Hero of the Weak: Tiger and Bunny 08 (Also Why I Should Be Part of the Writing Team For This Show, Para-text Section)

[YOUSMELL] Tiger & Bunny - 08.mkv_snapshot_24.22_[2011.05.22_19.44.04]

I didn’t expect to be writing about this show this often, and so soon since my last post on it. This is even made more remarkable because I thought I had just read the best insight on Tiger and Bunny. Nonetheless, I think there’s a few interesting things to talk about. Especially given the study in character provided by Origami Cyclone/Ivan Karelin. I mean, what a strange character!

Origami Cyclone is possibly the harbinger of the apocalypse. He is an industrial corporate gaijin weaboo whose public existence is to market to otaku. I mean, holy smokes! This has got to be some kind of signpost of post-post-postmodernity.

[YOUSMELL] Tiger & Bunny - 08.mkv_snapshot_03.59_[2011.05.22_20.41.56]

If the makers of this show are doing this right, Origami Cyclone should have a blog on the Bandai site. This blog needs to be wholly official and canon. I fricking volunteer to write it. They don’t have to pay me! It only makes sense that the blog be in English don’t it? It’s not like Sternbild City is in Japan! Unfortunately, neither official site has any semblance of an Origami Cyclone blog.

Now I know I’m neither White, nor Russian. I’m Southeast Asian and part-Weaboo. I write an anime and manga appreciation blog, which should count. But perhaps what makes me most qualified is how I understand the three forces that pull at the ‘heroic’ blogger:

Like Ivan, I get bashed in the comments. Some legit, some trolling, some calling me a hack in the comments in other blogs. I remember this group of people who intended to purge the internet of ‘fake’ otaku passed me “just to have fodder for the next round” or some nonsense. So yes, Ivan I get you.

Here’s my entry as Ivan Karelin doing a blog post as Origami Cyclone (as if I’m auditioning for the job):

Yesterday I went back to the Hero Academy. To be honest with you all I have rather painful memories there. You see I had a good friend, my best friend. He was powerful and confident in the ways I am not. He was so much more qualified to be a hero than I was.

But one time he tried to play the hero, and I couldn’t keep up with him. This resulted in someone getting killed. Everybody blamed him, but I really thought it was my fault. He thought so as well.

Yesterday he appeared to me in the spot where so many times he gave me advice. But this time he wanted to exact revenge upon me, holding me responsible for what happened to him. But having escaped prison, he attracted the attention of a dangerous vigilante. I don’t really know him and what he’s about, but he was going to kill my best friend.

For the first time, I took a stand for something. I wasn’t going to allow it.

It’s not like I could stop Lunatic from killing us both, but for the first time, I really felt this deep need to save someone else. It’s a hundred years too early for me to call this a victory, but in my heart I feel that it is. I have to thank Wild Tiger for two things: he encouraged me to be the kind of hero he is, and (along with Barnaby) for saving both my friend and myself.

I don’t know if my friend has forgiven me now, but he thanked me for saving him. If he’s thankful for being alive, and perhaps having the chance to make something of his life, then maybe I did something heroic after all.

I thank .ANIME for giving me the chance to be a hero!

To the powers that lie behind this show, its marketing and merchandising, you know you want to do this with me. I grew up reading Western comic books and watching Japanese anime. I’m 3rd-world cheap. Hell I said I’d do it free of charge! You know where to find me.

About ghostlightning

I entered the anime blogging sphere as a lurker around Spring 2008. We Remember Love is my first anime blog. Click here if this is your first time to visit WRL.
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29 Responses to Hero of the Weak: Tiger and Bunny 08 (Also Why I Should Be Part of the Writing Team For This Show, Para-text Section)

  1. Matt Wells says:

    YES. I just caught up with Tiger and Bunny, and you should do these entries, in character, FOR EVERY EPISODE OF THE SHOW. If I don’t have a life, why should you?! Great entry, but it needs more obvious coporate whoring. And superhero comic style purple prose!

    “The crazed vigilante Lunatic struck at me with blazing crossbow bolts of gushing flames! Shu shu, Zupan! Its at times like those I’m glad I have the refreshing flavour of Pepsi Next! Goes down smooth with every drop! The preferred drink of justice lovers everywhere! Cools down 3rd degree burns like nothing else!

    “Ahem. Thanks to the teachings of my Shishou-Sensei Kotetsu Tora-sama-senpai-kun-chan, I both stood up for my friend, and found conviction in my own admittedly shitty powers. Speaking of Tora-sama-dono, did you know his Figuarts action figures are coming in this January?! Low low cost, maximum posability, form meets function! Order now and recieve a 15% discount!

    “So in closing, my friendly followers of blazing firey righteous justice? Stand by your convictions and your friends, and one day they may too forgive you for your ineffectiual wangsting, and your blame in their decades long incarceration. Just like me! But…WHAT IS JUSTICE? WHAT IS EVL? IS MINE JUSTICE BUT ANOTHER MAN’S SORROWFUL WRONGDOING? How will I find the truth? Click on the link and donate some of your hard earned Sternbills to continue my blog of evil smiting, and help me find out!”

    Sorry I just copied your concept almost to the letter, but I had to get that idea out of my system. I think the show should really play up the otaku weaboo angle on Origami Cyclone, its better than watching him emo out for an entire episode. I hope they alternate the blatant eycatcher adverts too. I want to see Rock Bison advertising Suntory Whiskey!

  2. foomafoo says:

    Since when did ghostlightning become a roleplayer?

  3. foshizzel says:

    Oh man this is so awesome and yes Ghost does get the best comments ever xD

    • Hehe, thanks to you guys! But Matt sure delivered solid gold nuggets of shit in his comment. Best stuff.

      • Matt Wells says:

        Emphasis on the shit. Because mine was shitty. And yours was not. Cause I suck. Please stop praising me, I am but an unworthy pupil at the feet of the master. 🙂

        • STFU you worm and learn to accept praise like a man. A dick rises when stroked.

          • Matt Wells says:

            I’m British! I’m naturally self-deprecating and reluctant to recieve praise! Its in my national character to be apolegetic for everything. And thank you for enshrining my comment on your archive of hallowed comments. I now feel self worth at last. HOW’D YOU LIKE THEM APPLES MOMMY?!! 😉

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  5. schneider says:

    Good God, this show. Every time I stumble upon it, it makes me feel bad for not picking it up [yet]…

  6. vendredi says:

    It’s funny how a Russian is the face behind Cyclone’s mask, but definitely it feels like modern Eastern European pop culture seems to draw from Japanese animation now more than ever, at least anecdotally from my perspective. There’s a lot of little things, from 2009’s First Squad, that collaboration between Russian Molot Entertainment and Japanese animation company Studio 4°C, to the redesigns done for video game franchises picked up by Eastern European developers (Heroes of Might and Magic V). Again, it’s not clear how fringe or how unusual these examples are – certainly in English-speaking countries there is definitely some observable influence, with the popularity of works like Avatar, but it’s still interesting to see how embedded Japanese animation has become all over the world.

    • LOL I did watch First Squad, and I thought of it too as I considered Ivan.

      Sternbild the society is still largely unexplored to me. I think it’d be telling as to what kind of universal/multicultural city Japan projects. In any case, it’d be an interesting counterpoint to Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt’s Daten City.

  7. >> It’s a hundred years too early for me to call this a victory, but in my heart I feel that it is.

    The best line in there.

    Also I’d thought his sponsor was the Anime Network all this time, I don’t know how I somehow saw extra letters in there, but the way anime is written is a lot like their logo.

  8. Don’t be committing to work free of charge for these petty weeaboo projects! You still have the ultimate mecha anime to work on. We can’t have you wasting your talents on this guy. Besides, I already visited his blog and trolled it double hard with both of secret troll accounts. If you write for anybody, get a blog up for Blue Rose, preferably something that heavily emphasizes photography (*wink wink*).

  9. burnout says:

    You know, when Origami was grappling Edward, I was just waiting for him to say:

    “You are like Gaara, Naruto’s arch-enemy!”


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