Cho Jikuu Yosai Macross (09-12) Everything is in Place

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The pendulum swings wildly in these four episodes, both in terms of mood and of production quality. SDFM has always had major problems with character designs going off-model (something that happens in TV editions all the way to Macross Frontier AND HOW) and these four episodes show it in its glorious hideousness. But also, almost on a per-episode basis the mood turns from incredible seriousness and tension to laugh-out-loud comedy of fishes out of the water.

It’s pretty brilliant how the Miclones are the one in enemy territory but the Zentraedi turn out to be the real big fish out of the water. More on this later. My live-watching with friends and acquaintances got cut after episode 11 after some serious downtime of my ISP, otherwise the experience continued to be incredible as the humor of SDFM carried through – generating more laughs than some dedicated comedies I’ve viewed under similar circumstances (Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt).

After episode 12, ALL the important elements of the show are put into play. It’s all resolution after this. But for now, let us enjoy the world Macross painstakingly built. We begin with episode eight, the iconinc “Miss Macross.”

Episode 09 “Miss Macross”

SDF Macross Episode 09 Remastered [Galaxy Network].mkv_snapshot_07.25_[2011.04.30_08.34.13]

I’ve never seen other beauty pageants in anime. Perhaps they don’t exist. No, Martian Successor Nadesico episode 19 doesn’t count. It’s just “remonstrating love.” If there’s one very clear thing that distinguishes SDF Macross by this time is that it more than just ran away with the “civilian population making a semblance of peacetime life inside the belly of a warship” conceit. It staged a grand beauty pageant/talent show complete with its conspiracy sub-plots and the like.

What’s remarkable to me from a craft standpoint is how this set-piece so effectively pushes the plot forward. Here are three ways:

  • Minmay’s show business career is launched in a big way.
  • Hikaru and Misa’s bickering goes beyond protocol but actually involves the triangle ever so slightly: Misa is getting in the way between Hikaru and Minmay.
  • The Zentraedi culture (and lack of it) is introduced.

These three things are important plot elements and it speaks well of a set-piece that can do all this seemingly effortlessly, though it used a whole lot of cutting in and out of the Miss Macross proceedings. I also suggest that Minmay won in part due to her charming clumsiness – the younger underdog whose talent is all possibility vs. the known, dominant quantity who is Jamis Merin.

SDF Macross Episode 09 Remastered [Galaxy Network].mkv_snapshot_19.51_[2011.04.30_08.49.59]

Also, I enjoyed witnessing the reactions of the people I was watching the show with towards Misa using the public access to interrupt the entire Miss Macross proceedings to summon ONE LIEUTENANT to a payphone. NOW THAT’S HOW YOU KNOW THAT THE MILITARY IS RUNNING THINGS. Also, when SDFM does ever get remade, they really should have mobile phones in 2009… though it’ll produce lulz as it did in Gundam:

The fricking White Base had knobs the size of saucers and had a fricking HELM on it’s bridge, and the 2009 issued manga covering the One Year War has characters using touch-screen pocket devices LOL.

Episode 10 “Blind Game”

One thing that’s very easy to forget about Macross is how hopeless they really are. This isn’t the same despair as is the bread and butter of Space Runaway Ideon especially after Be Invoked. The presentation of Macross is far too lighthearted to evoke the same delicious mind-numbing despair. But consider what indeed happened during the Macross’ first communications with the UN Earth Government since the Macross folded to Pluto.

Despite the humanitarian risk of 50,000 noncombatants in the line of fire, the UN orders Macross to NOT approach the Earth and instead keep the aliens away from it.

This makes a lot of sense because it is indeed apparent that the Aliens are not interested in invasion, but are instead pursuing the ship itself. The UN do not have the technological and material strength to engage the Aliens even in a defensive battle, much less mount a rescue attempt of the 50,000 noncombatants in Mars orbit.

Presumably, the UN is developing a decisive weapon against the aliens, but what could it make that’ll protect the Earth against Britai’s fleet (currently at 25,000 vessels) now reinforced with Kamjin’s? There doesn’t seem to be any right answers here but the show isn’t as concerned with us pondering these questions anyway because ZOMG Misa is captured and Hikaru’s team has to rescue her!

The true highlight of this episode is Britai, who demonstrates here how the conceits of Macross as a robot anime make more sense than Gundam and most other shows. Britai takes on 3 battloids by himself, UNARMED, survives prolonged exposure to the vacuum of space ENTIRELY without a space suit/helmet NOTHING. Then attacks the same team of battloids WITH A BENT METAL PIPE… AND PWNS THEM.

SDF Macross Episode 10 Remastered [Galaxy Network].mkv_snapshot_23.02_[2011.04.30_08.14.30]SDF Macross Episode 10 Remastered [Galaxy Network].mkv_snapshot_23.28_[2011.04.30_08.15.08]

As mentioned, the giant humanoid mecha in Macross exist because there are giant humanoids made of meat to fight. Of course, one has to justify why there should be giant alien humanoids, but then again the universe is a sufficiently large place for something like this to be imaginable. Anyway, Britai is so badass that he even gets the better of Max, who is you know, a Jenius (more on Max’s exploits in episode 12).

Episode 11 “First Contact”

What’s interesting about the title of this episode is how it turns out to be a more meaningful contact on the part of the Zentraedi than it is on the part of the humans. This is because the contact happened on Zentran “turf,” and thus the impact is felt mostly by them, through their leadership. After Britai continued his carnage of Hikaru’s battloid, the Zentrans got hold of Kakizaki, Hikaru, and Misa. Max luckily got sucked out of the ship, from which he’ll mount his stealth mission to rescue the rest. But first, the remarkable first conversations between the Miclones and the Zentraedi.

But even before that it’s a source of mirth to observe the reactions of Britai and Exsedol to Misa’s ineffectual rebuttals of Hikaru’s blatant chauvinism. What’s become clear is that the Zentraedi attackers are perhaps humanoid, but operate in a mono-gender social setup. They are shocked that both sexes can coexist, and observing them together is a physical difficulty for Britai who survived the vacuum of space.

SDF Macross Episode 11 Remastered [Galaxy Network].mkv_snapshot_18.59_[2011.04.30_10.11.54]

The highlight of course is their discovery of how humans procreate, and the ‘culture shock’ of seeing Misa and Hikaru kissing. This was prompted, unbelievably, by the Supreme Commander Bodolle Zer’s demonstration of military might straight out of Star Wars Episode IV. It’s become clear however, that this cultural flashpoint is going to be an important plot element in the narrative. Even at this point the aliens are fascinated…

…as I was! Remember I first saw this at 7-8 years old. Though by then I’ve seen kissing scenes in media and sex is part of schoolyard talk (often hilariously erroneous in hindsight), I was just as clueless about sex and kissing as these Zentraedi. While I thought their reactions were silly, I couldn’t help but relate to them in some way. Now SDFM was never intended as sex ed, I’m SURE… but it’s interesting to consider that its viewers being children or adolescent male anime fans… are just as inexperienced with the opposite sex as these giants are.

SDF Macross Episode 11 Remastered [Galaxy Network].mkv_snapshot_12.58_[2011.04.30_09.48.15]

The difference between the viewers then and now, is the latter’s access to a phenomenal well of pornography, which may not make them as operationally clueless as the Zentraedi, but in a way makes them even more sexually and/or socially retarded.

Episode 12 “Big Escape”

I’m going to do some meta here because it’s the best way to appreciate what Maximilian Jenius just did here:

In what was certainly the most complicated set of mecha-motions executed to date, Max Sterling [Jenius] had managed to clothe his Battloid in the uniform he had taken from the Zentraedi private. That he had succeeded so completely in wedding his mind to the mecha controls was justification enough for the many articles later devoted to the feat, but the fact that he had accomplished this within the confines of the utility closet was what ultimately led to his legendary status as a VT [VF] hero.

Jack McKinney. Robotech: Battle Cry chapter 15, p. 187

SDF Macross Episode 12 Remastered [Galaxy Network].mkv_snapshot_05.11_[2011.04.30_10.52.12]

One thing about seeing Macross through Jack McKinney’s eyes is that you get this delicious editorializing on what’s awesome about Macross that the anime can’t do by itself. Max, by virtue of a joystick and a bunch of pedals, stripped a dead soldier’s uniform off and put the same uniform on his robot. Obviously, the Rule of Cool trope is very much in effect here, but McKinney’s prose lends a sense of verisimilitude to the feat.

Max spends some time playing Metal Gear Solid inside Britai’s flagship until the four prisoners eventually escape liberally using the Rule of Cool trope again: this time by virtue of three human-sized pilots being able to pilot a Regult in tandem designed for one giant pilot.

SDF Macross Episode 12 Remastered [Galaxy Network].mkv_snapshot_19.06_[2011.04.30_10.52.57]

This episode introduces Lap Lamiz and Millya Fallnya – the first female Zentraedi characters, and Millya is the first Zentraedi ace pilot the Macross forces ever encountered. With this, the entire cast is complete, the setting fleshed out, the nature and motivations of the ‘heroes’ and ‘villains’ are laid out. Everyone’s capabilities are all demonstrated, if not foreshadowed. The love triangle is complete, deliciously how Misa and Hikaru got to kiss before Hikaru and Minmay did (averted during their rescue from the belly of the whale) It’s not quite complicated, as plotting goes, but the elements are very layered and culturally complex.

With everything in place, it’s going to be development and resolution the rest of the way. Macross did it in the space of a cour, right on schedule.

(Actually, no. Lynn Kaifun shows up in the next arc to ruin the point I’m making here. I really hate that guy,)

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I entered the anime blogging sphere as a lurker around Spring 2008. We Remember Love is my first anime blog. Click here if this is your first time to visit WRL.
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33 Responses to Cho Jikuu Yosai Macross (09-12) Everything is in Place

  1. Shinmaru says:

    Britai is such a fucking badass. Not just anyone could give Max Jenius trouble. Respect, yo.

    • Indeed. I’m gonna riff a little on the Max Jenius legend progression:

      1. Hikaru rips apart an entire squad of Regults all by himself, then rescues Misa in Sara Base on Mars.
      1.1 This gets him promoted, and Max is assigned to his unit.
      2. Max outperforms Hikaru in their first outing, but Hikaru duels Kamujin in a dramatic impasse.
      3. Max steadily shines, highlighted by being contrasted with Kakizaki who sucks.
      4. The whole team gets pwnd by Britai, except for Max.
      4.1. Britai’s badassery is highlighted by surviving Max. Max is now the one that provides context for badassery. This is a promotion.
      5. Max puts a Zentraedi uniform on his Battloid. EPIC FEAT.
      5.1. Max’s BATTLOID does its Solid Snake impression inside Britai’s flaghip.
      6. Millya enters stage left, rapes VFs, Destroids, etc.
      7. Hikaru gets shot down by Misa’s friendly fire. FAIL.
      9. Max is the last real ace in the show.

      Max is the ace of aces, all years. Suck it Amuro.

  2. Anya says:

    Argh I hate love triangles *-*

  3. maramala says:

    Out of curiousity, I’d like to ask you something:

    When you first saw Macross (at around the same age I did, actually), was it as part of the Robotech Saga, or the mythical Macross TV HK English dub?

    Because I swear I first saw the series on RPN-9, and as I remember clearly even now it had no relationship with Robotech back then. I’ve called it mythical since I’ve never been able to track down that version for decades, and no one I’ve ever asked about it could even remember it, or even believe my description. And if it does exist, I’m not even sure it was dubbed in Hong Kong. And no, it was definitely the TV series and not “Clash of the Bionoids” (the DYRL dub), since it had the Max disguising himself as a Zentraedi scene, and Roy was nowhere in sight.

    • No. This is what I watched:

      This is a Harmony Gold pre-Robotech production and yes, it was broadcast on RPN 9. I would later see Betamax tapes of Macross: the Movie (which was DYRL — the Clash of the Bionoids; que horror), then laserdisc versions of the same. Then I would discover Robotech in the 90s. But by then my memories of the original Macross was so hazy that I thought Robotech was the one and only show.

      It wasn’t until I watched Macross Plus in 1995 that it really became clear that there were distinct shows, but it wouldn’t be until 2003 that I’d get to watch another Macross property (outside viewings of DYRL): Macross Zero. I think I got to watch the original SDF Macross in its full entirely only in 2007, and it was rather brilliant that in December of that same year, Macross Frontier Deculture Edition came out. It was Springtime for ghostlightning at long last. We Remember Love started right after Macross Frontier finished airing.

      • maramala says:

        Wait, that was it!

        …Holy crap, it was still Harmony Gold??? I’ve never even thought of checking that far, since I’ve never even considered they’d be responsible for it.

        On one hand, I feel relieved and vindicated for being right back in my childhood. I had felt so alone in all those arguments and debates on the existence of this series, and everyone else I’ve known only considers Robotech to be The One And Only Show. (Then again, I’ve watched Z Gundam in bootlegged Betamax tapes back when everyone else was gaga over Transformers, so I don’t exactly fit in with the norm).

        On the other hand, HARMONY GOLD. What happened to you??? How could such a much-reviled company be responsible for one of my fondest nostalgic memories?…

        Yes, I do remember love. I’ve always had. Thank you for clearing it up.

        • You’re welcome. Believe me I only really cleared this up last year thereabouts. For a while my belief was only shored up by the fact that my wife can sing part of this OP.

  4. WhatSht says:

    that third picture reminds me something i noticed between VF-1J and VF-25F, their heads have straight eyes.
    anyway, been watching till episode 32, took a break after humans won the zentradi, and yes, to able to give max trouble is commendable, since he is a “Jenius”, for that, i respect you, Britai.

    • Yes they do have straight eyes. I find it difficult to recall VFs that deviate from the straight “eye” design:

      YF-19 — Dude, your VF looks like it was designed by Zeon!
      VF-19 Kai — Dude, your robot is wearing shades!

      Britai gets more awesome, but more as a commander and diplomat. Otherwise, he only gets further opportunities for hand-to-hand combat in the Robotech Sentinels novels.

  5. Marigold Ran says:

    Re-watched it too. Marathoned it. Got a lot of things I missed when I was younger. It’s really good at this point, but it really gets epic at around episode 20. With the singing and all.

    • Indeed, but before that we have the introduction of Lynn Kyle to go through, albeit the Little White Dragon film caused very entertaining reactions in the Zentraedi, but that’s still ways ahead.

  6. Marigold Ran says:

    One of the reasons the singing is effective is because we regularly get shots of the characters’ reactions to the songs. Due to empathy, our responses mirror theirs. Hence, the immersive quality. At the end of Paradise Lost, when Min-Mei is singing her song, the camera switches regularly to the reactions of the people on the street and the people on the bridge, who look dazed at how well her song captures their emotions of leaving again. At this point, she’s become the songstress of the fleet. It becomes even more pronounced in the final major fleet battle, when she’s singing on deck of the battling spaceship, much like the muses who would sing hymns to the warriors on the battle.

    What is the name of the song at the end of Paradise Lost?

  7. Episode 10: now I remember that. Takes a lot of balls for that Britai to go out in space, before proceeding to bushwack an assault team… he’s made of GAR.

  8. Pterobat says:

    I always have time for a great show like SDFM.

    Even though nowadays I think the human-allied male Zentradi are the best thing about the series, back when I was first watching it, I thought that Max would be my favourite character, due to my yen for pretty boys kicking ass. Alas, I ended up developing an interest in characters who resonated with me on a deeper level, despite being a woman–and being somewhat appalled by the way that he and Milia got together also had something to do with my “demoting” Max.

    And yet, as I’ve pointed out, no matter where I go, Max is a character difficult to escape. He keeps ending up connected to my favourite characters in abstract and distant, but undeniable ways. Weird.

    Britai is a character I love, of course. Because he is a badass, but also calm and intelligent rather than a mindless warrior drone. It’s that sense of personality that puts the Zentradi above other characters of their ilk.

    Female Zentradi might be more popular with the fandom, but I’ve found them to be not that interesting, primarily because they don’t get that much of the spotlight in SDFM. Laplamiz in particular seems to do only what the plot demands of her.

    (Incidentally, one of the few things I’m glad for Macross 7 doing is trying to even the score between the Zentradi genders when it comes to sexual awkwardness–“Fleet of the Strongest Women” has a pretty convincing display of similar emotions in female Zentradi, and they really should have similar reactions to the males, all things considered).

    • Having known your Macross journey and relationship for some time now, I really get where you’re coming from.

      Like I said to soulassassin, I personally find it difficult to dislike Britai. As for the female Zentraedi, there’s so little material to work with outside of Millya (who is awesome and probably the best Zentran character all things considered: battle valor, leadership prowess, comedy value, you name it).

      The characters to contrast with Britai really, are Bodolle Zer and Kamujin. I find the former not quite enough to constitute a full character and a meaningful villain (like Laplamiz he’s there to play a role), and the latter I have so many problems with.

      While Kamujin has a lot, if not the most personality among the Zentraedi males, he’s pretty much there to play the role of ‘enemy on call.’ Whenever the show needs a battle, here’s Kamujin to provide a senseless one… all the way to the end when the show needed to go out with a bang, Kamujin is there to oblige.

      Consider how problematic it is that Britai had a 20 vs. 1 advantage in the Battle of Saturn’s Rings… and he sent ONE ship (each carries about 1,000 Regulds), poor Zeril. Afterwards he decides they need REINFORCEMENTS. Really Britai? Reinforcements?

      I really think Kamujin is the most poorly shoehorned character in the whole show.

  9. Pterobat says:

    I still disagree re: Kamjin–the term ‘personality’ is pretty nebulous here. Kamjin certainly is one of the louder and more overtly vigorous characters, if that’s what’s meant, but I don’t want to cut the other Zentradi characters out of the runnig when it comes to being fleshed-out and interesting.

    Milia is at the bottom of my pack, though. I don’t really like her as a character, though like Max she is impossible for me to escape. I don’t find her to be all that much deeper than the male characters, with the significant exception that she gets an explicit home life that stays stable. It’s unfortunate that she’s the only major Zentradi character who has that–the spy trio and the bridge bunnies don’t last long, sadly. Still, I just can’t make the leap and see Milia as a more multifaceted character than her male counterparts.

    (Also, bless you for not using the term “Meltrandi” to apply to SDFM ;> )

    • I actually meant ‘loud’ and ‘overtly vigorous’ but added with tempestuous and mutinous. I actually think Kamujin is rather uninteresting by being so human (the crazy villain type). I do use Meltran as I find the term very convenient… but I won’t use it while talking about pre-DYRL material. It just doesn’t sound right.

      • Pterobat says:

        You know, I’ve been hearing the “Kamjin/Khyron is the most human Zentradi” noise from various fans, and I’ve never yet figured what that that assertion means to me, or how I would interpret it–it’s probably time I did, so I could have a better conversation about this sort of thing. 😉

        I dislike Kamjin, too, but for different reasons–he takes strongly to the role of the antedevullian Zentradi, so it’s hard or impossible to like him when I’m in favour of Zentradi having “culture” and free choice. Before that, he’s just obnoxious.

        I avoid the term “Meltran” for everything *but* DYRL, preferring “female Zentradi”. It’s got too many bad associations for me. I winced when ADV started using the term to credit incidental female Zentradi voices in its SDF Macross DVDs.

        • The use of Meltran for me, hammers home the fact that the Zentran treat females almost as if they were a separate race… with segregation and all that! It also makes sense that it’s a Zentraedi word for female which for all intents and purposes is consistent with most human languages:

          Lalaki (Tagalog)

          …and so on.

          • Pterobat says:

            I can understand that reasoning, but the fact that it wasn’t established in SDFM is the key to it: because of that, the term “Meltrandi” suggests the female Zentradi as a lesser offshoot, and not simply a different “faction” on equal footing with the males.

            If a new term had been coined to designate the male Zentradi group, instead of the term orignially used for the entire race also being made applicable to one gender, I might have less of a problem.

            It’s the same issue I have with “he” as a neuter pronoun in the real world, really.

            Also, obligatory DYRL hate. 😛

          • Which is why I use “she” especially when writing formally. Men don’t get butthurt over pronouns I realize. Unless you insinuate that they’re gay (when they’re hetero). But that’s a different topic of retardedness.

  10. Just started watching this series for the first time a few days ago. Absolutely loved when Britai went to take on Hikaru and the others mostly by himself and with his hands. Such a badass commander.XD

  11. Matt Wells says:

    Absolute solid gold in these episodes. I was a bit confused about how Minmay managed to win the beauty contest given how fixed it seemed, but I failed to consider the adorable power of clutzyness. It was also all I could do when the Lolicon trio saw Minmay singing and said they felt their hearts rise to not shout out “THAT AIN’T THE ONLY THING THATS RISING LOL!!!”, but I am a horrible exciuse for humanity like that.

    What really shocked me was that it took this long for Minmay to sing, and for the Love Triangle to take shape. As Kawamori has said, we’ve been given hints on the direction Hikaru and Misa’s relationship will take, but its still surprising so late in the series. Minmay’s singing also gets some focus, for the first real time since episode 4, and its worth noting how she resigns herself to Hikaru’s probable death by deciding to throw herself into her burgeoning career. Her song almost becomes an elegy to him, My Boyfriend WAS a Pilot. A sign of her emotional immaturity, or her subconciously realising how much he truly means to her? Hard to tell from the way she acts.

    10 and 11 where great for many reasons (one of them being an unscheduled space walk merely irritating Britai, and a Valk jet exhaust burst to the face leaving him mildly annoyed), but I loved the depiction of first contact. Its something that’s always fascinated me in Sci-Fi, and Macross’ use of culture shock as a weapon has always been regarded (and rightfuly so) as perhaps the most original depiction of the concept. The idea that a culture can be so alien as to be utterly incomprehensible and horrifying to another, and WEAPONISING it, is a powerful one.

    I also find the seperation of Male and Female Zentradi to seperate fleets interesting. It underscores the importance of love and thus the central romance that defines the franchise, and the degree their race has been militarised. The ideal soldier does not need the distraction of love to limit him, only the thrill of battle, and this divorce of the sexes has accordingly limited their potential. With interaction comes love, with love comes culture.

    Bodollezer (that name is a clusterfuck of romanizations) struck me as rather bland for a central antagonist. Aside from a thuggish nature and a chronic Xenophobia of PUROTOKURUCHARRRRR, little else really suggests much about his character. Just your average Evil Emperor, right down to the Star Wars style destruction of a planet. Lapla’miz is notable for being easily the most competent Zentradi commander we’ve seen so far, and she too suffers from a dearth of personality.

    If there’s one criticism I can offer for SDF Macross, its that the villains there are prove underwhelming and boring. But this is Macross, not Gundam; the protagonists are the ones we’re meant to care about, not the antagonists too. The desired outcome is peace and culture, not a continued cycle of death and destruction. We’re not meant to empathise with Zentradi unable to adapt to this Utopia in the making, we’re meant to pity them as the flawed and base creatures they are. And few are baser than Kamujin.

    • Well, first — the insinuation in the Zentraedi’s reactions to Minmay is indeed very puerile. They’re mature humanoid specimens who’ve skipped puberty, and are thus vulnerable. Basically they’re beginning to realize they have penises, etc. Though of course the anime would never spell that out. As a kid, part of me was “what’s the big deal, it’s just a girl” (and girls in my neighborhood were bigger than me at the time, and were not cute at all), but some of the girls in school were cute so I was beginning to get a distinction that Minmay was someone to have feelings for — which helped me to identify with the bewildered reactions of the Zentraedi.

      In grade school, even if it was co-ed, boys and girls lined up separately, and our school had an entire building just for girls — they even had different uniforms from us, etc. Thus I never really questioned the separation of the sexes in Zentraedi society. It’s quite rife in Catholic childhoods.

      As for Minmay singing, she sang when she was alone with Hikaru in the belly of the Macross way back. That was our private moment with the singer Minmay. It was quite effective in underscoring how much Hikaru makes that experience means something. I mean, when I eventually became a high schooler I would end up doing the same things. The barest moments of intimacy with another girl — I would make so much of it. It sure is silly now, making romances out of a few words exchanged in private in front of the lockers, by the drinking fountain, by the bookstore, etc. But that’s just how impressionable adolescent males are. I’ve seen this play out in college as well: watching inexperienced guys who went through all boys’ high schools. I tell you, Catholicism makes many Zentraedi experiences.

      Bodolle Zer (the romanizations were meant to make them seem as alien as possible. See Vrilwthai for Britai), sure is a mono-dimensional character, but then again he’s really more a plot device rather than a character. The characterizations really happen mostly for Britai, Exsedol (mostly), Millya, and Kamujin — aside from the Lolicon trio of course. One may look at Bodolle Zer as your traditional villain, but I see more as a background character, with Kamujin playing more of the monkeywrench kind of villain and Britai and Exsedol as protagonists in their own right.

      • Matt Wells says:

        I myself went through an all boys Grammar School, though thankfuly girls could join in the last two years. I’m not quite a Zentradi, but as far as my understanding and experience with the opposite sex goes, I’m not all that removed.

        I just find it interesting that Bodoller Zer, though head of the Zentradi fleet, is very much an plot device when traditionly he would be the main villain. He’s more cliche than man, and I understand that carries over to his DYRL? version.

        Thanks as ever for the feedback.

  12. Ryan A says:

    I was about to mention Kaifun until I saw your note at the end. I kind of figured there would be hate for that guy, Jesus, he’s such an asshole.

    These were impressive episodes as a first-time viewer. The beginning of Macross is great (kind of shocking, technologically), but I sensed becoming more engaged with the narrative through these episodes.

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