Fly In The Sky! Mobile Fighter G Gundam’s Last Shoutout

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As much violence Mobile Fighter G Gundam does violence to the very idea of Gundam and its primary value proposition, it is nonetheless a work full of love. It’s love however isn’t limited to the Gundam franchise, but instead did something greater.

On behalf of the Gundam franchise it declares its love for robot anime as a whole. It’s been doing this throughout the show with the adoption of the subgenre’s Tropes, but in the end it also did a grand gesture.

I’ve put up a number of images and I’ve labeled the robots in them. You’ll see in the following key the robots that I could identify by myself. I’ll need your help with identifying the rest.

mobile fighter g gundam 49 homage mecha 1

  1. Daitarn 3 (Invincible Steel Man Daitarn 3)
  2. Guncannon (Mobile Suit Gundam)
  3. GP01-fb (Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory)
  4. RX-78-2 (Mobile Suit Gundam)
  5. Nether Gundam Mass Production Type (Mobile Fighter G Gundam)
  6. F91 (Mobile Suit Gundam F91)
  7. Zambot 3 (Invincible Super Man Zambot 3)mobile fighter g gundam 49 homage mecha 2
  8. Wing Gundam (foreshadowing! hype! Mobile Report Gundam Wing)
  9. GP03 Dendrobium Stamen (Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory)
  10. Z Gundam (Mobile Suit Z Gundam)
  11. GP02 (Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory)

A lot of the identified suits are most likely Gundam Fighters, but if you can identify them, please do so in the comments.

The whole thing is completely gratuitous and unnecessary. But wow, I do appreciate it. It’s remembering love in a grand way – acknowledging the contribution of all these great robots towards saving the world, just as how these robots contributed to the franchise; gigantic shoulders that Domon Kasshu and the God Gundam stand on in a finale of exceeding awesomeness.

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30 Responses to Fly In The Sky! Mobile Fighter G Gundam’s Last Shoutout

  1. schneider says:

    I think you’ve confused Dendrobium Stamen for F91, and vice versa. #11 has tail binders jutting out from its hips, while #15 clearly has the VSBRs mounted on the backpack.

    #28 is the Matador Gundam. #1 looks like a GM to me, but it’s difficult to tell.

    I want to know what #15 and #20 are, too. The latter looks like it came from L-Gaim or something.

  2. animekritik says:

    Wow. Some of these look familiar to me but I can’t place them.. Good luck!

  3. Reid says:

    #5 looks like the Walker Machine Galliar from “Xabungle”
    #15 is the Skull Gundam, the Mobile Fighter representing Neo Malaysia.
    #20 is…probably the Jester Gundam from Neo Portugal
    #25 is the Zebra Gundam from some place in…Neo…Africa? I dunno.
    #28 is the Matador Gundam from Neo Spain (one of the dumber MFs [lol I just noticed this])

    The one above #26 is Zambot 3 again, right?

    • Matt Wells says:

      #20 can’t be Jester Gundam. It was wrecked by a DG cell possessed Zeus Gundam in the Honk Kong Battle Royale, remember. The arms and the colour scheme are all wrong too. Those arms look almost like tendrils, so I’m guessing its either from L-Gaim or something hugely obscure. Or its an animator’s error and it is Jester Gundam 🙂

      Matador may be stupid, but remember that it ws intended to join up as the head of a massive Bull Gundam in the finale, just like the Sphinx Gundam and Siberia’s Mastadon

    • Thanks man, and yes that’s Zambot 3 again. I just felt like putting in more love right now:

  4. WhatSht says:

    #22 is Ashura Gundam, representative of Neo Singapore.

  5. Matt Wells says:

    Goddamn these are hard to make out. G Gundam really needs a proper digital remastering treatment, or at least a subbed release of that quality. As I understand it Ideon is one of the robots hidden in these scenes, so keep an eye out for the Space Runaway God itself. The blue and white colour scheme on #21 makes it look like Xabungle to me, given the Tomino references thus far it seems likely. Imagawa was also an episode director on the show, so it seems probable. He was a producer on Dunbine too, so keep an eye out for Aura Battlers.

    #7 looks like the Zebra Gundam from #24, see the stripes and the long spear. From what I know, Gundam Fighters that participated in this last battle included Cuba’s Arachno Gundam, Canada’s Lumber Gundam, Nepal’s Mandela Gundam, and Norway’s Viking Gundam. Try using those as a starting point. See here for visual references Mongolia’s Temjin Gundam, Turkey’s Minaret Gundam and Mexico’s Tequila Gundam MIGHT have been there too, bu I don’t recall their pilots making an appearance. Ashura and Skull Gundam have already been correctly confirmed as #15 and #22 by WhatSht and Reid.

    Don’t quote me on this, but #17 might just be one of the prototype models for Mermaid Gundam. A lot of those were goofy models like Sharks and Octopi with Gundam heads slapped on, so #17 might just be one thrown in to fill out these crowd scenes. The only other crab looking mechs I know of are in Crossbone and Victory Gundam, as well as one of the Frost Brother’s suits in Gundam X. It MIGHT be an unnamed crab mech from the Tetsujin 28 manga, which Imagawa showed off in episode 18 of that TV series I think. Though that was almost a decade later, so I think the Mermaid Gundam prototype is the most likely answer.

    Not from this scene but across the entire series: in the crowd stock footage in Hong Kong, there’s often a pan over which shows off two puppets of Gundam fighters. One of them looks like Shining Gundam, the other we never see from the front, but it’s definitely Giant Robo with the Gundam V antennae. Loved that small reference. Also check out the paintings in the early episodes when Stalker explains the rules of the Gundam Fight. Hidden in there are Gundam-fied versions of Zambot and Daitarn, and either Giant Robo or Tetsuin 28, among many others. Try screencapping those if you want another scavenger hunt.

    These easter eggs in G Gundam really remind me of the robot cameos in the pre-credits of the Giant Robo OVA, most of those ended up appearing in their entireity in Tetsujin.

  6. I always loved how the Wing Gundam appeared in a cameo in this final episode with all the Gundams following Domon on his victory lap. Gundam Wing would literally start a week after this finished on April 7, 1995 (G ended on March 31st 1995), but it’s first appearance is actually in G Gundam. One of those fun facts that very few Gundam fans seem to know about. Great final scene for the ages.

    • Definitely one of the great finales in anime. It has everything good and wonderful in anime for boys:

      Simplistic, naive notions of love and romance (but delivered in an AWESOME way)
      Martial arts
      Summoning Attacks
      Super martial art final attack
      Fallible hero as a centerpiece of a love triangle that resolves good-naturedly
      Giant robots
      Multitudes of giant robots
      Mass produced giant robots (even if they’re Nether Gundams)
      The power of love and friendship
      The promise of renewed, if good-natured conflict

  7. Myssa Rei says:

    Dear chief:

    You gave me an itch to watch the darned series again. This time using the ham-tastic English dub instead of the Tagalog dub I grew up with.


  8. Phear says:

    28 – Matador Gundam – Mobil suit gundam G

  9. Phear says:

    24 – is another gundam from gundam G itself, i forget the name but its the one from Neo Africa

  10. Raisen says:

    the one between Zeta , GP2 and Asura Gundam is Balidios o.O

  11. Janethan23 says:

    #20 First look reminded me of Getta 2 from Getta Robot or an EVA unit from Neon Genesis Evangelion. The color scheme obscures a definite identification.

  12. N/A says:

    I think 15 is skull gundam

  13. N/A says:

    And 16 is shadow gundam

  14. N/A says:

    29 is destroy gundam

  15. Anthony Monaghan says:

    #19 is not GP03 Dendrobium Stamen it is the F-91

  16. Anthony Monaghan says:

    #11 is the GP03 Dendrobium Stamen

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