Some Hard Thinking After Three Years of Blogging Anime

I must’ve come to certain conclusions after doing this for as long as I have.

The three hottest female characters illustrated and animated the past three years are:

Redline Sonoshee Mclaren intense drivingRedline Sonoshee Mclaren shoots a missile downRedline Sonoshee Mclaren smoking hotRedline Sonoshee Mclaren SteamlightRedline Sonoshee Mclaren winface

Number Three: Sonoshee McLaren, Redline (2009)

She can build a car, cook, and drive like a champ. Hot-blooded and strong, the kind of woman you want to be in your cockpit with you.

[HorribleSubs] Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_03.23_[2010.10.09_08.27.17][HorribleSubs] Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt - 09 [720p].mkv_snapshot_01.06_[2010.11.27_06.48.34][HorribleSubs] Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt - 12 [720p].mkv_snapshot_14.39_[2010.12.18_07.31.41]Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Anarchy Panty Angel CostumePanty & Stocking With Garterbelt Anarchy Panty Swimsuittumblr_ldnqcb8BcQ1qdfxvho1_500

Number Two: Anarchy Panty, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt (2010)

Foul-mouthed, moronic, sex-crazed, vindictive, callous, out of control, hot as hell. ANARCHYYYY~

Wrong, so wrong.

Macross Frontier Sheryl Goddess of BattleMacross Frontier Sheryl hatMacross Frontier Sheryl Nome Diamond CrevasseMacross Frontier Sheryl Nome HotpantsMacross Frontier Sheryl Nome Piano

Number One: Sheryl Nome, Macross Frontier (2008)

The distinct, perfect, and best-in-class blend of hotness, awesome and fail. She is the Galactic Fairy, the Goddess of Battle and the hottest, most awesome, and most fail female (the conditions of her failure have been the subject of countless blog posts in WRL’s archive that I won’t bother repeating them here). I don’t want no static perfect character. I bow down to Sheryl, the one go beyond Minmay herself.

Hey ghostlightning, I thought you liked moé, where are the moéblobs?

Moéblobs aren’t hot. They can be cute, pretty, etc. but that’s their core appeal. They’re not hot. Sure in the hands of skilled (fan)artists they can be dolled up hot-like, but those are exceptions to their core character. They have to be transformed to hotness. These three hot girls however, can be moé whenever they want. But why would they?

Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome Ranka Lee swimsuits

Thanks for the demonstration Ranka-chan, now go play with Ai-kun and keep out of trouble.

About ghostlightning

I entered the anime blogging sphere as a lurker around Spring 2008. We Remember Love is my first anime blog. Click here if this is your first time to visit WRL.
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76 Responses to Some Hard Thinking After Three Years of Blogging Anime

  1. Skribulous says:

    You like blondes? I approve of your tastes (even if I’m more or a brunette guy).

    Also, “moeblobs” are overrated. They’re nice to look at, sure, but no one sane should want those vapid things around 24/7.

    • The funny thing is I don’t like blondes. But Sheryl didn’t go for the black haired Yamato Nadeshiko look when she changes hair color because of 2 things:

      1. Needs to distinguish look from Minmay.
      2. Alto has that covered.

      Panty is hot mostly because of the whole deal, but we can’t say that her blondeness is coincidental rather than fundamental to her hotness. The blonde thing makes them larger than life. Even Sonoshee seems so meek and small compared to them (as characters/personalities).

  2. ajthefourth says:

    Sonoshee is ridiculously sexy. Along with her personality, I think a great deal of it has to do with how she is lovingly animated. The way she moves through space in Redline is fantastic, each and every scene that she is in.

    • Yi was on point. Look at her mouth. Sonoshee’s mouth is goddess tier. Look at her smiling (at Lynchman and Johnnyboya after she pwnt them), mouth wide open but incredibly curved.

  3. krizzlybear says:

    Interesting, but great choices! I’m more of a lover of dark hair, so my personal picks would be Misato Katsuragi and Faye Valentine. Interestingly enough, my third place bombshell is Celty Sturluson. I can’t explain it, but not having a head seems to enhance her shapeliness. Also, DAT LEATHER.

    I also pegged you for a yoko type, but oh well.

  4. animekritik says:

    Haha! Here I was expecting a serious discussion on the ins and outs of anime blogging and I get this!! I love Sonoshee and Panty, but just from the pics there I’d say Ranka is prettier than Sheryl (I know, I know, my opinion doesn’t count because I haven’t seen the show).

    I feel compelled to do my own version of this post :/

    • Ranka is moe and moe is more pretty than it is hot. And this post is serious business. I await your post eagerly.

    • Xard says:

      Both Frontier leads are attractive to me but there’s obvious difference. Ranka’s is of more cutesy type while Sheryl’s aims more for blatant sex appeal. So if “hot” here means simply attractiveness in general then I guess I find Ranka “hotter” than Sheryl, but if there’s a separation between two then Sheryl wins by definition as Ranka was always made as the wholesome idol whose draw points would be staggering cuteness and hard-to-define “lovability” while Sheryl was to be diva and modern pop star in vein of likes of Britney Spears and Rihanna whose stage act and appeal have a lot more to do with open eroticism.

      Though it isn’t near as black and white as it’s some times made out to be by fans, especially not so extra material and film version where Sheryl has slightly upped her cutesiness while Ranka has been matured both physically and mentally (though physically I guess it’s a matter of consistence too, tv series Ranka has habit of going from looking like 11 year old to looking like 18 year old depending on episode and scene as the creators clearly struggled to set her “age”. in films she looks and dresses her age which is 16). Especially with film!Ranka I find calling her a loli character slightly amusing because beyond DFC her body type is anything but. Hell, if she was taller and had big boobs the difference to Sheryl wouldn’t be big.

  5. Gah! Who would lean his/her arm on the piano keys like that?

  6. ViolentLucius says:

    Those rankings included some really hot chicks. And to be honest, Panty is really sex crazed, agreed totally but all in all Sheryl Nome is one hot anime character which tops the two. I’m gonna rewatch Macross Frontier.


      Other characters I’ve considered:

      Senjougahara Hitagi — Bakemonogatari (2009)
      Riza Hawkeye — Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2010) I know this is an older character, but I only saw BRO and only last year.
      Winry Rockbell — Fullmetal Alechemist: Brotherhood (2010) WTF is it with these blonde anime characters

  7. Shinmarizu says:

    You took the words out of my head, sir. Although I must declare that Sheryl is my favourite anime female character of all time, for the reasons you have stated and then some. Fantasy girlfriend, wife, whatever.
    As for a top 3 list… well, it’s kind of hard to think about considering how high a pedestal I have Sheryl on. Leaps and bounds.

  8. Reid says:

    I kinda wish there would be more smexy anime ladies that actually looked like they weren’t frail, skinny little things. I like women – real or illustrated makes no difference – with some muscle or at least (and including) some toughness toughness. I like female gym-rats, athletes and (pretty) soldiers as much as I like determined women of science, scholarly pursuits or rock n roll bands; I like chicks that can serve a purpose rather than…well, just getting stared at and objectified (not that I don’t appreciate – momentarilly – hawtness for hawtness’ sake).

    Alas, I couldn’t really evaluate the hawtest anime ladies of the last 10 years fairly, seeing as there aren’t too many drawn in the last 10 years that really stand out for me…well, except for some 🙂 If I HAD to pick my favorites among the hawt anime ladies of the past ten years… I’d say –

    Honorable mention: Sigyn Erster (Break Blade – hot scientist whose name means “victorious girl-friend” in Old Norse/ she likes to wear tiny hotpants and enjoys studying ancient mecha-related texts late into the night while wearing next to nothing)

    3. Yoko (“TTGL” – leggy redhead [the mother of my red-haired children will be a beautiful red-haired woman]/ wears tiny hotpants/ later becomes a hawt teacher/ good with a gun)

    2. Nono (“Diebuster” – cheerful, optimistic, friendly and genuinely happy doing what she does best = TURNS INTO A GIANT AND I MEAN A GIANT ROBOT THAT PUSHES BACK THE EARTH TO SAVE HUMANITY VIA A RIDER KICK FOR THE AGES/ also a redhead [when in Diebuster mode])

    1. Saeko Busujima (“High School of the Dead” – I usually don’t go for such busty ladies in real life or in the fantasy-world of anime viewing, but all girls in HSOTD are stacked so its unavoidable in this case: hot legs – goddang the legs/ fights the undead and villainous living suckas with expert swordsmanship/ loves [LIVES] to train and fight/ is calm in harrowing situations/ is genuine and giving, reserved yet not demure/ appreciates manly qualities and responds to real manliness/ cares about others and can take care of herself/ is a good cook)

    I’ll respond to your choices…(yawn) tomorrow (yaaaaawn). It’s 2:23 a.m. here 🙂 Peace, dood.

  9. Umm, don’t like Sonoshee to be honest, hate her type. But I agree with your other two choices, especially Sheryl. She’s just… WoW! Both in appearance and personality.

    • What type?

      Green-haired, self-motivated, talented, compassionate, easy-to-get-along-with, smoking hot, race car driver who shoots down missiles at point-blank range?

      But fuck yeah Sheryl! And I don’t think Panty gets enough credit — or rather, I don’t think she’s ever really taken seriously.

  10. megaroad1 says:

    He he. Wonderful gals you chose there Ghost. Like all 3 of them and Sheryl is just well, awesome on so many levels. And her chest has filled me with hopes and dreams
    Of the last 3 years, maybe Saeko from HOTD would have made it on my list.

    But the one that definitely rocked my world was Hitagi Senjougahara. It’s probably my inner masochist. The day a beautiful brunette threatens me with a stapler and offers me ‘tsundere service’, I’m sold….forever.

  11. Sakura says:

    Hubs approves of your #1 choice 😉

  12. Martin says:

    Before stopping to think about what my own selection would be, I greatly approve of yours. Panty wasn’t my personal fave of the Anarchy sisters actually – there’s something (a lot of things, probably) about Stocking that are more appealing and intriguing to me personally. Still, Panty is a lot of fun to watch and gives plenty of reasons to earn our admiration, so yeah.
    I didn’t enjoy Redline as much as I felt I ought to (I suppose I should rewatch it and give it a second chance) but Sonoshee is a rare example of a character type I wish we saw more often: the independent, grown up badass female who faces the guys on an even playing-field but still comes out of it with her femininity intact. She renders the issue of gender in motor racing irrelevant and is simply awesome, but her hawtness is very much evident and is the icing on the cake.
    I’ve always been a Sheryl fanboy if I were forced to choose between the two Macross heroines…partly because I generally go for the more mature one in situations like this, but also because her backstory is so affecting. ‘Static and perfect’ is boring. Tenacious and courageous is excellent.
    On the moe afterword: the distinction is there for me too. I sum it up as the difference between someone I’d adopt or date, but a truly ‘hawt’ character has to have more depth and complexity. I like my women grown-up, badass, full of tsunderism and a little scary but they have to be *interesting*.

    That’s all I can think of off the top of my head without the aid of more alcohol and sleep.

    • Yes, you got it.

      Hot characters are kind of scary, even if you’re not some loser otaku. In this matter they are the opposite of many kinds of moe. The tsundere character group provides some complexity to the consideration, but they are scary if they’re not pint-sized (like Taiga from Toradora). They’re scary if they’re taller, larger than life, and actually resemble real people rather than a combination of tropes.

  13. On my MAL page, I keep a list of heroines I regard as those capable of pulling me in by collars.

    Although Sheryl is my favorite for being a cut different from any other real-life pop star (and somehow she didn’t forget where she came from — from the gutters to the stars), if there was an anime woman close enough to match my personality, it’s still Sachiko.

  14. Kaioshin Sama says:

    ghostlightning likes em’ Blonde

    • Perhaps it’s useful to distinguish that these aren’t my “waifu” (especially in Anarchy Panty’s case), though I wouldn’t rule them out. I think that would require another post but yeah these girls are hot as hell (even if they wear brunette wigs).

  15. kluxorious says:

    Stocking > Panty. But I can see why men thinks she’s hot. She will fuck any man >_>

    Wrong, so wrong.

  16. Reid says:

    The things Ghost’s list makes me think of – “explained” via the power of METAL.

    3. Sonoshee

    We don’t accept defeat, we never will retreat;
    We blaze with scorching heat.
    Obliteration’s everywhere!
    Look before you leap
    Has never been the way we keep;
    Our road is free!
    Charging to the top and never give in
    Never stops the way to be;
    Hold on to the lead with all your will and concede:
    You’ll find there’s life with victory on high!

    2. Panty

    Blonde hair blue eyes – I can’t decide;
    You look so good you set me on fire.
    The way you walk makes people talk,
    Turns their heads and drop their jaws.
    She’s a diiiiiiirtay – dirty angel!

    1. Sheryl

    I don’t wanna live without you any more
    Can’t you see I’m in a misery?
    And you know for sure
    I would live and die for you
    And I’d know just what to do when you call me baby!
    Don’t say goodbye, say your gonna stay forever,
    Can you take me high enough?
    Can you fly me over yesterday?
    Can you take me high enough?
    It’s never over; yesterday’s just a memory.

  17. Matt Wells says:

    So three years of blogging entitles you to an extra waifu list?

    …Fair enough.

    Though she isn’t your type, I nominate Tsubasa Nishikiori. The gal is mistress of a traditional onsen, has a personal bodyguard force of cyborg former Yakuza killers, the tactical ferocity of Nobunaga, crazy mad surgeon skills (SHE STITCHED HALF A DUDE AND A GAL TOGETHER TO MAKE A WORKING PERSON) and handy with a knife: she’s a bundle of pent up hate and neuroses who wants nothing more to kill her ex-husband and her college professor (who gives a man called Hell a doctorate?!). The fate of the world comes second. All that AND a mother of two with the figure of a 30 year old. The only downside is that she has thrice the testicular fortitude of the average anime viewer, but based on Panty it seems you don’t mind a bit of verbal (or physical) abuse…

    The lack of Dojinshi of her quite frankly disgusts me. Y U NO LIKE HOT MAMA YAPPON?!

  18. Ryan A says:

    I like this list.. yea Nishikiori was p fn hot, but I agree with the selected trio (outside Anarchy, because I didn’t really finish that yet). I would have to say Ami (Toradora) and Yomi (Ga-Rei) would make great additions, but if we’re going by year, then they are both sadly ousted by the one and only Ms. Sheryl Nome.

    Hurrah for sexy bloggin’

  19. Xard says:

    Oh boy this wasn’t what I expected when I clicked the post title. Can’t say I’m disappointed though.

    3. Sonoshee (nipples) hell (nipples) yeah (nipples). She is indeed a hot package – in general for some reason she ends up giving me this “Hollywood film babe” feel instead of something more specifically japanese, or indeed anime related, in terms of character type. In any case a choice I can easily nod for.

    2. GUHHHHHHHHH no no no no no no no no nooooooooo, that queen bitch didn’t deserve to be angel and gain the following STF immunity, jeez. I admit she has a sexy body frame and all but that kind of “easy-to-do blonde american” type has never done anything to me at all. On the contrary even, Panty is, while not visually unappealing, boring to me in a porn star way of being boring. But it’s her personality that is such a huge turnoff that all I could say is HELL NO at offer, presuming I haven’t consumed bottle worth of Jack Daniels or something before hand. ,

    Stocking is way hotter to me anyway, her looks are much more to my taste (that haircut!) and her personality isn’t quite as vile…though they’re both still huge bitches, whis is kinda their charm anyway but…guhhh, yeah.

    1. Welp, Sheryl Nome.

    What is there to say here?

    I mean, well, yeah. Sheryl is Sheryl is Sheryl. Her inclusion on the list is simply undisagreeable in principle, period. I’m not really particularly attracted to her (maybe it’s the overlap in personalities to some extent but feeling Sheryl gives to me is first and foremost that of awesome fembro…who is also quite the looker, of course) but her Kindan no Elixir concert scene had this incredible tension and eroticism running through it without feeling at all tasteless or cheap. A lot has been written about her in this blog and elsewhere so I don’t think I need to explain too deeply why she’s such a natural inclusion.

    I do think that Sheryl is one of the best designed characters during the past years when it comes to her “character type” or whatever you want to call it. Of course she’s sexy and has a killer body but just as equally she’s able to carry this air and aura of classical beauty. It truly is a combination perfect for a diva like her and depending on needs of the scene she can go from being the ms. fanservice to, well, being simply gorgeous. So yes, a predictable no.1 choice for you but also one that’s really hard to disagree with…and I say this as someone who isn’t even really into the whole “perfect blonde american film actress” look in the first place.

    The distinction you’re making here between hot (though that depends on what’s the precise sense of the word used here) and moe however is not one that makes much sense to me and at the very least line is doomed to be very blurry with such ambivalent, janus-faced concept like moe that is equally a kind of unselfish protective urge and a form of fetishization. Many artists most adept at the whole modern bishoujo aesthetic thing that esp. dominates light novels are the ones that draw most basic, “animal lust” inducing characters – which I guess would best coincide with value-judgement like HOT – that at the same time retain most blatantly “moe” vibe to them.

    But that’s for later and for another post, perhaps alongside with a list I may try to put together.

    • Anarchy Panty is hotttt.

      Fetishes, are deviations from the norm — and hotness implies some normative property. Moe can and is fetishized, like many things moe otaku do. But I don’t speak for the moe otaku here.

      • Xard says:

        what I mean is that moe is in the first place ambivalent term…and kind of fetishism by definition (you don’t need to “fetishize it”). I’m not going to repeat myself and instead I’m just dropping a link to post I once wrote when I got utterly sick of the debate over term (it finished it, pretty much):

        yeah I was kind of pissed off while I wrote that, hah…

        • Keeping things simple: so, moé then is sexual by default and does not to be fetishized? Absurd.

          • Xard says:

            Well, the word has evolved from its inception and its meanings broadened but *normally* – if you look at the contexts in which the word is usually used in anime titles these days – there tends to be *some* degree of sexual arousal mixed in it. Why on Earth would so many of “moe triggers” revolve around things like cat ears, maid suits and the like otherwise? But then again there’s also the Akamatsu brand of “latent, nurturing feeling in men” in the mix too. All in all the whole concept is a huge mess and my preferred word for his Janus-faced due to its double quality of being equally nurturing and protective feeling and kind of predatory leering on this fantasy character.

            but of course since nowadays we even have “mecha moe” and the like the whole concept has kind of blown over… but in general it is senseless to separate moe characters from, uhh, sexual characters absolutely. Moe one may feel can be entirely asexual passion, mix of it and arousal or then it’s leaning towards lust more all depending on series and character. For example Chiyo-chan is really moe in my opinion, but it’s not like I’m aroused by Chiyo-chan. I think I put it best with my Asuka example:

            “In general it’s because moe contains this spectrum of “desire” that the most common usage can be described in terms like “In practice, moe means both love and a mild sexual arousal felt for fantasy characters”. Whatever aspect of moe gets emphatized depends on person, series, character etc. (K-ON downplays any sort of sexuality pretty much completely whereas Strike Witches is basically fanservice anime) – because anime girls tend to be hypersexualized (well, it’s not like typical comic book heroines are much different here) use of the otaku concept moe captures them really well. If one thinks of Asuka’s character Anno’s direction is clearly schitzophrenic in the way it can’t quite decide if it aims to have viewers look at her as poor, broken girl or as fantasy object. In fact it changes from scene to scene – moe is only word that actually captures this range of desire Asuka’s character provokes in many fans in one concept. ”

            it’s not like I think the way you use the word is incorrent but it’s “range” is not limited to that, Fujoshis in particular seem to derive moe more from events (like when friendships gets…gay) more than objects or characters per se to further confuse things. its meaning broad to dangerous degree of buzzwordness these days. Anyway, for above reasons I’ve never joined those who demonize “moe” as some sort of creepyness and pedophilia but on the other hand I can’t take too idealized conceptions of it either seriously. It’s pretty much in shades of grey like most things in life…and fiction. It can be good, it can be bad.

            The reason this jumped at me in particular was the picture you ended up using as example. Honestly, removed from the context of characters’s mental makeup and received and consciously formulated preconceptions of them (Sheryl = ms fanservice Ranka = pure moe character, or something like that are pretty common) what I see there are two beautiful young girls with kind of overtly idealized bodies that pass as normal in anime world in general. This makes them attractive if not necessarily “smoking hot” in my eyes. So if we leave aside things like Ranka’s innocence and the strong aura of “imouto character” she emits in TV series and image of Sheryl as slightly raunchy, openly sexual woman that one gets from familiarity with source material, going by *what is present in picture alone*… I’m not sure where conclusion like “Thanks for the demonstration Ranka-chan, now go play with Ai-kun and keep out of trouble.” would come from which is kind of patronizing way with which one would talk to 10-11 year old girl, not to someone who looks like that. It’s also similarly puzzling to me why “hot character” could transform momentarily into “moe character” and not vice versa – if such transformation was impossible in the first place hot character couldn’t change into moe character either.

            Because in japanese context the dividing line between hot character and moe character seems to be more like a revolving door than Berlin wall your final point at the end of the post left me feeling puzzled.

          • It’s not this complicated. Otaku sexualuze a lot of things. Non Otaku less so. Moé is appreciated beyond Otaku, not in a sexual manner. Very easy to distinguish. Otaku don’t because well, they like the sexualization.

          • Xard says:

            well, I’m not intending to drag some sort of debate about OMG MOE here but I’d like to point out the whole concept is deeply rooted in otaku subculture and was born within it. Indeed, without otaku there would be no concept of “moe” and it was from confines of this culture the word started to spread, mainly via the famous Densha Otoko book, drama etc.

            Since its origins have always been in discussions on eroge heroines and bishoujo characters…. well, what to say here? Otaku didn’ take a foreign, pure concept and pervert it. It was like it was from the start.

          • But I don’t speak to Otaku alone, nor do I represent their point of view solely. Therefore, my distinction is accessible and appropriate (and useful) for myself and the readers of WRL.

  20. plasticzaku says:

    I haven’t watched Redline or P&S yet, but I can agree that Sheryl is just amazing. Oh god, that opening performance in Sayonara no Tsubasa… I watched the movie raw as soon as I could get it and can’t wait to see it again subbed.

    I would give honorable mention to Revy (and most of the other female characters in Black Lagoon.) Revy is an epic badass, cold, crude, sadistic, and an infamous gunfighter. The little glimpses we get of how screwed up she is make her human, but it never ventures off into wounded deer territory. Her relationship with crewmate Rock is an interesting take on the tsundere archetype. She expresses indifference towards his survival or threatens to kill him herself regularly, yet is clearly protective of him in regards to real mental and physical trauma.

    • I don’t think Revy is that recent an anime character, I’m almost sure Black Lagoon came before 2008. This list is pretty much the female characters I’ve discovered since I started reading anime blogs (Spring 2008); and while I watched shows older than 2008 since then, I wanted to limit the field relevant to WRL’s 3rd anniversary. Otherwise you’ll probably see an Abh or two on this list.

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  29. VanessaRulse says:

    Detik-Detik LIAT RUMAH MEWAH yang Tenggelam BANJIR selesai Renovasi

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