The Final Inspection of Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Inspectors

[ReinWeiss] Super Robot Wars OG - The Inspector - 25.mkv_snapshot_13.36_[2011.07.06_13.28.11]

Rather than a review, this is more of an inspection of my own experience, as a viewer who really wanted to get into this show the same way I got into the games. While it was airing, I had yet to complete a single SRW game, which I credited for my conclusion that the whole show was an unintelligible mess. Not only had I completed both J and Alpha Gaiden, I made sure I spent a lot of time with the likes of Great Boota who is the biggest mecha fanboy I know (whose power levels easily exceed mine), and source of immense Super Robot Wars lore.

So yes, I was ready to watch this show; not as a raving fanboy, but as an open-minded viewer who wanted to like it to pieces. The result is: The show is now intelligible to me, therefore it’s much easier to see how much it sucks.

[ReinWeiss] Super Robot Wars OG - The Inspector - 12.mkv_snapshot_17.27_[2011.07.05_23.04.18]

What Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Inspectors purports to be is a story of how a group of soldiers, warriors, scientists, and factions fight for the survival of their respective sub-groups using giant robots with amazing powers. Aliens and alternate dimensions are involved, wherein versions of both main characters and robot units exist and come into play.

However, I got hung up by several things:

The presentation of the narrative as a set of game stages, which means the narrative is build around battles. On the surface this is all well and good, and desirable even given that this is indeed a robot action anime. However, centering each episode on a battle as if it were a game stage forces almost all meaningful conflict to play out in the battlefield. The worst example is the recruitment-counter recruitment saga of the alumni of The School (of Newtype Expys). Every time both sides are present in a battle, they spend most of their time not fighting and instead shouting recruitment pleas at each other (calling each other liars, being lied to, sermons about war and fighting, etc.) it’s just atrocious melodrama. The show simply can’t help itself. When this finally resolved, it had the lead characters go through this plot ‘twist’ and require the lead to turn/counter turn the face turned heel other main character. Lots of shouting at the expense of fighting was involved.

[ReinWeiss] Super Robot Wars OG - The Inspector - 12.mkv_snapshot_15.37_[2011.07.05_22.56.59]

Thus, the decision to center the episodes around battle stages did NOT result in more or better anime battles. It just turned what could’ve been entertaining battles into utter shit.

Appeals to Rule of Cool, tend to establish a Rule of Lame. While ‘real type’ units are almost always welcome in a ‘super type’ show – and Super Robot Wars must be a super type show, it must follow real type dynamics. But since shows like Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, and Code Geass pretty much ‘superfied’ real robot anime, there’s really no incentive to behave like VOTOMS ATs or Macross VFs. ‘Real types’ just strike their poses, fire their faux-scientific package of missiles, lasers, and machine guns while they’re at it (with no real sense of tactics except that the show thinks the attack looks cool), and tag themselves as ‘real robot.’ Lame.


‘Real type’ units must follow the ff. rules (as I mentioned in a recent Sacred 7 post):

  1. Damage the super type enemy early on, but ultimately fail at fighting it (but looking cool and awesome anyway)
  2. Defeat a super type enemy (ultimately a minor one in the food chain) during a special episode dedicated to the real type character/unit. Here s/he can even save the main’s life, etc.
  3. Defeat a super type enemy mid-boss during the finale/approaching the finale.
  4. Of course, fight and beat any other real type characters/units.

In this show, ‘real types’ are ‘super types’ half the time. Supers are given real type production model codes (type x, unit y etc.). The supers have awesome moments, but the reals tend to be lame almost always  because they basically fight like supers anyway.

The Superhero Mashup style ultimately fails. They’re all stars, that except for a very few (and always in a heroic sacrifice kind of way) nobody is really threatened with death. They just have appearances and reappearances that are just juggled as if by a publicist or a talent agent. This is the very thing:

Characters and mecha units are treated by the narrative as stars and the show itself is some kind of variety show or revue wherein the ‘stars’ make their appearances and showcase their trademark moves/tics/attacks as a service for the fans.

[ReinWeiss] Super Robot Wars OG - The Inspector - 26.mkv_snapshot_06.08_[2011.07.06_13.39.34]

It’s a very otaku database way of doing things. It’s easy enough to compare it to Fractale only that the ambition of SRWOG:TI is far more narrow and modest.

Here are some rants I made in real time with a few friends (and defenders):!/BenDTU/status/88398280375025664

Bottom line: there’s a few things that I really enjoyed, and there are probably quite a few things for many robot fans to enjoy. This is pretty much how I suggest you watch ‘the show:’


I may not agree with the actual content (I may think some of these scenes suck, and that ep 15 was the best bit in the whole thing), but this is probably the best way to consume this show for the casual (i.e. non-SRW Original Generation fanboy) viewer. Someone can make a better set of clips, but you get the idea. Or, one can just watch this:


…and nothing else, then leave happy.

If they make another Super Robot Wars Original Generation show, would I watch?

As if I really could stay away!

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65 Responses to The Final Inspection of Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Inspectors

  1. The tits man. The show makes me want to watch it for the tits alone. I mean, the character art is almost constant perfection, and I could watch Excellen all fucking day. I want to pull her out and put her in a better show just so I can watch her.

    • shinmarizu says:

      Before Kyousuke follows you, and then Trump Cards you. Regardless, I agree, and it’s well worth the risk.

    • BenDTU says:

      “I mean, the character art is almost constant perfection”

      Please tell me you’re kidding. The character art was probably the most consistany weak part of the show. Half the characters barely resembled their game counterparts apart from what they wore.

      And Excellen… Yeah, she’s a great character. When she’s not talking. Which in this series is never.

      • Sure if you talk about the men. But the women OH MY GODDESS EXCELLEN!!!

        Everything about Excellen (except the awfully clumsy embarrassed date asking crap in the middle) is what makes this show bearable to watch. YA RLY.

        • Matt Wells says:

          Excellen’s pretty funny. “Gespentooo PUNCH! (shouldn’t I try aiming at the crotch?)” I’m more of a Lune man myself, but then again I HEART ALLENBY.

          • JoeQ says:

            Katina FOREVER! Though Excellen is cool too.

            Haven’t seen The Inspector yet, but me expectations are pretty low. All it needs to do is satisfy the OG-fanboy in me, i.e. be better than Divine Wars.

          • DTU says:

            Katina’s design was woeful. I mean, WOW. She was a tomboy in the game, in here she’s I don’t even know.

      • I don’t care about their game counterparts and I am blind to men. My eyes were constantly in Excellen’s rack.

    • Xard says:

      Character designs were by Ebata Risa and Excellen reminded me helluva lot of Sheryl. That’s a plus, if this show had any

      The only fantastic bit in this anime was the one fanservice ED that was given manly twist in the end. I cracked up pretty badly at it.

      Also, this show needed more tits and less robots to be watchable

      • Less robots, less characters, keep the tits, and improve the action sequences by taking out all the loldrama and actually choreographing attacks. I mean good lord, the combo attacks are the payoff, so please set it up sensibly.

        • Xard says:

          yeah I think you pretty much nailed it. It’s incredible how boring the action manages to be considering the amount of money and animation skill thrown into them quite often. Total lack of any sense of choreography and hack directing in general (just see how interesting Imaishi managed to make cheaply animated early action scenes in Gurren Lagann be through his chops!) ruined all potential. It was also difficult to care about “awesome” robots when they kept introducing new ones again and again. That also killed excitement from action. Unbeatable enemy? Just wait for new star to get his moment in few minutes! Repeat endlessly…

      • Shinmarizu says:

        “Character designs were by Ebata Risa and Excellen reminded me helluva lot of Sheryl. That’s a plus, if this show had any”
        So that’s why I couldn’t stop looking at her…. (Sheryl fanboy speaking)

        • Xard says:

          If you’re straight male and you don’t find Sheryl gorgeous there’s something wrong with you. Actually if you don’t like Sheryl there’s something wrong with you, period (and I’m saying this as Rankafag). 😛

          I’m a bit strange with Sheryl. If I (for example) take one look at cover of cosmic cuune album on the table next to keyboard I can’t help but once again come to conclusion she is one of the most beautiful and visually striking anime characters to have appeared on the scene in years. But this is purely aesthetic appreciation and I can’t say I feel any *attraction* to her – not even in service scenes. She’s by no means only character (or actress, if we include 3D here) like this but really notable one remembering her popularity and that I am a Macross fan. I’ve often wondered why this is the case but haven’t come up with anything too solid. Perhaps Sheryl’s a bit *too* perfect in looks and thus feels fake (saying this about anime character LOL, can’t be legit explanation) to me, perhaps it’s the blonde hair (as a finn I see enough blondes already. I’m natural blonde myself, damnit)…I really don’t have good explanation. I still love her as a character but *shrug*

          Keeping above in mind it perhaps makes sense I never found Excellen that attractive (plus she didn’t have Sheryl’s dignity in looks). Seolla or that drillhair princess were far more eyecatching to me 😛

    • Yes, the character designs, particularly the females, are rather stunning in this show. The first ED is the Dimension Eater among bombs. Haters go to hell:

      • JoeQ says:

        Oh god. Sanger’s wink killed me.

        • Reid says:

          That was like the OP/ED to an ero-game. I feel like mud. Clean and dirty at the same time.

          Props to anybody who knows where I stole that line from 🙂

      • Xard says:

        hahahaha yeah this was the masterpiece I was talking about. I completely lost my shit at the changed end and had to rewatch the whole ED sequence couple of times. IIRC the episode it came with (ep 15?) was one of my favourites overall too.

        Anyway, the first ED sequence (in non-GAR and GAR form both) was satisfying, purifying (not mentally, lol) pay off for every boring episode I went through. I was so sad when they changed the ED…

        What gets me every time is the princess-who-needed-more-screentime-because-she-was-joy-to-look-at at 0:31. She’s the highlight for me…

        anyway, when I was watching first episodes of this series Latooni at 0:35 (her nose especially) and Seolla’s face later gave me serious Ranka deja vus for reason I wasn’t sure of. And as Excellen kept reminding me of Sheryl in every fifrth shot or so in series already I just had to check out who was the character designer…and not to much of my surprise it was Ebata Risa.

        She draws rather distinct noses which is one of the best ways to recognize her designs. It was the combination of killer body, giant boobs, “Ebata nose” and blonde hair that really made me associate Excellen with Sheryl.

  2. shinmarizu says:

    Having been a OG fanboy for a significant amount of time, I am simply grateful that OG anime exists for me to watch, and complain about, cry manly tears, ogle at breasts… I mean girls, and earnestly wait for the next episode. (Living in Canada, I only have the GBA OG games to play.)
    I could complain about everything, let alone the principles underlying SRWOG. The problem is, in order for me to do that, they need to (1) port the other OG games to this side of the Pacific, and (2) make more OG anime. They should have made SRWOG:TI 52 eps….. at the very least, 39.

    • I played the h@xx0rzd versions, with english translations. What a great trip. I am almost always overwhelmed with so much love. I swear to you my chest could burst just about every other stage.

  3. Turambar says:

    Well, there is SRW: Divine Wars and an OVA whose name I forget if you feel the need for more zankantou cleaving action.

    All I know about SRWOG:TI is that what they did to the Rest in the Cradle episodes. Man. How can a fight between Zengar and Wodan end up being so absurdly dull and boring.

    • BenDTU says:

      That shorter OVA was actually quite good, since it was short and had infinitely better production values.

    • Yeah man, that dud of a fight is just outright shameful. Just thinking about it MAKES ME RAEG.

    • Matt Wells says:

      I tried watching Divine Wars while I was playing through Ryusei’s route on OG1. Couldn’t make it past more than a few episodes, the action was boring and the CG mechs looked cheap and awful. There’s a substantial difference in pulling something off like this in a game than in animation, and SRW seems to fall short of making the transition successfully.

  4. BenDTU says:

    Ugh, seriously. Putting in MORE episode is not the answer. They need to be willing to take things OUT. YES, fanboys X, Y and Z will be annoyed because their favourite robot isn’t in anymore. But it needs to be done.

    As we see here, everyone is the star. And as such, nobody is, really. Everyone gets ONE episode to turn up and save the day before bring reduced to appearing in a stock footage battle every now and then. Apparently Obari wanted to focus on a smaller group, but Terada wanted him to include everyone… I guess he’s still convinced people actually like Arado and Seolla or something.

    I for one would love to see something like a 8 episode Dynamic General Guardian anime focussing on just the DGG team in some alternate dimension where they are the stars and there aren’t two dozen subfactions of robot manufacturers introduced every episode.

    • Yes.


      And yes.

      Fuck the faggerbots. Make something epic by willingly sidelining a crapton of characters, just like any sensible SRW player would in any serious playthrough.

    • Shinmarizu says:

      First I need to shut my fanboy switch off….. there. Okay.
      You have a point there. Focusing on one particular storyline would have made for better aligned drama, with less about “Wait! They didn’t animate this fight properly ZOMG RAEG” and more about detail, development and coherence.
      SRWOG:TI was a poorly executed mess because it tried to do so freaking much in a short timespan. In playing OG2, we had to wade through all the plotlines over much more than 26 chapters (missions), so I suppose Terada wanted to emulate that…. that and appeal to us as comsumer whores for fanservice and mecha merchandise.

  5. Xard says:

    Thank God I’m not only one who watched AND hated this wreck. I do admit I was not part of target audience (having never played games) but I figured anime might be watchable nonetheless. They had 26 episodes to flesh stuff out, develop characters and plot, bring on some kickass battles etc.

    Instead what I got was horrible, sterile piece of shit in which nothing felt like anything no matter how seemingly “cool”. Action was ass and completely meaningless. Characters gave me zero reason to care about them. I also hate Excellen’s voice and her voiceacting was so overacted shit it was painful to listen to.

    What the show lacked first and foremost was decent narrative and emotional connection that would have imbued the action with sense of meaning and purpose. But 90% of the anime was just mechas clashing and fighting without any blood or spirit in the most sterile manner possible. I don’t hate action per se but I hate action when there’s no reason to give shit about it, there’s too much of it and I don’t think it was even well directed in general, despite the impressive production values.

    And too much shitty melodrama, ESPECIALLY with the “School”. Gahhhhh.

    Funny thing is while watching the series I could see how this could make up a very entertaining game but as tv series it was practically worthless for someone who is not into games and in it for “service”.

    • The games are just about the best things ever. I am dead serious.

      • JoeQ says:

        Yeah, don’t be put off by the shittiness of the anime adaptations. The OG games are fuckmazing and IMHO the best branch of SRW.

        • I can play them soon enough, just a matter of finding time (as if). I still owe Alpha Gaiden another playthrough.

        • Turambar says:

          Honestly, I think the OG games have one of the worst design choices in the entire franchise: individualized weapon upgrades. It makes everything such a bigger money dump and prevents you from actually using the majority of your attacks as a sane person will only upgrade one or two weapons on a unit.

          • karry says:

            Bullshit, since in games with cumulative weapon upgrades it costs so damn much – i never really saw the full upgrade on any single unit in the first playthrough. WHats the frigging point then ? And, unless i’m mistaken, individual upgrades did not appear in OG first.

          • Turambar says:

            I’ve never had problems with getting the full weapons upgrade on most if not all of the dozen or so units that I will always deploy every single stage. Lrn2Bless/Luck more.

      • Xard says:

        Yeah, I’ve heard pretty much everyone praise the games to high heaven and I doubt their quality. Unfortunately I don’t have system to play them. Otherwise I probably would’ve already

        • I play the emulated games. SRWJ game boy advance, SRW Alpha Gaiden PSX, all emulated.

        • Turambar says:

          If you’re ok with utilizing web guides to help you parse moon runes, download a PS2 emulator, get the SRW:Z iso, and go to town. Mneidengard on gamefaqs even have insanely detailed story walkthroughs for the games.

    • DTU says:

      Excellen’s voice… man, wow. I mean, in the games she’s bearable but in the show she’s UDSHIFIDUSHLIDUHSUIDFHSIDH SHUT UP YOU AIRHEAD. STOP TALKING.


        • Matt Wells says:


          • Shinmarizu says:

            This. Unfortunately, Kyousuke breaks the mic in-game in very similar fashion, but that’s more of a gag that anything…. Why did they have to do that, really?
            If they were gonna do that, they should’ve animated Excellen shouting “Kyousuke no BAKA!” in the Boxer.

      • Excellen’s voice makes my dick hard. Nuff said.

      • Xard says:

        I know what you mean, to me it seemed Excellen wast ment to sound flirtatious and playful but she sounded just braindead to me… tone of her voice annoyed me – and this is really notable because by now I can handle Kugimiya Rie lolis without wanting to stab my ears and I *rarely* get annoyed by voices. NISHISHII? No problemo, bring it on, my body is ready. Excellen? Oh god make it stop CAN’T YOU SPEAK NORMALY

        Only other recent instance I can think of was Phryne’s lisp in Fractale that started to wear down on me pretty quickly.

        • Xard says:

          also fuck Fractale. That was the last time I let myself to get seriously hyped over anime series before hand. The trauma lingers on… ;___;

          though I already broke that vow with Ikuhara’s glorious return but the hell, Mawaru Penguindrum delivered big time. Unlike Yamakan, LOL

          (sorry OT)

          • Xard says:

            and here I was wondering why GL hadn’t made post about Mawaru Penguindrum yet

            yeah, it was sweet sweet lovin’ from start to finish. I have few nitpicks but that’s exactly what they are, nitpicks. DAT TRANSFORMATION SEQUENCE is the best thing to come out of any summer series so far.

            Way back in February I predicted fight for being my AOTY was going to end up as merciless struggle between Sayonara no Tsubasa and Ikuhara’s upcoming anime series. My faith in Ikuhara was rewarded yesterday. I don’t see anything threatening this in tv series front.

            Now I’m just hoping Aquarion EVOL would be fall show (as unlikely as it is) instead of starting next year so I could have my brain turned into mush by combined ridiculousness of LOLKAWAMORI and LOLIKUHARA running rampant. Aquarion is Aquarion and if first ep was like this I can’t even begin to imagine how second cour for Penguindrum will be in terms of sheer madness.

            Well, I guess this isn’t the place to discuss Penguindrum, sorry…

          • Aquarion project makes me a little afraid. I watched the OVAs just recently and they were so bad it’s painful.

          • Xard says:

            I haven’t seen the OVAs but I’m currenly (finally) watching the series and it’s one of the most LOLWUT inducing things I’ve ever seen. I love every second of it (though again, not sure if this is “good” at all)

            Kawamori at his craziest (all things Aquarion) and Ikuhara in same cour is glorious WAT overload I want to experience

          • Turambar says:

            To be fair, the mass production version of the Aquarion had a gerwalk mode. And while only being in the show for like 30 seconds of the final episode, that made watching all 26 episodes of the series at least somewhat worth it.

  6. WhatSht says:

    This is starting to interest me, maybe i should get started on it

  7. Kraker2k says:

    Speaking of Fractale, the first DVD of OGIN sold about 100 copies more than Fractale lol. But the sentiment I read on 2ch was everyone was waiting for the BD Boxset that is being released with the upcoming OG3 PS3 video game.

    As for the show, its certainly not for everyone, if you’re a mecha fan, you’ll notice loads of cliches are downright copies from popular series like Gundam or Macross. That in itself is just down to where all these characters appeared from. The “Psychodriver” characters are just Newtypes, which originally appeared in the Alpha series of games and they were just meant to be variations of Newtypes in those games. The school kids, Arado and Seolla in particular were originally part of the Titans in Alpha 2, who we know were using Cyber Newtypes.

    The Huckebein too is also just a play off the Gundam, in those games the development of these original mechs are often tied down to the Gundam projects, or variations of them. Like the Virogla original mechs in SRWZ is a Titans project, that just so happens to be running along side the Gundam Mk2 project. Similar for the Gespenst which is just a Zaku expie. Interestingly the SRX Mechs and the Huckebein are Katoki Hajime designs while the original Gespenst was a Kunio Okawara design, so they were not shy in showing people what the origins for these mechs were.

    As for the Rest in the Cradle disappointment, lets just hope the DVD/BD edits manage to give us something more from it.

    The aspect of everyone being a star is similarly just down to the games these guys came from, where in fact, they were the stars of their own games.

    As a big SRW and OG fan, I really loved the extra nods Obari put in the show. The start of episode 1 for example was never in the video games, it was hinted at and alluded to in a Drama CD, but we never quite knew what really happened between Axel and “Beowulf”, to see it animated in such glory was just amazing. In a similar vein, seeing Gilliam don the Apollon Mask and actually reference events from Hero Senki(a game where Gilliam fights Gundam, Kamen Rider and Ultraman) was very nice.

    Then to see the “Exbein” in action was also quite cool because in the first series, Divine Wars, the Huckebein mechs were taken out of the show, something to do with Bandai not wanting Gundam look a likes on TV. To get around that, they had Katoki Hajime place Banpresto goggles on the Huckebein’s head and called it a different name. It was such a tongue in cheek move.

    Other little nods like the final episode we get to see the Cry Wolves squadron from OG Gaiden and we get to see a glimpse of Compatible Kaiser while it is still under construction. The SRX being given the Obari combination scene, the Cybuster being redesigned to look more like Tekkaman Blade, Kyosuke’s over the top Gespenst Kick, Gilliam’s CALL GESPENST scene, adding in the “Gravillion” which was just a parody of Obari’s own Gravion.. I could go on but you get the idea.

    All in all SRWOGIN is a nice show for fans, but for non-fans it’ll probably be one to erase and forget about.

    • The term to use is “Expy” — basically stand-ins for the referenced characters/units (Psychodrivers = NTs, Huckebein = Gundam, etc.).

      The stuff you mention next are really continuity/dis-continuity pr0n for the fans. Always a good thing in my book.

      All things considered, it would be a massive waste if it weren’t at least enjoyable for the average robot fan — which is how I intended to enjoy the show. Alas, it’s not good at all.

  8. Huntsman says:

    I stopped watching this show halfway through, in all honesty, but still managed to enjoy it. I might get back to The Inspector in spite of this post, perhaps, but it’s not one of my priorities at the moment.

    “While ‘real type’ units are almost always welcome in a ‘super type’ show – and Super Robot Wars must be a super type show, it must follow real type dynamics. But since shows like Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, and Code Geass pretty much ‘superfied’ real robot anime, there’s really no incentive to behave like VOTOMS ATs or Macross VFs. ‘”

    That’s fair, at least as long as you completely ignore the elephant in the room: the original Mobile Suit Gundam, not Macross or Votoms, was the one and only series that created what we know as “Real Robot” anime. And what is Mobile Suit Gundam? Nothing more, and nothing less, than a giant with feet of clay. It doesn’t completely follow real type dynamics nor does it behave like a Scopedog or Valkyrie.

    In truth, the distinction between “real” and “super” has been flexible ever since the beginning. Therefore, I find your description to be an act of both explicit and implicit historical revisionism. Being a card-carrying historian myself, I don’t particularly like that. You’re still a nice guy though.

    There are other things in this paragraph worth nitpicking, to be fair, but this one is the biggest by far.

    • Gundam as the progenitor of Real Robot anime is taken for granted in this blog. It also is the apotheosis of Real Robot anime (though not for technical robot-related reasons).

      I’m not interested in revising history. Often in real type shows, some plot-flattening magic takes over and changes the dynamics. But, I’m not so interested in Z Gundam’s Newtype Barrier, or Nv Gundam’s asteroid-stopping psychoframe magic, but rather the predilection to super prototypes — the very concept of which goes over super robot territory (it even has super prefixed). And then suddenly, ammunition, etc. matter even less, power levels are raised to battlefield flattening heights (and then some more), and action lends to beam spam (but not before the dramatic poses!) and/or combination of pew pew, missiles, and other weapons, not to mention the exotic melee weapons like whips, etc.

      Having said all this, I get your point. But do let me reassure you that I am not willfully ignoring Mobile Suit Gundam and its contributions.

  9. karry says:

    “with no real sense of tactics except that the show thinks the attack looks cool”

    Well then, whats there to complain about ? Its in clear corellation with the games. The only real tactical choice you have in any SRW game ever, is the unit attack order. I blame it on the fact that every single unit has some kind of range attack. Its not possible to achieve any reasonable tactical complexity in such situation. Unlike, say, kind of similar games like Fire Emblem, or any wargame ever.

  10. Matt Wells says:

    Got a recommendation for for you: It may fall prey to some of the problems you found within The Inspectors (pacing issues, over-abundance of named characters) but unlike SRW OG: TI, it manages to adapt the events of the game in an enjoyable manner. Instead of slavishly following the game’s rigid stage structure, it mashes together battles and events into a far more contained and engaging story.

    New characters are introduced without losing the focus on main characters, and the whole piece keeps plot threads simple. The war between humanity and the Aerogaters is the backdrop to Sanger’s betrayal of Kyosuke, and his on and off relationship with Excellen. It even has great artwork and decent action scenes to boot! And at the very least, it’s a short manga. It won’t overtax your backlog like a 25 episode TV series of dubious quality.

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