The Mask of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE (Episode 9)


[Mobile Suit Gundam AGE Episode 8]

As opposed to previous episodes, a whole lot of stuff happened here. I won’t get into all of it in this post, but I think a breakdown is useful at this point:

  1. Wolf flies a shuttle like a madman flying into La Vie en RoseMadorna.
  2. The Mobile Suit designers geek it out. Women put themselves in their place (LOL)
  3. UE goes on a rampage. Local suits including Gundam Titus proves inadequate.
  4. Decil confirms enemy status, gives orders for UE to withdraw.
  5. Yark Dole presented as a masked arms dealer of mystery.
  6. Grodek reveals himself, and plan. Emily stands up for him. Diva crew loyalty check successful.
  7. AGE System cliffhanger.

Lots of detail this time, as opposed the previous episode’s mostly fun meat-headed action. It’s actually difficult for me to pick on one thing to focus on, so here are a few:


The woman’s place in robot anime.

Hi kids! Remember this is the kind of woman you want, someone who’ll be strong enough to stand up to you, but always and only because she’s thinking of what’s best for you —  knowing who you really are and indulging what your soul truly yearns for. She doesn’t have dreams outside yours, and if she does, she builds it around yours. Never mind if it’s just boys doing boy things like build and fight in fancy toys! Boys’ dreams are important. They risk everything for them, so risk everything to be with them!

Man would I want to be a girl in this show? Or ever?

The Diva Goes Rogue.

The Feddies can’t be trusted, only the Gundam matters. So Grodek takes independent action and declares war on the UE. It’s pretty stupid, because they only really have the Gundam and the G-EX as effective weapons against UE units. 3 extra ships will be fodder for the UE mecha. But the guy’s desperate, so this opportunity to attack means everything to him. Still, he’s got to consider how he’s sending almost everyone to near-certain death.

But kids, anything is possible if you have the Gundam and you BELIEVE!


Dude is wearing sunglasses indoors. Char is star struck.


Speaking of sunglasses,


Instead, Grodek abandoned him to die. Nice going keepin’ things kiddy Emily. Go let your boys risk it all fighting, while you risk it all watching. Damn, it sure sucks being a girl.

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58 Responses to The Mask of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE (Episode 9)

  1. sadakups says:

    Why would you make a deal with a guy wearing a mask and a cloak? Wouldn’t you be so suspicious in the first place?

    Flit does not care about normal suits. He just goes to space without one. And kids, that’s how you move into space.

    And I love what you said about Emily.

  2. Whatsht says:

    They could have launched the G-Exes instead of the Titus, the UE is too fast for Titus

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks Grodek is out of his mind trying to attack an extremely advanced and unscouted enemy base with only two effective units (who between them can probably only handle six of those units at a time), and gaggle of fodder in tow.

    I’m learning to tolerate Emily (not that I ever really had a problem with her). She just seems to have a sucky role in all of this. At least she’s not trying to force herself to become a pilot, or trying to mind (& body) f*ck the lead protagonist into her puppet. She just tries really, really hard and accomplishes very little. She’s a tag-along, but at least she’s not in the way.

  4. Gamer2002 says:

    I bet that Grodek’s plan is “get Diva closer to UE HQ” -> “all hands abandon ship, captain stays to the end” -> “self-destruction”.

    • WhatSht says:

      Nah, Flit would most probably get him out before the ship explodes.

    • And so the Zalam and Eula ships are really life boats for the crew? Interesting.

    • squaresphere says:

      I agree, he’s getting crappy suits and ships from Faradain, none of which are equipped with any weaponry that can even scratch the UE. Reeks of “send in fodder as a screen while I get close to self destruct”.

      Flint has proven to be extremely inconsistent versus the UE, so it’s highly unlikely that Grodek expect him to carry the battle ala Kira Yamato. Wolf, well he could and probably is going to take out a number of suits, but with no “buster rifle”, there’s no way he can one shot the UE HQ for the win.

  5. ces06 says:

    Yeah, seeing how both the Zalam and Euba guys did against the UE in the past episodes, I can’t see how they’ll be of any use against the UE now. Probably as cannon fodder to distract the UE while the Diva breaks in into the UE stronghold?

    The Decil reveal was kind of… well, he was already suspicious from the start, but the reveal was kind of lackluster.

    Even with a lot of stuff happening in this episode, it somehow felt kind of dull. I’ve got a bad feeling that AGE will never reach the same heights it reached with episode 3….

    Oh well. At least it looks like we’ll get to see Gundam Spiegel in the next episode.

    • ces06 says:

      And this just came to mind. Maybe Grodek isn’t really planning a suicide mission after all? Maybe the Diva has some kind of decisive weapon we haven’t seen yet? It’s somewhat possible IMO, given the Diva being a new, top-notch ship and Grodek specifically hijacking it out of all the other ships there might be out there.

      • Whatsht says:

        If thats the case, i wouldn’t mind seeing the Diva transform. The design of the The Diva just resembles the Macross.

        • ces06 says:


          Is what I had in mind when I first saw the Diva, lol Such a plain looking ship with a crazy color scheme should be hiding something, at least. Not to mention the ship being powerful enough to pull out the colony core in episode 3, which is an incredible feat.

        • Matt Wells says:

          Given the shape of the bow, it definitely LOOKS like it has tranformation capabilities. A Gundam series where the battleship actually contributes to the battlefield in a meaningful way would be cool.

          Or alternatively the AGE system gets all Gurren Lagann on our asses, and we get CHOU-KAI GATTAI!!! ARC GUNDAM AGEEE!!!

          …Hey it could happen! (in my dreams)

    • I thought this episode had an arc’s worth of content in it compared to the past 3 episodes. The Decil subplot is indeed kind of lame.

      • Reid says:

        That’s due to two things:
        1. Most shows pad out the length with superfluous crap.
        2. This show is three shows in one so every episode is kind of its own compilation movie.

  6. Andaer says:

    Never mind if it’s just boys doing boy things like build and fight in fancy toys! Boys’ dreams are important. [2]

  7. Shugarl says:

    Man, Madorna, My factory with a lot of custom mobile suits, and of course, with a large armory of weapons as well, is being attacked.

    Flit and Woolf, here, take this two scrapped out mobile suits WITH NO WEAPONS i was planning to send to the garbage suit to take out the UE freak. Goodluck. I am sure you’ll need it.

    I mean seriously. What were those? Worker suits? They were literally trying to wrestle and tackle the UE the whole time. That’ll surely work!

    • Yeah it’s really desperate how they engaged the UE without any weapons at all. They should’ve grabbed hold of some robot limbs and used them as clubs at least.

    • sadakups says:

      Exactly what I had in mind. The only thing that would make it epic is for Wolf to actually graze it at least with no weapons. But alas, we already knew that it was a setup for the Sparrow (yes, I call it that and I refuse to call it otherwise).

  8. squaresphere says:

    … I’m disappointed in Yak’s mask. Too much like a samurai memp (cough Mr. Bushido wanna be).
    So think we establish, that Titus being RED doesn’t make it x3 faster. In fact I guess red on an Gundam makes it slower.

  9. Matt Wells says:

    I just have an overpowering desire to see Decil get his ass handed to him. Hopefully Gundam SPALLOW (what the fucking actual fuck Sunrise?) will achieve this. Oh I’m sorry this cutting edge self-evolving learning Federation Prototpye doesn’t impress you, your crappy Guymelefs with hand vulcans are SO much better. Nyan-ing little punk.

    I’m just glad the plot is finally going somewhere. Will the next story arc kick in after the attack on UE headquarters? I’m still curious as to how the timeskips will feed into the cour schedule for this show. If the show is the ususal 52 episodes long, how much time will be spent on this 0079 arc? Perhaps it’ll be similar to Gurren Lagann; we get a 2 cour first half story arc, then shorter 8 episode arcs following each time skip. Or alternatively an even 18 episodes per time period.

    • No idea how the timeskips will play out, and I haven’t really thought about it. Interestingly enough I’ve approached this show on a per-week basis. I don’t really think too hard about what’s going to happen. I do get excited about the new units though, despite my general indifference towards the UE Guymelefs.

  10. squaresphere says:

    Also wanted to mention that Emily is terrible. She goes from not wanting Flit to fight cause he might die to trying to convince everyone that a suicide mission is ok. 12-14 year old girl tactical logic fail!

  11. Anya says:

    I keep asking for strong female leads in Gundam and I keep getting denied ~_~ The older ones can be excused, but they’re still enforcing stereotypes in the current series? Well at least Unicorn had Mineva and Marida.

    Like I predicted in my post, looks like the AGE System isn’t going to be doing anything interesting other than being their sorry excuse of a ripoff of SEED’s backpack/silhouette ripoff of Macross’ packs. They could’ve made it more interesting, but it’s just the same old story of having variants for different types of missions.

    And Yark Dole, there are people in weird cultish cloaks walking around and NO ONE NOTICES?!?!? ARE YOU HIGHHHHHH?!??

    A few people mentioned that maybe Grodek will sacrifice and ram the Diva into the UE stronghold, but that just sounds stupid. It’s the only viable idea of doing ANY damage considering there sad little fleet, but I just really hate those kinds of scenes in anime.

    • Like I predicted in my post, looks like the AGE System isn’t going to be doing anything interesting other than being their sorry excuse of a ripoff of SEED’s backpack/silhouette ripoff of Macross’ packs. They could’ve made it more interesting, but it’s just the same old story of having variants for different types of missions.

      Eh? I don’t get your vitriol regarding this at all. You talk about having modular adaptability like it was a bad thing.

      Also, I don’t get your overall negativity, except maybe regarding a legitimate wish being thwarted re having stronger women characters.

  12. Matt Wells says:

    New visual art is out for AGE part 2. Flit is grey haired and looking bad ass, Woolfe is still around, smexy as ever and looking not a day over 30. Perhaps he goes back into cryo-freeze when the UE are beaten in part 1, and he wakes up whenever there’s a new war? He could make appearances as a pilot in each successive generation if that’s the case. If AGE is indeed a blueprint for a future Level 5 RPG, he could be the party member you get to use in all three eras.

    The AGE Mark 2 just looks like a slightly more developed version of the Mark 1, with the joints and limb shapes having a very Zeta look. Not sure about those giant shoulderpad wings, they better have some useful purpose in battle. Maybe they’re a riff on V2’s Minovsky Particle “Wings of Light”? See here for the image:

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