Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 03: I’M SOLD!

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 03 DODS Rifle

I went into watching this show really wanting it to succeed. I was hopeful, but careful. The first two episodes were competently done, but nothing in them really stood out to me. They were just living up to my minimum expectations on what a good Gundam show would be for kids. This episode changed this. I’m leaping off the fence because this episode rocks. This is good stuff. Oh yes Gundam welcome back!



The tension is well orchestrated between two things: a series of duels between the Gundam and the UE mecha, and then the somewhat complex rescue/salvaging of the severely damaged colony. It wasn’t just bad guys vs. kid inside the Gundam. There were things the adults needed to do and boy did they do it.

The duels themselves are interesting, especially the final one. It was long, drawn out, and inconclusive, and not in a completely annoying (Jerid) way. This happened because the combatants had high defensive capabilities as well as speed and agility, and that their weapons were underpowered. Imagine that! Underpowered weapons! Underpowered beam weapons.


More importantly, the sheer amount of misses made by Flit despite discovering his Newtype (unconfirmed) abilities with the help of Yurin L’Ciel on his lap. The whole sequence was sweet, and involved visual references to Amuro fighting Lalah’s Elmeth’s funnels back in Solomon in Mobile Suit Gundam, particularly the image of the beam rifle tracking down the target’s motion. It was satisfying to watch Banagher Links miss so much (especially with his limited ammunition) vs. Full Frontal’s Sinanju in Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, I’m very glad they brought back this dynamic here.

Otherwise you get the insta-kill God-mode AU boys from Wing, 00, and SEED.

This show is doing a lot of things I like, I can only hope it can be sustained. So Flit won his first battle. Captain Bruzar made his heroic sacrifice. “Your priority is to save the lives of many than to save the lives of one!” The show introduced death early, and in a mature way. The Diva, as a capital ship did more than most of the featured capital ships in the Gundam franchise. Beyond Unicorn, this show went ahead and depicted the complete destruction of the colony. Flit doesn’t get the girl all at once, and is headed for what could be the first truly interesting (and not fucked up) love triangle in Gundam.

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 03 Captain Bruzar Last Flight

Then a new character rises from sleep, woken by the scent of battle. He must be a villain! The Diva will be transporting more survivors than the White Base did, and in a way that’s more Macross (Frontier) than old school Gundam. There’s a lot of wrinkles and nuances here that experienced viewers can appreciate.

AGE is still simplistic the way kids’ shows tend to be, and I’m glad, while it handles death not in a stupid way, or avoids it entirely like the G. I. Joe cartoons of my childhood. I’m really into it now!

Apparently, there are a LOT of reactions to this episode, I had to turn a whole bunch of fools away and still I had to accommodate some well-wishers and of course the reviewers.


I too offer my congratulations, especially for holding on to the DODS Rifle even though it was out of energy/ammunition, unlike Kamille in Z Gundam who routinely ditched the rifle into the vastness of space whenever he felt he wanted to use his beam saber instead. But don’t get a big head now Flit!


I’m sure many will disagree with me in terms of how I feel about the episode, no less from the esteemed panel of critics that I invite every week.


Princess Marina Ismail is too poor for punctuation. Tsk, tsk. Remember you can also holler at the panel(s). Let them know how YOU feel about the episode and their respective opinions.

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85 Responses to Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 03: I’M SOLD!

  1. Jack says:

    Let’s see. One UE flies up to right outside the bridge of the Diva, and then decides, “fuck it, I’ll let them live” and decides to go fly off into the colony and strafe the headquarters instead. This is the same UE who then decides to let the Gundam and the Colony go, when Flit makes his GAR speech about not letting it past (despite his rifle being out of energy). This is the sissiest enemy ever. I bet it turns out to be a girl.

    • Reid says:

      You’re probably right. Yurin is no doubt one of “their” people sent as a mole to win the heart of the kid who created the “White Devil” and hopefully stop him. She’ll probably pull a fake-out heel-face-turn by pretending to “really fall in love with Flit,” which will just set it up perfectly for her to be the Big Bad of the series.

      The Wolf dude (wiff his kyuuuuuuut widdle doggy ears…[vomit]) will probably end up being the coolest guy in the show – at first. However, before the end, he’ll be a defeat-means-friendship ally at best or a constanly hopeless clown that nevertheless gets portrayed as good.

      • Stormshrug says:

        You underestimate his chances of dying LIKE A BOSS and becoming immortalized as one of the Gundam Franchise’s many, many, many baddass mentor martyrs.

        • Reid says:

          One can only hope. He looks to be the next Bernard Monsha; maybe he’ll end up as the next South Burning as well!

        • Jack says:

          Seeing as this show spans 100 years, it’s kind of guaranteed Flit will die, even if it’s just a boring death like old age. Unless they drop some cryogenics on his ass! Then he comes back wearing a mask in the end to hide a cryogenic dethawing that went horribly wrong! ;D

    • THE ONE, THE ONLY, JUDAU FUCKIN’ ASHTA disagrees, he says he fights girls all the time and it does not make him a sissy.

  2. Tenryu says:

    i don’t conisder Flit won the battle at all… more the enemy/AI over estimating the success of its actions.
    And lets not get started on Flit’s ‘statement’ and the Gundam’s pose… i would complain that at this point why not use the beam saber/knife(?) instead of just floating there with its arms open if it weren’t for the character designs.
    i say this because personally i don’t go look for information, and at this point in time nothing has convinced me this is a ‘kids’ show other than the character design. I’ll be sure of it untill the end or when/if the Diva transforms into a robot or docks with the Gundam to form a bigger Gundam.
    And here is hoping that Emily doesn’t become an actual diva, i don’t know if that will be a bad thing or awesomness.
    And one last thing i need to say. Opposite of Turn A?

    • Reid says:

      The Diva DOES sort of look like it could be a huge MS, doesn’t it?

      • WhatSht says:

        Front View of The Diva reminds me of the Front View of The Macross, wouldn’t be surprised to see it transform Macross-style into a giant MS.

    • Daghda sat me down and broke it down for me:

      A battle is “won” when certain conditions are met. Let us call these “victory” conditions. [Usso hoots, Shakti glares him down]

      D: Very rarely is a victory condition the complete annihilation of all hostiles. You’ll have to go back to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood where the operations were often exterminations because the war against Ishval was that of genocide. Still, Amestris “won” the war despite not killing every single Ishvalite.

      The victory conditions here in the battle of Nora would be the survival of the colony core. It does not matter how many hostiles are eliminated as long as they are prevented from further threatening the colony. The bonuses are: survival of the Gundam and its pilot, elimination of hostile units, or for something truly bonus: capture of a hostile enemy unit.

      gl: why then did Flit not persist in attacking the UE mecha given that he had a beam saber and instead made what would seem to me a useless, but dramatic gesture?

      D: Inexperience. He isn’t a trained soldier. He doesn’t understand at all how the best way to defend the colony was to persistently attack the hostile unit. He was lucky that the UE weren’t as interested in further engagement. Perhaps it was more damaged than it seemed, but tactically, that was a rookie mistake.

      gl: Shouldn’t you remove him from active duty then until he gets trained and schooled before he makes even bigger mistakes?

      D: If we have experienced pilots available, it would be the conservative course of action. But we must also consider his accomplishments and talent. Flit did good here, things we would award medals for. Also, historically, the best pilots usually ended up being underaged boys who acquired the Gundam in strange or accidental circumstances. Here we have the actual unit’s developer — an advantage over people who were thrown into situations like Judau, or who stole Gundams like Kamille.

      The One, The Only, Judau Fuckin’ Ashta: THAT KID DON’T HAVE NUTHIN’ ON ME!

      gl: Thanks Daghda, I think Tenryu will appreciate your insight.

      • Tenryu says:

        Oh i do, i just didn’t expect such a somewhat deep analysis (sweat) of the situation.

        i agree with Flit not attacking because of inexperience and probably a bit younger than most first time MS pilots(or seems to be younger, character design hard to judge age), therefore not as hot headed or angry or cheeky.

        I do agree on the ‘winning condition’ in which i will say this, both sides won the ‘objective’. But i still say the enemy AI(assuming its an AI) over estimated its success, but a success none the less.

  3. Reid says:

    I too was impressed with this episode. Like some others, I can already see that this looks to be less of a “kids’ show” than what initial appearances might have lead us to believe and I think that’s a great idea. The shout-outs to great moments from past Gundam shows is also appreciated, be it Flit’s pseudo-Newtype moment in the cockpit (with the Six Million Dollar Man slow-mo gun barrel target tracking thrown in for good measure), or his successive (and successful) first encounters with the UE calling back to Amuro’s first meeting with Char or even Commander Bruzar’s heroic sacrifice, which calls to mind lots and lots of memorable sacrifices in Gundam’s history.

    Another thing I really enjoyed about the episode were the (admittedly obvious, but still welcome) limitations placed on the AGE Builder. Like Vargas tells Dique, they can’t just whip up some new superweapon for the Gundam any old time they want to – they have to analyze the combat data first, which means every new battle is going to be tough. However, with the appearance of the Zedas-type UE mobile suit (and Baqto soon to appear) it won’t be long before the AGE Builder starts spitting out the AGE-1’s alternate forms to catch up.

    The next episode preview also piqued my interest – I think it’s pretty cool that we’ll soon be seeing a similar situation between Flit and Wolf as we saw between Kou Uraki and Bernard Monsha in “0083”. However, one has to wonder: why does the same-side rival/ reluctant ally always give the plucky hero the benefit of using the unbeatable Gundam instead of leveling the playing field? And what about Largan Drace? Isn’t he the guy that was supposed to pilot the Gundam in the first place? Does he not get a say in this? (I’m biased in his favor because he’s a redhead)

    • THE ONE, THE ONLY, JUDAU FUCKIN’ ASHTA: Nobody wants to see any more of that Uraki vs. Monsha rubbish. Kou is a loser and Monsha is a dumbass jock who joined the Titans and never amounted to anything. Also this sucks. WHY SO MANY OLD PEOPLE? Good thing that Bruzar geezer died so there’s one less of them to waste time on, there’s only the fat one who couldn’t even make stuff from the AGE builder. I’d have that thing mass produce ZZ Gundams and instantly crush the enemy.

      • Reid says:

        I can figure out where all the others on the panel are coming from…but Judau, not at all. I have no idea what you’re trying to tell me. Koe vs Monsha is a good idea, or would be if they both fought it out in the same type of MS.

        • Matt Wells says:

          I’d like more dickish senpais in Gundam myself. Hammers home the idea that the hero’s allies in the Federation are not neccesarily good guys. The reason Monsha had a GM handicap in his duel with Kou is ’cause he thought he’d be whipping a wet behind the ears test pilot. Kou’s resourcefulness and South Burning’s privilage of choosing the Gundam pilot was the only reason he was allowed to keep on the White Base, otherwise Kou would have been stuck on toilet duty for swiping it without orders.

          Judau’s comments don’t have to make sense. HE’S NOT ANIME. HE’S HONTO NO KOTO SA. He’s an inbred space guido Char in training wheels who actually got to act out on his sister complex. His sexual magnetism tuns hitherto compelling female characters into Shotacons and forces them to fly themselves into asteroids. Not even being voiced by the SUUUUUUUUPERRRR Kazuki Yao could make him a decent character.

      • WhatSht says:

        I would use the AGE builder to mass produce the Big Zam or the Destroy Gundam, that’ll be enough to crush the enemy.


          • Guntank41 says:

            Seriously, I’m pretty sure there are some limitations to what it can do…. Honestly, it would be kinda nice if anything made in there was somewhat unfinished, or half assed at least, so maybe it would only function properly for an episode or so. Engineering, and manufacturing in particular, just isn’t that simple! You could probably mass produce chess pieces, or perhaps statues of a certain masked Zion pilot (sans pants), but making something as complicated as a rifle? Not if you want it to be done right. Does no one love the Gundam Engineers like I do?!

            And another thing: Whats up with Flit recovering from the loss of his mentor so quickly? “Well dang, old man Bruzar died. Guess I’ll stand here and think about this ribbon for awhile…. *snrk* …. Ribbons….” Does no one brood in Gundam anymore?!

            Other than those points, I’m satisfied. I’m anxious to see what kind time-skippage is going to happen to get us to those future generations’n such. 85 years to go! Or is it >100 still?


            Not over it. Just you wait for the gazillion forthcoming flashbacks and crying.

  4. Shinmarizu says:

    Why do I get the feeling you were making fun of episode 26 of Evangelion TV? Hm… must be my imagination….

  5. Anya says:

    Captain Bruzar, badass till the end. The needs off the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one. Live long and prosper, Flit.


    I really wish they’d make a Gundam series without Newtype stuff though. Also, the whole “battle for honour to determine the right owner of the Gundam” like in 0083 always pisses me off whenever it occurs. You built the fucking Gundam, keep it.

    • Stormshrug says:

      Re: Gundam without Newtypes: Well, there are always all those UC OVAs…

      I agree, though, that part of the reason those OVAs are so damn good is that they tend to be more grounded in general (and lack of hugging space psychics is a part of this).

    • Yes, yes, I know:


      But THAT isn’t Gundam. The 90s OVAs as good as they were, were exceptions and deviations from Gundam. It works too! Because through them we now know how rare Newtypes are, that they don’t grow on trees and aren’t present in every battle. But they WERE present. The NT-01 was made for Amuro in 0080, Shiro and Aina saved a bunch of Newtype kids (and raised them) in 08th MS Team, and Haman Karn the uber-Newtypefag herself was present in 0083. Newtypes are FUNDAMENTAL to Gundam.

      People who like Gundam DESPITE the Newtypes aren’t really into Gundam for what it is, but rather only part of its value proposition: real robot war stories. But yeah, when they make a Newtype-free BAND OF BROTHERS IN MOBILE SUITS (or when the BAND OF BROTHERS IN MOBILE SUITS defeat a NT superprototype) these faggertroopers will eat it all up. And so will you.


      • Stormshrug says:


        Am I doin’ it right?


          • Stormshrug says:

            Also, just to leave this out there, I actually don’t mind Newtypes, so long as their space-hugging-powers don’t consume the entire plot of the series and warp reality into a black hole of space-hugging horribleness. Combat psychics, sure, that’s cool. Giant watermelon what is this I don’t even? Eh, not so much.

            And if you would argue that this is a necessary part of Gundam, then I think you and I are just not going to see eye to eye on this one. Which is fine. I can’t even see your eyes; this is the interwebs!

      • sadakups says:

        Funny that you had to mention Gundam Band of Brothers. The people who hate this show are fixated on 08th MS Team that they want a Gundam show to be just like that. There’s a reason why it’s just an OVA and not a TV show. It wouldn’t sell. I’m not hating on it. Sure, it’s a different take, and I liked it too, but it’s not gonna happen on a TV show.

        Heck, they probably want their Gundam protagonist to look like Marcus Fenix, and the lead mobile suit is a battle-torn, dirty-looking grunt MS, and that the Gundam is their enemy.

        • It’s because The 08th MS Team actually showed a naked loli taking a swim in the river while being ogled by the main character.

          Think about it. The grown woman Aina was naked too, but her nudity was obscured by onsen haze, unlike Kiki whose tiny loli tits were resplendent and wet and sparkling in broad daylight.

          This explains the ultraloyal fanboyism regarding this show.

          • Stormshrug says:

            …Yeah, that was cut from the original [Adult Swim] broadcast of 08th MS Team (that and the epilogue episode, leaving the ending much more ambiguous and depressing, oddly enough).

            Years later, I buy the DVD, start watching, and then BAM! Naked Loli out of nowhere! Who put this sh*t in my Romeo and Juliet themed tribute to the badassery of Norris Packhard Gundam?

        • Stormshrug says:

          So, I’m not going to shoehorn myself into the camp of people who hate AGE (because, thus far, I’ve actually been pretty impressed with it), but I’ll defend the “gritty warfare” side of the fandom, because, yeah, I’m here for the giant robot war. That’s why I tune in, and I feel that’s reasonable.

          Moving on from the realm of reasonable:
          All the hater-haters want Gundam to be My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic*.

          There, my generalization about a camp I’m not part of is as accurate as yours.

          (*Actually, Gundam could use more Star Trek references…)

  6. squaresphere says:

    Nice write up. I’m hoping to do one of my own sometime this week for eps 1-3 that complete the intro “arc”. One thing I’m very happy about is that the “newtype” power in this series seems to be very down played. At this point it only allows Flit to see the patterns in movement and he loses the ability if he doesn’t calm down. Even with the flash he was still missing quite a bit unless Yurin prompted him.

    Hah yeah underpowered beam weapons indeed, makes me wonder if it was just plot deflection for the enemy or that the UE’s armor has some technical advantage over the gundam rifle.

    The one scene I really loved and got my gundam fanboi sense all a tingle was the actual destruction of the colony. It wasn’t a big boom explosion from the inside, nor was it cut in half by some ridiculous beam weapon. The colony death combined the best of a gravitational implosion due to rotation of the colony and explosions of various components. It was a beautiful death and much detailed that other series have depicted.

    • They need to downplay it, so as to make space for the future generations hyperinflation of power levels. We’ll be in Moonlight Butterfly territory in a hundred years, so it has to be managed here.

      Re: Colony Destruction you gotta love Unicorn, though the colony itself there eventually survived as far as I know. Still, AGE did something new and unique here and I too, appreciate it.

      • Stormshrug says:

        I’m personally hoping that we’ll see periods of technology loss and rediscovery in the hundred years that AGE spans. Given the likelihood of apocalyptic-scale destruction at some point, I feel like it isn’t completely impossible (though, given the them of technological progress in the series, it seems unlikely).

          • Stormshrug says:

            In the grim darkness of Gundamhammer 40,000, there is only war. Forget the promise of technology, for more has been forgotten than can ever be relearned. Forget the promise of common humanity, for between the stars, there is only the laughter of thirsting gods.

            Somewhere, on a Forge World under attack by the forces of Chaos:

            Red-robed Tech-Priests scurry from place to place, carrying sacred unguents and tools from station to station, their augmentics clacking away against metal skin as they tread lightly across the body of the sleeping giant.

            “Quickly, Adepts of Mars, begin the Rite of Awakening so that we can rouse the mighty god-machine! Bring the primary cogitators online! Light the incense to draw the attention of the machine-spirits! We march to war!”

            “Where is the main Princeps? What do you mean he has been slain? We cannot bring the god-machine’s power to bear without him!”

            “Initiate, what are you doing! Get out of that sacred control chamber! You have not received the proper litanies of… AAAAAAAAAAAAUUUGGGGHHHHHHH!”

            A pillar of hungry purple light courses through the building, vaporizing those lucky enough to be caught in its blast and merely melting the flesh and sacred steel of the rest.

            “No! The Traitor Titan Legions are here! Impossib—”

            The remainder of the building is brought low by yet another ravening burst of energy, and the last surviving Magos pulls himself from the wreckage, his crimson robes stained by blood and sacred oil that seeps from his shattered augmentics. Looking up through a single, cracked lens, he sees the white giant rise from the bed of the ruin and begin its ponderous march towards the enemy. In binaric cant, he gasps out his last message to the Initiate inside of the machine, urging the unprepared youth on to victory. “For the glory of the Omnissiah!”

            … Yeah, I’m just gonna leave this here.

          • Shakti Kareen: But Gundam has waves of peace~

  7. Sun-Ku says:

    Random Fact:

    The background “noise” from 00:00:05 to 00:00:18 was also used in Gundam Seed Episode 35 when the Archangel faced doom (the zaku holding the Rifle to the Bridge and starts to shoot) than came kira with freedom and awesome “Meteor” Song (one of my favorite scenes in the show)

    And in this episode we have also a “rifle to the Bridge scene” (kinda)

    Anyone else got the reference the first time? ^^

  8. JELEINEN says:

    I enjoyed the episode and agree with the above poster that the colony destruction was very well done. What amused me is that they established at the beginning that the commander was doomed to die, but he came back three times before it finally happened.

  9. Funny, with the doll cut, the girl looks like Hinata. :))

  10. sadakups says:

    Man, I’m sold too. For a character we only knew for three episodes, Bruzar sure showed everyone who’s boss. A salute is in order.

    Oh yeah, this is supposed to be a kiddy show, right? Why is there blood and death in this episode? This ain’t right. #screwtheRAGERS

  11. foshizzel says:

    I am with you Ghost! I am sold on AGE I really wanted to see this show do well and it has for me, I know there will always be haters out there! But I enjoyed that first real fight for Flint and how he actually missed a few times. Sure Yurin helped him but Flint didn’t become this godly pilot from that, still we probably have not seen the last of that girl and yep! Love triangle forming slowly unless Emily doesn’t really care for Flint that way.

    Saving the colony! Yes! I felt I was watching Frontier again but that was great to see them actually pull it off, that and Captain Bruzar saving them! Such a great character ❤

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  13. Suiman says:

    Damn, Yurin is so much MOE. Flint will be working that ribbon all night.

    Perhaps the reason why the UE did not blow up the colony “immediately” was because it was busy searching for someone (Yurin). I also suspect that Grodek has some sort of ties with the UE. When the bridge was about to be blasted, he did not flinch at all. If indeed he was not involved in some kind of backdoor dealing that granted him protection, that makes Grodek pretty badass.

    And speaking of badass, the panelists were too busy congratulating or being bitter about Flint’s accomplishments when they should have also applauded Bruzar-san. Despite having a rare disease of excreting raspberry jam when stressed and suffering from an untimely indigestion, he was still able to fulfill his duty as commander and give Flint one final lesson (I’m betting more of Flint’s close companions will die). I was apathetically expecting the colony’s populace to be blasted to kingdom come. Instead, the first…well second casualty of the show made me one sad but motivated panda.


    • Yes, I’m with you re Yurin.

      As for the panel, they’re also with you re Yurin. As with most boys they’re age, they’re far less interested in dead old men than they are in delicious young females.

      So let us take their place in honoring the heroic Commander Bruiser.

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  16. Sakura says:

    Yeah I know, late to the party. Finally got the first three eps in tonight and have to say I enjoyed it. As you said, Ep 1 and 2, standard fare, gotta introduce the playas and the set up.

    This is the episode where they really get to sell it. So far Flit is pretty impressive to me at least. I like his no nonsense, I’m gonna do it attitude. No reluctant fighter (Kira/Athrun) here. He’s pretty strong in his mindset about fighting to protect and using the Gundam to do that.

    Be interesting to me (don’t spoil it for me) to see if that attitude changes the further it goes on and the more he’s exposed to the horrors of war. Or if the youngest looking Gundam pilot in history will end up being the most badass.

    Oh one point about Ep one though. The beginning after the OP. All that sunlight spilling down, Flit so looked like a TRAP!

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