Flashy New Toys, Flashy New Moves: Gundam AGE 08 “Titus & G-EX”

[한샛-Raws] Mobile Suit Gundam AGE - 08 (D-TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_19.24_[2011.11.28_07.10.39]

Now I haven’t really seen the controls of the AGE Gundam Titus, but I’m almost convinced it looks like this:



Why? It’s because Flit can pull off its attacks with zero training and practice. I can only assume he’s been doing these attacks all his life either at home or in the arcades. Just see for yourself:


Tap the joystick once going one direction then hold, then press a punch button and you’ll execute the Titus shoulder block. This is useful for covering distance and still maintaining space between you and your opponent. There’s also a probability for stunning the enemy. There’s a super attack version (wait for super bar to fill up at least once, and press all three punch buttons after the joystick move).


Tap the joystick going one direction, then use it to form a semi-circle starting from the bottom going towards the direction you tapped first, then press a kick button and you’ll execute a Titus flying knee. The advanced auto-targeting system will attempt to land it on your opponent’s balls. There’s also a super attack version (wait for super bar to fill up at least once, and press all three kick buttons after the joystick move).


This is one of the super attacks, the Lariat Gundam Beam Titus, or LGBT. Move the joystick in a 360-degree motion then press all three punch buttons. Make sure that the super bar is filled up at least once. The Titus parts come freshly pressed from the AGE System with one full super bar. This is a Hissatsu-level attack straight from pre-Gundam robot anime.

[한샛-Raws] Mobile Suit Gundam AGE - 08 (D-TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_08.06_[2011.11.28_06.28.16]

The Titus Gundam is probably the most n00b-friendly mobile suit ever: it has ridiculous power with controls even grade-schoolers can learn. I’m sure in real combat IN SPACE, the learning curve gets very steep and the gameplay pretty deep. But for gravity-front melee, you’d have to look at Gundam fighters like the Gundam Maxter, God Gundam, and the Master Gundam for better units, and none of them are this easy to control (you’d have to be a frickin’ martial artist to use the Mobile Trace System.

[한샛-Raws] Mobile Suit Gundam AGE - 08 (D-TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_18.37_[2011.11.28_07.05.39][한샛-Raws] Mobile Suit Gundam AGE - 08 (D-TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_17.05_[2011.11.28_07.09.21]

As for the flashy new G-EX piloted by none other than Woolf Enneacle, I think that thing uses a keyboard + mouse.

[한샛-Raws] Mobile Suit Gundam AGE - 08 (D-TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_17.16_[2011.11.28_07.04.07]

It’s because it requires Woolf’s mad skills (his right hand is using both the keyboard AND mouse, I swear). Oh no I think I pissed off a few fags. Here they come:


Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

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56 Responses to Flashy New Toys, Flashy New Moves: Gundam AGE 08 “Titus & G-EX”

  1. sadakups says:

    Man, as a fighting game nut, I seriously laughed with this.

    Shoryuken + kick when Titus did the Tiger Knee FTW.

    • I’m a first generation SF II coin-op player from the arcades, though the expense of it (Glico’s LOL. Big Bang sa Alabang LOLOLOL) prevented me from learning real skills until we got a SNES, though by then I was more into Mortal Kombat LOL.

      The Tiger Knee was awesome, and was the thing that inspired me to do this post the way I did it.

      • Reid says:

        the “EX version” of the Titus Knee is the one with the beam spikes (awesome idea, by the way) so thats srk+kk, though I would think the Beam Lariat input would be something like Guile’s Sonic Hurricane (or really Balrog’s Crazy Buffalo), so that’d make it (charge)b-f*b-f ppp.

        I love the idea of the Titus’ control scheme being something so simplistic that even an untrained kid could instantly pull of complex fighting moves, but I don’t really get the thing about Woolf using a keyboard and mouse. G-Exes is teh sick though. That Turn A cut it did was ten kinds of cool.

      • sadakups says:

        “I’m a first generation SF II coin-op player from the arcades”

        Yeah, if you’re current-gen, you would have posted a TE stick instead. 😛

        As for me, I haven’t played fighting games in a long time since college (local arcade in UPLB and later on in Megamall), but I still keep myself up-to-date with the new ones though I don’t get to play them, probably hoping that one day, I’ll do get to play again.

        When it comes to mouse and keyboard, I think Jesus Yamato nails it. Heck, he does macros and just pushes one button with he goes all aimbot spam.

        • Yep, that’s Jesus for you… and that’s not counting SEED Mode.

          I never really made it into the Timezone era.

          My friends Mechafetish & Great Boota are SF fags who play Marvel vs. Capcom with bluetooth joysticks on their PS3s. GB watches all the tourney videos posted on youtube.

          But I’ll always have one of my favorite fighters in the SNES:

          This is one of my introductions to Gundam LOL

          • Shinmarizu says:

            Ah, Endless Duel. Memories of childhood, and probably my first exposure to Gundam. That and Epyon here is a cheap bastard jerk.

          • Yeah Epyon was super annoying. I started out playing Deathscythe and Mercurius before settling down with Heavyarms, Vayeate, then Tallgeese which is still one of the prettiest mobile suits ever.

          • Reid says:

            EPYON FOR THE WIN. This was also one of my first exposures to Gundam, wayyy before I ever saw the series. Then, when I did see Gundam Wing I was all “Ohhh yeah, so that’s what it was!” and then I was hooked.

            Also, yeah, I played a little bit of Counter Strike and Unreal Tourney back in the day, so I get where you’re coming from now with the keyboard-and-mouse bit in regard to G-Exes’ incredible performance in its debut.

          • Before we got this game my kid brother bought a few snap-fit 1/44 models: a 0080 Zaku II, a Marasai, and a Gelgoog Char Custom. He then later got a 1/100 JAGD-DOGA Quess but fuck if we understood the context of these cool suits. We wouldn’t know what Zeon was until a decade or so later. I don’t think my brother ever found out.

          • sadakups says:

            Ah yes, Endless Duel. Epyon you mother fucker.

          • Cheesy piece of shit.

          • Skribulous says:

            FUCK YOU EPYON

            FUCK YOU

            Gods, I loved this game.

            (Heavyarms 4 Life!)

          • I am so glad I am not the only guy who hated Epyon this much. So yeah,


  2. Tenryu says:

    considering the basic advanced technology compared to our own, ins’t possible that kids play a better version of ‘Kidō Senshi Gundam: Senjō no Kizuna'(ie the gundam POD game) at arcades? Its a stretch i know but funny to think about.
    Heck it could be the pods like in Gunpla Builders where instead of just using MS plastic models any robot toy is fine(i’m just dreaming here)

    • The weakest thing about my thesis is that I don’t actually think Flit spent much time playing video games. I think he’s really square even by nerd standards. But then again the basic moves are easy and are things he could’ve picked up playing casually with Dique.

      • sadakups says:

        “But then again the basic moves are easy and are things he could’ve picked up playing casually with Dique.”

        I can picture it – Dique’s only role in the show is to shout those moves at Flit.

        Flit: Oh sh-, I’m in trouble now.
        Dique: “DO A RAGING DEMON!!!!”
        Flit: How does that go again?!
        Dique: LP, LP, back, LK, HP
        Flit: Ah, okay. Thanks.

  3. ces06 says:


    At first I thought the whole rotation thing was supposed to be like a rotating punch attack or something, (LOL MAXTER) but a freaking BEAM Lariat, accompanied with compulsory attack-name shouting? The show went Super at that moment. I’m surprised the explosions weren’t bigger, lol.

    So ordinary beam sabers are that hi-tech so you just have to name them Wolf Fangs? Maybe that’s just Woolf being Woolf, but beam technology sure sucks in AGE.

    But then there’s beam spikes and beam lariats. I’m confused.

    • That’s the fundamental problem with energy weapons for a realfag such as myself: they go hand in hand with plot armor. Three are no real grades, no standard system to base expectations from except that weapons fail in the face of the next significant opponent or when hitting friendlies who aren’t supposed to die.

      • Reid says:

        I don’t think I’ve even seen the stats for so much as a base/wet weight, height, armor construction, weapons output – ANYTHIING – for these Gundam AGE mobile suits…it’s a little disheartening.

        • I don’t know how soon this data is supposed to come out. How is it with previous shows?

          • Reid says:

            Well, like with Unicorn, that kind of stuff is released all the time and on the regular too. Of course, that being UC Gundam, we have the expectation that MS use Minovsky-type fusion reactors and such. We take these things as a given. With AGE, there is no sort of an established system of expectations, if you will, for this kind of mechanical information. For kids it isn’t a problem, but it irks this old-school fan.

          • Yeah, real fags gonna take it up the ass with these kind of things, but as I advocate: Don’t watch this show trying to dumb yourself down. Instead imagine yourself watching the show with a bunch of 8-year olds you’re introducing to Gundam, who only used to watch Bakugan or Beyblade or some shit.

  4. CVPhased says:

    When I saw the “Lariat Gundam Beam Titus”, or “LGBT” in action, I actually thought like “is Flit watching a lot of wrestling lately?” as it really looked like a clothesline to me, hahaha! Nevertheless, Kira and co. are funny as hell! :))

  5. WhatSht says:

    After seeing Largan surviving the UE with a grunt mobile suit, I’m sure he is the Machida of Gundam.

  6. foshizzel says:

    I haven’t seen the episode yet but I agree it probably is a giant arcade control set up! And always the pilot comments are awesome 😉

  7. dliessmgg says:

    “the Lariat Gundam Beam Titus, or LGBT”
    I don’t care about the Gundams, I just wanted to say that this made me laugh like mad.

  8. Reid says:

    Does the G-Exes look vaguely like the L. Gaim to anyone? That shield…the all-white colors…the beam sabres…the legs and shape of the feet…I dunno. It’s vague, like I said, but there’s something going on.


      Tomino finally got his white mobile suit. Maaaan Nagano Mamoru sure could draw pretty pictures! I want to re-read all of FSS all sudden. I can see how the G-EX remembers love for the Junchoon I mean L-Gaim LOL

    • sadakups says:

      Reminds me of the sExia.

    • Matt Wells says:

      Looks more like Nu Gundam had a baby with the R-1 to me. That’s mostly in the ears though (Woolf is so narcisstic he gave his custom mecha Wolf Ear hair bangs. Just like his own hair. NICE!)

      • Reid says:

        Yeah, that cool red wolf logo thing on the shield of his Genoace wasn’t enough. Now his Gundam wanna-be has ears. LAWL.

  9. Skribulous says:

    On a tangent, I like how everyone in the blogosphere is not pointing out the obvious fact that the UE are the Gundam franchise’s version of Super Robot Wars’ Shadow Mirror. /sarcasm

  10. This may be one of my favorite posts from you. I was having so much fun watching this episode that I didn’t even give thought to how a grade schooler is doing all of this. Then again, I’ve watched so much mecha that perhaps that conceit glosses over me.

    That aside, now the oldfag in me just shakes my head and thinks that this kid would still get raeped in a sanctioned Gundam Fight. I could see Neo Canada teabagging this kid all day.

    • Glad you liked it. Flit is 14, just a year younger than Amuro Ray and far more advanced than him as a Gundam builder (over Kamille as well). Only Usso is younger.

      The AGE isn’t much compared to Gundam Fighters, it’ll need several powerups before it can really compete.

  11. Matt Wells says:

    Well that was.. okay… I GUESS. Didn’t get why Titus only used its SPACE/BEAM LARAIT on one UE grunt. The action was okay, nothing special. Loved the beam spikes on the Gundam’s phat shoulders and knees, very cool touch for a melee oriented robot. Still can’t understand why the AGE System’s answer to grunts with thicker armour is just giving the Gundam chunky fists.

    Oh wait, its because they need a dozen fucking toy varaints kids will pester their parents to buy, and they need a suitable game mechanic for when Level 5 makes an RPG out of this. Silly me! You would at least hope that a super intelligent learning program’s reaction to a new threat would be better than sacrificing rage and speed for cool punches, but such are the vagrancies of AGE’s sub-Super Robot design. At least it beats the hell out of skittle beam funnels.

    I see the episode ended on a BURNING PROMISE OF A MAN’S TEARFUL FRIENDSHIP. Hopefully these shitty Zeon stand-ins will have more to do in later eps. So the arms dealers are providing to both the Federation AND the UE? In that case, who are the people actually repsonsible for driving the conflict, that cult we saw eariler or the arms dealers themselves? Lost technology and blueprints? Very Turn A Gundam! Probably why the two Fardain factions had such poor quality mobile suits, they’re bastardised designs and replicas passed down for centuries.

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