Countdown to the End of the World/Galaxy: ghostlightning’s 30 Favorite Anime of All Time (30-21)

diebuster gunbuster nono noriko takaya

I put together the most involved ranking of my favorite anime a year ago. I won’t link you to that post until I’m finished with this series of three posts. Why a revision? I watch a lot of new anime, a lot of old anime, and rewatch my favorites from time to time. Thoughts of ranking them occur naturally for me, and I think a yearly revisit is just about right.

Why is it important to rank and publish my favorites? I think it’s part of the clothes I wear as an anime fan and how I represent myself to other fans. It serves to provide a sense of consistency and purpose given the role I play as an advocate of anime (and manga).  Here are some criteria that guide me (in no particular order):

  • Compelling stories
  • Charismatic characters
  • Drama (something important is at stake for the characters)
  • Well-animated action
  • Crowning moments of awesome
  • Crowning moments of heartwarming

And, a secondary tier:

  • I’m not hung up on plot, but an intricate plot can astound me.
  • I’m not hung up on scale, but I in awe of grand scale over small.
  • I’m not hung up on music, but a great soundtrack will delight me.
  • Rewatching the show increases my affinity for it.

Okay, here’s the first part of the list, from 30 to 21:

winry rockbell

30. FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

I watched this show in 2010 because I felt I was missing out on something truly great. I was right. It is truly great. I feel it is a perfect exercise of long story-telling, building a fantastic setting, and delivering it with such consistent high quality animation. It now serves not so much as a benchmark, but as a shining beacon of the possibility of anime for TV.

At 64 episodes it’s one of the longer shows I’ve seen but I honestly feel that it could have gone longer. I find the story very tight and well-paced. The characters are very distinct and endearing in their own ways, and are given the space to be fully drawn, as well as having spectacular moments, usually delivered as great action scenes.

What’s telling though, is how I choose to write about it here: anyone who’s followed this blog closely can tell by what I wrote that I am not a fan of the show. It’s on this list, because it is very good and I feel remiss if I don’t acknowledge how its excellence moves me.

Nekki Basara -- Macross 7

hanasaku iroha kissuiso staff

29. Hanasaku Iroha

I suffer from recency bias. So be it. As I write this, the show isn’t even finished. But given how much I like both Aria: the Origination, and K-On!! I wouldn’t be honest with myself if I don’t find a place for this show on this list. I find that while it’s less focused than either of the shows I mentioned: Aria for its narrative of change taking place in a stunning atmosphere, and K-On!! for its excellence in delivering moé, leading to a heightened feel of drama in such mundane circumstances…

Hanasaku Iroha is more scattered, or capricious as a show, with a more frank and straightforward approach to sexual fanservice. This to me, actually liberated it to pursue anything it wanted and not worry about trying to appear as a serious dramatic work, which includes what occurs to me as insightful telling of the working of family-run businesses, the rural economy, and a delicate understanding of finances in general. It also portrays a very interesting dynamic of strong women across three generations. I ate all of this stuff up.

There’s also of course, the exquisite cruelty of adolescence to one of its characters that I’ve found I had quite the taste for. But perhaps what attracts me too to this show is how it reflects We Remember Love quite well. The show, this blog, isn’t quite for everyone… but it tries to give you EVERYTHING. Hehehe.

Yang Wenli -- Legend of the Galactic Heroes

lucky star the miyuki legend of love haruhi suzumiya parody

28: Lucky Star

This is the show that introduced me to contemporary otaku culuture, the one that revolves around moé, as I now know it. I was familiar with the phenomenon, but the character of Konata updated it for me in a strikingly educational way. This was an interesting view – perhaps a cautionary tale of what I found myself could possibly become. I never ended up being an galge-playing moé fanboy, but I appreciated the introduction, along with what I genuinely found as funny sketches that I rewatch over and over.

I have this show, along with K-On!! and now Hanasaku Iroha as my random episode rewatch set. I could now just start from almost anywhere and just enjoy myself for 20 minutes. Among the three shows, however, Lucky Star plays the role best. You see I don’t regularly rewatch mecha shows randomly… the plot-emphasis fills the time with moments I can’t or don’t want to care about in any given afternoon. What I’m left with is watching clip shows of action scenes which lose their impact when I do get around to rewatching the shows in full. I don’t want that. I want something disposable, and I can’t make my mecha battles disposable. Thus, Lucky Star.

Quattro Bajeena -- Mobile Suit Z Gundam

Gunbuster Takaya Noriko Amano Kazumi

27. Toppu o Nerae! Gunbuster

Watching this show was love at first sight for me. Not even knowing about Ace o Nerae! — the show it remembers love for, I found the goofy school drama involving Noriko, her bullies, and the onee-sama she idolized riveting stuff. This world is something so new to me, having known pretty much zero shoujo up until robot anime introduced me to it via Gunbuster. The best part was that it departs somewhat from the shoujo story and becomes a full-fledged robot anime, combining real-robot sensibilities but portrayed with super robot awesomeness. Incredible stuff. The time dilation science fiction touches — which would be revisited by acclaimed film Voices From a Distant Star is a great bonus.

And still, the heart of the show is the power of love and friendship, a theme I will never, ever, ever tire of. It’s funny how, as an adult male (I was at least 28 when I saw this OVA) I found no awkwardness watching two girls validate their friendship across unbelievable expanses of space and time. It prepared me to enjoy similar shoujo works that would truly affect my enjoyment of anime in profound ways.

Alicia Florence -- Aria the Origination

gundam turn a moonrace gym guinghnam vs dianna soriel

26. Turn A Gundam

It took me two tries but I finished this show. The second time couldn’t be more different from the first because when I previously saw random, confusing, ugliness, I suddenly saw whimsical, pastoral, beauty. It was Gundam as I never could have imagined it. When the image of Kihel Heim making this little leap in her garden and the show just pauses as if time stood still, to let us take in the beauty of that moment… I realize how this show is just capable of anything.

Indeed it accomplished much, not least how it remembered love not only for the franchise it celebrates two decades for (as it was the 20th Anniversary show for the Gundam franchise), but for robot anime in general with its strange Itano Circus and DIY Rocket Punch. Unlike amazing downers like Mobile Suit Gundam, and the downer of downers Mobile Suit Z Gundam, and the ugliest of downers Mobile Suit Victory Gundam, a happy Tomino Yoshiyuki can be quite inspiring and make anime magic.

Lafiel Abriel -- Banner of the Stars II

gundam 0080 eyecatch 2

25. Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket

I have never met a meme so cruel, but so inoffensively apt as that of a Hamburger and this show. There are shows within the Gundam franchise that excel at being Gundam shows, at presenting the core themes using larger than life characters as befits a space opera. This show does something different. It presents the core theme: war is hell. It does so in the context of a boy coming-not-quite-of-age, but never as a puffed up pilot, but instead a figure of a generation of Gundam viewers who may have yet to cross that threshold into the reality of war 10 years into the franchise (yes, this show is the 10th Anniversary offering of Gundam).

It does so magnificently, in a subdued, poignant, but heart wrenching way. For me it is a work that transcends not only Gundam, but the animated medium as well. As viewers we are denied the fulfillment of what seems so wonderful for the characters, but instead we are treated to acts of dignity. I love other Gundam shows more because they service my needs and desires as a fan, just as how this show imagines its viewers to be… but far be it for me to fail to acknowledge how this little OVA stands out as a lord among the many works in the storied Gundam franchise.

Kusama Daisaku -- Giant Robo

GP03 Dendrobium Orchis vs Neue Ziel

24. Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory

As if to prove a point, here’s a show I favor over the thematically superior War in the Pocket due to well, mecha battle pr0n. This is a show filled with annoying characters, the most careless security in the Federation, a love triangle out of nowhere forced with a thousand shoehorns, but it doesn’t matter. Before the Gundam franchise will embrace digital animation, this show gave me the very best kind of action anime could offer: giant robots fighting each other in large numbers.

It had truly long, desperate fights, incredible scale, and leveraged the history of the Universal Continuity superbly. One incredible thing about the fights is the speed at which its shown. It also gave what I strongly feel is a fair accounting for a combat ace with superior weaponry does in a fantasy battlefield. I wouldn’t appeal to realism at all, but what this show does feels right, feels good, and is a great credit to the Gundam franchise.

Isamu Alva Dyson -- Macross Plus

ranka lee sheryl nome alto saotome

23. Macross Frontier

Whatever I could want, need, from anime this show has it. It doesn’t do any one thing on a God-tier level (except the musical battles, not that there are any other shows that try to do this) but it tries to give EVERYTHING. It’s kind of like how I appreciate Hanasaku Iroha as I’ve mentioned earlier. High school hijinks, space opera, idol rivalries, shoujo-esque love triangles cum cooperative/dependent female rivalries, slick dogfights, sexy transforming robots, romance, LISTEN TO MY SONG… TO THE ENDS OF THE GALAXY, science fiction, big ol’ space battles, and allusive Easter Eggs by the shipload. This show! I could blog every episode and not run out of things to say. Oh wait!

If it does anything well, it serves as a comprehensive introduction for new viewers into the Macross franchise. It won’t give overblown expectations as Macross: Do You Remember Love? and Macross Plus have been known to do.Macross Frontier is enough of a nutty, scattered, and cavalier towards logic kind of show that even Macross 7 can be accounted for.

Tsukushima Shizuku -- Whisper of the Heart

Macross Plus - Remaster Box OVA Part 4 (x264 AAC).mkv_snapshot_23.27_[2010.07.06_15.26.58]

22. Macross Plus

A treat: an adult story in the Macross universe. I use adult very specifically: it takes a certain level of maturity to truly have regrets in life. If you make a story about regret using too young characters you get awkward and lame bawlfests like Ano Hana. It’s really cool how these troubled, not really strong nor upstanding adults who are clearly held back from growing into responsible and functional human beings find themselves in a Macross love triangle that serves as the narrative excuse to pit two rival mecha manufacturers and their splendid prototypes against each other.

The result is not only the most glorious dogfight in mecha anime, but also one of the most touching scenes about manly love and friendship. So yes, an interesting irony: it takes a mature show with adults to portray authentic puerile immaturity. It’s a great bonus to go with the awesome variable fighter pr0n.

Bernie Wiseman -- Gundam 0080 War in the Pocket


21. Toppu o Nerae 2! Diebuster

It took everything that was awesome from the first one, and then liberally added elements from Revolutionary Girl Utena thanks to Enokido Yoji plus some really wild animation and direction from Tsurumaki Kazuya with adorable Sadamoto Yoshiyuki character designs and you have something that not only exceeds the “beyond the impossible” nature of the first OVA, it also provides one of the most awesomely satisfying and BAAWWWW-worthy endings to anything ever.

The show embodied the positive, uplifiting spirit that characterized robot anime as exemplified by Gunbuster that GAINAX themselves sucked out of the sub genre by making the seminal Neon Genesis Evangelion. The moment I finished watching this sequel, I wondered how the hell can GAINAX or robot anime itself ever top the crazy stunts pulled off here. [SPOILER: GAINAX DID WITH TTGL (oh god)].

Matsumae Ohana -- Hanasaku Iroha

I’ve only begun ‘festing’ it up myself. The rest of the list will come very soon~

Meanwhile, a table summary:


*Hanasaku Iroha is still ongoing, but as I mentioned, it doesn’t matter how it’ll end to me. I’ve already made up my mind about it. I give myself the space to be completely wrong about this.

As you can see, the level of excellence I subjectively feel about the shows doesn’t correspond to how much I favor them. It has to do with how I feel about advocating the show; it has to feel like it fits somehow in the overall list in its own particular way. I’m sure you have your own ways of picking favorites and I never tire about hearing from you about these things, or about the shows listed above.

About ghostlightning

I entered the anime blogging sphere as a lurker around Spring 2008. We Remember Love is my first anime blog. Click here if this is your first time to visit WRL.
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67 Responses to Countdown to the End of the World/Galaxy: ghostlightning’s 30 Favorite Anime of All Time (30-21)

  1. sadakups says:

    inb4 ur selection sux

    Seriously though, I’m just curious why HanaIro is already on that list while it’s not even done yet. Other than that, I’m also curious to see the rest of the list and what your #1 title is.

    • What, Fucking Yang Wenli couldn’t make the case for it?

      I’ve written so much about it, short of blogging it episodically:

      A post on THAT may be a good place to start,

      …and then it really starts getting good for me here:

      …and like I said above, the show could tank terribly over the next 5 episodes and I’d still add it on this list. I’ve rewatching a lot of the episodes (or maybe I watch each new episode at least twice). This doesn’t really happen for a show that isn’t that special to me right? And like I said above, kind of like Macross Frontier, this show, like this blog, won’t be for everyone, but goddamn does it try to give you EVERYTHING.

      • sadakups says:

        Makes sense to me. Honestly though, I kinda lost interest with HanaIro in the last six episodes or so, like I felt obligated to watch it every week, although I’m still planning to watch it until the end.

        Anyway, don’t get me wrong though. I’m not questioning the titles on your list (and will be the same for the rest of the top 20), since that list is yours and you might have some interesting titles on the list that I haven’t seen myself.

        • Man, IT GETS SO GOOD!

          Ohana doesn’t clog up the plotlines and lets characters play off her. At the same time, she has an Akari Mizunashi effect in the sense that she’s a catalyst for how others get to look at themselves and give up certain notions about themselves of about life just enough to try new things. Also she is almost as retarded as Yui Hirasawa but is the complete opposite in that she fully applies herself to everything she does, and she’s ferocious too.

  2. WhatSht says:

    After reading this, i decided to make my own list as well, oh well, back to Sousei no Aquarion.

    • Oh wow, good luck. Watching that show was kind of, no, REALLY rough for me. Don’t forget to share your list here.

    • Xard says:

      At least it’s a lot better than Macross 7

      Aquarion has many brilliant standalone episodes and can be really funny, but the potential of the setup is wasted and the drama fails to deliver in the end. Which really is too bad, because there’s a lot to love in technical side of things (holy shit that OST) and occasionally writing is pretty good… especially when it’s purposes are comedic

      in any case it’s batshit insane and worst thing Kawamori has directed. Still, I had rather decent time with it for the most part. The first OP is also God Tier

      I haven’t yet seen OVA and how fares though

      • No way. Aquarion is terrible and has zero gravitas whereas Macross 7 has it in Dimension Eater, nay, galactic levels. Not that I don’t love Aquarion! It’s just nowhere as awesome as Macross 7.

        The OVA is just about the worst thing ever.

  3. You’re beating me at my own game, this is not cool, I clearly need to do something about this.

    Char’s commentary on Lucky Star is perfect. You have truly embodied his character (no doubt from writing him so much!)

  4. chii says:

    Isamu speaking about Stardust Memory is pure win


      • chii says:


        • Reid says:

          Here I am in a no-man’s land/ got a devil walking right beside me/ angel won’t you come and take my hand/ take me to a place far behind me/ paradise keeps calling me back where I belong/ paradise, back to paradise forever

          Even the English-version of 0083’s OP is stellar. MIO is an unsung (sorry) genius.

          • Did MIO write the lyrics? Much less, the ENGLISH ones? Don’t get me wrong, I love her hot-blooded mecha anthems. I just had to sing the Aura Battler Dunbine OP on karaoke. Ridiculous song:

          • Reid says:

            Oh yes, yes she did. And to your excellent selection of “Dunbine Tobu”, also one of my favorites, I give you….

            the same song, as belted by Anthem…I mean Animetal ^.^

  5. kimaguresan says:

    Looking forward to the rest of the list…albeit I hate lists, ranking is arbitrary to me. I think it would still be a great read if you omitted the countdown. Carry on, pay no attention to me. I’ll read and enjoy, just going to ignore the numbers.

    Anyway, I like what you said about Turn A. I hadn’t watched a Gundam in a long time before I stumbled upon it, and I stumbled upon it while the sets of new gen Gundam shows were coming out. I was sick of them, and was expecting the worst, but I got a great sense of wonder from the whole of the show. I plan to re-visit it someday.

    I need to chat you up someday, as my Macross viewing library is scant and needs more love. It is, after all, my gateway drug, and I need another hit.

    • Oh it is arbitrary in the sense that the logic of the construction …how everything fits probably won’t stand up to rigorous scrutiny. My criteria is mostly for a guide. Macross for life. But it is certainly important to me to have a good sense where things stand because I’m measuring something else besides the content of the shows: my ability to discern for myself what I find enjoyable and add to it.

      I want to be a fan whose tastes become broader, without losing my sense if identity as a fan. I’m glad you’re enjoying the post as it’s written. I work very, very hard at experimenting with post formats and styles.

  6. animekritik says:

    Your attention to detail re: the last table is freaky.
    For me Gunbuster scores higher than Diebuster which itself scores stratospherically higher than Teppen Tonga Gugu Lala or whatever that show was called.
    7 of these shows have mechas in them right? i imagine the proportion will go down as we go along….??

    • Reid says:

      spoiler alert: “Revolutionary Girl Utena” is going to be no. 1….either that or “Evangelion”. Just a guess ^.^

    • Yeah yeah I know that you don’t like and don’t get that show. The variety of shows will increase I think, because I favor 3 animated films that don’t have mecha in it. Also I’ve mentioned how Aria the Origination and K-On!! will be there. There will be at least 2 non-mecha space operas, just based on the commentary of their respective characters below.

      As for the table. I like keeping track and I like data.

  7. Reid says:

    It’s astounding how closely our interests in anime match up – and I don’t just mean Mr. Ghostlightning either. I mean, all of us. It’s really pretty cool. I’m so fortunate to have found this blog, since most of my friends (even the anime-liking ones) don’t really care for the stuff I enjoy. I give mad props to Ghost for the inclusion of the “Gunbusters”, “0083”, “War in the Pocket”, “Turn A”, (obviously) the “Macrosses” (I’d seen “Plus” and “Zero” just out of my love for fighter jets, but if not for Ghost I’d have never watched the rest of the shows [still haven’t managed to watch 7 though] and now I’m so glad I did). However, I’m just really not feeling the “moe-centric” shows. I just don’t get the appeal. If nerdish comedy is the aim, I’d rather watch the silliness of the new “Looney Tunes Show” or “The Amazing World of Gumball” or “Adventure Time”. The moe shows that I have attempted to watch (K-On! and Lucky Star) are just irrelevant to me.

    But on to my real question: what’s the best way to share our own favorites list? Did you (Ghostlightning) mean for us to share in the comments if we feel so inclined?

    I can’t wait to read the rest of the series, though I’d also like to see a return to “The Purpose of Anime (and Manga)” series of updates. That was a great idea.

    • No one is supposed to feel obligated to like anything. What’s cool is that you don’t feel you have to dismiss what you don’t like. There are so many assholes here on the internet who act tough and try so hard to be influential, but their game is lame, reducible to:


      Obviously, this isn’t what I want out of this blog and the discussion community that I’ve worked so hard to nurture isn’t rife with this kind of rubbish. So some of the things I find amazing are irrelevant to you? Does that make a big difference to either of our lives? Not really right? Sometimes, we’re not just ready to like some shows… just like I wasn’t ready to like Gundam three years ago. I wasn’t ready to like all this moe stuff back then as well, but I kept an open mind for both… and found that I like some moe anime, and from the bottom of my heart, even the very worst of Gundam (I wouldn’t hate them so much otherwise).

      As far as your favorites are concerned, it would be ideal (but isn’t required) to come up with a list of 30 yourself, and share the corresponding numbers with this and the succeeding posts. That way we can have a little game where we learn more about each others’ tastes and other ways to enjoy what we like. The Purpose series was like that too, but I realized very quickly that making writeups is very, very hard. There’ll be more someday, just not very soon given all the stuff I got under construction.

      • Reid says:

        Invariably, I will, if given enough time, say something that comes across as really negative or churlish. I’m sorry if my “I don’t care for moe stuff” mini-rant came across that way. I’m not dismissing your appreciation for that kind of show, and I hope that I didn’t, in some brilliant moment of stupidity make you think I was “a hater” or thought badly of your tastes in anime (like that’s some kind of thing?) just because you like some shows I do and some that I can’t get into. I’m bad at this blog-lurking thing, so please forgive me. I think this is probably the third such time I’ve apologized for something unintentionally crappy that I said on your blog, so sorry for that too.

        But about my own top-30 list, I will get right on it, sir! I just recently attempted to compile a 30-category best-of list of movie fight scenes for Facebook and it was much harder than I thought it would be. I took inspiration from your “Purposes of Anime” series 🙂 Maybe I’ll get started on my anime list in 10-entry intervals like you’re doing. Thanks, as always, for running a terrific blog!

        • It didn’t, which is why I said I appreciate your attitude about this.

          While I could never post what I do here on Facebook, I’ve found Google+ to be superior and liberating in every way. Let me know if you don’t have an invite yet and I’ll give you one.

          Compiling lists, if you take them seriously can get very challenging, like anything worth doing.

        • Matt Wells says:

          Dude, tell us when you’re done. I want to COMPARE LISTS. IN OBSESSIVE DETAIL.

          • Reid says:

            Ladies and gentlemen, let’s welcome back the indefatigable Matt Well! (applause)

            Truly, sir, you are my brother from the other side of the earth. I will begin to compile my list in earnest on my lunch break tomorrow. Now that Ghost has given us the implicit permission to use shows that are not yet complete in our favorites lists, I won’t hesitate to include some of the ones that I know can’t get anything but better *cough cough* “Gundam Unicorn”…

            I will hopefully have the first 10 entrants ready by tomorrow evening and I will post them in whichever the most recent of Mr. Lightning’s favorites posts is. I MIGHT be the first person to follow his lead (is this presumptuous on my parts? be honest). Honestly, Matt, I believe that our lists might well look darn similar when it’s all said and done.

          • Matt Wells says:

            I never left… or did I? And I would not be too sure of an exact match. We both have similar tastes, but your experience of real robot series puts mine own to shame. Conversely, my choices should end up rather super robot biased. And that’s not even taking our seperate ranking systems into account…

            The thing that’s struck me the most compiling my list is both how few shows I have watched in their entireity, how many I know without having seen a single episode, and how many I have left to watch. The best thing this list has done is to make me aware of my own inexperience and ignorance. I came up with another list of the top 50 shows I HAVEN’T watched yet, and I mean to fix that post haste.

  8. ojisan says:

    Anyone who’s a total mecha/space opera fan and also loves Aria & K-ON is great by me. So in deference to your greatness I’ll go now & watch Macross Plus –

  9. megaroad1 says:

    Love the comments by Char, Miracle Yang and my mad friend Isamu. He, he. You nail them.

    We like a lot of the same stuff, albeit sometimes for different reasons. Not really interested in more modern moe stuff but it’s quite interesting to read your take on it. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll appreciate it more.

    On the other hand while I liked Gunbuster 2, I really thought that on a visual and conceptual level it failed to move me as much as the original Gunbuster. So it really wouldn’t make a list of mine (in which Gunbuster would be a top 15 I think).

    Turn a Gundam is next on my playlist after I finish the so far awesome Eureka Seven. By the way, your appreciation for E7 is one of the things that made me watch it. Normally 14 year lovers and mecha on surfboards would be a no-no in my book, but boy has it been a great ride so far. I assume it’ll figure later in your list as will of course some other Macross’.

    • Can’t thank them enough for taking time off from their war schedules to comment on some anime.

      I think it’s also worth mentioning that for a fan of moe anime, I’m incredibly picky… sort of the equivalent of the general/elitist anime fan who will cherry pick a few robot anime titles (War in the Pocket, Evangelion, DYRL) but not because he’s a robot anime fan, only that these works transcend the sub genre in his mind.

      I could never watch generic (or “pure,” if you will) moe anime in any way similar to how I’ll watch something like VOTOMS, Mechander Robo, or Kotetsu JEEG. If you read into my write-ups, I’m definitely reading much and constructing an experience that may be very different from your average moe-moe fan. Of course, I say none of these things as value judgments. I too am a database animal and it shows in how I value works like Macross Plus, Macross Frontier, and Stardust Memory… at least on this list.

      Very glad you’re enjoying Eureka SeveN! Along with Turn A Gundam and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann I consider it one of the best shows that excel at remembering love for the traditions it is part of.

      Without much effort I wholly got into the more intensely character-driven nature of Diebuster. But now, having seen Revolutionary Girl Utena twice, it’s a miracle how I haven’t ranked Diebuster higher than I have.

      • megaroad1 says:

        Gonna have to check Revolutionary Girl Utena out then. Sounds important.
        I’m a happy man knowing there’s still so much good stuff out there that I haven’t seen.

        Look forward to reading the rest of your list!

  10. Justin says:

    *Adds some of the anime on the list to his MAL plan to watch list*

  11. Sakura says:

    I pretty much steer clear of moe, but I do have a soft spot for Strawberry Marshmellow 🙂

  12. Great list here Ghost! I just watched Gunbuster and have seen Diebuster and really love them both, I think for me what makes a great series would have to be characters! There are countless shows that have great animation, music and voice work but if I don’t find that character that keeps me watching week after week I tend to get bored with it.

    I love characters like Nono just because they have that odd hyper personality or characters that are generally crazy, well crazy in a good way. I would say someone like Ohana from Hanasaku keeps me watching every week.

    • Characters are what makes for interesting viewing because we are interested in ourselves and people are concerned about other people. We are voyeurs like that. We don’t watch aliens because they are foreign or interesting. They are interesting in relation to the level of humanity they have.

      So yes, characters are important.

      However, I’ve come to realize that great characters are present in many other media. Thus, I need to be honest and underscore how my criteria isn’t written in a particular order:. I watch anime because I love illustrations and animation. Characters can never really come to life for me if the illustration and animation will remain poorly done.

      Hanasaku Iroha has lush character designs and environments, and is animated very well.

  13. JoeQ says:

    Good list, man. Helps me understand why we agree on a lot of stuff (liek Diebuster > Gunbuster) andd why we don’t (Lucky Star is unwatchable to me and FMA: B is just pointless IMHO). Can’t wait to see (and rage about) the rest of your picks.

    • Thanks. In the next post I will spend time explaining the dynamics of my criteria. This should also inform why I welcome retellings, rebuilds, and re-productions.

      As for disagreeing about valuation of shows, that’s bound to happen but as I’ve continually shared here in this blog, as long as we are open and not dismissive about the likes of others it makes talking about anime so much more fun. I wasn’t a fan of a lot of this stuff years ago, & I feel good about being able to grow my ability to enjoy different things without losing what I feel for what I like most.

  14. ViolentLucius says:

    To be honest, I was expecting We Remember Love at the start I don’t know why it isn’t there, as for new shows which count I think It should’ve been there. As for Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood I closely list it as my favorites though, didn’t catch up with Hanasaku Iroha. But, all in all good list.

    • This is only 30-21, so only a third of a longer list. Also, We Remember Love is the name of this anime blog, and you must be talking about Macross: Do You Remember Love? — surely you don’t think it’d show up so early!

      Catch up with delicious Iroha!

  15. ViolentLucius says:

    Ah, yeah. And exactly I was talking about Macross: Do You Remember Love. Haha, why ofcourse that’s not gonna happen that you aren’t gonna post it among your favorites, just waiting for for your view about WRL. Yes, it’s delicious and I’m gonna go for it now.

  16. Matt Wells says:

    Diebuster ranked higher than Gunbuster?! OLDFAG RRAAAAAAAAAAEEEEGGGGGGG!!!!!!!

    Just kidding 🙂 I’m a total whore for lists in general, I just can’t personally make them. When I have to quantify and rank my love for something, I just get too indecisive. I have my favourite shows, and my all time favourites, but beyond that I can’t arbitrarily decide what makes the difference between my 10th favourite show, or the 11th.

    Excellent list, and great in-character comments. I look forward to 20 through 1. My guess is you’ll have SDF Macross as your top favourite and Eva as second, but third? My money’s on either something Ghibli, or Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Voltes V as fifth (of course).

    • TCH!

      Spineless worm.

      Make your list like you have bones on the back that is tasked to lift the spirits of the universe! How can you lead us TO GO INTO THE SPACE OVER OUR FUTURE if you can’t even make up your mind about anime? SKILL MY HEART and show me you GOT THE POWER OF LOVE.

      • Matt Wells says:


        Alright dickcheese. You brought this fate upon yourself. Watch this space list: list forthcoming.

        DISCLAIMER: I hold the author’s right to arbitraily rank shows regardless of whether I have seen them in their entireity, or merely have half-baked pre-conceptions about them. Shows will be ranked according to the criteria of however much I give a fuck.

        Poor quality of aforementioned list in both write up and content is entirely on your shoulders. I must again reiterate, for the sake of legality, that my crappy list is all your goddamn fault.

  17. Xard says:

    Great ranking! It’s rare to find Top 30 that I agree so much with from so early on in the sense “all these series are good and deserve to be here”. Is this going to be just OVAs/tv series or will it have films too? Also, with titles like “Macross Frontier” do you mean just tv series or tv series and films (and Nyan Kuri lol) aka the whole package? In that case you haven’t seen it all yet 😛

    As for specific comments, excluding Lucky Star which I really don’t like at all and titles I haven’t seen yet (Stardust Memory, Turn A and Brotherhood, working through first FMA series right now… )at all I really like all anime listed here. Personally speaking I’d have Gunbuster and Macross F/+ higher, all three probably in top 15, and I like Gunbuster a lot more than Diebuster with which I never had such connection like with original (actually Gunbuster ep 6 > Diebuster on its own for me). I enjoyed Enokido’s weirdness enough and FLCLesque art was delightful but the drama and the characters never got me like Noriko and her tribulations did… and there was nothing comparable to the weight of drama and ;___; GAINAX managed to milk out of me with the whole time dilation thing

    >It doesn’t do any one thing on a God-tier level (except the musical battles, not that there are any other shows that try to do this) but it tries to give EVERYTHING.

    I’d expand this to “use of music in narrative and series in general, period” – in this regard I haven’t seen anything that goes quite as far or fares even remotely as well. Even brilliant shows like Watanabe’s Cowboy Bebop don’t do it like Frontier. In this respect MF is the pinnacle and the benchmark for me. I’d also say the individual ingredients of “musical battles”, the soundtrack and CG action are God Tier on their own right. Music is kinda self-explanatory and my gods, there isn’t more gorgeous action CG than in Sayonara no Tsubasa by this year 2011. I can’t wait to see just how Satelight is going to try to top this with Aquarion EVOL and next Macross. MacrossF It did the impossible and completely eradicated my hand drawn bias for mecha combat. THAT is achievement since I’m not biggest fan of CG in general.

    >Macross Frontier is enough of a nutty, scattered, and cavalier towards logic kind of show that even Macross 7 can be accounted for.

    OH HOW I WISH THIS WAS TRUE FOR ME. It took be three trys to finish Macross 7. I first picked the series up year and half ago and finished my ultimate, months long struggle to finally get through with the tv series only some weeks ago. GAAAAHHHHH THIS FUCKING SHOW FFFFFF-

    uhh yeah, I really really really don’t like Macross 7 and even wrote huge angry review of it.

    However, I dokinda like the additions to the tv series. Encore has two good eps, Galaxy Is Calling Me is pretty entertaining if flawed for the most part and Dynamite 7 has Basara singing Angel Voice to goddamn SPACE WHALES. Of course I like it!

    >The result is not only the most glorious dogfight in mecha anime, but also one of the most touching scenes about manly love and friendship.

    Only question remaining is: Do you prefer OVA or the film?

    I honestly never know, I guess I lean towards the OVA I saw first but the film has the sweet epilogue and some sweet scene changes and additions…

    As for my own top 30 list, shit…I wonder if I could make it. Making Top 20 is utter pain in the ass and I haven’t succeeded at it in a while

    • The films will show up in the next installment, it just so happens that I have very few films in the list because I have a strong bias for quantity. All other things being equal, more is more. This should indicate my preference for Macross Plus OVA over the Movie version.

      I had just seen Gunbuster again over the weekend and next weekend will be Diebuster’s turn. The sequel had a whole lot more things going on that’s built on the time dilation and alien stuff on Gunbuster so I don’t think it loses on that end. But what makes the sequel stand out in a big way is the whole dynamic between Nono and L’alc, and the red herring that makes unsuspecting viewers believe that Nono is the lead protagonist in the show. It’s L’alc. She’s the hero, the one with the dynamic narrative. She’s the one who needed to remember love. And oh god… Diebuster has a very rich character-centric set of stories, something that Enokido brings with such panache after his turns on Evangelion, Revolutionary Girl Utena, RahXephon, and FLCL.

      And if you know anything about me, just for how that ending alone — probably the most powerful act of remembering love a sequel can do — there should be no surprise.

      Ugh, Macross 7 is awesome and you need to watch it again with clear eyes and a full Totsugeki Love Heart. Also, Fleet of the Strongest Women is probably the most awesome act of remembering love a sequel can do if it weren’t so fucking stupid (and I love it)!

      I look forward to seeing your list.

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  20. Matt Wells says:

    Oh boy. Here we go. Please bare in mind what I list is the cream of the crop of anime I have watched either in full or to their full availibility in the english market. If there’s something awesome and essential to any anime fan on my list (like any Ghibli film made after 1989), its not because I didn’t like it, ITS BECAUSE I HAVEN’T SEEN IT YET. And your list has only spurred me on to fill the gaps and deficiencies in my own viewing expoerience. Thanks for that much alone. I hope I have something to contribute, so here we go!

    30. Dragonball Z – No real excuses or pretensions here. DBZ was the first series I actively hunted down knowing it was anime, it was the first time I watched an anime in Japanese with subtitles, and it was the first time I realised Japan had animated entertainment that could entertain me on any level that wasn’t a kids show (Pokemon), real art like a Ghibli film (Princess Monoke) or tentacle porn (Guess which one?). Here was something that appealed to me as a hormonal teenager; life, death, legacy and sacrifice. And the fucker was THREE HUNDRED EPISODES LONG.

    Not for reasons of beauty or artistry (though Gohan going SS2 against Cell while Kageyama sings still brings a tear to my eye). DBZ was simply my true first. I’m stuck with it. plot holes, power levels and all. DBZ was my true gateway series to anime fandom, and the first time I ended up hunting down anime to watch on the internet. When my only alternative was buying the “Big Green” dub of a handful of filler movies, what choice did I have? (Note: The only official DVD release DBZ ever recieved in the UK was the Big Green dub. Can you imagine how horrible that is for a budding aniome fan? CAN YOU?!)

    29. Getter Robo: Armageddon – As for beautiful gems, this show is more a falshy glass diamond. Its pure ID rollercoaster action, or at least it is if you watch the first three episodes, skip the crap in the middle when they made the plot up as they went along, and pick up when Black Getter appears. It ushered me further into the mad world of Uncle Go and Dynamic Planning, and was my baptism of fire with the Getter franchise. Batshit insane Ryoma, thin Prof. Saotome, fat Getter 1, the AWESOME evolved Shin Dragon…lot of gold here, especially if you rewatch it after marathoning the entire Getter Robo manga.

    Looking at those first three episodes, I can’t help but wonder at the kind of demented genius Imagawa could have given us in his take on the Getter universe. And the ending managed to upstage Gurren Lagann almost a decade before it existed: the villains absorb Jupiter, try to turn it into a new Sun to kill Earth, and our heroes journey to a multiversal Getter Valhalla. Great stuff, if you avoid the middle episodes, which just suck. And HEATS is an awesome song.

    28. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure OVA – Again, I’m being selective. You start this show from episodes seven onward, you’ll have no end of (confused) fun. The first half of this show was tacked on a decade after the original just to sell it in America, and it shows. The 1992 OVA series is just intended as pure fanservice for people who HAVE read the manga, and are thusly well animated adaptations of some of the best battles of Part 3 of the Jump comic series. Its a greatest hits package designed only for fans who’ve read the 100+ volume mega epic, and to us this thing is pure catnip.

    Jojo is a glorious subversion of the usual Jump aesthetics; instead of effort and friendship winning the day, battles are won by brain power, everyone dresses like a 70’s glam rocker, and homoeroticism is rampant. 6 foot 6′ Japanese school boys fight immortal WRRRYYing Britsih Vampires with their psychic powers, which manifest in the form of purple Aztec Warrior ghosts. The Jojo OVAs, while serviceable, are only on my list because they inspired me to read the manga. And THAt was one of the best decisions of my anime fandom life. If you haven’t read Jojo, do so immediately, then watch these OVAs. You won’t regret it.

    27. Golgo 13: The Professional (Golgo 13 1983 theatrical film) – The oldest property on my list, and the least well animated. Duke Togo, code named Golgo 13, is essentially a Japanese James Bond, with all that entails. He’s violent, sexist, immoral, unfeeling, and stoic to the point of comedy. The dude doesn’t even make an O-face when in the throes of hooker sex, which I find hillarious. The film is a collection of various Golgo stories animated, with the unifying thread of the a businessmen who tries to avenge Togo’s assasination of his son, destroying his reputation and mind in the process. Good animation (for ’83) and a superb score. It also features the first CGI work in a hand drawn anime, which while predictably awful, is still impressive for its ambition.

    It’s a stark minimalist masterpiece by the late, great Director Osamu Dezaki, who takes the trashy source material and elevates it into a suitably cathartic tale of sin and greed, where Duke moves through the world as a slient angel of Death, a plot device clothed in feet of clay. Plus there’s a scene where Duke shoots a dude through TWO SKYSCRAPERS AND BULLETPROOF GLASS, AND HE MAKES THE SHOT WHEN HE CAN’T EVEN SEE THE TARGET FUCK YEAH!!!. Stuff like that, contrasted with the way Donovan lets a snake like mercenary rape his daughter-in-law and turns his grandaughter into an assassin, reminds of why I got into anime in the first place. Something a bit UNUSUAL, you know?

    26. Roujin Z – Changing tack, this is a short theatrical film produced by Akira visionary Katsuhiro Otomo. In typical science fiction method, he turns the lense of fantasy onto vital social matters, in this case the insurgence of elderly in Japan unable to take care of themsleves, with children who don’t care enough to do it, and a state that can’t afford it. Their solution is an automated self-aware hospital bed, which in a predictable twist is a forerunner for a military prototype leaked into the private sector. When the senile test subject bypasses its programming and forces its AI to take the form of his dead wife, this absorbing technological wonder steam rolls through Tokyo to fulfil its master’s dream of a last day spent on the beach.

    In amongst this socio-political thriller cum farce, the patient’s carer nurse only wants to stop the military model from killing her elderly charge, and maybe not end up in prison for her troubles. Roujin Z is a tour de force of animation design and story, cutting edge science fiction, more relvevant today then when it was created. Its social commentary is paticuarly vital in age when people just keep living longer, in Britain AND Japan especially, and the silly mecha battles between a military model and a civillian custom (which politley asks the young people not to disturb her pookums while he’s taking his medecine) thrill and entertain. Sci-Fi with brains and heart, I adore it.

    25. Gunsmith Cats OVA – A pretty simple one this. I love Sonoda’s pervy yet awesome Gals with Guns Manga series, and I love this three part side story OVA. It features great action, customary fanservice, and one of the few decent car chases in anime. Add cameos from the usual Gunsmith Cats stable (no Bean Bandit 😦 due to legal issues though), this is a simple, well animated, scored, and acted action series. And its opening sequence probably inspired Cowboy Bebop’s, amazingly. Plus, there’s a psychotic Russian hitwoman with a spring loaded knife and kevlar jacket! Yayyyyyyy!!!

    24. Hellsing Ultimate – If you aren’t watching this, you’re missing out on one of the best action series currently being published. If you’ve read the manga, you just want to see the awesome fight scenes animated, good for you. If you’ve only seen the shitty, filler infested TV series, what the hell’s wrong with you?! You are missing out on the real deal here! In an age where Twilight infests Western fandom, Hellsing Ultimate reminds us what Vampires should be. Bloody, gory, and thoroughly kickass. It even has an english dub better than the Japanese version for Christs sake!!! Unfinished though it is, Ultimate is the model for how you adapt awesome, over-the-top violent action series. Lets hope the new Berserk anime follows in its footsteps of adapting stuff the RIGHT way.

    23. Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory – Ghostlightning has already sung the praises of this show to the heavens, its flaws are all that keeps me from posting it higher. Its among the best the Gundam franchise has to offer, with some of the best suit designs to boot. Yes, it could be longer, the love triangle is clearly shunted in about four episodes after the show actually starts, and the ending is a bit abrupt (no military trial episode for Kou? Wasted oppertunity!). The actual goal of OP. Stardust could have been better explained, as could Nina’s bizarre betrayal, and as a prequel to Zeta it doesn’t quite emphasise enough the dickishness of the Federation leading to the Titans. But for all its myriad flaws, Stardust Memory remains technically superb, and the action set pieces almost make up for the blandness of the characters. Almost. And MIO rocks the openings. MEN OF DESTINNNYYY!…

    22. Super Dimension Fortress Macross – One of the all time greats of Robot anime, and if your familiar with this site then you’ll know full well that reputation is deserved. The post-war arc doesn’t quite satisfy my needs for closure, but the first 28 episodes are perfection. I’m still a recent convert to Macross, so while I appreciated it on many cerebral levels, I didn’t connect with me emotionally like some of these other shows. Still, my first viewing of this show and the resulting discourse with Ghosty was one of my best ever experiences as an anime fan, so there’s that. I hope DYRL keeps up the quality ratio…

    21. One Piece Movie 6: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island – This is the only Mamoru Hosoda film I’ve yet seen, to my mortal embarassment. Still, this is to the One Piece franchise what Castle of Cagliostro is to Lupin III (e.g. a godamn masterpiece spun from whole cloth, by a young genius in the making). I adore One Piece with the fierceness of five blazing suns, and I love what this movie achieves with characters I’m so familiar with. It pushes them into dark, genuinely upsetting places, and it does so while being creepy as hell.

    Hosoda’s sparse, minimalist animation style has recently been adapted by Toei, and makes a nice change from Oda’s clean linework. The story is compelling, the jokes are great, and the setpieces in keeping with the original’s grandeur (a cook off held upon a giant grill where the cooks skate on lumps of fat). Even the ending gets pretty existentially weary, impressive for a kids show. Reccomended highly even if you aren’t a fan of One Piece (in which case you may have no soul), and particuarly if you enjoyed Hosoda’s recent film work like Summer Wars.

    There’s my first load, with the next twenty to follow tomorrow. Hope everyone who read it enjoyed themselves, and that I didn’t waste your time. Feedback and reccomendations are welcomed, and positively invited. Thank you all!

    • Dude, seriously, when are you going to make a blog?

      Anyway, nice list, very strange, but strange is a very good thing to me because I’ve read a hundred million favorites lists so seeing one that’s significantly out there is good. Usually it’s either the result of someone who’s seen very little anime, meaning that more of what they’ve seen is better to them and their tastes have yet to be refined, or that they’ve seen a ridiculous fuckton assload and they just have a brain that no one can really understand. I don’t know you well enough to know which bill you fit, but this is certainly pretty unique. And more importantly, I haven’t seen most of it :O

      Glad to see love here for Gunsmith Cats and the 6th One Piece movie. Between those and the Hellsing OVA I think we probably have similar tastes in action. I’m guessing Riding Bean will show up higher up on your list. Question: have you seen Highschool of the Dead yet? If not, give that shit a spin.

      Also I doubt the Gunsmith Cats op inspired the Cowboy Bebop one. More likely they were both inspired by the same thing (old pulp movies).

      >>and particuarly if you enjoyed Hosoda’s recent film work like Summer Wars.

      How the fuck would you know, you said you haven’t seen it!

      • Matt Wells says:

        I’ll make a blog when I know how to make a bloody website. I am barely computer literate after all. And barely literate full stop if you judge by my spelling in the above post. The rest of you blogger guys have decent stuff to share, anything of value I have to say on any given anime is on the comments section of this site. This list is pretty much any anime I’ve watched in acceptable entireity that qualifies as good in my opinion; its a combination of the two kinds of lists you mention. I know what I like, but I’m also hyper aware of my own lack of experience.

        Of the “Good” anime I have seen that weren’t on this list, I would include Grave of the Fireflies (because fuck that movie), Nausicaa (’cause the manga is so much better) and One Piece: Strong World (which unlike movie 6 is strictly hard core fans only). There is just SO MUCH good stuff I have yet to see, hence my Frankensteinian list. If I’d seen as much anime as the rest of you guys, I would have actually had trouble narrowing down my list. My ignorance helped out there. If I do this in a year’s time, I guarantee you it’ll be radically different.

        Case in point, I might have had Riding Bean on this list in place of Gunsmith Cats… IF I HAD ACTUALLY WATCHED IT YET. I suck hard that way. High School of the Dead? Anime schoolgirls with large breasts kill zombies with Katanas? What’s not to love! I’ll look into it! And RE Summer Wars, Gomen na-sorry. I just guessed people who like Hosoda would like Omatsuri regardless of whether they’re fans of One Piece or not. Excuse me for guessing wildly about stuff I haven’t seen yet. Just give my time, and I will try to equal you awesome people. Thanks a ton for the input, I appreciate it.

    • Great stuff and superbly presented. If you don’t want to make your own blog you should just write here on WRL. It’s a “We” after all.

      Among the shows you’ve mentioned that I haven’t seen, I’m going to watch Getter.

      As for DYRL, it’ll fry your eyes with millions of annihilation blasts. DYRL is a spectacle of the highest order no less because of the godly budget that’s not put to waste. It led to some radical changes in terms of character and at times mechanical design. Let’s talk about these when you watch it. We should do a post before 9/11. I’m serious. Watch this now.

      • Reid says:

        Great list, Matt! You beat me in getting a list out by ONE DAY, I kid you not.

        As I suspected, we have several favorites in common, though the orders don’t exactly mesh. I, of course, had “Getter Robo: Armageddon” and “Gundam 0083”, though they made my list in slightly higher spots. “Golgo 13”, “Gunsmith Cats”, “SDF Macross” and “DBZ” are titles I was forced to leave on the cutting-room floor just because I had to – in order to make room for others just as deserving when judged on their own merits. This is the pain associated with making thought-out lists, I suppose. As to the others, I’ve never seen any “One Piece” (but I think pirate stuff is cool so maybe I’ll give it a look as per your recommendation) or “Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure” (though I did play the fighting game!). “Hellsing Ultimate” intrigued me since I used to be a major fan of the manga back in high school but I’ve let my familiarity with it flag in recent years. “Roujin Z” is a movie I’ve always wanted to see but I never got the chance. Just seeing it on your list will make me redouble my efforts to track it down once again.

        I’ll be interested to see what your follow-up 20 choices are. If you don’t mind sharing, what are some of the ones you had to leave out? How long did it take you to complete the culling process before putting pen to paper, as it were? Also, I’m with 21stCentury and Ghost: you should either have your own blog or write for one.

        Now for the obligatory plug:
        I left my laptop with all my work saved on it at the office, so it’ll have to be tomorrow, guys before I can upload my list. I think will there be some twists and turns nobody saw coming and some that will be so completely obvious that it’ll have people shaking their heads in disgust, but that’s the way this kind of thing works.

      • Matt Wells says:

        Ghost: Thanks for the praise, but I don’t have anything worth contributing to this site. Not yet. When I do, you’ll be the first to know about it. Forestall Getter Armageddon till you see my next list, the show on that is the premiere Getter series. And you won’t really appreciate any of it fully till you read the manga: to get the best out of Getter Robo, that is essential. I was going to save DYRL till I got my hands on the DVD, but with Macross Day coming, why not! I’ll check it out post haste, and then we can talk. Thanks for the encouragement man.

        Reid: Oh man, you HAVE to check out One Piece. Its not for everyone – you either love it or you hate it, but if you love it, it is unquestionably one of the greatest comics ever written. Scans for the first 23 volumes or so are kind of crappy, but the anime makes a decent substitute there, even if it is filler heavy. Switch to the manga around the Water 7 Arc. For the anime, the music is awesome and the voice actors for the Straw Hats are phenomenal. Seriously, some of the greatest matches of voice to character I’ve ever witnessed. Mayumi Tanaka doesn’t just play Luffy, she IS Luffy.

        One Piece is a big investment, it starts off okay, then it gets good, then it gets great, then it becomes excellent; by Volume 35, you never want it to end. Just give it a try through the earlier story arcs buddy, and it will reward your patience. And Jojo is just crazy awesome. Seven parts long, and the first part is best described as Fist of the North Star meets Dracula, but gayer, and with AWFUL 70’s music references (One character is called “Dire”, the other called “Straights” I AM NOT KIDDING). It only gets weirder from there, you should TV Tropes it some time and see if you like what you find.

        Hellsing Ultimate’s great fun, but not too different from the manga. You can skip it if you want. Roujin Z, I was lucky to find an old Manga Video tape of the english dub at a local game store, I’m not sure if its up for download somewhere. There is a Region 0 DVD of dubious quality, but its rare to find now. I was luckier than you for the simple reason that my thirty represents all the great stuff I HAVE seen. The rest of you are far more experienced, and had far better shows to choose from. My thirty came out one after the other, the only hard part was ranking them by my own criteria.

        You all flatter me you guys, I’m genuinely touched. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. But I simply can’t write to the standard that you, my peers, can, and I don’t have the technical expertise to run a blog. Nor, if I’m being frank, the inclination. Why bother when the rest of you do it so much better than I ever could? With that out the way, COME ON MAN! SHOW US YOUR LIST ALREADY! DO IT FOR BLAZING MANLY FRIENDSHIP AND JUSTICE!!! ETHERNET BROFIST!

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