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I had enacted a moratorium on toy collecting last year, not only in anticipation of my daughter starting to walk, grab, and throw things; but also in terms of managing the expense of paper and plastic crack. It was going so well for almost a year, even when I go to my favorite toy stores I never buy anything. I would get the odd figurine every other month or so, but that’s because I have an awesome wife who buys me awesome gifts.

TOYCON 2011 in the Megadeath Mall Megatrade Hall wouldn’t have been a problem for me. I made sure I didn’t bring any money going there so as to avoid buying anything. Besides, I knew I wasn’t buying any model kits because there was simply no space for them in our house unless I have more glass-covered shelves built, but I didn’t count on finding amazing figures to buy… and having freaking 21stcenturydigitalboy with his $$$ enabling me to fail utterly… and ultimately win at life.

This post basically, is a photographic editorial of my failure at not buying toys.


I ended up buying amazing Macross Frontier: The False Songstress figurines, and all but one of the Premium Edition of Iwaki Hitoshi’s Parasyte. The Macross 7: Mylene Sings Minmay is a gift from superbro Zeroblade. Everything was bought at ridiculously cheap prices.

And I must say, as a toyfag who doesn’t buy a lot of figures (my wife does most of the figure collecting), the Sheryl and Ranka figs are amazing!


Granted, the Ranka mecha-musume/VF-25 Messiah Battloid cosplay pose could’ve been much better, and the scale could’ve been handled better (her head is freaking huge compared to Sheryl) it’s still a great fig. I’m glad that it’s precisely the mecha cosplay getup instead of any of her usual cheongsam or goth-loli getups.


The Sheryl cowboy figure is unbelievably good for PhP 500.00 ( as of 19 June 2011), the same price I got the Ranka fig for.


The acquisition of the girls prompted a rearrangement of my collection on display. I exhumed my Macross figs I put in storage and cleared the KyoAni figures from the ‘ground floor’ of my room’s figure display case, moved them to the least visible top shelf and put Minmay, Basara & co. in. The new girls are too big for the shelf, as are my Revoltech Battloids, so I kept the robots in their hangar and put the girls with some of my books.


I had seen some more expensive Ranka & Sheryl figs, but I think the ones I got fit my collection better.


In the figures above don’t like Ranka’s getup at all, and Sheryl’s is just fucking LOL. It looked fine I guess in the anime, but here it’s hideous. I suppose not every idol can display the campy perfection of the 1980s, as best displayed by this humongous Minmay figure I saw:


If I was any good as a model kit builder, I wouldn’t have thought twice about buying these treasures:


OMG Mylene Jenius’ pink battloid! But yeah, I highly question the quality of these kits half my life old. So I wouldn’t trust myself building them in any way, even if I actually had time to learn and build. Also, I realize that if I had PhP 4,000.00 to burn (), I’d buy this:


Aw yeah, that’s the freaking White Base no doubt about it, with a catapult to launch the Gundam and shit. I’d fly this around the kitchen and totally find salt. But I don’t want to spend that kind of money on a toy, and I won’t have any space to display (or store it for that matter). Even so, it was this awesome thing that I should’ve know that existed but I ended up shitting bricks when I saw it anyway.

Clearly it was the highlight of the event, even though what I ended up buying is a lot less ambitious – I end up dreading it anyway. I suppose the best way to deal with buyer’s remorse is to just celebrate my purchase as much as I can. I’ve started re-reading the manga which is amazing in its simplicity and effectiveness, and here’s another shot (my parting shot in this post) of the girls:


Well, what of my moratorium on toy collecting? I think it’s safe to say it’s firmly in place. Even 21stcenturydigitalboy will run out of $$$, especially after blowing it all on plastic crack himself.

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I entered the anime blogging sphere as a lurker around Spring 2008. We Remember Love is my first anime blog. Click here if this is your first time to visit WRL.
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23 Responses to TOYCON 2011: NOT AS PLANNED (But I am Happy Anyway: RANKA & SHERYL ARE IN THE HOUSE AGAIN)

  1. gwern0 says:

    Oh noes, a picture of ghostlightning!

    My admiration for you is forever ruined. I had mentally pictured you as Arima from _Karekano_, and now I find *this*? 🙂

  2. I think this is the first time I’ve seen your collection. I like how they’re arranged around your child’s picture.

    I know exactly how you feel. I tried to curb my spending and game playing when my kids were born. But I always get pulled back in. Always!

    • There’s a lot of it that you won’t see in this post. Most of the MSs are still in storage, but I do have the Turn A Gundam in the main library (glass-fronted bookshelves), along with a rather large collection of Starscreams -_-;;

      I’ll really have to restrain myself even more, especially since public schools are no good over here, and we plan to have our second child next year.

  3. Matt Wells says:

    The only anime toy I have ever indulged in was a Soul of Chogokin Mazinger Z, the Shin Mazinger one. Not the fancy Big Bang Punch version, just a solid die-cast replica of the Invincible Black Castle of Iron. It came at exorbitant cost from Hong Kong, and it utterly destroyed whatever hopes my parents had left of me maturing into a fully fuctional and aware adult.

    …and it was still fucking worth it. I’d even buy more, but seeing as the SOC versions of Gunbuster, Ideon, and Big O would cost an unhealthy chunk of my student loans, that isn’t an option. I have enough crap to buy as it is, toys are a luxury I can seldom afford. Nice haul out there man, that Parasyte collection looks awesome.

    • I have a much older Soul of Chogokin Mazinger Z than yours. Don’t worry, toys are expensive and something I indulge in because of the lack of original anime DVDs over here. If I were collecting those, I wouldn’t be able to collect toys as well. Also, I was already 31 when I started out buying toys for real — it was only then that I could begin to afford them.

  4. Shinmaru says:

    Ooh, Parasyte. My brother has most of that series; it’s pretty good, but I was never able to finish it because he couldn’t find the volumes he was missing. Maybe I should see if I can find them at Anime Expo …

    • I started reading it looooong ago, but wasn’t able to get far because of the lack of available volumes. I read it online 2 years ago. So good. It’s just happenstance that the volumes turned up here, so I seized the reins of history, etc.

  5. Baka-Raptor says:

    >>freaking 21stcenturydigitalboy with his daddy’s $$$


  6. Kuro says:

    I wasn’t able to go to Toycon, I could have bought a few CD’s there.

  7. I’ll drink to this. They’re so lovely. 🙂

  8. megaroad1 says:

    Very nice collection you have there Ghost! Is that a chibi-Sheryl in nurses outfit I see?

    I’ve never really been much of a figurine collector. Have a Haman Karn and a Misa Hayase somewhere. And I think if I started now, my mrs. would definitely confiscate my credit cards. You’re a lucky guy in having a waifu that shares your love of anime.

    Having said that, I do collect cels. A very modest collection so far, but growing. I feel something happiness about having these incredible hand painted pieces of art in my hand. And luckily for my matrimonial cohabitation, they take up sooo little space that they do not become a source of friction. Win!

    • Indeed it is. The Nurse Sheryl is a lovely gift from 2DT when he visited from Japan last April. I think cels would be a great collection, especially since they can be kept in a badass clearbook or something like it.

  9. foshizzel says:

    Oh my god that Ranka lee figure so nice ! And the Sheryl figure doesn’t look that bad at all 😀

  10. Xard says:

    Great purchases, truly. How much did those figures cost? I saw them being sold for pretty cheap in Akihabara (well, cheap by Japan’s standards) and I seriously considered getting them. Especially the mecha musume Ranka, though it still pains me no one made proper 1/8 PVC figure out of the getup… 😦

    Unfortunately I forgot those in last day’s frantic shopping spree. During which in fact I did end up getting

    “In the figures above don’t like Ranka’s getup at all, and Sheryl’s is just fucking LOL”

    …the Ranka one. Not my favourite Ranka figure in terms of getup either and while quality is very good this Banpresto release doesn’t really stand chance against Megahouse’s Macross figures IMO. But well, while goth loli dresses don’t rank high among my favourites “Raspberry Candy” Ranka (that’s how the box was labelled, feh) is fine too. Though I don’t really understand what you have against cheongsams, Megahouse’s Nyan Nyan figure is delicious and made of win. One of the best Ranka and Macross figures in general in my opinion

    Gotta agree about Sheryl, that’s just horrible! Good God, for some reason good Sheryl figures (especially in 1/8 scale) seem to be REALLY rare. Which is a damn shame =/

    At any rate looks like it was good event 🙂

    • PhP 500.00 should be around JPY 1000.00; these figures would cost double that SRP (toy stores) so I think they’re good finds nonetheless.

      I have nothing against cheongsams at all, though while Ranka always looks cute in one I thought her mecha cosplay turn would be more interesting.

      • Xard says:

        Well that’s really good deal then! Because IIRC those sold around 900-1100 JPY in Japan. 🙂

        And yeah, I love the Valkyrie outfit and the scene (though I can never decide whether Kawamori is mocking or pandering the fans here, damnit) too. I guess it was easier to sculpt but I’m still very disappoint by the way they ended up doing 1/8 figure of her in Kaitaku Juuki bikini instead of the awesome mecha musume getup. 😦

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