Forget About the Comics and Cosplay, I CAME TO THE METRO COMIC CON 2011 FOR THE PUNK ROCK


I attended the event a year (or was it 2 years ago) and this year’s event seemed noticeably smaller. There were far more cosplayers in the Ozine fest a month or so ago (which had the likes of Animax as one of their sponsors), and the toy and merch section here is rather painfully sparse without any Gunpla whatsoever (not that I was in the market for some). In any case, I found something else in the Metro Comic Con 2011 entirely!

I actually attended thanks to the invitation of the totally BRO, Macro Ho aka Bogart the Explorer from Davao City who also played percussion for the Penguin627 punk band. I hadn’t seen a rock band perform live since I was single and younger so I relished the idea that I could catch a short performance and go home at a reasonable time (not only to catch my daughter awake, but also to join other BROs for the SDF Macross sessions over Skype). Here are some cosplay photos:


Not quite as good and varied as from the Ozine event just last April:


But like I said, I came for the punk band! And let me tell you, I got the best seat in the house, right in front of the stage. I was even able to take a lot of photos and film the entire performance.


Here’s a little information about the band, from Penguin627’s Facebook Group Page:

Like that if its fiery Avian brother, the Phoenix, who consumes itself in flames then gets reborn, this cool and frosty Arctic bird recently had its own fiery death. But, like that of the Phoenix, out of the ashes of this former 4 piece band, a smaller but better than ever, and NOW a POWER PUNK TRIO…PENGUIN627 will once again rock you like a proverbial hurricane!Original Penguin627 drummer and bassist/vocalist Marco Ho and Kat Castro, welcomes the newest and baddest member of the band, Bombee Duerme of Giniling Festifval, whose guitar skills and punk sensibilities will leave you breathless and wanting for more of PENGUIN627.

Alright, here’s their track REVOLUTION (pardon the quality as I filmed it using only my Canon G11 Powershot).

OI OI! When the day comes that we can make full anime shows locally, I’d totally want to collaborate with these punks for the OST. Shame I couldn’t stay for the other two acts that followed, but I’ll take what I can get! I’ll post the other two videos in the comments, so talk to me!

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20 Responses to Forget About the Comics and Cosplay, I CAME TO THE METRO COMIC CON 2011 FOR THE PUNK ROCK

  1. schneider says:

    Stocking and Brief! We’ve talked about this, but it seems that Philippine anime fandom is catching up on current anime, with how more people get easy access to anime online. I’m interested to know how many cosplays per con are there for shows that have been around for the past couple of seasons.

    Too bad cons tire me out, sea of people and all.

    • Waaay too few to make a real difference IMO.

      I didn’t stay for more than an hour, there’s really very few interesting things for me there, but Penguin627 was worth it.

  2. abscissa says:

    I’ve never been to any comic con, based from the photos it looks fun. However I’m surprised though, nobody cosplayed as school girls and as Madoka.

    • There are always a number of schoolgirls, though I seldom feel the urge to photograph them.

      As for Madoka, the Philippine fandom is generally 1-2 years behind Japan as there isn’t really a large fansub-watching community here relative to the viewers who watch anime from basic cable channels (Hero TV, Animax) or even terrestrial networks.

    • Besides, checking the Anime & Manga section of PinoyExchange shows that most Filipinos are heavily biased towards DBZ, Naruto and Bleach (and their ilk) rather than the more sophisticated stuff, even though they’re watching anime via streaming and web video.

      Which is why, I’m sad to say, only a minority of local fans have any real good taste in anime.

      But anyway, in two years time Animax may license Madoka and eventually we’ll be seeing those girls in the cons.

  3. sadakups says:

    Ugh. Cosplayers. I’m allergic to them. That’s why I never attend conventions like that.

    The only ones I respect is anyone who cosplays Kamen Rider and any mecha.

    • What bothers you about cosplayers?

      • sadakups says:

        The only time I attended a convention and I was surrounded by cosplayers who can’t do their characters justice (i.e., may binabagayan). Some were trying too hard (like seeing one who was trying hard to pull-off a moe character which failed miserably), which I was cringing on the inside. Ever since then, I had that feeling. I don’t mean anything bad to cosplayers in general (much respect to what they do), it’s just me.

        Those who cosplay as robots or tokusatsu characters I give much more respect for what they do is technical. It’s not easy putting up those things. And well, I am a fan of robots and tokusatsu so I guess I appreciate it more.

        • True. The better cosplayers are the ones who do their homework and plan ahead, stitch and build their costumes to exacting detail, and get into the shoes of the character they want to act as. If the cosplayer is a girl, they must have the proper body size and looks to go.

          In any case, even though there are accusations that Kipi used Photoshop to retouch some of her pictures, there’s no denying that in her blog she does the extra effort in sewing her own costumes (i.e. Akemi Homura’s MG dress).

        • Your hating on cosplayers is like someone hating all anime after only watching Gundam SEED.

          Of course, most anime can be incredibly boring and uninteresting, and many are outright awful. The law of the vital few applies here, as it will apply to cosplaying.

          However, that’s hardly a reason to dismiss most of it.

  4. foshizzel says:

    Awesome pictures of those cosplayers! Looked like you had a good time 😀

  5. fathomlessblue says:

    This is why I go to gigs and festivals rather than anime conventions; in RL it’s all about the music for me!

    Penguin627 have a pretty decent sound, even if the band name sounds like a randomly generated twitter account. They remind me a lot of band Union, before they were signed and became Bloc Party. I’d definitely check them out if they were ever in my area (which is probably unlikey 😦 )

    • According to Macro (the drummer), the name is after the studio where they all practiced and the date when they formed (June 27). The sound is inaccurate because the convention’s music set-up is wack: Bombi couldn’t get his effects to work so you got to hear something strange: a punk band whose guitar sound is entirely “clean” (ergo hardly audible).

      I’ll ask for a gig schedule and post it here! But you can just follow/like their fb page for that.

  6. Faith@ahead says:

    i’m also having a hard time appreciating cosplayers here in the Philippines, or anywhere that looks half-assed. but, yeah! it’s good entertainment when they’re doing it right. nice pics you got there!

    hmmm… idk, but i don’t see anything wrong when liking the Jump trinity (OP, BLEACH and Naruto) plus the old schools we had here like RK and DBZ. They’re good manga! I’m a narutard myself! though I agree, with the wide access we have, people should have a variety of lists! There are a lot of under-rated manga/anime around because of the overshadowing of the mainstreams….

    • Nothing’s wrong about liking mainstream at all. Just because I don’t/won’t follow these long-running franchises that I’ll hate on related fan activities. That said, there is a staggering sameness to every event given how many people cosplay the same characters.

  7. d3v says:

    Totally missed this event, despite living within commuting distance. Partly because Ozine burned me out as a whole (though that was because I spent a long time waiting in the pools of the MvC3 tournament, only to get bodied out in 2 matches) and partly because I already had a pretty busy weekend.

    • I don’t really stay around these things, maybe a few hours at most. I don’t enjoy the panels because they talk about things that I’m not into, and they’re nowhere as informed about what’s current in anime (not a disparagement of these panels at all, mind you).

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