My 3D Wife is Still My Best Wife: Married For Five Years; SUCK IT 2D HAREMFAGS


I had a lot of fun reading bitmap’s THE RELIGION OF LOVE IN 2D: ROOTS OF MODERN OTAKU COURTSHIP, from his wonderfully titled blog Remember XVI. It compares the otaku’s 2-D complex with the romance of chivalric courtship, where the ideal maiden has a dynamic of unattainability. This unattainability may perhaps be a function of a number of things: rank, relationship status, wealth, etc. This is somehow compared to the fact that well, anime and galge characters are uh, not human, therefore unattainable.

This contributes to the tragic-romantic aspect of the relationship, making the lover “pure” whilst the object of affection is pure almost always by (character) design. This suits the otaku’s particular sense of morality just fine (I suppose). Over the past three years I indulged this “waifu” thing every so often, as it can be a fun exercise. What’s (not) surprising is how some otaku take it really seriously. Even so, it is my unscientific observation that so many of these “husbandos” fail at this purity/chivalry thing by having many waifus.

And if they’re all unattainable (by design), then doesn’t the whole exercise pierce the heavens with its pathos? Inevitably, the purity is shown up to be inauthentic, because well, otaku fap to their waifu. Also, they fap to a whole fuckton of 2D females. While I don’t think there’s anything wrong with masturbation, my point here is how the tragic-romantic idea of chivalry of otaku is mired in inauthenticity.

Harems, really. I don’t have one. Sure I remember love for Minmay and pay homage to Sheryl, but no one compares to my wife of five years, mother of our daughter. Why? It’s because for 2D characters to do anything for you, you’re really creating the event and impact out of your imagination and will. My wife makes and continues to make all the difference there is in my life. Let me count the ways:


#s 1 to 8999: Boring, Private, Real Life Stuff

No need to talk about these things in an anime blog.

#9000: We Watch Anime Together

Sure it’s been mostly Beelzebub lately, but over the years we’ve seen a lot of awesome, long series like Macross 7 and Legend of The Galactic Heroes, and even longer (but significantly less awesome) shows like The Prince of Tennis. It was good to close out the Macross Frontier sub-franchise with her this year.


#9001 She Doesn’t Just Watch Anime Because I Like It

She has her own tastes and does not mind watching shitty Animax dubs. She watches stuff I don’t really care for and vice versa. It’s all good because we are anime fans unique to each other. She’s into a lot of shounen I have zero interest in picking up, as well as a bunch of CLAMP stuff.

#9002 She Reads a Lot of Manga

Aside from the big shounen franchises, some shoujo (Nodame Cantabile, Skip Beat, etc) she also read stuff even I wouldn’t start, like all of Tetsuwan Atom, and all of Mazinger Z. This is incredible to me.

[Raws-4U] Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-Hen on television - 01 (TX 1280x720 H264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_19.24_[2010.09.21_06.56.05]

#9003 She Let Me and Our Daughter Watch Shin Mazinger Z

Like her parents before her, our kid got to watch Mazinger first. Like her parents before her, she would never really finish this show the first time, but perhaps leave enough in the imagination to remember love for it 30 years later.

I love my wife, I love my life.

About ghostlightning

I entered the anime blogging sphere as a lurker around Spring 2008. We Remember Love is my first anime blog. Click here if this is your first time to visit WRL.
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67 Responses to My 3D Wife is Still My Best Wife: Married For Five Years; SUCK IT 2D HAREMFAGS

  1. Mushyrulez says:

    That’s over 9000 ways!

    Captain Obvious, signing out.

  2. kimaguresan says:

    Congrats. Many more years to you and her. I love my 3D wife also, even if my parents don’t (pardon that comment, hating on a few things at the moment).

    My wife watches anime with me also, mostly at my behest, but she’s discovered some things she really likes because of it.

  3. Anya says:

    BELIEVE me, if I can get a 3D girlfriend/wife I would ~_~ just never had the chance.

  4. otou-san says:

    Nice, congrats to two of my favorite people! My wife (also of 5 years) is partially responsible for this mess since she sat me down with Evangelion some 10-12 years ago and the rest is horrible shameful history.

    • Thanks dad, unlike you we have no one to blame.

      It’s amazing how you’ve known each other for so long. We’ve been together for five years but we’ve really known each other for 8. It’s just that we found that we knew a lot of the same people so it feels like we’ve known each other for 18 years.

    • Kabitzin says:

      So what you’re saying is that she infected you…

  5. Shinmarizu says:

    Not sure if I mentioned already, but I’m pretty sure I called you one lucky son of a … *ahem*.
    And if I haven’t yet, well, there.

    And here’s to hoping that everyone out there who enjoys anime, but still has their feet grounded in reality instead of completely devoted to their imaginary GF/BF/harem, that they do find their special 3D someone. (If this sounds a bit cold, my apologies, but even the crazy otakus need to hear this too.)

  6. Matt Wells says:

    Your wife has excellent taste. This is an established fact that bears repeating. Congrats ya lucky bastard!

  7. animekritik says:

    Congratulations! I’ll be reaching my 4th anniversary on Xmas Day.

    Hmm, a couple of more reasons for 3d over 2d: 1) sex, 2) curry.

  8. Crusader says:

    Congrats, may you have many more years of married bliss. Have a Merry Christmas too Lakers are back with a cup cake schedule. This CP3 thing has me fuming but yeah… I’ll just leave it at that and wish you well

    • The CP3 thing has me upset as well. I’m not Hung up at all getting him while giving up 2 of my favorite big men. But Stern man, what a douchebag. He’s really exposed how much he can do to rig this thing by stopping the trade.

      Anyway thanks comrade.

  9. You wrote this post just because you still can’t get over how she read all of Mazinger Z, didn’t you. The rest of the post is filler to that fact LOL.

  10. Vucub Caquix says:

    A smile on my face, for many different reasons.

  11. Ryan A says:

    Congratulations! 🙂 And I never understood the 2D stigma. Anything outside in-person is… shameless, desperate, and perhaps cowardly? lol, I’m glad you’re thriving with your wife and family. It’s awesome, so keep it up!

    While I don’t think there’s anything wrong with masturbation, my point here is how the tragic-romantic idea of chivalry of otaku is mired in inauthenticity.

    Once you go real, you don’t go back.. hopefully.

    • Thanks for all the kind words pal.

      Like I said, there’s nothing wrong with fapping to doujins. I’m really just commenting on the otaku’s 2D complex as chivalrous romance as inauthentic.

  12. Tenryu says:

    whats wrong with reading Astro Boy? At least its not as disturbing/horrifying as Black Jack

    • Matt Wells says:

      You forgot batshit awesome there. In one chapter, while operating on his own intestines in the Austrilian outback, Black Jack kills a pack of dingoes. Armed only with his surgical scalpels.

    • The thing I’m remarking on is how old these works are and it really takes effort for me to get into the right place so as to fully appreciate these works, or even just manage to read them.

  13. Reid says:

    Ghost, your wife – amazingly cool. Your kiddo – super cute (and apparently well on her way toward some robot fandom as well – as I’ve heard said, “kids are programmable friends!”). You are a blessed man. Would that we all could find such happiness in life! Not about the programming your child part…I mean the having-a-great-family part. Yeah, I’m gonna shut up now. You and yours totally rock, dude. ^.^

    • Thanks bro, you know I really appreciate the kind of life I got. Tomorrow they’re going to leave me to my nail-biting misery as I wait for and watch Lyoto Machida get killed by John Jones. Hard to think how it gets any better without piling on money.

      • Reid says:

        I completely agree with that last statement. It really isn’t even having all the money, it’s about not having to worry about all the money to buy the things you need to live or to buy the things you’d like to have; but when it comes down to it, it’s all about our families and those dear to us, doing good work and doing right by others.

        The fight is tonight for us over here en los EE. UU., so me and my boys are gonna head over to the sports bar to check it out. Truth be told, the fight I’m most looking forward to is the one between Little Nog and Tito Ortiz…who I hate so very very much. Lyoto and Jones are real “warriors” in that they have a lot of respect. Ortiz is a punk and I think he’ll get what’s coming to him. And don’t rule out Machida! I think it’s going to be a hard fight for both of them, and if anybody in that weight class has a chance of making problems for Jones it is Machida, who comes out better, in my eyes, in the style match-up. However, what I fear may happen for him is this: he hops into range, attacks, then retreats like usual, only because of Jones’ reach Machida will still be in range for a counterattack; and Bones is a heavy-hitter with some neat angles of his own. It’ll be a great match.

        • Yeah, but I really want a lot more money too 🙂

          When I don’t have to worry about survival, and I’ve put in good work in making a difference in others (our inclinations are in education and livelihood), ridiculous money means coming to Japan and funding robot anime.

          If there’s one thing I don’t like about Machida, is how he doesn’t really change up his training. He’s not an adaptive fighter. Thus, despite the inherent difficulty of preparing for his style, it’s a static style. John Jones on the other hand, has all the tools.

  14. Xard says:

    >mfw I think I’m reading some sort of waifu post on GL

    what is this I don’t even

    >mfw everything went better than expected

    oh 😀

    >And if they’re all unattainable (by design), then doesn’t the whole exercise pierce the heavens with its pathos? Inevitably, the purity is shown up to be inauthentic, because well, otaku fap to their waifu. Also, they fap to a whole fuckton of 2D females. While I don’t think there’s anything wrong with masturbation, my point here is how the tragic-romantic idea of chivalry of otaku is mired in inauthenticity.

    That probably depends on a person, actually. You have no idea how many times I’ve seen a flame war burn down a block in 4chan between those who find their waifus unfappable and those who see such guys as unhonest morons because sexual attraction is part of romantic love and if you don’t feel any attraction to your, ehh, waifu/husbando it’s hard to see how one could claim their attraction is romantic in nature (on that note how many people haven’t had fantasies about their object of love? Speaking IRL) if it’s utterly platonic.

    but all of this is irrelevant bs over what really matters:

    Happy days with your family in the future too 🙂

  15. Yumeka says:

    I also recently wrote a post about Bitmap’s post on 2-D love =) Interesting stuff. Great to hear an opinion of it from an anime fan like you who has found real “3-D” love. I love a lot of anime characters (non-romantically) and they give me great happiness, but it can’t fill the void of a real person (particularly someone who can share in the same love for anime I have). I hope I can find the right person like you have someday =D

    By the way, do you know why Bitmap’s post, along with the whole Remember XVI blog, seem to suddenly be deleted now? 0_o

  16. What a brag blog. I-it’s not like I’m jealous o-or anything.

    Actually, I’m too young to think about marriage, but I have been thinking about kids lately (because some new ones popped up in the family) and they’re the greatest thing ever. I want to give them something worth remembering too.

    Congratulations and keep going strong.

  17. Honestly, I’d rather have a REAL 3D girlfriend (in the flesh) than a 2D fictional character, while sharing many common interests: I want a real hand to hold onto, I want someone I can talk to without having to feel so damn awkward, and hopefully start from just a one-night-stand to forever.

    However, to have true love (and just like art), first one has to earn, but before that one has to find a job… and this is the question that some of my relatives are pestering on me whenever I see them.

    But I can only wonder and wait.

    Re: missing link — the blog is gone; the guy having deleted it completely.

    • OBTW: Every time I hear some LFB talk much about his favorite 2D girl, I’m reminded of this song, so in lieu of Claire Danes, try to substitute her name for any girl:

      I’m gonna pick up some beer, and stay at home
      And stare at my _________________ poster
      She looks so bitchin’, she always listens
      She never tells me I’m a loser
      I’m a loser

    • It’s a mystery what happened to bitmap.

      Yes, you need to earn your independence… by enslaving yourself in some other way. Such is life.

  18. foshizzel says:

    D’awwww thanks for sharing this Ghost! Your wife and kid are awesome xD and high five for more beelzebub fans ❤

  19. MarigoldRan says:

    Amusing. Not bad, but amusing.

  20. Stormshrug says:

    “#s 1 to 8999: Boring, Private, Real Life Stuff

    No need to talk about these things in an anime blog.”

    Literal lol. Well played, sir.

  21. SnippetTee says:

    That’s so sweet and nice comparison. Thanks for sharing this and congrats for the five years.

  22. TheBigN says:

    Congrats on a great five years together, and here’s hoping for ten times as much at least. :3

    And I still find it funny that you still have a 2D picture as your headline picture for this post. 😛

  23. Nopy says:

    It sounds like you have life pretty good, I’m a bit jealous. I’ve always considered the whole “my waifu” thing to be something people do for fun, but I guess there are a few people that take it too seriously.

  24. Xard says:


    my mind is full of fuck, this sounds like satanic spawn of random scifi setting, the spirit of Macross7 and cute moe moe uguu SoL spirit with kawaii idol squad replacing Basara’s buttrock.

    The anime of 2012, I swear

  25. Chan says:

    Late to say this but Congrats man!!!
    Toast to 5 years and many more to come!!!

    I should really get back to studying.

  26. I’m starting to think you anniversary gifts to your wife are more and more clever blog posts about her. Once again, congratulations.

    As for the 2D waifu stuff… I have my harem, but there’s nothing like the look, feel, touch and smell of a real woman. The 2D chicks are generally a No Fap Zone for me. Hopefully those poor dudes fapping to 2D bimbos will see the light and fap to real women. It is the one true side to fapdom. As for a real relationship, we all have to admit that getting to marriage is a little it of a miracle in itself. Everyone should just start small and hope they’re as lucky as us.

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  29. Brian O' Conner says:

    my Skyline GTR R34 beats every wifes in the world y’all foo’s!!

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