What Sucked About Tiger & Bunny 23 (Yes, I MAD)

tiger & bunny 23 bunny inazuma kick

I don’t like superhero crossover comics, especially when the characters are two badasses who won’t get along, or even worse, are actually enemies. Why? What almost always happens is that there’s going to be some other supervillain involved and instead of settling the only question that matters, they have to join forces and fight Mojo Jojo or some other lame-ass villain who has to resort to hostages or something, and probably traps, and bombs, etc.

So instead of finding out whether whose healing factor works faster, or whether super strength can break adamantium, etc. we have to watch our super powered heroes solve puzzles and shit. THIS IS LAME. Tiger & Bunny could’ve avoided this because Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks went at it in a pretty awesome way, Good Luck modes, cross counters and all. But still, it sucked. Why?

tiger & bunny good luck mode vs good luck modetiger & bunny 23 bunny head kick blockedtiger & bunny 23 bunny punch blockedtiger & bunny 23 tiger vs bunny bunny shoryukentiger & bunny 23 tiger vs bunny tiger punchtiger & bunny 23 tiger vs bunny cross counter

Execution. I’m all for the power of friendship, BROS OF BRONESS can’t be beat, etc. But how Kotetsu basically had no real plan of making Barnaby remember except go all Son Goku and take punishment until Bunny-chan remembers is pretty lame. There was nothing epic in the beating he took, partly because of the limitations of CGI animation. There was no way his face couldn’t be broken eating all those punches and kicks.  Without making me feel the epic beating he took, instead of being a moving spectacle, it was soulless and empty.

And annoying too.

Even more annoying is that super final Gunbuster-esque kick that Bunny-chan launched from something like 15 meters in the air. Not only that they didn’t animate how it missed. Off-cam he stopped himself in mid flight and went straight into an annoyed “don’t call me Bunny” mode.

tiger & bunny my name is barnaby


If feel cheated because that was an awesome kick and should’ve had consequences, even if only on the pavement. I got robbed of animation and they replaced it with some lame aspect of amnesia-recovery that doesn’t even make sense from what immediately came before it.

So now of course they get to combine forces, and recover their lost teamwork while Bunny shakes off the cobwebs and they don’t even have their Hundred-Power abilities recharged. Now they fight the evil robot made by the evil racist. Ugh, the X-Men-esque “OH MY GOD MY SON IS BORN WITH AN AWESOME POWER THAT I WILL DEFINITELY WANT TO BE ASHAMED OF INSTEAD OF USE TO INCREASE THE FORTUNES OF MY FAMILY BECAUSE THE PLOT NEEDS RACISTS” never really went well with me.

If my daughter grows up and has super strength, agility, and speed… WE’RE GOING TO WIMBLEDON and completely destroy Roger Federer’s twin daughters when the time comes. Why would I ever, for the life of me, feel horror when the day comes that I find out that my daughter IS MORE AWESOME THAN ANYONE ELSE is beyond me. But Tiger and Bunny needs batshit crazy racist villains.

tiger & bunny 23 ghost x-9macross plus isamu vs guld death from above

ROBOT BATTLE. Suddenly, it’s Macross Plus, without the extensive collateral damage and a love triangle). Okay so this show remembers love for something truly awesome. I guess I can forgive it.

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27 Responses to What Sucked About Tiger & Bunny 23 (Yes, I MAD)

  1. Emperor J says:

    Tiger and Bunny’s trademark is that all of the cool action happens off screen. A shame really. I wonder if the next episode will start with Robot Tiger defeated and all of the puzzles solved without explaining how they did it.

    • I don’t know about trademark, a lot of interesting action did happen here, but the stuff that should’ve had consequences didn’t (e.g.Kotetsu’s unprotected face should be smashed in).

  2. JelJel says:

    Tiger and Bunny’s trademark is that all of the cool action happens off screen.<<< 1,000 likes to you

  3. A Day Without Me says:

    But but in X-Men that opens to door for Professor X x Magneto ho yay!

  4. chronolynx says:

    What are you talking about, that anti-climax was awesome, you suck, go die, you have no taste, etc etc.

    And your daughter having super powers is all fun and games until you have to deal with the parents whose kids are normal.

    • Reid says:

      He’ll have his super-child brutally kill them if they complain.

    • Terrible, a blemish on a mostly cool show.

      And I’d happily deal with those parents, because I am awesome unlike the weakly-written lame parents who act OH NOES WHAT WILL OTHERS THINK? As if it’s shameful to have children superior to everyone else. This is genetically inconsistent behavior!

      Actually, that doesn’t make me awesome, only normal.

  5. Myssa says:

    Someone in Asuki pointed out that, instead of ‘looking at the Western Superhero genre through a Japanese Perspective’ like it normally did, Tiger And Bunny’s finale seems to be playing many of the expected narrative devices completely straight. Not that this is necessarily bad of course, but it’s a slight shift from what was shown in the previous episodes.

  6. Stormshrug says:

    I dropped this show after the end of the first arc (episode 10 or so) mostly because of the fact that the recurring villains had, uniformly, been crap thus far, and villains far more than heroes set the quality of a Superhero piece. From what you’re describing of the later villains, it sounds like I pretty much made the right call.

    • I sympathize with your reasoning. Batman remains interesting because he has the best rogues gallery in the business.

      Tiger & Bunny however, succeeds more as a buddy cop story than a superhero one I feel. And this success is something I truly love about it, or at least Kotetsu as a lead character in anything.

      • Stormshrug says:

        That’s fair. It actually does bear more narrative resemblance to the (slightly wacky) cop show than the typical superhero formula. The heroes are government sanctioned, deployed more like a law enforcement agency than the Avengers or Justice League (which acts as a support network to often autonomous heroes) or the X-Men (who are more like a strike team, at least in theory), and stuck with being the subject of mildly trashy reality television.

  7. MarigoldRan says:

    Mojo JoJo is awesome. Don’t diss Mojo Jojo.

  8. Jack says:

    I can’t really be that mad at this stage in the game. Sunrise has poured very little money or talent into this show. The budget this season has clearly gone to ‘Sacred Seven’, even though ‘Tiger and Bunny’ is insanely popular with it’s female fanbase.

    But that very fanbase isn’t really crying out for well choreographed fighting, excellent animation or interesting direction.

    The only episode that actually looks the part was episode 15, the Sky-High episode. You can see that they actually spent some money and time on that one, which is especially obvious when they briefly cut to it during the most recent episode.

    • This show succeeds with me for the pathos of Kotetsu. I’m just glad a character like him exists as a lead of contemporary anime. But as an action show it’s disappointed me as much as it inspired me. The first appearance of the VOTOMS-esque robot was very well done. Then it pissed all of it away when they appeared en masse.

  9. Turambar says:

    My problem remains that the show doesn’t make use of many of its better assets. I agree strongly when you say that Kotetsu is the more interesting of the two leads with a more interesting storyline and a whole lot of delicious pathos going his way. However, the “what does it mean to be a hero” theme can also be shown in flashy action packed goodness if they would only given Lunatic more screen time.

    I thought that was the direction the show would go towards when Lunatic’s origin story and Kotetsu’s decline in power happened. It’s disappointing two see the show squandering the potential of those two plot points. Kotetsu’s Roman Candle* situation did lead to one quite good episode when he went home, but at this rate, it’ll be used as a gimmick during the final fight instead of the existential crisis it should have been. And Legend the drunkard is going to be ignored period isn’t it?

    *Isn’t his Hundred Power suppose to get stronger the closer he is to losing it completely? How was he not kicking far more ass than usual?

  10. ectholion says:

    i understand your frustrations with this episode. especially the ending with the collar thing… i mean they stole that from the last batman movie…. it was lame in the movie and its even more lame here. but you see this is the work of sunrise! they are high level trolls i mean look at this new gundam crap they are making!!!! its almost as if to say ha and you though gundam00 and zz gundam were as bad look at this!!! I mean i for one feel trolled by the fact that tiger and bunny has been so good. i mean its called tiger and bunny it seemed like it would be blant fanservice with nothing else. im not gonna bother stating whats wrong with the phyics in the “its not bunny” scene would be too frustrating. anyways be careful sunrise means to troll us all!!!!

    • Eh?

      I don’t buy the Sunrise=Troll rhetoric. Also, re Gundam AGE, you’re complaining to the wrong guy. Trashing a show just because it’s by Sunrise? without seeing a single ep? That’s not my kind of thing.

      • ectholion says:

        I think gundam AGE is basically another remake of the original series. I think the original gundam series and zeta gundam were wonderful and think they should move on to different story lines like what they did with side stories like 08ms team, gundam unicorn, war in a pocket, stardust memory, zotoms, ect, as well as alot of the manga they have put out. i may being overly negative, but im quite a big gundam fan and i think they have put out alot of amazing series and i would like nothing more then to see a new story. But I do hope im wrong about Gundam AGE i would love for it to be amazing.

        • Yes, indeed it is.

          It is important for Gundam to do this. It’s because the core/original story is quite good and attractive. Thus, it makes good sense to reintroduce it to initiate new viewers to the franchise. I wouldn’t show a 1979 show to 2011 viewers and expect them to become fans of the franchise. That’s just dumb. Why would Bandai want kids to be fans of the franchise? That should be obvious.

          There will be different stories, just like Unicorn.

          But AGE and Origin are great projects. Also by the way, AGE is obviously not targeted to your demographic. It’s a show to initiate younger children into the franchise. There’s more than enough fanservice for the older fans. Gundam needs new fans from the kids. New mecha fans are always a good thing, but it’s even better when they’re children.

  11. Vendredi says:

    This is a point where I have to disagree; I thought the execution was entirely appropriate given what we know about Kotetsu. Like other commentators have noted, Tiger & Bunny up till this point has been playing the cliche completely straight – but I’ve been watching the show more for it’s compelling narrative consistency rather than action in particular.
    And besides, we still have a robot battle in episode 24; if that’s a flop then perhaps we can gripe… but even then…

    • I can’t agree with you. With the kind of action we saw, Kotetsu’s face should’ve been broken beyond repair.

      I like Kotetsu and his bumbling character. It’s the episode itself that I think is lame. LAME.

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