Panty & Stocking in Sanitarybox is Disgustingly Exploitative and I Hate Myself (But Not Too Much) For Liking the Hell Out of It (God! My! Oh! etc)

[IB] Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt OVA [Blu-Ray 720p][153E1B8D].mkv_snapshot_00.12_[2011.05.24_19.26.58]

Look, I was NEVER one of those whining bitches who moan about how anime has been dying since the end of the 1970s (Real robots? Cancer that’ll kill anime. What shitty thing shall they think of next? Transforming mass-produced military mecha?). Yet, I was so profoundly impressed by all the conceits Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt threw at me. It was unlike any anime I’ve seen, especially recently.

It had the pop-culture referential humor I enjoy so much of (since it rewards wide tastes and viewing experience), and it had very interesting animation. At times its action sequences (episode 6’s long-ass battle) were downright amazing, unmatched (except by a select few) in recent TV anime. I agree that it’s a formal affair, that is, an exercise by Gainax to show off their ability to fuck with the anime form.

I like it so much that I didn’t even mind how it fucked me over with its ending. And now it bends me over and kicks me into a trash compactor with corpses, offal, and genitalia. I can’t help but like it anyway.

[IB] Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt OVA [Blu-Ray 720p][153E1B8D].mkv_snapshot_01.51_[2011.05.24_22.38.59]

Panty shoves a baseball up her cunt. Zombie Panty chews off her own arm, then is shown to half-digest a half-chewed Briefs all the way to poop. Garterbelt films pornographic gay bondage films, and sips semen in a martini glass. Chuck goes through an 8-bit Super Mario stage with tits and cunts in the landscape. Stocking eats a bag of chips made from processed baby penis foreskin harvested via circumcision. Garterbelt plays with his nipple using Panty & Stocking figurines while in the bathtub. Stocking dismembers Panty and wears her blood and guts as a wig.

[IB] Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt OVA [Blu-Ray 720p][153E1B8D].mkv_snapshot_07.43_[2011.05.24_22.54.49]

And when there should’ve been a straight fanservice section, the pole-dance scene with Panty & Stocking in their non-superdeformed character designs, it’s fucked with and cut up into garbage and swept up and disposed of in a sanitary bin.

Also, this OVA is all of 8 minutes long (less if you count the credits).


More please.

This post is leftover semen from a discussion on exploitation vis-à-vis Rebuild of Evangelion.

Fuck Yeah Panty & Stocking is where you can find images like this:


More exploitation! S-T-U-P-I-D 3x SSSTUPID STUPID STUPID!

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28 Responses to Panty & Stocking in Sanitarybox is Disgustingly Exploitative and I Hate Myself (But Not Too Much) For Liking the Hell Out of It (God! My! Oh! etc)

  1. FWIW this “OVA” is really just a special randomly included on one of the DVDs, so you came to the wrong place if you expected a sequel or anything.

  2. animekritik says:

    I think cute boys are like eclairs for Garterbelt. They’re yummy and definitely his favorites, but once in a while a tiramisu or a nice piece of cheesecake ain’t bad either.

    The only thing wrong with these 8 minutes was the lack of Scanty and Kneesocks.

    BTW the soundtrack is pretty funny 🙂

    • What CAN’T I say about Garterbelt?

      Now that you mentioned it, Scanty & Kneesocks are remarkably absent. It’d have been really good to se them in slices of their life when they aren’t obsessing about Panty & Stocking.

      I’m still so thrilled listening to the OST.

  3. Pterobat says:

    Yes! More Panty and Stocking!

    ….eh, it’s not that great.

    I don’t expect a closure with season 1 or anything of that kind, but this…it somehow lacks the energy of regular PSwG–I only really enjoyed Brief x Zombie Panty and the final two shorts.

    • Dunno about you.

      I loved it. I can tell because I hate it so much as well. I want so much more.

      The energy is par for the tradition of shorts like the Tachikoma stuff from GitS:SAC, the Haruhi-chan and Churuya-chan stuff.

      I too think that the Zombie stuff is the best.

  4. abscissa says:

    Although I haven’t finished this anime yet, all I can say is it’s so ridiculous but in a very good way. Actually, I find it addicting whenever I have so much time to waste and so fed-up with slice-of-life and drama this season. Some of their jokes are so ludicrous but surprisingly they make sense.

    • Similarly I enjoyed it as a break from robot stupidity. It’s utter meaninglessness is a celebration of pure craft, albeit wholly in a masturbatory manner. Go finish it.

  5. Reid says:

    Those two girls are pretty friggin’ hawt. Ahem…on a side note, I actually don’t care for Panty and Stocking because it, like some other shows, seems bound and determined to make me feel bad about being an anime consumer. It’s so…puerile.

    • Pffft. Hate is fine, just love moar. This show was the best of 2010 (those that ‘completed,’ that is).

      • Reid says:

        Oh I don’t “hate” PaSWG, in fact I loved the first episode with the crazy ghost car. That one was pure brilliant, as was the one that spoofs G1 Transformers.

        What bothers me is this trend in a lot of anime recently to, seemingly, actively try to shame anime viewers. I completed Macross Frontier on Monday, and in The False Diva when Ranka is hawking the variable fighter model kits while doing a little song and dance number (spoofing Bandai all the while) to a crowd of fawning nerds, it made me take a little offense. I’m not one of “that kind” of anime fan, but I also don’t make fun of people for whatever their hobby might be. Even in your most recent post about Tiger and Bunny, you touch on this – what is Origami Cyclone but the saddest loser of them all? Sky Crawlers was a lot like this too, though it did it in a subtler way. The perpetually young cloned soldiers were as clear-cut an analogy for anime fans that refuse to grow up as anything I’ve seen.

        I felt similarly when I watched the High School of the Dead (16-minute, what the heck?!) OVA, which was 100 percent pure fanservice of the raunchiest, lousiest, most exploitative kind possible. The original tv show was filled with T&A, but I never felt like it was doing it “just because.” PaSWG, though is, by nature a “just because” show, and after a few episodes it began to wear on me. The actual “problem” I have with PaSWG is that it brings to the fore this delima: I’d like to totally embrace anime, in this case to appreciate Panty and Stocking as an over-the-top comedy of the same ilk as South Park (which it definitely is), but I still feel ashamed of my extremely nerdy interests around “mixed” company. Around, say, you good people here at WRL, it’s all good, but around even my closest friends in day-to-day life, I feel an intense desire to distance myself from most aspects of anime fandom.

        Any idea about why that could be? Anybody else have a similar struggle?

        • animekritik says:

          I can’t comment on struggles, since I lost all sense of shame regarding my hobbies and tastes years ago, but I can say this: bullying in Japanese culture is pervasive. Therefore I think you’re right on track with this notion of anime creators actually making fun of their customers in mean ways. Then again, the fans in Japan are extremely adept at bullying anime creators/voice actors etc. right back, so it’s not a one-way process.

        • So what if the show try to pull these shitty stunts?

          We’re going to defend otaku now from the purveyors of their own addictions?

          The thing about offense, is that it’s taken. Taking offense is a matter of choice. I don’t think I want to waste my time with that shit. You don’t have to appreciate any of this in some kind of elevated thing. You can appreciate this as much as you do some of the trashy stuff on TV. No one has to be ‘proud’ of enjoying trash TV, albeit I take exception with labeling things away as ‘guilty’ pleasures.

          By all means enjoy yourself, and expunge whatever guilt or negativity by discussing or writing about it. The brilliant thing about going THIS FAR in PaSwG is that when you turn away from the content you are left with the form, the exercise of execution. This IS the masturbatory gem in this work. These are people showing off, what they can execute using animation. Because really, how much focus can you devote on how Briefs gets digested into shit?

  6. foshizzel says:

    Ohhhh man this was so random and funny I lost it with the whole Mario scene, good work! I think a longer ova is coming soon? Not sure either way this was a fun and random special.

  7. I LOL’d! What a way to end the entire show! Glad I managed to save it before it gets flagged down and torn away. 🙂

    To put it in the words of a local fan in PEX, quoting a tagline of a long-defunct local B-movie company: “If it’s from Gainax, it must be good”.

  8. For 8 minutes it was pretty entertaining :), though I didnt really like the chuck part because well I find chuck dull and boring. 😐

  9. Martin says:

    I was a little disappointed at the length so it felt like a missed opportunity in that sense, but…it is just a throwaway bonus for the DVD, so yeah.

    Actually, the ‘throwaway’ nature stopped the gags outstaying their welcome and simply added to the breathless madcap feel of the episode. It felt like the creators were saying “we’re Gainax. We had a blast writing this stuff, and WE DON’T GIVE A SHIT.” I loved that about it.

    I suspect it’s a bunch of unused ideas that were either surplus to requirements in the episodes already produced, or didn’t have enough in them to sustain a full episode…getting back to their ‘DVD bonus feature’ bonus roots but it was nice to have them appear in some form or another.

    Sure, it was rude, in-your-face, cartoonish trash that made me feel a bit guilty for enjoying it as much as I did…and yet there were little nuggets of serious meaning in the midst of the trashiness. Which appropriately enough sums up the show for me.

    Also, Stocking is still hawt.

    • I wonder at what parts you considered particularly meaningful.

      I’m more of a panty supporter myself, not that I dislike Stocking. Kneesocks is fine too.

      • Martin says:

        Gaguri did an excellent piece on the ‘meaningful’ bits, which effectively set out the nagging suspicions I had when watching it, but was too afraid to suggest on my own. The social commentary is the obvious angle, but I think the show has its own fucked-up logic at work when it’s not being frivolous and shocking…unfortunately, I’m so jaded towards the fan community these days I wouldn’t dare write a post that claims P&S is EVER meaningful, because I suspect I’d get a “wtf? you’re taking it too seriously.” response.

        One moment that sticks in my mind with this episode was the bit where the pole-dancing segment is deliberately badly done and they’re literally broken up and thrown away…it seemed like a self-reference in which the animators were playing around with the audience and our expectations. Granted, there wasn’t much else bubbling away under the surface of this particular episode but the series as a whole has a few points to make…worth a rewatch, anyhow.

  10. d3v says:

    LOL trolled. That said, it wouldn’t be PS&G if it wasn’t a troll.

    • Dunno about ‘torlled’ as the more I see the word used the less meaningful it becomes. There is something cruel about the show towards its viewers, both within the text and meta-textually, but even so I find myself laughing with all of it instead of feeling the mark in a practical joke/scam.

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