If Gurren Largan Can’t Toppa Any Tengen With His Not-Drill, Gundam Maxter Will Win This Gundam Fight! Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 07


[Mobile Suit Gundam AGE Episode 06]

More Kids! More stowaways! More shouting to STOP FIGHTING! Lots of lovably stupid cheers (as if sporting teams)! More not Zakus flailing about! Lots of myopic targeting! More UE attacking inexplicably! Ineffective DODS rifle! Beam Dagger FAIL! New AGE System Weapon! Gundam Maxter in the house!

Best episode yet, and it’s going to get better, because better mobile suits are going to take the field next time, but for now let us celebrate some kiddy robot anime action!


Finally, we get to see what a regular pilot can do! Not an ace in some custom suit like Woolf, not some lead character like Flit in a Gundam. It’s time for a grunt in a grunt suit to grunt it out and do grunty things!

And while Gurren Largan can’t Toppa any Tengen with his not-drill, he sure showed us the grit and manliness of the grunt soldier. Ready to face doom, but never going to give up, he charged against the clearly superior UE mobile suit type that messed up the Gundam itself.


He got pwnd, like he was supposed to, but that’s part of his charm, and the charm of all these gritty grunts in the Gundam franchise. Oldfags lurve this kind of thing, wanting Gundam to be all about these guys who are heroes without being presented as such, without fanfare, but always having the willingness to face death within them, without ceremony, but with COURAGE.

And then, we get to see the new AGE weapon, and by Chibodee Crockett and all that’s Neo-A-merican, it’s a Gundam Maxter mod! Now for the complete effect Flit will need a surfboard, and some wicked football shoulder pads that convert into boxing gloves, but it does enough to remember love.


I wonder though: how exactly is a super-short-range melee unit supposed to be the solution to this particular UE mobile suit type? We’ll have to wait for next week’s episode to find out. In the mean time, here are some raving fags:


It’s like Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn episode 04 for 7-year olds. I love it.

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50 Responses to If Gurren Largan Can’t Toppa Any Tengen With His Not-Drill, Gundam Maxter Will Win This Gundam Fight! Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 07

  1. Matt Wells says:

    I don’t think Char would be sending Allenby creepy e-mails. She’s undergone far too many growth spurts for that. My money’s on a concerted effort between Gineas Salahain and PM of Neo Hong Kong, Wong Yufat. Both of them are psychologically distrubed pedos who love taking nubile young mobile suit pilots and turning them into their perfect little dolls LOL.

    And getting pretty off topic, I just fucking love Chibodee. He’s just such a wonderful mix of every single American stereotype in Anime ever and fucking awesome. His traumatic backstory involves mommy issues and TERRORIST CLOWNS. How the fuck did someone just come up one day and say, “Yeah, his mortal weakness is clowns. Only they’re terrorists, because he’s American and he loves freedom. IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE FOR A KID’S SHOW ABOUT GIANT ROBOTS!!!”

    I’ve realised I’m enjoying interacting with your panel of Gundam characters each week than I am AGE itself. Not that AGE is bad or anything, but you are really bringing your A game to these posts!

    • Reid says:

      If we had to do a SaiPilot instead of SaiMecha (of course we all know pilots played a huge role in what robots people chose…my nomination of Eva-02, for example ^.^ I’m not ashamed, though maybe I should be) my list woud go:
      1. Chibodee EMM-EFFING Crocket
      ….the rest of the list is dead.

      America, F*CK YEAH!

      Seriously, even though he’s cheezy as cheezy gets…well, not as a cheezy as Jack and Mary King, pilots of Texas Mack…Chibodee is such a positive example of Americans in anime. I mean, pretty much, he’s the nicest dude you’re likely to meet, runs around with a gaggle of HAWT women though he isn’t pervy in the slightest, fights like a man, enjoys his contact sports, can shoot a gun, shows respect to worthy opponents, fights against injustice, is loyal to his friends and convictions, etc. His only real downfalls are the terrible hair and questionable wardrobe choices.

      I think it was an incredibly brave choice on Sunrise’s part to portray such an alpha-male American in such a way. I would have been really ticked off if they had made Neo America like Neo England…so disrespectful. Gentle Chapman is not a representative of the good people of Great Britain (just had to throw that last bit in there for you, Matt). Seriously, G Gundam is pretty messed up. Its jingoism is endearingly abhorent.

      • Matt Wells says:

        Endearingly abhorent is G Gundam in a nutshell! I will not be satisfied in life till there is a SRW game teaming up Chibodee, Texas Mack, and Mic Sounders 13th. The Engrish levels will be UNBERIVABURU. FINAL U.S.A. SPECIAL! Chibodee really is a great depiction of an American in anime, at least once you get past the racist carciature aspects. Kudos to them for making him more than just a joke at the expense of the Yankee Devils. His awesome rating has TOO MUCH HIGH POWER MAN!

        Ah man, a show as cool as G Gundam and the only Brit we get representing us is Gentle Chapman?! Perfect name, brilliant Gundam design (they even got the Queen’s Guard Black cap right), but such a lame character. I thought they handled him well in his first appearance; a former three time Gundam Fight champion, now reduced to cheating at card games and doping up just to kick Neo France’s ass. That works on so many levels as a political metaphor for contemporary Britain it stings. 😦 It was DG cell zombie Chapman that just rubbed salt in the wounds. Thanks for the kind words buddy.

        Still, for every Chapman we get a Sir Intgra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, or those Fish and Chips guys in Yakitate!! Japan.

        Everything in this video is acurate except for the malt vinegar thing. We only add those to Fish and Chips, which we eat every. Single. DAY.

        • Yakitate! Japan is fucking awesome.

          Can’t forget how baking bread on a petalite stone in the oven takes you to heaven, which is a host club.
          Can’t ever forget how horses are the best judge of French bread.
          Can’t ever forget O-manta.

    • Thanks for the compliments, but c’mon this episode wins.

      Everybody’s been whining “Where’s Largan?” Now here he is, doing exactly what he’s supposed to given the things at his disposal.

      And yeah, Chibodee is awesome, and is totally right about them clowns.

    • A.r. says:

      I dunno what version of 08th you watched, but last I checked there wasn’t anything about Ghinius being a pedo. Or having any sexuality to speak of. Just sayin’.

      • Matt Wells says:

        Oni-sama jokes. 🙂 His actions aren’t explicitly sexual, but given his unhealthy reliance on his sister as a mother figure, his rage at her own romantic feelings, the weirdly oedpial way the Apsalus acts as his “Metal Womb”, not to mention dragging his sister in there with him… Ghinius is all kinds of fucked up. Pedophile? Not really. Sister-con with a Mother Complex? Most definitely!

        Wong is a total pedo though. Allenby is only 17!

        • A.r. says:

          Oh, I’m not denying his relationship with Aina is all kinds of unhealthy, I just don’t see any evidence that there was a sexual aspect to it. Family members can be dysfunctionally close without being incestuous. IMHO their relationship fits well within the realms of codependency, which of course can form in just about any type of relationship. Certainly he does have mommy and abandonment issues as well which he tries to use Aina and later the Apsaras to cope (badly) with, but again that doesn’t mean he wants to bone his sister or spent their childhood raping and beating her and kicking her puppies like people play it up to be.

  2. KrimzonStriker says:

    Ghost… please start watching Legend of the Galactic Heroes already. I’m starting to worry about your sanity as this series progresses 😦

    • You mean my 9th all-time favorite anime?

      It’s a good show no doubt.

      But this episode is great too! It’s not going to wow me the way Unicorn does, but I think I’m approaching this show the best possible way. If you’re looking for infantile GRIMDARK go watch V Gundam LOL.

      • KrimzonStriker says:

        I’m not even talking about grim-dark necessarily, I’m talking about having something more…. intellectually stimulating, to balance things out a bit. Least until the next episode of Unicorn comes out in May… That and I’m a little peeved it never makes you top favorite list cause you’ve never watched it <_<

        • KrimzonStriker says:

          Edit: Scratch that, must have looked at an outdated list and gotten confused :p

          • KrimzonStriker says:

            Hmm, that makes a lot more sense, I don’t need to necessarily dumb myself down then in order to appreciate, just take a step back in how I view it. Okay I’ll try that, thanks Guru ghost-sama 😉

          • This is how I keep myself grounded:

            None of it, is for me. None of the anime ever made, was designed, conceptualized, executed to please me. Ever.

            Thus, whatever I get out of it, are things I bring to my own experience of the work. I take full responsibility for my own experience and enjoyment. I still hate shit, but I own that hate. It’s me that’s hating, and not me being a victim of some shitty anime.

            Conversely, the shows I love aren’t as awesome as opposed to how awesome I make them as part of my experience of this hobby. I do, however, submit this experience and perspective to share with others — you, WRL’s readers.

        • Hehe I watched it with my wife back in 2009, and have rewatched so many episodes sharing with friends to more than constitute a full rewatch. Seriously though, WHY ARE YOU WATCHING ROBOT ANIME FOR INTELLECTUAL STIMULATION?

          Dear Jesus Yamato what’s wrong with you? I watch robot anime to watch awesome action scenes involving giant humanoid metal golems with humans in them. If the work is well-crafted, then holy fuck wow awesome. Any true intellectual stimulation happens as a bonus, or through my own imposition onto the subject show.

          • KrimzonStriker says:

            Hey like I said, I’m turning to western animation remakes of people in tights fighting crime :p

            The thing that captures my interest though is when a series’ takes itself seriously, which in turn makes me take it seriously despite how ridiculous a lot of the notions are. Cut to beautiful execution and intense character drama and viola, you’ve captured my interest. Not that I don’t like good ol’ ridiculous violence every now and again, I did like Gurren Lagan and Mazinkaizer actually, but those works work because they have conviction that what they do is awesome. I don’t get that same enthusiasm from AGE which is why I can’t get enthusiastic enough to suspend my disbelief this time around. Any advice on how to better process/view this series to better my enjoyment? 😦

          • Yeah man, AGE doesn’t exist for that purpose. Look elsewhere otherwise you’re just going to end up whining ineffectually. The shows you like don’t come that often and if you’re like me, I’ve watched them one after the other in a binge. That can spoil a viewer.

            For AGE, instead of trying to imagine yourself as an 8-year old, try to imagine yourself introducing Gundam anime to an 8-year old. Try to imagine watching with him, or a bunch of 8-year olds. These kids watch Bakugan or Beyblade, etc. you can’t just inflict Z Gundam on them, and the original MSG 0079 is too old, ugly, and full of crap.

            When I watch this show, I step out of myself, and end up discovering a part of myself that’s so fun to entertain.

        • KrimzonStriker says:

          Edit, arrggh, meant for the above post to be placed here 😦

  3. KrimzonStriker says:

    Okay, maybe I just need something more intellectually stimulating, I admit it <_<

    • KrimzonStriker says:

      I’m so deprived lately I’ve now turned to Western animation for entertainment. Damn you Young Justice, why are you so much fun to watch! :p

  4. WhatSht says:

    That UE pulled off a shining finger on Gurren Largan, then AGE Maxter appeared and punched him in the face.

  5. Andaer says:

    That Chibodee video, you’re a genius to come up with something like that, no doubt!

  6. ces06 says:

    So red-haired guy’s name is Largan? Seems like a pretty nice guy, being okay with not piloting the Gundam and saving Flit by putting himself in the line of fire like that. I was expecting him to get his head blown off a few seconds in, but apparently nothing happened. (Well… he WAS supposed to pilot the Gundam, so I guess he SHOULD have some measure of skill).

    My problem with this episode is how the previous setups in the story went. You would’ve thought from the previous episode that the two warring factions were, well, at war. They weren’t blowing each other’s heads off. Now it looks more like their “conflict” is more like that between two sports team supporters.

    Flit a-okay with Grodek is weird. If he’s smart enough to build a Gundam, he should have at least questioned the guy’s actions. Which in turn should have prompted Grodek to slap Flit in the face. A handshake? I don’t know what show I’m watching anymore…

    Too bad they skipped out on the AGE Builder in action. Loved the building sequence.

    • Well, for a kids’ show, this too is war. They’re cartoony guys doing war in cartoony ways.

      I dunno if Flit had the time to be smart. He’s too busy being self-righteous.

      You know how self-righteousness renders intellect and education so utterly meaningless. Just watch politicians in the news.

  7. squaresphere says:

    Yeah, i found the ep pretty inconstant for me on whether this is trying to be a “real” gundam show or a kiddy show. But I will say I was disappointed in that the “merchant” wasn’t really a guy playing two sides but was one of the sides 😦 It makes far more simple story telling but I felt like they missed out on a great opportunity to make a more complex plot.

    I thought it was pretty hilarious that the old guy said that Flit was actually cool headed. That might have been the case before piloted the Gundam, but once he sat in that seat for the first time he gained the “hot blooded first time nooby pilot” trait.

    UE… ok they’re starting to become freaking “monster of the week” as their actions make no sense right now. We have no idea why the armored model went after the trunk. It makes no sense even if they were going to be used a bargaining chip against the gundam.

    • Of course they’re monsters of the week, albeit less interesting ones compared to the freaky shit from Mobile Suit Gundam TV back in ’79.

      Some of which we still saw in the episode.

  8. Shinmaru says:

    New toys, woo! I’m really getting into the show now. Glad I stuck with it through the first couple of episodes!

    The sports team chanting is my favorite part of the episode. That is hilarious. More warring factions should cheer.

  9. sadakups says:

    Gurren Largan is slowly becoming that senpai character that gets killed later on, though if it does happen, I expect him to die the manliest way possible.

  10. Shugarl says:

    Give the geno aces some of dem dots rifles for crissake. Its been shown in the past episode that suits other than the gundam can use it. I hope flit still somehow “loses” and wolf has to go save the day. Go Wolf! Largan, Wolf and Grodek are about the only characters i like in this series

  11. i love to watch this kind of movies when i was little.. all the gundams.. my fav was gundam wing.

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