Shigeru Blade: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 10

Gundam AGE 01 Spallow GN-001 Exia

No lie. The GN-001 Gundam Exia is still one of my favorite mobile suit designs. This isn’t just nostalgia for my Gateway Gundam show, but really I loved the very humanoid silhouette it has, primed for the close quarters battle scenarios it was designed for. Mobile suits have always been designed with some CQB in mind, this is why they have heat hawks and beam sabers. The Exia however is one of the few that really looks great while doing it.

Designs like The Shenlong Gundam and the Deathscythe Gundam are ugly, and as much as I love G Gundam, most of the designs there are lulz. The Exia however, is perfect. The rest of the suits in Gundam 00 can die in a fire, but I love my SExia no doubt. Gundam AGE Spallow, remembers love for the Exia in a big way…

Starting with its rather large sword.


The UE Guymelef of the week was very quick and attacked with a solid blade that dismembered most of the Zalam (and Eula) mobile suits. The AGE Builder responded with a technological solution, that was launched and fitted IN SPACE, Mobile Suit Victory Gundam style (yes, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED did this as well, but even that remembers love for V Gundam). This turned out to be the “Spallow” configuration, which boasts a number of CQB weapons, but most notably the Shigeru Blade that is a direct throwback to the:

GN Sword

A solid GN blade attached to a miniature forearm shield, which serves as the Exia’s primary weapon, and the largest blade amongst the Seven Swords. It works by applying a GN Field over the solid sword which greatly increases the sharpness and cutting power. The blade can be vertically folded along the forearm, exposing the muzzle of a beam rifle.

The Shigeru blade on the Gundam AGE Spallow doesn’t have the versatility of having a gun when the sword is folded up the forearm (it is also quite smaller). Otherwise it’s the same weapon, with different names for its science fiction cutting power.

Instead of tactical solutions; or piloting skill increasing (which is implausible in such a short time anyway) the solutions to the problems have been consistently technological ones, and always Gundam-related. I am okay with this. Something I’m not as forgiving about in a show like Mobile Suit Gundam 00 is acceptable here in this kids’ show. It’s definitely cooler than your Beyblade or Bakugan.


Another thing… War is Hell. LOL I didn’t even think this show would go this far. Not only does it send Don Boyage and his silly followers to their deaths, they portray it in a really nihilistic, hollow way. The whole thing was futile, the day was only going to be saved by the Gundam AGE Builder. I love it. But will the rest of these idiots do so?


Yeah the crew pledge their loyalty to his rogue-ness Capt. Grodek. Even Emily, who must be given something to do. Flit’s gonna have problems dealing with the idea that the UE Guymelefs are piloted by humans. Yeah, he’s going to have to kill a little kid at some point.

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53 Responses to Shigeru Blade: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 10

  1. Reid says:

    “Yeah, he’s going to have to kill a little kid at some point.”
    Thank. Christ.

    I haven’t seen the episode yet (in fact I just saw ep. 9 this morning) but I mean, seriously, did anyone NOT think that the UE “MS Types” were piloted by humans all along? The only question remaining is where these folks come from…or when [dun dun duhhhhhhn].

  2. Matt Wells says:

    The SPALLOW (fuck you for making me type that Sunrise) was an okay design. Like Flit said, it’s a Ninja Gundam. Just imagine it on solid ground running in that one Naruto pose, holding it’s knife behind it’s back, and you can see the influence. No Schwarz Bruder commenting on a kindred Ninja Gundam? I am disapoint, Judge’s Panel. With the mysterious UE chick resurfacing next week, methinks Christmas just came early for Char. “And when the two cute lolis’ did meet, in Side 3 they say; that the Red Comet’s lap bulged 3x faster that day!”

    I like the stripped down design aesthetic, but just one beam knife? Really? You’d think the AGE model emphasising speed would concentrate a bit more on long range weaponry. Needs Beam Shuriken! No beam spaming combat yet, that’ll probably be the preserve of the later time periods of AGE. Given the useless hand vuclans of the UE suits, the de facto method of combat in this story arc seems to be close quarters combat. Which might make sense to kids expecting honourable chanbara, leaving the “cowardly” guns for when they grow up.

    Yark Dole is more creepy cult leader than masked rival, at least so far. His voice actor also plays Brook in One Piece, so every time he pops on I’m expecting a perverted skeleton with an afro to start yelling “SKULL JOKE!!!” Something of a mood killer. Yurin and Flit bonding in the forest next week seems to be Amuro and Lalah in the rain all over again, with all that that entails. Hooray for impending tragedy! Decil gets his smug ass handed to him, and I found it immensely satisfying. This show has found it’s Jerid, and instead of a sexy beast he is a Nyan-ing little cute shotaro boy. How times change…

    • Reid says:

      “And when the two cute lolis’ did meet, in Side 3 they say; that the Red Comet’s lap bulged 3x faster that day!”

      I was enjoying a Coke. Now it’s all over the table. Thanks, jerk.

    • Schwartz already showed up 2 posts ago.

      Blades will always be favored, and other martial arts weapons would be implausible to use by a kid who doesn’t do martial arts. Otherwise SPALLOW should go the full Daimos route and bring out the pain with a Chinese three-piece-rod and shit. Nunchucks, kusari-gamas… oh lord give me everything G Gundam couldn’t!

      Shota Jerid is just… not inspiring.

      Jerid is indeed the kind of sexy beast whose fail… just moves you.

  3. Shinmarizu says:

    At least this is nice and sleek, not the slightly ridiculous Titus frame. While I’m perfectly okay with the technological solutions and upgrades, I certainly hope that our little pilot will actually evolve and develop better skills. I do have a feeling that the only way this will happen is with drama and severe emotional damage. (Basically, this happens to every single fledgling protagonist.)
    But hey, this is a wonderful excuse to push out model after model after model… and if this spans three generations, that is a lot of models. Much more than Wing, Seed, etc.

  4. Tenryu says:

    @Shinn: then you must have immense respect for Lowe Guele, pilot of the Astray Red Frame, or maybe Zengar Zombolt(Daizengar) and Wodan Ymir(Thrudgelmir). Infact i think i’d shit myself first if i had to go up against Thrudgelmir with a MS.

    I haven’t bought a model kit in ages but i always considered buying Exia with the GNSword III just because i like the blade. Now i have to add another one to my list.

    So how much crazier do you people think upgrades will get? I mean we have a wrestler(of sorts) and ninja. Whats could be next? apart from the Diva docking with the Gundam to form a bigger Gundam.

    Or are people looking for Funnel/Bit laser spam?

    • Reid says:

      I have a theory that the AGE-2 will differ mainly in its trasnformations. The Normal is a space fighter/airplane and the other two forms will probably be a submarine and a tank with the appropriate weapons and MS forms suited for those environments. I haven’t even thought about what AGE-3 could be.

      • WhatSht says:

        AGE-3 looks like ZZ Gundam to me.
        I’m starting to think that the final battle in Gundam AGE would involve the AGE-3 charging towards the enemy, then the enemy destroys the AGE-3 equipment, revealing the AGE-2 equipment inside, then the AGE-2 equipment is destroyed, before Flit’s grandson uses the Beam Knife to stab the enemy.

        • Shinmarizu says:

          So something like TTGL’s last battle, then? That would mean that the AGE-3 would be rather immense in size…

        • AUGH NO

          It’s easily the best-looking beast of the three. But sigh, yeah it does look like the ZZ.

          • kevin says:

            oh come on man, ZZ was fine as long as you didn’t watch the anime episode by episode. It was like AGE, shit episode followed by something cool then shit again. and it had more legit manly moments than any of the new series. And hell, at least it had some fun in a cruel and unforgiving world where fixing one’s mistake means to go to hell with a suit case full of bombs.

            and ZZ itself was a beast of a machine. Double barrel mega particle shot guns. Man, the GAR levels are off the charts.

          • No. It is not like AGE.

            I won’t stop you from liking ZZ Gundam, but really, just suit yourself and don’t drag me down in its shitpile.

        • Anya says:

          I KNEW I can’t be the only one! I always thought of AGE-1 as ripping off Exia, AGE-2 as Double 0, and AGE-3 as ZZ.

          • I don’t get this ‘ripping off’ bullshit.

          • kevin says:

            your getting your ripping wrong

            AGE 2 is obviously a GAPLANT
            search it up if you don’t even know what it is. thank you.
            mobile suits that shares this transformation are the ashimars and one more that i can’t seem to remember about.

            Age 2 -2 is even more of a gaplant. just look at it, double beam cannons. omg the homeage. and sweet mother of mercy, albion sailed out of hell and came back with a colony lazer! Nobody, – and i mean NOBODY. Had this level of homeage in years. Seed failed at it straight up, and 00 screwed up by spoon feeding. But this albion in a kiddy show made to attract 12 year olds, simply fan-fucking-tastic.

            if you tell me you didn’t like the upgrade into the albion. i’ll slap you silly and make you watch gato destroy an entire fleet at solomon

      • A giant snapping turtle…

        …wouldn’t that be AMAZING?

    • Shinn Askuka:

      Until those fools beat truly formidable warriors like Kira Yamato and Athrun Zala I WILL NEVER ACKNOWLEDGE THEM


      Like I said in one of the earlier posts, the AGE Builder will mass produce Big Zams that have PsycoGundams for funnels.

  5. WhatSht says:

    It would be more logical to give the Spallow the DODS Rifle rather than a sword.

    I need to get the model kits for either Unicorn or Stargazer.

  6. Reid says:

    Ghost, you got it all wrong, dude. The horribly named AGE-1S “Spallow” isn’t a callback to the Exia except in that both fulfil the same battlefield role of fast close-range attacker.

    THIS is what the Spallow remembers love for:

    Despair. Or rejoice. Whichever.

    • But that’s so obscure that nobody should remember love for it.

      • Reid says:

        Mecha pron is mecha pron. Before I ever saw any other Gundam shows than Wing, all I did was pour over every mecha profile on MAHQ. I mean I literally read every entry. Today on GEARS Online they made a massive update with lots of MOSPEADA stuff. Totally killed my lunch break. I love the technical details. Kage-nin no G is indeed obscure, but I instantly thought of it when I saw Spallow (such a stupid name) for the first time.

  7. foshizzel says:

    Holy crap I loved the new AGE Spallow design, I was watching this episode with my brother and we both instantly thought of freaking Shinn from Destiny with his mid-air-transformation-during-battle and then swinging a sword around. The Sparrow also looks so “ninja” like with the speed and the way it holds the sword, and yes it really screams Gundam Exia..

    I think that is the last new form of the current AGE, I saw the preview for the next “arc” where Flint is older! I wonder when that will start if this is going to be a 50+ series? I would assume 13 episodes or something xD

    • Lots to like about SPALLOW in the context of this show, I’d have to see more detailed kits to appreciate the design.

      I really have no idea about how the timeskips will happen but I’ll look forward to them.

  8. sadakups says:

    Just saw ep10.

    The good: Yes, Sparrow (yes, I’m gonna call it that) does remind me of the godlike sExia.

    The bad: I feel like I’m watching a SEED space battle, minus the reused animation. I don’t know, probably the sound effects made me feel that way.

  9. Anya says:

    The Shigeru blade doesn’t just copy the role of the Exia, the fact that it’s an almost transparent green blade also comes from the GN Sword III and GN Sword V (the one on the Qan-[T]). In 00’s universe GN condensors are green, which is why there’s an obsession with transparent green stuff in MS designs in the second season. They eventually made the swords directly out of the condensor material for GN discharge. Dunno why they had to make it green in AGE too, though I would guess to make new watchers more familiar with 00 since it’s the previous AU and had a lot of new model kits going on sale recently.

  10. Exia is definitely the best Gundam Design and my most favorite Gundam…
    I really liked other Exia Repair also its GunPla counter part the Exia Ignition
    I don’t like the HG Spallow, it has too few weapons only the Shigeru Blade lolz… and for speed I think the Avalanche Exia could beat the this guy… >=3

  11. kevin says:

    Exia was probably the only thing that saved 00 from being the shit end of shits for me personally.
    my god, why the fuck didn’t they just make five exias and equip them with different types of weapons? that would instantly make this show a hundred thousand times more badass. why in the hell did you need a mobile suit specialized in sniping when all of your suits coulda done the exact same thing with a different head sensor??
    but anyways yes, Exia is fucking awesome
    i think one of the reason why i hate 00 so much was because 00 gundam itself was a really really badly made mobile suit. Not that it was ugly, but it was ugly in the wrong way. Hell most ugly things from UC are fucking beautiful, but 00, 00 was just fucking ugly in every single possible way. Especially the 144 model kit of 00 gundam itself, and to be more specifically the 7 swords mod, whos fucking brilliant idea was it to not just give it a fucking rifle that looked normal? God in hell that was the worst.

    • I disliked both the Dynames and the Kyrios… but I gotta say I loved me my fatass Gundam Virtue.

      00 Raiser is asjdhkjdhghdklshlgkjhdhghdjgh fucking uuuuhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhh and don’t even get me started on the QanT

      • kevin says:

        i woulda loved fatass virtue IF it had a GM head, that gundam face just made no sense to me. Like wtf. anyways at least the show as a whole had less suck in it than cosmic era. but the movie—— still .. ish.. better than cosmic era? *twitch*
        personally i think the qant woulda done better with thicker legs and a bigger but less heavy shield so that the joints can actually support the weight.

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