Does Gundam AGE’s AGE System Make The Impossible Possible? (Gundam AGE Episode 02)

[sage]_Mobile_Suit_Gundam_AGE_-_02_[720p][10bit][26F41121].mkv_snapshot_13.55_[2011.10.17_07.16.43] BEST PICKUP LINE EVER

We Remember Love will be blogging every episode of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE or die in the attempt. I won’t promise the posts will be very good at all, but this series of posts serve to frame the discussion of this show on my terms, which full of anger, bitterness, rage, and hate, obviously.

Oh btw, this post series while focusing on the latest ongoing weekly Gundam show (what a pleasure to say that), will be totally oldfag friendly. Viewers new to the Gundam franchise will probably miss the references I make here, but feel free to ask me in the comments and I promise to patiently explain. Welcome to the world of Gundam!

Episode 02 finally put the Gundam in space, but this led to whole bunch of questions.


So, can the AGE system:

  • make a colony laser?
  • mass produce the Big Zam?
  • make Flit see (the tears of) time?
  • make a GN furnace?
  • make backpacks?

This is important! It’s like having the whole La Vie en Rose inside the White Base. How powerful is this machine?

[sage]_Mobile_Suit_Gundam_AGE_-_02_[720p][10bit][26F41121].mkv_snapshot_14.28_[2011.10.17_07.17.39] EAT YOUR HEART OUT KIRA YOU GOT RAMIUS I GOT ME A LOLI

In other news, I personally enjoyed how the evacuation and the crisis in the colony played out. It reminded me of Unicorn in a good way. But I’m not here to review the episode. I have a panel of experts for that.


You can also holler at the panel. Let them know how YOU feel about the episode and their respective opinions.

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I entered the anime blogging sphere as a lurker around Spring 2008. We Remember Love is my first anime blog. Click here if this is your first time to visit WRL.
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70 Responses to Does Gundam AGE’s AGE System Make The Impossible Possible? (Gundam AGE Episode 02)

  1. wirsling says:

    Gah, have…to…wait…until someone encodes a proper 8-bit file. Seriously, just one insane technofag subber, thats all we get for new Gundam show ?

  2. Matt Wells says:

    We criticise the board, not you? I take it the lineup will change as running gags permit it? I may end up enjoying this more than the show itself…

    And don’t feel too bad Fraw. You couldn’t pilot the Gundam because you were a woman in a 70’s robot show, you weren’t allowed to do anything useful in case you got crazy ideas in your head, like the right to vote. And as for settling for Hayato; Amuro was tripped out on Mind Sex with an Indian Nazi child prostitute, Kai was busy pimping it like it was 1999, and Bright fell to Mirai’s moe charms. You did the best you could when life dealt you a shitty hand. At least you were mercifully widowed young.

    • Reid says:

      “Somebody get this man a Glock!”

      Brilliant stuff, my friend. I applaud you.


      Also, Fraw says her biggest regret was not choking Katz in the tub while she could.

  3. bonehimer says:

    AGE system creates Asemu.

  4. Reid says:

    Char, Char, Char…the Tifa Adil lookalike (even with similar psychic powers!) CAN’T be a loli if Flit is the one picking her up…nor can Flit have a lolita complex. They’re both of them underage, old chum. Any kind of consensual relationship between them (relations? mwahaha) are protected via the “Romeo and Juliet Laws” that most legal systems have in the books.

    • So you’re basically saying that if they’re both underage, they’re not loli? 😛

      • Reid says:

        Not to each other, they’re not. I think it’s Char (as portrayed here) who has the hang-up with young girls, not Flit himself. As the viewers, we have to seperate ourselves from the subject matter sometimes. Char has a hard time doing this, it seems.

        Also, I’m pretty sure nobody in this show is supposed to be portrayed as sexy no matter what. It’s just not that kind of show.

        • Drew says:

          It’s Japan. Isn’t the age of consent 13 over there? And, aren’t Flit and Emily coincidentally 14?

          Just sayin’.

          • Matt Wells says:

            That is a common misconception of many Western businessmen/pedophiles, who are invaribly disapointed when Japanese Police tazer their testicles for raping legal status “children”.

            Japan’s national ideal of beauty sadly remains 14 year old girls, for reasons I’m never entirely sure of.

  5. Fadeway says:

    Mmmm drillbeams, I think we are witnessing the birth of TTGL’s successor!

  6. Shinmarizu says:

    Always appreciative of the panel, especially Char!
    And about the loli factor: there shouldn’t be any. Anything that may supposed as sexual is derived from the viewer’s perspective (aka take off those loli-goggles you sick bastards and Rule 34-ers).

    THE Mu: Seriously? 2 of 5? What else are you looking for? Rifle bits, gold armor? Mask? Second Chances? (Oh wait….) (Sorry Char, forgot you were standing there for a second….)

  7. Andaer says:

    Yes! I guess your panels will be make this show much more entertaining.

    First two episodes haven’t been too bad, it’s somehow refreshing to see something old and familiar in a new style. As long as the AGE system is not almighty I will keep watching. There are still many promising things unrevealed.

  8. sadakups says:

    Don’t worry Frau. Emily is going to continue your legacy.

    And I was waiting for Yurin to say “Power… for you”.

  9. WhatSht says:

    Use the AGE system to make a pair of GN drives, then build a unit that can attack to the gundam to balance it, give the gundam VPS armor, and then the gundam is indestructible. And that Yurin reminds me of Tiffa.

    • Why stop at a pair?





      • Guntank41 says:

        I was seriously planning in not watching this series at all, but very the idea of seeing these things, as hopeless as it seems, makes it worth wasting my time.

        Thanks (I guess?) ghostlightning!


          • Guntank41 says:




            HARO BRAS.

        • You’re probably going to regret it. BUT OH SO DELICIOUS REGRET! IT’S THE STUFF OF YOUTH!

          • Guntank41 says:

            Eh, I gave up on fully enjoying every Gundam since I tried re-watching W. Why is it that as a ten year old it is so much easier to ignore the recycled animations and plot holes with bright flashing lights? Lower standards?
            That said, this at least has a much more acceptable production value. Its still a cake, even its its got Spongebob plastered in the icing, and I don’t intend to let that ruin ALL my fun.

          • Yes, lower standards! Everything seems new! Acceptable is also a variable standard. Someone who’s seeing this for the first time has his eyes popping out from the awesome. It’s good to be that kid too.

  10. It can make weapons. Possibly bigger and meaner suits too. But… CAN IT MAKE COFFEE???

  11. squaresphere says:

    Great points on Ep2

    1) AWESOME take over of the ship AND covering his tracks by deleting crew data. Grodek Ainoa get’s an A+ (also, I like that he’s got a unique look)

    2) Continuation of “Mobile Suits are heavy and walk with a lot of mass” Sure Flint was tasked with moving the Gundam to the ship, but the Gundam wasn’t sprinting like a track star. Sure it’s early in the series and it could get a “mobility upgrade” at any point, but i’m liking that the suits can’t stop on a dime and do a pretty spin.

    3) Vargas continues to seem like an reasonable adult despite his character design. I completely applaud him in Ep1 when he tried to stop Flint from getting in the Gundam (also Flint gets a +1 for not thinking about piloting the suit himself first). This time around, his interaction with the other kids make sense, sure it’s a plot device to inform the watcher about “techno babble” in the show but ok at this point.

    4) Millais Alloy + Bridge crew: not trusting Ainoa and continue to be suspicious. Their scenes were few but this bunch seems competent (is Feddie cross training so awesome that a Colony Operation intersects with Battleship Bridge Operations???)

    Not so high points:

    1) AGE builder… so this is the magic pixie dust of the series? It’s not so bad yet, but it needs flaws to stay out of the, super weapon of the week category. Off the top of my head it could have a resource limitation (making new weapons from scratch has to resource intensive), suit compatibility issue, (ie it has a design idea but the Gundam doesn’t have a big enough power supply to use it “yet”, etc)

    2) Loli girls have no function other than “moral support” and “i haz new type powerz”, the most traditional roles for females in Gundam. Sure it’s early and making Flint in the same age group does help the “why do we have loli’s here now?”, but I hope these characters do some growing up and character expansion other than upgrading to “nurse” or “I can now cook”. Surprisingly, if they go Bridge Bunny route, I’m strangely ok with that, given the competency of the crew.

    Overall: Gundam AGE continues to surprise and delight me with smart writing and interesting characters. Story is a bit of eh, at this point but we’re only 2 in and there’s plenty of time to get that moving.

    • Excellent points. You made my blogging this show worth it. Seriously. Thank you.

      As a prize you get to pick one panelist for next week’s show. Any character from Gundam is fair game.

      • squaresphere says:

        ooo the honor’s all mine 😀

        Hmm since Flint built his Gundam I think the panel needs an fellow Gundam Engineer to help “balance” the pilot heavy opinions. I nominate Nina Purpleton, sure she might be a little flaky on the relationship side (and a whole lot crazy biznatch on the other), but she was the driving mind behind TWO Gundam systems.

  12. Kalandor says:

    I’m looking forward to regular posts about this show. I had the pleasure of following Dark Mirage when he was cowering Gundam 00. His sarcastic blogging style together with his love/hate relationship for the show was an amusing read.

  13. Myssa Rei says:

    Oh Char, does it even count if the character AND the girl he picked up with his MS are near the same age?

    As for the episode itself, I got flashbacks of Gundam X in the scenes where Flit and Yuurin together. Mmm, do I taste BOTH a Newtype AND the possible pilot of the UE that he destroyed? Delicious drama fodder for the future.

    • Char tells me to revise his statement as: “Flit performs a perfectly appropriate and gentlemanly act of letting a person sit on his lap. If he let Emily sit on the other lap at the same time I’d give the ep a much higher score.”

      • Shinmarizu says:

        You do realize that now that you say that, it’s going to happen in say, episode *rolls dice* 7, and following the subsequent catfight and “negotiation (wink wink nudge nudge),” there’s going to be an illegitimate child or something equally soap-opera worthy in the next half of the series.
        THUMBS UP
        You heard it here first.

  14. Stormshrug says:

    The AGE system was gigantically less bullsh*t than I expected, and this pleases me greatly. Of course, it’s just setting me up for eventual disappointment, but still, I was very gratified to see the AGE system be “normal sci-fi total bullsh*t” and not “LOLOLOL Lambda Driver GN Spiral Power Super Robot bullsh*t.”

    On a scale of Giant Robot bullsh*t, it ranks as follows:

    -Use of Inflatable Santas as Decoys (totally not bullsh*t and completely awesome)

    -Wrist-Mounted Gatling Guns (probably not actually feasible but not particularly bullsh*t)

    -Minovsky Particles (bullsh*t that justifies other, bigger in-setting bullsh*t)

    -Magically Indestructible New Metals (bullsh*t, but too common to complain much about)

    -The AGE System (at least it doesn’t use “nanomachines”)

    -Robots that Can Fly (like a jet) (kinda bullsh*t)

    -I-Fields (kinda bullsh*t, but limited in scope and therefore acceptable)

    -Rock-throwing Zakus (F*CKIN’ ROCKS OUT OF NOWHERE)

    -The Unicorn’s Newtype Destroyer Mode

    -Robots that Can Hover Indefinitely (f*ck you, Code Geass R2)

    -Lasers that Bend and Home-In (why do so many good shows insist on this particular piece of bullsh*t?)

    -Teleporting Robots

    -Lambda Drivers (“You thought this was Real Robot, didn’t you, sucker” bullshit)

    -The Gundam Hammer, in all incarnations (Wait, wasn’t the morning star one of the most dangerous, difficult to control weapons OF ALL TIME? LET’S PUT ONE ON A GIANT ROBOT!)

    -Being a successful pacifist in a giant robot

    -Anything to do with Gundam Seed Destiny

    -Chickens on Bright Noah’s head (FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-)

  15. Lokey says:

    The thing about the Age System is it’s pretty much a Deus Ex Machina factory. If it gets blown up somewhere down the line and they have to think of what to do without it, that might be interesting to watch.(‘Might’ being the key word here.)
    Two things really bothered me in this episode though. First, how in the Bald Wizard’s name did the Age sysem make the wiring for the gun? The dude said it made stuff out of raw material ingots. Grrrcheese, why is there such a big plot hole in the SECOND episode. And what powers it? Does it get power from the Gundam like the old RX-78’s gun? Also, it’s special feature is that the beam spins, right? But looking at other gundam shows, most the the beams fired already spin. Watch Unicorn 2, when Banagher blocks the shot with his shield, it’s very obviously spinning.
    Second, Flit’s trying to get into space, he falls to the “lowest level” in his own words, and instead of doing the smart thing, and you know, shooting out the floor, he decides to wander aimlessly until Yurin guides him to where the bad guys shoot out the floor. Just aim down and fire dude, it will save you soooo much time.

    • Stormshrug says:

      I’m willing to bite and defend the AGE system as not being a “Deus ex Machina factory” (me? Defending Gundam AGE? Bullsh*t!). As it is currently (and this may well change, we’ll see) it is very possible that it cannot just churn out gods. All it has done SO FAR is dynamically improve existing technologies based on new circumstances and factors. Now, I’m not going to disagree that this is total crap from a hard science standpoint, but it’s not total crap that grants unlimited power (necessarily – see above), and from a narrative standpoint, that’s much more important. It is (currently) limited by a few things that make it, in my eyes, somewhat reasonable:

      -It needs combat data to work. It can’t just adapt to new circumstances instantly, which means that the first fight where they encounter any new enemy tech is going to be tough. Now, this could easily end up being a formulaic Power Rangers-esque “engage enemy, retreat, use AGE (and learn lesson), beat enemy” weekly pattern, but that’s on the writers to prevent that from happening.

      -It is limited by physical materials. Yes, they may just abstract out all instances where they run low on ingots and other materials, but they might not. Opportunities exist here. Again, the writers are on the hook to make use of this sort of thing to prevent the show from growing formulaic.

      -It is limited by time. The production isn’t instant (even if it is unrealistically fast). This means that, at the very least, there will be some drama at key junctures while the team has to tarpit enemy forces until a new upgrade is ready. Such situations make for good heroic sacrifices, and the blood of heroes soaks the foundation of Gundam’s greatness. Again, this could easily grow formulaic, so the writers will have to be creative. But, sh*t, we knew already that they were going to have to be creative for this to be a good show, right?

      Regarding wiring and power sources, I’m going to be FAR TOO CHARITABLE to Gundam AGE and offer you my fan-wank on the matter that is in no way substantiated by the show: the wiring and power source *are* done with materials other than the Ingot from which the frames of new devices are cut. This is not actually shown because much of the process is abstracted out.

      It’s that or Nanomachines. And those things are f*cking magic.

    • Plot hole? Where?

      Magic Science Fiction do not constitute a plot hole. They can strain the suspension of disbelief for some, but all the story demands is that the AGE system give the Gundam a weapon. The science and rules for it haven’t been established yet and even if what happened in this episode doesn’t work in physics, it does not leave a hole in the plot. If you are certain of your claim, kindly lay out in detail what the plot is and explain where the hole is.

      Flit is a kid who designed the Gundam, not an ace pilot. Not yet anyway. I’d be displeased if he was while piloting the Gundam for the first time.

  16. Anime Games says:

    I’m also a fan of gundam but recently I wasn’t able to watch the show the thing about gundam that I love is that it’s not to far fetch and can happen in the real world maybe only time will tell. Compared to other anime’s it’s more realistic in some ways not too kiddy and to mature just enough to capture all audiences from kids to adults alike. You might want to play this simple Gundam game just want to share to those who love gundam hope you will like it

  17. CVPhased says:

    Great analogy on the La Vie en Rose right there, if the AGE System dictates that it will need a colony laser, then it will build one… awesome!

    And by the way, I’m really envious of your panel right there, wish I could get myself those, haha!

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  19. Suiman says:

    Seeing Grodek’s trauma attack during the UE assault in contrast to his shipjacking feat in ep 2 makes him quite an intriguing character. As mentioned by squaresphere, I also like how the crew was suspicious (whether it was grounded on distrust or simply following military protocol) over Gordeck’s newfound authority. Moreover, I love how Millais and that other guy were all discreet in verifying the claim of their supposed captain.

    Also, why was Flint startled when he finally caught up with Yurin? Perhaps it was his first time to see a young girl’s bare legs. I wholeheartedly approve of Age’s lolis.

    Hmmm, I feel something bad will happen to all those people inside the colony core.



      I agree with your points, this show is getting better by the episode and I love it. There’s enough subtlety to make it mature, with the nuances you observe and then more in the succeeding episode.

  20. Rozz says:

    This definitely boosts the argument making the AGE system OP but then again it’s pretty awesome, and that comment on the picture under Char is hilarious and awesome 😛

  21. iiiii says:

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