, take care of them, listen to their opinions as if they’re these fragile little rodents that may run away when their pet robot show gets dissed, or when their taste gets treated as if it isn’t some kind of standard of middlebrow perfection. In all other cases I have to take care of some kind of robot anime fan community. Well, who fucking died and made me the janitor of this shithole corner of the internet?

We’re all adolescent and post-adolescent robot cartoon fags. Why should any one of us get any extra respect? Now in Sai Mecha, every one of us has something at stake, I can and will be ruthless. We actually care about which robots that get voted. It’s not creepy like Sai Moe where moefags fight each other on which girl is the most fappable (oh they do fap to them, except you, dear reader of course!). We robot fags care which robots win because we can imagine a battlefield filled with wreckage and our chosen unit(s) stand triumphant on top of a mountain of the dead and destroyed, swords dulled, magazines empty, armor punctured in more places than we care to count.

We look forward to the carnage, and with the powers I’ve cultivated in robot faggotry the past few years running this blog I prod you into the battlefield with brands of hellfire.

If you voted for The Big O

srw z the o vs the big o

…you probably also voted for the fat, fake Egyptian in drag, from the Earth Side. You also think robot anime’s finest days are long gone and only vote in Sai Mecha to spit on the newfags. Vote instead for Gundam Exia and remember that all robot shows point to the future – something these dinosaurs are determined to forget!

If you voted for MS06-Zaku II


…you’re a Zeke supremacist with a Gihren Zabi poster in your room. Or, you’re hamburger waiting to happen. Vote for Master Gundam instead and try to get accepted in the best school in the Earth Sphere: THE SCHOOL OF THE UNDEFEATED OF THE EAST.

If you voted for Gundam Deathscythe

srw alpha gaiden deathscythe hell

…you want a Priest to molest you… like Garterbelt. Vote for the Z Gundam instead and wish for Yazan to violate you!

If you voted for RahXephon


…you like your robot battles to be a lot of standing around and doing nothing so… you like slice of life anime? Vote for Escaflowne instead and discover your hidden fetish for long noses.

If you voted for Mazinger Z


…you’re old as fuck and wear a diaper to avoid peeing on the couch. Vote for the YF-19 instead and learn the joys of being a douchebag without ever having to take responsibility for your actions (AND get the girl, the guy, and the creepy AI!).

If you voted for Alteisen


…you’re an obnoxious fake oldfag who only discovered most of robot anime after playing Super Robot Wars who now picks OG mecha to act more hardcore than SRW casualfags who play the game to use mechs and pilots from anime they’ve already seen and like. Vote for the Scopedog instead and show your real robot cred and true love for GRIMDARK.

If you voted for God Gundam


…you’re a try-hard super robot fag who hates on newfag super robot shows because you believe everything worth watching ended in the 90s and have a serious hard-on for your older brother. Vote for Gurren Lagann instead and stroke your hard-on for your fake older brother.

If you voted for Arbalest

super robot wars j arx 7 arbalest

…you’re a fake robot fan who has only seen Fumoffu. GTFO. Vote for Nirvash TypeZero instead and like rainbows, sky surfing, and alien loli angst (yeah yeah she’s a teenager but is only probably 5 years old in alien years so shame on you, pervert).

Thanks to ExecutiveOtaku for awarding this to me on the field:

Now that you probably feel you’re a loser either way you go, VOTE NOW in the Sai Mecha Tournament!

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I entered the anime blogging sphere as a lurker around Spring 2008. We Remember Love is my first anime blog. Click here if this is your first time to visit WRL.
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99 Responses to What The Robots You Voted for Sai Mecha Round 1 (Colonies Side) Say About You

  1. gaguri says:

    lol without trying i actually voted for everything against ghosty’s preference

  2. Shinmaru says:

    “We robot fags care which robots win because we can imagine a battlefield filled with wreckage and our chosen unit(s) stand triumphant on top of a mountain of the dead and destroyed, swords dulled, magazines empty, armor punctured in more places than we care to count.”

    Don’t lie, you know you fap to those luscious Macross jets when the night it at its darkest.


    • Matt Wells says:


      Exia pilot: I am Gundam! Trans Am…

      Roger Smith: Bye bye, real fag! Say hello to the Guren for me when you see it in hell!

      Big O: Plasma Gimmick! FINAL STAGE!

      And then Exia was vaporised into tiny Gundamium chunks, like the little bitch it was. Then the Big O went home, high-fived The O, and its pilot screwed his hot robo-loli maid. Then they all ate waffles. The End.

      • Reid says:

        I think we ought to hang out one day, for realz. You’re the man.

        • Matt Wells says:

          There is the small matter of the Atlantic ocean in the way, but I second that emotion. Reid, I would be honoured to be your internet mecha bro. JoeQ, if you’re out there man, please join us. I love all you guys…no homo. Or you know, homo if you’re into that sort of thing (not that I am, but if you are…)

          Assuming Reid was replying to me, and not Shinmaru, of course. Cause that Shinmaru guy kicks ass. In which case, I apologise to everyone about embarassing myself beyond all hope of redemption. I would still like to apologise for everythging regardless, particuarly the homo invitation.

          • Matt Wells says:

            And also for spelling “everything” as “everythiging”. Sorry about that.

          • Reid says:

            naw I was talking to you, buddy. You’re in the UK, right?

            On a completely unrelated side note: My cousin (also from America, like me) married a guy who is Scottish/Australian and now they have a little girl who pretty much represents the English-speaking world. It’s awesome.

          • Matt Wells says:

            I am indeed a filthy, back-stabbing limey. Relieved to find out I’m not a total moron. Congratulations on your half-niece, by the way! That’s a hell of a parentage she’s got!

            And thank you for reccomending Dragonar and Megazone 23 to me! From what little I’ve seen of them, I think I’m going to enjoy them immensely. I also just finished Votoms, and I’m eager to dive into the OVAs and discuss the franchise!

          • Reid says:

            Haha, nobody said you were a backstabbing limey! Filthy…I mean, maybe. You do bathe, right? Every one of Her Majesty’s subjects I ever met was really cool but none have ever (admittedly) liked robots; of course, having never been to your lovely country, I may have only met the “cool” ones that are allowed to leave the place so as to spread a good national image abroad, so who knows? 🙂

            As for VOTOMS, Megazone and Dragonar, I’m glad you like them. VOTOMS was a revelation for me when I saw it, and I had to borrow the (extremely rare) DVDs from a friend so I only got one viewing of the tv show. The only one of the OVAs I’ve seen is ‘Shining Heresy” which is really pretty excellent. Did you download VOTOMS as a torrent, or what? I’d like to watch it again.

            Megazone 23 should be easy enough to find, and I think you’ll enjoy it as well. The music is (ghost is gonna kill me) just as good as anything in Macross, in my opinion.

            Let me know if you come across anything worth checking out and/or what you think of Megazone and Dragonar.

          • Matt Wells says:

            Actually I managed to get my hands on CPM’s 2006 dvd season boxsets, the ones which cover each arc on two discs a set. Got them on e bay new for about £50 for the whole series, though the seller seems to have taken the other set down. She had two left I think.

            If you’re looking to get the DVD’s, the sets for the first three arcs are readily available, at around 13 dollars each new. Be warned though; the DVDs are pretty good, but the video quality is shite. Not too bad, but FAR from great. The only problem is (as usual) the LAST season, which I found impossible to buy seperately.

            You’re either stuck getting the ancient 2001 edition off of e-bay, or if you’re short on cash (and who isn’t these days?) just watching the show here: http://www.anilinkz.com/category/armored-trooper-votoms/ For a start, these subtitled eps use the Japanese digital remaster, so they look glorious. Kinda sad when the official english release is inferior to the pirated copy. 😦

            Couldn’t find the awesome metal can boxset which had a disc of extras, and came with a 64 page technical manual of the Votoms universe, but I’m happy to just have a physical copy of the show!

            Apparently most of the OVAs show either Chirico’s Red Shoulder past, or fill in gaps within the series, like what the gang did between the destruction of Wiseman and the one year gap to the end of the series. Its a surprisingly tight chronology the series has, each part slots together neatly. When I find the time to watch ’em all, I’ll give you my thoughts.

            If I find anything worth a recommendation, I’ll be sure to let you know. Glad to find out someone values my opinion, thank you! Oh, and I’ve never seen Macross, but Megazone does not disapoint in the music department! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYllrgmhz_w

      • One day, God was making mecha.

        “I’m so busy! I have to keep making these robots even while I’m doing other things! Well, multi-tasking shouldn’t be a problem for me…”

        While humping Goddesses, the Exia Gundam was born.
        While eating taco bell burritos, the Tequila Gundam was born.
        While taking a shit afterwards while thinking about humping, the Giant Robo and the Big O were born.


        “I’m sure I can create chumps who like this shit.”

    • I never fap to robots… unless you’re talking about a certain Major, so fuck you, the fake Egyptian, and his seme from a fake ancient civilization.

  3. Keep up the good work! You’ve earned the title of Official SaiMecha Flame-thrower.

    The only two I could really disagree on myself are the Zaku II and the Arbalest. In the former because I love the Zaku II’s design, in the latter because I hate robots who turn into cars and ride GODDAMN SURFBOARDS!

    • Matt Wells says:

      It should be noted I voted for the Zaku II for both its looks, AND to see it fight the Scopedog in the finals. WHO WILL TRIUMPH? RUN OF THE MILL GUNDAM FODDER, OR THE ONLY MECHA IN THE UNIVERSE MADE OF CARDBOARD? BATTLE OF THE REAL ICONS! Bring it on!


      I approve for your choice of voting based less on how much you like what you voted for but far more on your hatred for what you’re voting against.

  4. foshizzel says:

    Lmao then I fail hardcore I voted for all the ones you didn’t like! All but two

  5. schneider says:

    This post’s a little weaker than the last one. Any writeup with the Arbalest should mention the shittiest shit piece of bullshit tech ever, the Lambda Driver! TRANS-AM doesn’t even come close.

    • Stormshrug says:

      … Yeah, the Lambda driver kind of ruined the mecha aspect of that show in both seasons, for totally different reasons with disturbingly similar outcomes.

      Season 1, Gonzo:

      “Fuck, we spent all of our money on the first episode. Use the Lambda driver to save money on animation and keep the robot fights as static as possible!”

      They do.

      Season 2, KyoAni:

      “Fuck, I don’t want to draw robots. I want to draw panties. Let’s use the Lambda driver to end all the fights instantly so we can go back to the panty shots!”

      They do.

      I suspect that it has a less irritating impact in the Light Novels, where it really couldn’t be used to cut corners like this. Yeah, it can still shorten fight scenes, but battle scenes in pure-text form are only rarely the most compelling part of a book. It’d still be a deus ex machina, but it wouldn’t be a deus ex machina that deprived me of good fight animated robot fight scenes.

      Still voted for it, though, because the Nirvash is exactly the same in terms of being a walking (flying) emotion-powered deus ex machina engine. Bones just didn’t (usually) use it as an excuse to be lazy about the mecha scenes the way Gonzo and KyoAni did.

    • Write your own shitty post on the shitty robot you shit on so much shit.

      Someday I’ll watch Full Metal Panic!


  6. WhatSht says:

    what if i voted those based on looks and not what i prefer, does the post apply to me?

  7. IAmZim says:

    The Zaku II will win any mecha contest for me. Its freakin’ iconic, and probably the only Gundam design I’ve seen non-Gundam fans appreciate. Might be my favourite from the whole franchise.

    Sieg the Mono-Eye, man.

  8. Reid says:

    Exia is bad to the bone (but Big O is piloted by Batman whereas Exia is piloted by a really uninteresting guy). Zakus are amazing (but Master Gundam is the best G Gundam MS and is very amazing too. If it had been against anyone else I would have probably voted for it). Deathscythe is retarded, Zeta is Gundam’s VF – so there. RaXephon is so dumb it’s incredible – how do you make an anti-Eva Eva-knockoff? Make sure your robot looks dumb and doesn’t do much of anything and give the show a happier ending (maybe, I only read about the ending because the show is that dumb, for me anyway). Mazinger Z is the trope-maker, all hail the trope-maker…and then go and vote for YF-19 because it’s one of the finest-animated pieces of implausibly plausible war machines ever. Scopedog is the weakest robot in the whole competition. It gets treated like robots WOULD be treated in real life, like CRAP – mangled frequently, even when the ace pilot lead character is driving it, and that’s why it’s better than Alt Eisen, which is so plainly the worst “real robot.” I mean, it’s cool in OG games when you can’t pick a not-made-up legit cool robot….but that’s it. I did vote for God Gundam because I felt guilty for not voting in Master Gundam’s favor. This is the only way I can justify it, because Gurren Lagann is…wait I hate Gurren Lagann because it’s a band-wagon for people to jump on when they’ve never seen what a real hot-blooded hero looks like…where is RYOUMA when you need him?!?! Eureka Seven remembers love for Gundam…but I’ve never seen it and I’ve seen enough of Fullmetal Panic to know I don’t care for it. Seriously, those are some booooring robot designs. The girls are the draw here, but we ain’t voting on that. Take away the lambda driver and maybe we’ll talk. PS: the anti-tank knives are a cool idea.

    • Reid says:

      longest paragraph ever. Sorry, guys. 😦

    • Matt Wells says:

      Now now, if you threw away the Lambada driver, the damn thing would collapse under its own weight. 🙂 But I agree with you every way, save for Mazinger. One, because it is beyond criticism, and we owe it as much as we do the Gundam and Tetsujin 28. Two, beacuse I liked the design of the YF-21 better, but that’s all down to personal preferrances I suppose.

      P.S. Much as I love Kamina, thanks for pointing out that the man doesn’t hold the patent on being a hot blooded badass piloting a giant robot. Exhibit A, Ryoma “FUCK DINOSAURS!” Nagare…a man so manly his sideburns alone gave people testosterone poisoning.

    • What a trainwreck of a paragraph. Go learn writing from Victory-era Tomino or something.

      Batman GTFO out #SaiMecha

      “BAAWWWW MAI FOLKS DIEEED” Setsuna is tougher than you, and he was made to kill his own mother!

      Failing against a piece of crap like Jesuseiei makes Batman the shittiest thing ever, and the Big O having a fake Batman for a pilot makes it shittier than shit in a bowl with undigested corn chunks.

  9. Matt Wells says:

    Well I’m 50/50 on being a redeemable excuse for a human being in your eyes. Getting better! Big O STILL wins out over your dumb, swords only “real” robot, if only because it is mecha Batman. I make no apoligies for the Zaku II. If I did that, I would be an APOLOGIST closet Space Nazi Gihren fanboy. I will merely react as I do to Nazi uniforms, and Messerschmits: saying “Damn, those anti-Semite holocausters sure had STYLE, amirite?”

    Deathscythe vs. Zeta is like fucking a wasp and a stinging nettle; either way you’re going to get stung. At least Zeta was made before I was born, WHICH AUTOMATICALLY MAKES IT COOLER. LOL NOSTALGIA FOR THINGS I NEVER EXPERIENCED. RahXephon? Spot on, Escaflowne kicks its ass any day of the month. And having actually WATCHED Macross Plus for the first time, I can safely say YF-21 was better, even if the pilot failed at raping his childhood sweetheart, and then blamed it on his best friend. Zeus abides…

    SCOPEDOG ALL THE WAY. Though should you EVER try to finish Votoms, Ghostlightning, beware the last few episodes. The duel with Ypsilon is dragged out for too long, the resolution of that fight is anti-climatic, and in the Quent arc Scopedog battles take a backseat to the hi-tech science fiction concepts. Makes for great anime, but not great mecha fights. If you want good mecha action in Votoms, stick either with the Kummen Arc, or check out the OVAs.

    You forget I have a love/hate relationship with my terrorist mentor, and Daddy issues with my popsicle father. And I am unnaturally fond of my Master’s horse. And I depend on other people to help me win my own battles. And I frequently hit and insult my girlfriend, who looks exactly like my dead mother…

    …Domon has…issues…

    Seen neither of the last series, but gonna call it an accurate assesment. There is so much glorious, undisguised venom in your posts in this last month for this tournament, I swear I believe you’ve been replaced by your evil twin… 🙂 OR PERHAPS, THIS GHOSTLIGHTNING IS THE GOOD ONE, THE OTHER IS A FAKE!!!

    • GyroNinja says:

      Man, I never really looked at Domon that way (and that’s not even getting into his sibling rivalry issues). On the other hand your best friends are a knight, a russian space pirate, a kung-fu monk, and a surfing/boxing/football playing cowboy, and your hobbies including punching mummy robots (that are piloted by mummies of course) and Mexican robots with ponchos and sombreros.

      So hey, it evens out.

      • Matt Wells says:

        Don’t forget the cute Swedish genki girl martial artist who wants to jump his bones! Much as his life kinda sucks, Domon at least does have a lot going for him. Like being the (officially) greatest martial artist in the universe…

    • Ahem,

      I must repeat myself:

      Batman GTFO out #SaiMecha

      “BAAWWWW MAI FOLKS DIEEED” Setsuna is tougher than you, and he was made to kill his own mother!

      Failing against a piece of crap like Jesuseiei makes Batman the shittiest thing ever, and the Big O having a fake Batman for a pilot makes it shittier than shit in a bowl with undigested corn chunks.

  10. Turambar says:

    “…you’re an obnoxious fake oldfag who only discovered most of robot anime after playing Super Robot Wars who now picks OG mecha to act more hardcore than SRW casualfags who play the game to use mechs and pilots from anime they’ve already seen and like. Vote for the Scopedog instead and show your real robot cred and true love for GRIMDARK.”

    Fuck you got me. I did only watch Big O (and voted for it) because of SRW D. On the other hand, I use Macross Frontier units in Z2.1 because I watched the show despite the units being shit, so what now punk!

    • schneider says:

      Are the Frontier units really underwhelming in Z2.1? They’ve been sitting around on my bench for so long, I feel sorry for them already.

      • Turambar says:

        The biggest problem is the dimensional beasts that the game litters the stages with. Since VFs get hit with the big unit size penalty, you often find them just not being able to damage any dimensional beasts at low health at all. A lot of weapons upgrades become almost mandatory in making them viable, and the “ignore size difference” pilot skill becomes a giant must.


      • Turambar says:

        Though Alto is the first character you get with Luck, and even has the Lucky pilot trait, so dude’s a pretty good boss kill hogging money maker if he can actually deal damage.

    • Your medals for using the VFs are made of far shinier and stronger stuff than the shit you bathe yourself with by voting The Big O and Alt Eisen.

  11. GyroNinja says:


    1.) Big O: Yep I voted for that fat Egyptian bastard in last round (who totally won to, suck it haters) and I’m voting for the Big O here. Even though I’m not really a fan of the super technologically advanced ancient civilization trope in general, for some reason when it comes to super robots it just clicks with me. I think it’s because they make me think less of robots and more like a mythological golem or something. I love it when a robot can appear on the screen and you just know that, fuck, this thing does not belong in this time.

    2.) Zaku II: God, this one was tough. I nominated both these robots but when push comes to shove, Zaku II all the way. The Master Gundam is just another cool robot. The Zaku II is a fucking INSTITUTION.

    3.) Zeta Gundam: gundams that aren’t g, 8th ms team, or 0080 what? Either way, the Zeta Gundam comes from an older show, so logically it must be better.

    4.) Escaflowne: I have never seen either of these shows and I really don’t give a shit so I’m going to just agree with you and vote Esclafowne to save the argument. Hooray for voter apathy! (and to be fair based on the pictures the Raxephon looks reeeally dumb)

    5.) the one from macross: I was almost going to vote the Mazinger here because he looks hilarious and he totally gets all the bitches in Super Robot Wars, but I’m going to throw you a bone here and vote for the dumb one that turns into a plane instead. Merry Christmas 🙂

    6.) Altesien: Altesien all the way, because pilebunkers are the best melee weapon ever. Although you’re totally wrong about me here, even though it was SPW:OG that got me into the series (largely by virtue of actually being in a language I can understand), I don’t like using the OG units in most of the games because fuck it I’m playing a massive series crossover, let me use the series that are crossing over.

    The Votoms actually looks pretty cool though and makes me wish I had actually heard of it at some point. Oh well.

    7.) God Gundam: Oh god was this vote HARD. Even harder than the Zaku II/Master Gundam match. I fucking love both these shows and these mechs. If it were the Shining Gundam in place of the God Gundam, or the Lazengenn in place of the Gurren-Lagann, then I’d have my answer easy, but as is, it really comes down to two factors.

    – One, I just voted against the Master Gundam up there (And I am NOT voting against the Zaku II ever), and I don’t have the heard to snub G Gundam twice.

    – I’ve been playing through SRW: J lately, where I’m been using basically every G Gundam mech they will let me.

    Besides, Kamina would have no problem with going out in a blaze of glory in round 1, and Simon doesn’t need to have others justify his accomplishments. So God Gundam it is!

    8.) Fuck you Fumoffu is awesome. And in my defense I actually nominated the Bonta-kun.

    … Wait that doesn’t help my point, does it?

    (I really do need to watch Eureka Seven at some point though. Why did it have to be 52 episodes? D:)

    • 1. “I vote this robot for this robot tournament because I hate robots and this makes me think this is not a robot.”

      Everything thereafter is thus rendered worthless.

      • GyroNinja says:

        Man, Golems are like the Original Jewish Super Robots. You’re just mad that I out oldfagged everyone else by 3000 years.

        Besides, the last time I voted for the most robotic contestant, you called me a fat Egyptian transvestite! Honestly, there’s just no pleasing some people.

  12. Jack says:

    Once again I largely stand against everything you voted for, apart from maybe Escalfowne and the YF-19

    Then again Exia is kind of cool looking, it’s leagues behind the Big O. But Exia is designed for close combat, which is inherently ridiculous in a universe with guns, so I have to vote against it.

  13. JoeQ says:

    So, this time around I

    – am a dinosaur that spits on newfags. (BIG O! SHOWTIME!)

    – got accepted in THE SCHOOL OF THE UNDEFEATED OF THE EAST. (it IS Lazengann)

    – wished for Yazan (who?) to violate me. (Scythes as weapons are dumb as fuck)

    – wallowed in my fetish for long noses. (RahXephon is cool too)

    – avoided peeing on the couch thanks to my diaper. (BIG BANG PUNCH > all VFs)

    – showed my love for GRIMDARK. (I would totally ride that thing to work everyday)

    – stroked my hard-on for my fake older brother. (it IS a Getter)

    – liked rainbows, sky surfing, and alien loli angst. (Sky surfing and awesome magic powers > shotguns and stupid magic powers)

    Huh, I guess we only disagreed twice this time.

    • re Yazan, FUN TIMES AWAIT

      you have shown much growth the past few days.

    • Matt Wells says:

      Yazan is an ambitious, back-stabbing member of the Titans, the villains in Zeta Gundam. Think of them as a space Gestapo, except they piolt giant robots, and they leave the Nazi regelia to Zeon. Yazan was one of their greatest aces, a human able to match Newtypes for piloting skill.

      Yazan is famous particuarly for his downright Chirico levels of dodging death (his nickname is “Yazan the Cockroach”), causing the Scrappy Doos of the Gundam franchise to fly into asteroids with his YATSU powers, and his battle cry of “I’m gonna VIOLATE ya!” He is also voiced by the same actor who plays Chibodee Crocket in G Gundam. This makes it impossible for fans of Zeta to take any scene in G with Chibodee in it seriously, and vice versa for fans of G with any scenes of Yazan.

      Like many wonderful things in Zeta, Yazan was tainted by the pile of Lol-Tomino fail that is ZZ Gundam. With Yazan, this is theorised in the fandom to be a result of brain damage from oxygen deprivation during his final battle in Zeta Gundam. Yazan, a once genuine threat, ends up a comic relief pig farmer.

      And the best part of roller skating to work on a Scopedog? Kocking cars out of your way with pump action fist punches!

      • Reid says:

        Wait, what? Do you mean Yazan’s Japanese voice actor is the same as Chibodees or the English voice actors are the same? Regardless of which is true, I never noticed. That’s awesome. Chibodee is da besssss. AMERICA! F*CK YEAH!

        • Matt Wells says:

          I meant Chibodee’s JAPANESE voice actor, of course. Kinda weird watching Mister “I AM…CHAMPIAWWN!” telling fey teenage boys he’s gonna violate them. And who the hell watches the Dubs for G Gundam or Zeta for anything other than comedic value? And yes, Chibodee is BOSS. Dude got four girls! Four! Suck it Neo-France!

          • GyroNinja says:

            Hey now, I grew up on the G Gundam dub on toonami. D:

            When it comes to dubs, I’m of the opinion that all anime is intrinsically dubbed, and that it’s basically impossible to accurately gauge acting talent in a language whose nuances you don’t understand. Thus my dub/sub preference is pretty simple; If I first watched it fansubbed, I’ll stick with the subs, but if I watched it first on Toonami or Adult Swim or something (Cowboy Beebop, FLCL, etc), I’ll stick with the dub. The exception is when the dub is truly terrible (because as a corollary to the previous point, bad acting in a language you understand is way worse than bad acting in a language you don’t), but that’s actually pretty rare nowadays, at least with the kind of shows they put on TV.

            tl;dr yeah i watch g gundam dubbed what are you going to do about it? D:

          • Reid says:

            Yeah, I thought it had to be the Japanese language track. It should have instantly occurred to me that the English language version of Zeta was done by a different company than the one that did G Gundam.

            Also, I’m with GyroNinja (at least in part). There are some anime that have a great English dub and there are others that are bad. Despite its overuse (or over-utilization if you’d rather) of certain voice actors, I’d say most Gundam English dubs are not bad. In the case of Unicorn, and, say, The 8th MS Team and War in the Pocket, it’s superb. Wing and Mobile Suit Gundam…well, they were the first ones so you can’t expect them to be perfect. However, the Japanese language version of each of those shows is excellent as well (even though that’s a purely subjective argument since I only understand the barest smattering of Japanese). In other cases, the subtitles are identical to the words spoken by the English voice actors to the point that we get so-called “dubtitles” (a good example of this are the three Patlabor movies, which, coincidentally have English voice tracks that are superb). My minor at university was Spanish and our final project in translation/interpretation class was to, as a class, come up with subtitles for the movie “El Laberinto del Fauno” or “Pan’s Labyrinth”. In the process of doing that project, I realized how hard it is to exactly match the meaning of another language, especially given the limitations of the screen itself and the time that dialog takes place. It’s a balancing act, for sure.

          • Matt Wells says:

            Guys, guys, I DON’T hate dubs. I just like the option of watching my shows both in English AND subtitled. Dubtitles I particuarly despise, because you have a DVD with a Japanese language track and no accurate translation to go with it. And if your show is dubbed, the higher the chance it’ll be a financial success. Dubs are an inherently good thing.

            I’ve known many a G Gundam fan to have fond nostalgia for the dub, and they are welcome to it. I just noted that G and Zeta’s dubs have a reputation among fans for their somewaht dubious quality. If anything, that makes it only more fun to watch in English. Dubs in particular nowadays are near uniform in their high quality, which is heartening to see.

            Big O and Cowboy Bebop are unique as anime I tend to watch in English only, though both versions have their merits. Variety is the spice of life, after all. 🙂


          • Reid says:

            They practically had to make name changes considering the attitude of the primary audience (and their parents). For example, it doesn’t stop with just God an Devil Gundams being renamed Burning and Dark (which is just dumb) but they also had to change Neo Mexico’s entry from Tequila Gundam to Spike Gundam. However, most of the name changes in that show were puzzling to me. For example, what harm does it do to leave Gundam Spiegel, Lumber Gundam, Pharaoh Gundam or John Bull Gundam alone? Instead they got renamed Shadow, Grizzly, Mummy and Royal, respectively. I don’t get it.

          • Matt Wells says:

            As a Brit, I was INSULTED when the Dub changed John Bull Gundam to Royal! It is the perfect name for an English Gundam that looks like a Beefeater guard! ALL HAIRUU BRITANNIA!!!!

    • JoeQ says:

      Addendum: Getter Scythes are okay, though not as good as Getter Tomahawks.

  14. DonQuigleone says:



  15. Jack says:

    When the Big O piston-punches Exia into a million pieces I will celebrate mightily, just as I did when Giant-Robo destroyed Gurren.

  16. Loren says:

    I voted based off appearance more then anything else.

    -1. I voted for GN-001 Gundam Exia, because it looks better, but I have never watched it. I have seen Big-O, but most of the the designs seemed to be dull, giving the show a sort of Batman fell.

    -2. I voted for GF13-00NH1II Master Gundam for the same reason, and because I remember enjoying watching G Gundam.

    3. I voted for the XXXS-G01D Gundam Deathscythe because it looked cooler, but I really don’t remember watching either show.

    4. I voted for Escaflowne because it appears beautiful, but have not seen The Vision of Escaflowne. On the other hand I have seen RahXephon and enjoyed it for the story not the mecha.

    5. I voted for Mazinger Z only because I had to chose one.

    6. Same reason as last for PTX-00C3 Alteisen.

    7. Here I voted for the GF13—017NJII God Gundam form G Gundam. Gurren Lagann is just strange in design, and the picture dose not sell it very well.

    8. I voted for Nirvash TypeZero, form Eureka SeveN. I like the design more, but the reason that I watch Eureka Seven was for the story and not the mecha.

  17. kadian1364 says:

    Call me when Exia gets its own theme song. Somehow a chorus of “Exia Gundam! Exia Gundam!” does not seem as appealing.

    Zeta Gundam manages to be the most vanilla gundam ever in a series featuring a bling-bling wannabe gundam and LOLmanta ray mechs. At least Mark II was black.


      Yes, oh god Z Gundam mecha… LOL and yes the Mk II is one of the best Gundam designs ever. But fags nominate this shit and Failscythe is on the other side of the ballot.

  18. vendredi says:

    Sorry, but I’ll take Big O’s Dorothy over 00’s Feldt any day.

  19. Cracked says:

    While I voted Zaku II, my heart lies with UC ova’s like 8th MS Team, War in the Pocket, Stardust Memory, and the classic SDF Macross. The above were my entry into anime where characters you like die for realz.

  20. LOL! Shame on me for not reading this earlier! This is fucking hilarious, and flame-tastic! It must’ve been too damn peaceful on the interwebs for you b/c you’re going all out on this one.

  21. Jay Jack says:

    I don’t see any difference in my voting from you.
    However, I do see the battlefield differently from you.
    The end result will have no casualties, no used-weapons, but all the pilots frozen in love for the best of all of them, Isamu.

  22. drmchsr0 says:

    1. Big O is more iconic. (I have never watched 00, so PHBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBTTTTTTTTT)


    3. Faggotry vs Faggotry, eh, I’ll go with the Zeta. (Either way, you are still a faggot.)

    4. lolidunno so I went with RahXephon :3c


    6. Does the Scopedog have a rockin’ BGM? NO. :3c (I kid, I love the ScopeDog though.)

    7. THIS WAS HARD OKAY I mean God Gundam can rip Gurren Lagann’s balls off :3c


    Bonus Round: Sally vs Bobby. Mostly. AND I CHOSE THE AFRO.

    • Exhibit A:


      You are a low point in human evolution. It kind of pains me that Sai Mecha was the one who brought it out in the world.

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