Why I Still Watch Guilty Crown: A Truly Personal Post Confessional That Reaches Into The Dark Heart of The Hater

guilty crown shu inori poster

It’s because I don’t care how wrong I am about it. That’s the short answer.

All these are true:

I still watch it because IT’S ANIME, FROM JAPAN.

I hate it because IT’S ANIME, FROM JAPAN.

It’s in love with tropes I extremely dislike, namely the not really that perverted too-pure-pure-boy otaku with a good heart wuss-ass who gets to do awesome things because he has hax and related shit. I like complex, flawed, characters who are full of fail. But I like them with a spine (relatively speaking). Here’s a short list of leads I’d rather watch over Ouma Shu (in no particular order):

  • Shinn Asuka
  • Kira Yamato
  • Kururugi Suzaku
  • Setsuna F. Seiei
  • Barnaby Brooks, Jr.
  • The One, The Only Judau Fuckin’ Ashta

If you are familiar with half the characters on this list, you know how much concentrated fail and suck is here… enough suckage to collapse a cluster of galaxies.


So how come I can endure watching 100 episodes of Kira Yamato which, if you think about it, also means enduring 50 episodes of Shinn Asuka and have trouble with a few episodes of Ouma Shu? Bias, pretty much.

The “I’m not that perverted and I would never really grope anyone this is just 4th-wall self-insert shit” just really, really pisses me off. I was willing to look past so much about Fractale, after all I’m not some kind of cock who only watches “good” shows seriously and only watches “terribad” shows ironically. I genuinely like bad stuff because they’re anime because I’m a silly anime fanboy. Fractale kept shoving that shit up in my face that I hate it more than any other show I’ve seen this year. Yeah. Fuck Fractale.

So when Guilty Crown started putting this kind of fanservice front and center, my pores of hate gaped open and took in all this putrid rottenness and jacked it straight into my dark, hater heart. Me? A hater? Sure. Here is a list of shows I will shit on if it had an Ouma Shu as the lead:

  • Super Dimension Fortress Macross
  • Mobile Suit Z Gundam
  • Legend of the Galactic Heroes
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena
  • Hell, every fucking show on this list. Yeah, which means I prefer to watch an anime with Ikari Shinji in it any day of the week.

But does this mean I’ll stop watching those shows? No. I’ll just hate on them, because that’s what a hater does. I’ll keep watching to hate because I love to hate. Fractale I dropped because I couldn’t hate anymore, I stopped caring. Guilty Crown, I still care about it. Episodes four and five made me care about it. So I hate on.


It’s much harder to make a character like Gai stand out and be more interesting if Shu was also strong and interesting like him. Maybe the narrative involves Shu “coming of age” and becoming awesome…

Then the battles will become better constructed, integrating more of the roller-mecha that’s the winning design story in 2011. More variety of voids will come into play and used in interesting ways just like the gravity bubbles in episode four. The fanservice that doesn’t include Shu in the same scene will continue. Plot twists!

But I’m almost certain the show will fuck me over with a final “throwaway” scene where Inori or whomever chick accidentally brushes up against Shu-chan, they both blush, and “YOU PERVERTS” etc etc. Oh holy fuck it’s too late to drop this shit.


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76 Responses to Why I Still Watch Guilty Crown: A Truly Personal Post Confessional That Reaches Into The Dark Heart of The Hater

  1. kadian1364 says:


    What is anime?

    It’s like they (‘they’ as in whatever corporate hivemind-like mechanism comes up with shows like this) watched that commercial from over a decade ago, put the paramenters in the anime machine, and this was the first thing that came off of the factory line.

  2. ajthefourth says:

    I’d like your thoughts on what on earth Utena would look like with an Ouma Shu as the lead. ^ ^

  3. animekritik says:

    I was just thinking about Guilty Crown, since I got another post on my feed reader about it from someone who hasn’t liked it since episode 2. And I thought to myself, how come s/he’s still watching it if it every post is on how much it sucks?? This “hating” business might be the answer!

  4. schneider says:



    Man, I love this show. I can’t look away.

    • Same. Bottom line, I can’t turn my back on an ongoing show that features interesting mecha. Sure it may turn out as boring disappointments like Rideback, but I’d rather witness it as it airs rather than revisit it later when all relevance is gone and I have less people to discuss it with.

      Bottom line, I don’t think it will become a boring disappointment like Rideback, whatever disaster it becomes will be spectacular.

  5. Muse says:

    This pretty much summarizes my feelings as well. I was all ready to drop it, but there were snippets of things in the last two episodes that I did like, and in hope that those things come back, I’m still watching it.

    But until then, it’s getting as much disrespect as it deserves.

    • But until then, it’s getting as much disrespect as it deserves.

      I agree, though I will say it differently. I respect this work and those involved in making it. I can’t help myself. I respect creators and the product that took a lot of work to put out. It is never a simple or easy thing to make, fund, put out an anime, and I wouldn’t disrespect it.

      This is not to say it is inappropriate to vomit over it. I think it is a mutually exclusive thing. It has all this crap that I hate and as long as it’s there, I’m going to keep hating because I’m going to keep watching it for the things I do like about it.

      • Muse says:

        Yes, that is a much better way to say it. 🙂

        In fact, it’s the great effort in certain parts of the production that have kept me watching until this point; the animation, the music, etc. May main beef is with the plot. I recognize that nothing is without its cliches, but it comes down to how they’re presented rather than their existence, and it seems like every chance this show has to deviate from the norm, it decides to play it the same way that dozens (if not hundreds) of shows before it have done. If future episodes manage to fix that, I’ll be happy to eat my hat. That said, I’m not holding my breath.

  6. foshizzel says:

    Ahahah Ghost you always make me smile! LOL

    Yeah sad but so true! Shu sucks and has soooo many haxxxskillz! With all those void weapons, I am not sure what my true feelings for Guilty Crown really are at his point..five episodes in and I do enjoy it but I already gave up on it being anything “amazing” Sure it looks great! But that is all it has going so far for me.

    There are a few characters I enjoy watching like Ayase who finally gets to have some screen time! Then again it wasn’t anything OMG THIS IS SO COOL ..but ya I think a few people will love to hate Guilty Crown and that is fine ;D

    • It doesn’t amaze you how awful Shu is? You’re a hard one to impress!

      I kid. I know you mean that this show won’t be amazing in a positive way and I disagree. I don’t know how the rest of the show will play out, I can only guess. I am certain that the previous episodes are crap.

  7. Shinmaru says:

    I’m mostly laughing at the sheer, concentrated lame that makes up Shu. Condescending to Ayase? HE GETS HIS ASS BEATEN. (This episode actually made me like Ayase a fair amount.) Trying to hit on Inori? HE GETS HIS POOR WIDDLE HEART STOMPED ON. This is the greatest.

    • It is interesting to note that the show does punish Shu for being the way he is. It’s really the “pure pure boy/pervert” nonsense that truly irritates me about it. I hate this shit.

      It would be really great if he dies the next episode.

  8. Stormshrug says:

    I’m enjoying Guilty Geass quite a bit so far. Yes, Shu is a sh*t-awful protagonist, and yes, every good idea it has is blatantly derivative from better works. But I’ve said before and I’ll say again: if I never watched anime due having a main protagonist who start out weak, irritating, bland, or all three, I would not be able to watch many shows, including most mecha mainstays (sorry, Mobile Suit Gundam, Z Gundam, Evangelion, RahXephon, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Eureka 7, Eureka 7, EUREKA F*CKING SEVEN OH GOD RENTON IS THE WORST PASSIVE MECHA PROTAGONIST EVER AT THE START OF THAT SHOW). And fiction is all derivative, so such complaints can suck it as long as a work is stealing from the right things (which Guilty Crown is doing about 20-30% of the time – A HIGHER RATIO THAN MOST SHOWS!).

    What I like about Guilty Geass is the following, in order:

    -The magic is cool, and, what’s more, fairly INTERESTING. Shu does not necessarily have access to the same power at any given time, and powers vary WILDLY in this universe. So he is put in situations where he needs a hammer and he gets a tea-kettle, and he either has to learn to drive nails with a pot of boiling water or change the situation so the power works. Interesting powers and interesting USES of said powers strikes a chord with me, and I hate few fictional ruts more than when the protagonist simply solves all problems of a certain kind (combat, etc) with the exact same trick.

    -The robots are pretty sweet, but, honestly, this is not *really* a Real Robot series. It’s urban fantasy that happens to have giant robots. I can deal with that.

    -Gai’s Terrorism Club, and their elusive motives, interest me. I will be highly disappointed if he isn’t planning to drop a colony on Earth at the end, or something. I want to watch Mr. Blandpants Shu squirm when the freedom fighters are as evil as the totalitarian government.

    -While the answers to the mysteries will probably end up being stupid, for the moment, they (and much of the show, really, due to above-mentioned theft) remind me of the heady enthusiasm of when I first started Code Geass, before that show got shi-[REDACTED] ENDED AFTER THE FIRST SEASON.

    The music, especially the BGM, is also pretty good, and the magic looks nice, which definitely doesn’t hurt.

    • I think Amuro is exempt from this tirade, and so is Kamille. Judau fails in different, but also contemptible ways. I think Renton is a great protagonist, and a great way to execute a character like this. Simon as well, hard to imagine a better example of how to do this right.

      I agree with the rest of your points except for the usual Code Geass R2 denial LOL.

      • Stormshrug says:

        First, let me clarify: This is about them STARTING as good protagonists, not ending up that way. Amuro is whiny, socially dysfunctional, and irritating at the start of Mobile Suit Gundam (and he’s one of the better ones on this list), BUT he evolves into somebody more likable as time goes on. The same goes for Simon (who is less dysfunctional and more just a non-presence in his own show until Kamina exits stage-left) and to a ridiculous degree for Renton. I had to DRAG myself through the first season of Eureka 7 to get to the point where he was watchable for me. He is unsympathetic, whiny, and worst of all, totally f*cking passive. Nothing that happens in that show happens because of his own decisions or intentions until the second half of the series, and his general response to everything is “bitch about it, do nothing” (as the viewer, that’s MY job!). And once he HAS become a more compelling character, you say “hey, look how far Renton has come!” But it doesn’t change the way he starts out, just one’s perspective on it. My point is that we can’t really know if Shu will develop into being a tolerable protagonist until he has had more time to develop. I don’t THINK he will, but I’d never thought Renton would, either.

        Now, moving on from that, I’m REALLY going to piss you off with this next bit:

        All of my attempts to watch Zeta Gundam thus far have been stopped by how sh*tty Kamille is. He’s like a tiny, angsty ball of rage that hates everything and steals Gundams and joins terrorist organizations to get back at his parents for some sort of implied offscreen emotional abandonment (or something). In the first 20 episodes of the series, I discovered virtually no way to relate to him, never found him sympathetic, and generally found him only slightly more charismatic than a box of nails. His relationships with other people consist entirely of him heaping abuse on them for imagined slights and them vaguely tolerating his presence because he’s good in a mobile suit. I just have not been able to get myself to like the guy, at all, and Cool Sunglasses Char can only do so much, especially since he’s frequently offscreen brooding. So Zeta Gundam remains unfinished. Interestingly, I found Kamille a lot less intolerable in the first compilation movie, but that may simply have been because it was shorter.

        So, “flame on,” I guess…

        • Yeah Amuro steals the Gundam and puts it in a hole in the desert! But he isn’t too-pure-pure boy who everyone makes out to be a pervert! He likes making stuff, and has to be dragged, pulled, etc. from things he wants to do and not some passive shithead.

          Totally wrong on Renton. He takes on the hazing like a PRO. And when the kids get him and themselves into trouble he takes responsibility for their shit. Bad fucking ass. People keep shitting on him and most notably the biggest authority in the organization — who ABUSED him, beat the shit out him, being a total awesome complete fail douche (God I love Holland). And when he leaves Amuro-style (he doesn’t steal the Nirvash) because he doesn’t feel he can protect Eureka, he is shown love for the first time by Charles and Ray, whom he disobeys by trying to save a Vodarac kid, all by himself. Then he leaves them because he chose to protect someone he loves, and the narrative rewards him with the gruesome deaths of those who cherished him. He keeps growing a pair and becomes a father figure to his and Eureka’s “family” while only exposed to nonexistent and perverse father figures.

          Renton is the fucking man.

          As for Kamille, he is awesomely the way you describe him! Fuck yeah Kamille! What an awesome lead in how he is that ball of rage whose parent are shitty and gave him a girl’s name, got themselves killed in ignominious ways, and all within the first 5 eps. Fuck whining, he RAGES, and beats the crap out of anyone who pisses him off, WITH KARATE. But of course you can’t win like that being a fucking kid, so Wong beats the living shit out of him and puts him in his place. Charisma? Fuck that. This is Kamille. Go look to Quattro for charisma. Kamille is the epic teenage rage factory. Contrast with the retards on the list in the post, who are crying shits and/or Judau.

          • Stormshrug says:

            Renton gets his sh*t together in the end, but he only “takes the hazing like a PRO” in that there is no good way to take hazing and he doesn’t leave (well, except for that time that he leaves). Yes, one might argue that this is a feat in and of itself, and that might be true, but accomplishing that feat does not make him likable, it just makes him stubborn. Renton is a good example of how one can do the right thing most of the time but do it all in a way that makes you unlikable.

            You know who else is a good example of that?

            F*CKING SHU.

            On a mildly related note, I’m not going to argue about this “too-pure-pure-boy” thing you’re on about. It’s merely symptomatic of the amount of unnecessary, bullsh*t fanservice in this show. If everything wasn’t being hyper-sexualized, it would never come up (HURR HURR). At least it isn’t as bad as High School of the Dead – but then, there’s less potential for guro in this series.

            I hope.

          • I got that you don’t like Renton, but that doesn’t mean he’s unlikable. He’s more admirable than likable, but he is likable nonetheless. I’ve watched the show at least twice in full now. Renton is very different from Shu.

            I have no problem with most kinds of fanservice. This self-insert otaku shit though, fuck Shu.

          • Stormshrug says:

            We’ve clearly reached a point of subjectivity, even within the realm of subjective arguments, where further discussion is not going to blaze any interesting new trails or raise any interesting new points.

            In unrelated news, after reading this thread before watching it, I really didn’t think Episode 5 was all that bad.


          • Lowered expectations is the key to happiness in anime!

          • Skribulous says:

            I think what’s the point here is that we all get to say positive things about Renton, because E7 already ended. Guilty Clown, after 5 episodes of going absolutely nowhere, hasn’t even really started yet.

    • Tenryu says:

      personally i find that this show has more things common with Deadman Wonderland rather than Code Geass

      • Stormshrug says:

        It’s derivative of many things. That said, just in terms of structure and events that occur, its first episode is basically the first episode of Code Geass, almost to the T, if you replace its charismatic anti-hero with a cardboard cutout that says “personality goes here” on it.

  9. WhatSht says:

    Guilty Crown is getting rather boring, since right now its just training and some other bullshit. No problems with it…. yet.
    On a side note, I wonder what does my Void looks like.

    • WhatSht says:

      And I want to rewatch Sayonara no Tsubasa, feels like I can rewatch it for days and not get sick of it.

    • The training montage is well-done. I like training montages, I always have. You want boring? OVER NINE THOUSAND episodes of Goku on the Snake Road/Kaioh Sama/Bubbles etc. But even that I forgave. Yeah, I like training arcs like a shonen fag.

      My void is a YF-29 Variable Fighter. Yours is a pickled eggplant. I too have watched Macross Frontier stuff (not just Sayonara) over and over and over ever since the finale.

  10. Eureka says:

    Not that I’m saying Guilty Crown comes anywhere near Gurren Lagann, but I find it interesting that there are certain parallels, and that is the only thing keeping me from dropping Guilty Crown – in hopes that it can somehow come a little close to Gurren’s amazingness. At the beginning, Gurren had: a sniveling low self-esteem main character, an over the top fan service girl, and a really charismatic strong deuteragonist. Maybe I was a little hard on Simon…. But I do hope that the anime does turn into a Shu “coming of age” and becoming awesome story.

    I laughed at your inclusion of Barnaby Brooks, Jr, and I can’t really speak for the SEED characters since I got so sick of it I dropped it.

    • Not the best comparison indeed. I have no doubt Shu will become awesome in some ways, but what will also be true is how at the end he’ll still be held or embraced and someone’s boobs will brush against him and then BLUSHING, THEN ACCUSATIONS OF PERVERSION, etc etc.

      Fuck Ouma Shu.

  11. Carrot Glace says:

    Hi, guys:
    I didn’t watch it yet, but I will. Are you asking “Why”? Because it’s noitaminA, and I have blind faith in it.

    • It’s a schedule right?

      It doesn’t really make anime right? It’s not responsible for anything done in the show. So you’re trusting it’s ability to match your taste with the programs it picks?

      • Xard says:

        NoitaminA’s history is glorious one with few stinkers: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NoitaminA

        But really, it’s exactly because anime like Guilty Crown (and coming year’s Black Rock Shooter LOL) that people as of late have started to wonder if it’s just turning into a name. There’s NOTHING “noitaminaesque” about Guilty Crown that has more in common with Code Geass than the typically artsy or joseiesque variety the channel specialized in in the past

  12. geassed says:

    Just watched ep 5 and all I gotta say is that his “Ability of Kings” is a load of bull, it’s the biggest cop out plot device I’ve ever seen. Absolutely nothing happened in the episode in terms of character progression with Shu because of that Void pull-out in the mock battle. The show even goes on to have Shu apologize for cheating but instead of getting scolded he’s forgiven and even praised for using a power that shouldn’t be rightfully his.

    Shu is just utterly pathetic and can’t even do anything himself despite all that training. If it weren’t for the quality art I would probably drop this show, seeing that any other redeeming qualities about it has definitely been lost in this ep….

  13. lvlln says:

    “I still watch it because IT’S ANIME, FROM JAPAN.

    I hate it because IT’S ANIME, FROM JAPAN.”

    I think this touches upon a good point about Guilty Crown that I’ve been thinking since the show started. That is, there’s nothing in the show that is particularly egregious or unusual compared to most anime. It plays it’s cliches straight, which results in a poor product, but I feel that’s reflective of just how prevalent horrible cliches are in anime as a whole.

    • Yes, I don’t even bother talking about why “too pure pure boy isn’t really a pervert but everyone makes it seem so” is bad. Someone somewhere doesn’t mind this. Someone somewhere thinks this is the funniest thing ever.

  14. Chan says:

    At this point in time, I’m only really watching this show in hopes that Shu grows out of his wussiness and grows a pair, like Simon and Renton, especially Renton who was in a very similar situation to Shu, and whom I really wasn’t fond of during the first couple of episodes (Simon I remember was just there– an overshadowed and quiet wallflower), and also the visuals. I’m getting kind of sick of Inori’s song, they really need to either stop including it every episode, or they need to give her a new one, really this is the same reason why I hated Aimo.

    But I do agree with you if Shu wasn’t this bad then Gai would be infinitely less interesting or worse both characters wouldn’t be interesting at all.

    As for this episode…

    This song was playing in mind when I watched this episode.

    • Renton does seem to have the most similar situation, but the kid wants something, feels very strongly about something. Has talent for something he wants to become really better at.

      Shu? Fuck Shu.

      Shinji actually jizzed on Asuka. Shu would never have the courage to do something like this. He’ll keep his jizz in his pants and CRY.

      • Chan says:

        Renton also had a backbone and Eureka had three kids who hated his guts; So, Renton at fourteen years old and not only had to deal with Gecko-state being complete assholes but also had to grow into role of a father of three kids that aren’t even his, while saving the world. Yeah..you know what scratch that Shu will never be like Renton, because Renton was a MAN, he knew what he was getting into and still stuck to his guns.

        Dude Asuka was like in coma.

  15. After watching the previous episode, I was almost in tears asking myself “Why the hell am I watching an anime with worse story than Yu-Gi-Oh? Come on! Even YGO 5d’s had more complex plot than this!! And that was a kid’s show!”. I usually have a very, very, very incredibly high tolerance toward a whiny male lead because I sympathize with them easily. However, Shu is definitely grating on my nerve, and Inori too. It is ok to have an angsty and whiny protagonist—given that they have a valid reason to be angst about. Shu getting jealous of Kai because of his social skill is not bad and actually seems somewhat realistic for me, but the execution was so…urgh…
    I sometimes don’t understand the mind of the anime creators these days; they have been kept throwing half-baked or downright lame anime at us viewers even though it should be as clear as a day that it would not work?

    • I agree that the presentation makes for the terribleness… but how else would “too pure pure boy who isn’t really a pervert but everyone make it seem so” be presented? It in itself is crap. Crap crap crappity crap. Fuck this crap.

    • Stormshrug says:

      I take a number of issues with this.

      1. Kid’s shows need not have sh*tty plots. See: Wakfu, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Gargoyles, Transformers: Beast Wars, Transformers Prime, Young Justice, Batman: The Animated Series, and countless others.

      2. Guilty Geass’ plot is by no means clear at this point, because they’re going for the whole “ooh everything is mysterious and ambiguous” bit that a lot of action series use to aspire to greater levels of supposed intellectualism. If you can honestly lay out the plot for me right now (and not just “oh, Shu will follow the Hero’s Journey archetype, have and resolve a conflict with Gai, and get the girl (or not)”) and you end up being right, I will be duly impressed. Yes, the plot will PROBABLY be stupid. This is perhaps even overwhelmingly likely. But I’m more interested in what kind of stupid it is.

  16. droped it from EP3. says:

    You missed the point, HARD. At least in from POV.

    as GC hater, what I hate is not Shu. In fact, I quite enjoy seeing his wimpy action.
    But what I can’t stand are
    1. Cliched Plot – I realize well that nothing is truly 100% original, But GC is too much creep. 246872th boy meet girl.
    2. Setting – Another occupied Japan??? Please, no more.
    3. Fanboy – no explanation need
    4. Tasteless fanservice – no explanation need
    5. Inori. – That bitch’s just too much.

    Feel free to defend.

    • geassed says:

      Tasteless fanservice? If anything I felt they brought something revolutionary. When have we ever gotten a tsundere bijin placed in a wheelchair? Headstrong but succumbs to the will of her crush? If that isn’t post-moe moe awesomeness then idk what is. Not to mention that she pilots a mech and is a can of kick-ass, one that unleashed on Shu in ep 4.

      This might as well be an acquired taste though but in any case (and may you smite me ghostlightning for taking this further) Ayase is my vanilla sioppai fix of the week.

    • Why would I defend this stupid show from even stupider criticism?

  17. Magnus says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t go all “rarglaryarblargh!” when talking or thinking about Guilty Crown? Yep, the lead is annoying, but I’ve seen worse. The whole thing is at episode five, so there is still plenty of time for him to get better. The whole “weak-willed whiny male protagonist” thing is, sadly, one of the two major flavors male anime leads come in, so I’ve learned to overlook it.

    Summary: The show could be better, but so far it is okay, there is room to improve it and signs that it can get really good later on. Reserve your hate for really horrible shows, like Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon.

    • But this isn’t about good criticism, or criticism for that matter. I could care less why all these other fools trip over themselves trying to act disgusted with Guilty Crown. I am a HATER, and I will keep watching despite my hate, which will sustain me anyway.

      I don’t mind wusses. I hate what the show does with this wuss… the whole “he’s not really a pervert, but gets treated like one” fuckery. Srsly, fuck this shit.

  18. Magnus says:

    Oh, and if I strongly dislike ( because “hate” should be reserved for fucked up things in real life ) something about this show, it is idiotic fans who apparently cannot watch any show anymore without ranting about “it is derivative of show X, hurdurherpderp”. Yeah, some shows have similarities to each other. Original stories should be treasured and cherished, but most fiction nowadays is derivative, after thousands of years of storytelling they have to be. I am quite content to enjoy a show which presents one of the well-known story archetypes in a competent, entertaining way, and Guilty Crown is working fine so far.

    If I am really annoyed at anything, it is how incredibly stupid the Funeral Parlor people are. They get a new, reluctant member, who happens to have incredible powers at his disposal? Who already has demonstrated that he is wary of joining your organization and has been captured by the government you are fighting, who probably told him all kind of bad things about you? Yeah, let’s treat him shit and be as unfriendly as hell to him, that’ll show him to be loyal to you! But then Funeral Parlor is being run by a 17 year old dude, who apparently has a history with Shu, doesn’t tell him about that ( Shu clearly has some sort of memory block and I am postulating that much of his personality disfunctionality comes from that, too… he is a bad-ass when he draws Inoris void. ) and can’t stop himself from antagonizing this walking WMD. So maybe there is a good story reason behind all of this.

    Which brings me to my last point, fucking anime fans are impatient like shit and this is a major reason why so much retarded fan-service anime has been released in the last years. Apparently everything must be made clear now, stories cannot be told in even a slightly decompressed mode anymore ( y’know, with build-up to major revelations, foreshadowing or any other story device which doesn’t do instant gratification ) and if your anime protagonist is not a shoot-fireworks-out-of-his-ass GAR facepuncher, he is relegated to “lol fail protagonist!” territory instantly.

    I blame the tendency in the anime industry for one-cour shows, Japanese pervert otakus and Facebook, while I’m at it. Fucking instant gratification ADD people. Get off my lawn, you kids! 😉

    • I hate because I care. Truly awful shows I don’t care enough to keep watching. Some things about Guilty Crown make me care about it.

      All these other things you dislike about it, I care less about them. The good stuff makes me overlook them easily. But this pervert but not really crap… FUCK THIS SHIT.

      • Magnus says:

        Believe me, I’d also be happy if those “must be in every new anime, ever” tropes would be dropped. But that’s not really the characters fault that the writers are putting in those bits of stupidness.

        • Yeah but too late, the show is already successful at making me hate fucking Shu. I went about rewatching the first five episodes of Z Gundam yesterday and wow Kamille sure is a piece of work but I’d take his douchebaggery over this kid’s passive agressiveness any day.

  19. JELEINEN says:

    Guilty Crown certainly has its flaws, but they’ve not been enough to turn me off the show, though I was tempted at the end of episode 2 when it looked like it was about to descend into wacky high school hijkinks territory for the rest of the series. The main character’s archetype is pretty cliche in anime, but at least he mans up for the action sequences. Honestly, I prefer the indecisive archetype to the chuunibyou douchebag type, given that they’re allowed to develop (if Shu doesn’t grow, then I’ll be hating with everyone else).

  20. I think there are some ‘real terribad shows you just have to watch ironically (Garzey’s Wing, Mad Bull 34, and most recently Phi Brain), otherwise you would never watch them in the first place. On the other hand, I’ve never considered most the stuff I’ve watched to belong in that category. Even the likes of recent stinkers Fractale and No. 6 had some great concepts, which is why I kept watching even if I was ultimately rewarded with a slap in the face.

    It is frustrating to still hear people genuinely hate on Guilty Crown, yet refuse to drop it. So yeah, I’m in your boat; the show is disappointing in many areas but it’s an anime and there are elements I still like. I enjoy GC, although I’m continuously frustrated by it. If there was nothing positive I could find at this stage I would have dropped it, although I have been close and likely will be again.

    The notion I keep fixing on is that most anime tends to be geared towards a fairly young audience (teen/early twenties), so what is seen as tired tropes to us older fans may be unique and exciting to the newer generation who have not watched the backlog of older shows. The show makes sense as a gateway anime I suppose. That’s not to overlook the various deus ex machina’s, logical gaps and insufferable lead, which will insult the intelligence of any viewer, or explain why the show is on the noitaminA timeslot, but it does make the series more palpable from a positive standpoint.

    Saying that, it could also be argued the show is actually pandering to established otaku by relying on insular anime tropes. I have no answers and this train of thought could leave me running around in circles…

  21. ura fag says:

    fuck you fags

  22. fuck u says:

    guilty crown sucks.

  23. Visitor Person says:

    I think Shu is indeed quite incompetent, selfish, self-righteous, passive and weak-willed. The plot has made clear he cannot achieve anything without his special power. But this is the way many people are in the world we live in. Most of us are incompetent and weak-willed and selfish. The anime has punished him for being so many times over for both his flawed personality and lack of talent. But I can still sympathize with him because he still have bright spots in his heart, where he wants to be a good person so that he could like and respect himself consistently. I consider the anime consist of him failing over and over until the 19th episode, which is almost all the time. But for me this makes the anime in fact interesting because I am more interested in self-delusional lame self-fantasizing weak wimp’s development and struggle than awesome character doing great things. Perhaps I would suggest this level of weakness and continued punishment is one of the original thing the show has given us.

  24. Oh My Shoe says:

    Guilty Crown is the logical conclusion to anime.

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