Gundam Wing Finale: A Trainwreck Done Right


The Deathscythe grabbed one of the cars in a decoy transport train by OZ and derailed it, flipping all the succeeding cars in the air in a massive wreck. This is a turning point of my attitude towards Mobile Report Gundam Wing. I had thought it was all kinds of terrible, but the ending changed everything.

What I saw was a complex series of events wherein LadyUne took tactical command of a global OZ operation to take down the Gundams. It involved a mass transport movement across continents and hemispheres: all a clever ruse to get the Gundams to attack them. The kid pilots all fell for it.


The plan takes into account the documented abilities of the 5 Gundams. They intend to have them deplete their ammunition early, especially in the case of HeavyArms, but they single out Wing to match up with the newly unveiled Tallgeese mobile suit, which is purported to be the superprototype of the superprototype Gundams.


The battle however, does not go very well for the OZ forces, and LadyUne admits that she did not expect the Gundams to be so super robot. Even Zechs in his Tallgeese isn’t doing so good in his duel with Heero’s Wing Gundam. Noin starts taking initiative and gives out orders. LadyUne slaps her cold. Her strategies, she says, never fail.

LadyUne squares off with the insubordinate Noin and Zechs, who debate with her about the interpretation Treize’s desires. LadyUne will not be gainsaid, however. She holds all the colonies under hostage by pointing missiles at them.


At this point, a mysterious Dr. J appears, taking credit for the Gundams. He offers surrender, but is unwilling to hand over the Gundams. Heero understood the order (from Dr. J, presumably) and performs his last heroic act.

Heero made himself an hero, and self-destructed the Wing Gundam. This is the rarest of treats: we see the full destruction of the signature Gundam of a TV series, and the death of the lead pilot. Sure there are heroic sacrifice tropes aplenty in the 30+ year-old franchise, but Heero’s final, defiant act stands unique.


Thus ends a unique experience. I realize that 10 episodes is a rather strange number for Gundam TV anime, shorter than a couple of OVAs it did back in the 90s, but after seeing what this 10th and final episode pulls off I fully realize why and how Gundam Wing captured the imagination of an entire generation of fans and why it endures as a classic.

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36 Responses to Gundam Wing Finale: A Trainwreck Done Right

  1. Shinmaru says:

    I accept and approve of your interpretation of Gundam Wing.

  2. Kiri says:

    I approve of this post.

  3. Myssa Rei says:

    MENTAL Orwellian retroactive continuity editing? Fabulous.

  4. Pterobat says:

    Gundam Wing was the anime that I cut my teeth on: the source of a lot of anime fandom firsts for me, in spite of my having to chase it through several different red-eye timeslots (thanks, Canadian television!)

    I’ve since seen several other Gundam series, both AU and UC, but Gundam as a whole has never resonated with me all that deeply. I’ve wanted to watch Wing again for a long time, though, since I’ve wondered what I would think of it now, namely if the nostalgia factor is still there, or I would just rip it to shreds and reject it. I really should crack open that DVD set I bought on a whim one of these days.

  5. Anya says:

    LOL ending in 10 episodes. I watched this as a kid because it was the only Gundam show on TV at the time, and that scene where he made himself an hero is one of the most memorable. Not because it was great, but more of “oh hey lookie new shit happening”.

  6. Turambar says:

    That’s a nice dream ghosty. Nice dream.

  7. schneider says:

    Wing is quite the beast. It’s very funny how there are a lot of model kits of mechs that never made it to the show. I still recall my shitty 1/144 Wing Gundam Zero, which was the supposed mid-series upgrade for Heero.

    I don’t know how or why the writers of the show got to finish it up in such a shocking manner, but it really struck me as a kid. Heero was well, a hero. Shame on the people who’ve shat on what must be their gateway Gundam! I realize that it ended on a perfect note, model kit sales be damned.

    I wish Bandai would make a Master Grade Tallgeese.

  8. Reid says:

    Finally, someone knows how I feel about Evangelion (for very obviously different reasons)!

  9. kadian1364 says:

    But, but… how will we get feathered wings on a Gundam now?

  10. Matt Wells says:

    As glorious as this post is, you ARE going to see this trainwreck through to the end, I hope?

    Ghostlightning: watches all the shitty Gundam in the world so YOU don’t have to!

  11. squaresphere says:

    Heh, well it has to be pointed out that this is where Sunrise finally “figured out” how to make a Gundam series that got a broader audience than “mecha otaku”. Ie, pretty boys in super robots that need lots of hugs. The only thing they missed out on was more angst for the sake of angst.

    All this leads to more fanfics/art than you can shake a stick at.

    Honestly I’m still waiting on Sunrises attempt at either harem Gundam or slice of life Gundam next.

    • Matt Wells says:

      Honestly I’m still waiting on Sunrises attempt at either harem Gundam or slice of life Gundam next.

      Why else do you think we have SD Gundam? MARK MY WORDS, IT WILL HAPPEN!

    • I’m watching what the fanfic producers call “episode 18” and let me tell you, this show has gone into complete shit. I mean we should’ve known from the OP alone:

      …around 1:15

      Heero and Zech’s duel (Heavyarms vs. Tallgeese) would’ve been interesting if it weren’t so pointlessly stupid in the worst way. If the Wing Gundam can take that big rifle’s worst IN THE FACE, then what’s the point of Heavyarms moving around. Heero can just rush the Tallgeese, brush off EVERYTHING (including beam saber strikes) and cut it up or empty all its ammo on it. During the fight Tallgeese DID SLASH THE HEAVYARMS OVER AND OVER AND OVER WITH A BEAM SABER.


      This is such bullshit.

      • Vendredi says:

        My opinion is that Zechs is truly the most talented of all Chars. Yeah, the other Char clones get fancy toys like the Sinaju, but Zechs is that kid who had to walk 8 miles uphill in the snow to fight Gundams with a rusty spoon.

        • No.

          Tallgeese is a superprototype equal to, no, greater than the Gundams, while Zakus, Gelgoogs, the Zeong (only 80% complete!), the Hyaku Shiki, the Sazabi, and yes the Sinanju are all inferior to the Gundams they fought against.

          NOW, take Quattro in an overmatched Hyaku Shiki fight off Haman Karn AND Paptimus Scirocco in their top of the line Qubeley (don’t underestimate it) and The O.

          • Vendredi says:

            Ah, but I would say Wing’s super machines have an element of self-destruction about them. Tallgeese has of course the deadly G-forces, but Epyon and Zero both feature an element of possession. Also, Zechs and the other OZ pilots face down the Gundams plenty of times in other Mobile Suits. But yes, the plot armour levels are rather ridiculous. I think Wing had some of the most interesting “grunt” machines, but alas, a lot of it is wasted.

            Qubeley is not a machine I’d ever underestimate; it was actually the first Gundam-brand model kit I picked up (admittedly, a very simple SD model), before I even knew what Gundam was – just sitting there on the shelf. If anything it stood out all the more amongst all the similar (and to my eye, goofy-looking) looking Gundam types on the shelf, what with the mono-eye and stark white colours. Not until much later did I find out about it’s story and it’s pilot.

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  13. banagherlinks says:

    A deep shit will always remain as a deep shit even if you cover it with colorful wrappers and glamurous light. There are two common reasons in gundam franchise why the heroes choose to self destruct. First off, to ensure a game plan will be excecuted no matter what(I can’t find what word is to describe in anavel gato’s) which I find as passionable, dedication and heroic. The second is just to avoid enemy capture. Which the latter may be one of the reasons heero choose to kamikazee( *huh?*). To avoid OZ from getting their hands on that piece of technology perhaps. But after that, wing lose all it’s awesomeness in the eyes of a Sharp critic. As said in a gundam wing basher site, the body remained intact. The purpose is to eliminate all the posibilities of OZ retrieving wing’s remains and use it for their own. What explosives are installed in the gundam anyway? A bunch of firecrackers? Second, no human being is expected to survive that kind of explosion. We already saw heero falling from a 10 storey building without having parachute and all he had is a broken leg as a casualty. Yeah right, talking about MAJOR PLOT ARMOR or something…… }:(

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