12 Moments of Anime 2011: Mazinkaiser SKL ENTERS THE BATTLEFIELD

[SKL-Magnum] Mazinkaiser SKL - 01 [F0E13E21].mkv_snapshot_05.29_[2011.01.01_19.34.58]

I’m going to do things a lot different this year. I’m actually going to post these babies 12 days straight leading up to Christmas. These are my thoughts in verse on 12 moments that I remember love for this generous year.

Without further ado, let’s remember how Mazinkaiser SKL made his grand entrance:

[SKL-Magnum] Mazinkaiser SKL - 01 [720p,BluRay,x264,AC3].mkv_snapshot_19.19_[2011.11.27_13.15.56][SKL-Magnum] Mazinkaiser SKL - 01 [720p,BluRay,x264,AC3].mkv_snapshot_19.21_[2011.11.27_13.16.52][SKL-Magnum] Mazinkaiser SKL - 01 [720p,BluRay,x264,AC3].mkv_snapshot_19.22_[2011.11.27_13.16.38][SKL-Magnum] Mazinkaiser SKL - 01 [720p,BluRay,x264,AC3].mkv_snapshot_19.29_[2011.11.27_13.17.36][SKL-Magnum] Mazinkaiser SKL - 01 [720p,BluRay,x264,AC3].mkv_snapshot_19.30_[2011.11.27_13.17.41][SKL-Magnum] Mazinkaiser SKL - 01 [720p,BluRay,x264,AC3].mkv_snapshot_19.32_[2011.11.27_13.17.09]

The island threatens to break the Earth,
So you break the island from beneath;
Picking a battlefield for your temporary repose
To arise amidst the chaos in hellfire.

The soldiers have yet to learn your name;
Though many have already perished from your sword, your guns, your knives
That will be drawn soon enough, but not yet.
Your crown lacks its gem, from which the heavens will yield.

A skull shaped gem transforms bat-like from the sky;
Plunging into your crown, the act of which
Lights up your eyes in a flash of blue;
Beacons that signify imminent doom to everyone with the misfortune of seeing it…

Except myself of course, pumping my fists at how this artifact from my infancy in 1970s
Comes to life in animated form a lifetime later.

About ghostlightning

I entered the anime blogging sphere as a lurker around Spring 2008. We Remember Love is my first anime blog. Click here if this is your first time to visit WRL.
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50 Responses to 12 Moments of Anime 2011: Mazinkaiser SKL ENTERS THE BATTLEFIELD

  1. Matt Wells says:

    I hate poetry. I respect the good stuff, can’t stand pretentious or whimsical crap (my entire poetic curriculum in middle school), and I never actively seek it out. Most of my resentment comes from my own ineptitude; I’m a solid writer, but put me in the contsraints of iambic pentameter and I fall apart. So take it from a phillisitine of free verse when I say that I enjoyed this. It reminded me a lot of Robert E. Howard, when he would slip these short poems in between his Conan stories. Simple stuff that stirred the heart and got the blood pumping. Most appropriate for SKL. Keep up the good work!

    • Reid says:

      Dude, we should jam some Bob Howard poetry. He’s the friggin’ man in all ways, including the awesome verse. The Solomon Kane and horror-specific poems are the best. Lawd ha’mercy!

      • Matt Wells says:

        Oh boy, I still haven’t finished my huge Conan Omnibus, not to mention the recent collection of all his non-Conan works. Need to remedy that. Have you seen the Solomon Kane movie? Heard decidely mixed reviews of that one, but the actual concept is so great. A Puritan Witch Hunter who fights who fights for the salvation of is very soul by pitting himself against the iniquitous and the damned.

        I’ll start with his first Conan poems, still ingrained in my heart after so long. In just eight stanzas you get an immediate sense of WHO the Cimmerian is, and its delivered with far more eloquence than others manage with twenty pages of expoistory backstory. I’m just sad we didn’t get more stories of the weary, getting-too-old-for-this-shit King Conan.

        What do I know of cultured ways, the gilt, the craft and the lie?
        I, who was born in a naked land and bred in the open sky.
        The subtle tongue, the sophist guile, they fail when the broadswords sing;
        Rush in and die, dogs—I was a man before I was a king.

        When I was a fighting-man, the kettle-drums they beat
        The people scattered gold-dust before my horses feet;
        But now I am a great king, the people hound my track
        With poison in my wine-cup, and daggers at my back.

        • Can’t say I’ve seen the Kane film… or maybe I have and completely forgot.

          Nice poem you got there, kind of inspires me to do rhyme:

          The battlefield empties its bowels in quivering earth and flames;
          No sword is needed to slit it, only the will to play blood games.
          Are such whims sacrilegious towards the purity of fighting?
          Blasphemy is the privilege of Gods and Devils as are toys of wind and lightning.

          Both God and Devil exist in one form, as the evolving Rocket Punch is not only for Turbo Smashing;
          The walls of all your fortresses lament their impending doom and sing Slayer songs while crashing.
          A sleep of millennia stores a need for carnage most frightening,
          Mazinkaiser re-enters history to destroy it; thus speaks ghostlightning.

          The meter is a mess, but I just wanted to rhyme~

          • Matt Wells says:

            Oh no not mine! That’s all Howard’s work. I couldn’t write this stuff even if I tried. YOUR VERSES ARE METAL AS FUCK. DIO abides in Hell, where he reigns as the True King after deposing Satan. There’s just something about Kaiser in any form that lends itself well to Heavy Metal. Might have something to do with the titular being called DEMON-GOD EMPEROR, but I’m just randomly guessing here. Getter Robo and Metal just don’t go as well together, despite similar themes.

          • No worries I didn’t mean to imply you wrote it.

            Yes, Mazinkaiser the name alone lends well to metal while GET GET GET lends more to happy rock n’ roll.

          • Matt Wells says:

            Annnd I just remembered this video:

        • Andaer says:

          Dammit, don’t make me think I should start with the Complete Chronicles right now. So much other stuff is collecting dust in my shelf. 😦

      • I’ll have to look him up.

        • Reid says:

          Loudness does the SKL theme song – so raw. I love those guys. Engrish metal at its finest.

          I have not seen the Solomon Kane movie since it did not get a U.S. release nor do I expect it to, which is a real shame. From what I read about it, the movie seems to follow the stories about as closely as the original Conan movie did to the stories – which is to say not much, but at least they did so in a very awesome way. Kane is by far my favorite Howard hero.

          Here’s a favorite REH poem of mine, and a Solomon Kane one at that:

          One slept beneath the branches dim,
          Cloaked in the crawling mist,
          And Richard Grenville came to him
          And plucked him by the wrist.

          No nightwind shook the forest deep
          Where the shadows of Doom were spread,
          And Solomon Kane awoke from sleep
          And looked upon the dead.

          He spake in wonder, not in fear:
          “How walks a man who died?
          “Friend of old times, what do ye here,
          “Long fallen at my side?”

          “Rise up, rise up,” Sir Richard said,
          “The hounds of doom are free;
          “The slayers come to take your head
          “To hang on the ju-ju tree.

          “Swift feet press the jungle mud
          “Where the shadows are grim and stark,
          “And naked men who pant for blood
          “Are racing through the dark.”

          And Solomon rose and bared his sword,
          And swift as tongue could tell,
          The dark spewed forth a painted horde
          Like shadows out of Hell.

          His pistols thundered in the night,
          And in that burst of flame
          He saw red eyes with hate alight,
          And on the figures came.

          His sword was like a cobra’s stroke
          And death hummed in its tune;
          His arm was steel and knotted oak
          Beneath the rising moon.

          But by him sang another sword,
          And a great form roared and thrust,
          And dropped like leaves the screaming horde
          To writhe in bloody dust.

          Silent as death their charge had been,
          Silent as night they fled;
          And in the trampled glade was seen
          Only the torn dead.

          And Solomon turned with outstretched hand,
          Then halted suddenly,
          For no man stood with naked brand
          Beneath the moon-lit tree.

    • Free verse ain’t that free. This whole exercise is really fanboying using lazy poetry chops. I’m not selling myself short, just keeping things real. I actually like what I’m doing.

      Thanks for the encouragement and fuck yeah Mazinkaiser!

      • Reid says:

        I’m still kind of holding a candle for this girl I really liked when I was at college and a couple days ago was her birthday. I sent her this poem. I’m pretty thrilled with it, but I wouldn’t mind if you guys had a look and told me what you thought. I’m thinking of entering it in a contest that my old school holds every year. Here it is.


        The distant stars that nightly hang in Heaven’s lofty firmament,
        Affixed, reposing, in silent, looming, deep-blue immensity,
        Could scarce increase in beauty were they to disregard consistency,
        And aurora-like, strive to take on an aspect more impermanent;

        Neither could the hills, like cavalcades of all Earth’s rolling, verdant years,
        Augment their stateliness by flowing and ebbing like the moon-pulled tide.
        Nor could the melancholic wind, slowly sweeping the dunes, dare abide
        Reduction to the petty motes that amount to mortal joy or tears;

        You too are elemental, a light greater than all that settle hence,
        For your smile’s radiance is majestic immutability –
        A glory out of dreams, passing in its irrefutability –
        And the sun alone, on unnumbered thrones, can duly give it reverence.

        The smoothness of your fiery heart, the jewel-like enclosures of your eyes –
        Forged resplendent from the immortal aethers on the day of your birth;
        Your body is lightning – your pulse, a storm’s indwelling heat to scorch the earth.
        Your beauty is fixed, permanent in Heaven’s vault: a star that never dies.

        Not so very metal, but I think it did the trick ^.^

        • I think you need to take it down a notch or 7 with the language and the metaphors. The big words and the epic elements are pretty great if used judiciously and sparingly. They lose their power if every line has them.

          • Reid says:

            I appreciate it 🙂 I’m always looking for new ways to seduce women through the power of verse. Hahaha NOT EVEN.

  2. Reid says:

    Mazinkaiser SKL was a great, no, the BEST way to start 2011. I hope the next episodes live up to the awesome from the first few. SKL carries the banner of a real man’s super robot show. It’s also everything louder than everything else. Pure friggin’ ROCK N ROLL.

    Death to false metal! Only the true can keep the flame alive!

    • Burn the battlefields and spill the blood.

      This is what I listen to:

      In b4 JP fags.

      • Reid says:

        here’s my recent top pick:

        Before people went around wearing Motorhead t-shirts, Lemmy, Mikky Dee and Phil Taylor went around wearing Tank t-shirts.

        Seriously though, I could talk about metal and classic hard rock all day and swap songs even longer. I love this junk so much and Mazkinkaiser is the purest visual representation of heavy metal I’ve ever seen.

        • Andaer says:

          Yeah man! Let’s turn this into an Heavy fuckin Metal Blog! 80s raw music pearls & grim robot shows.

          • I like 90s stuff too.

            Oh holy fuck that was amazing

          • Reid says:

            I saw Megadeth in ’08 and I got a thumbs-up from Dave (I was on the front row at the House of Blues in Orlando, Fla.) because I knew all the words to “Never Walk Alone,” which is, to me, one of the most powerful and personal songs about faith I’ve ever heard.

          • Faith? I prefer something like this:

          • Reid says:

            KUKUKUKUKU Slayer is da debbil. But yeah I totally listened to Skeletons of Society on the way back from a basketball game last night. Gotta love that satellite radio…well, actually no, because it seems like the only “metal” they play on the “metal” channel is that “three chords over and over while we scream and it’s probably about non-conformity and the devil.” I can’t stand that death-metal crap. To counter that filth I present a strong show of arms:

          • Not my kind of vocals but otherwise great track. Can’t really listen to a lot of newer metal (especially nu metal, death and black metal) — not a value judgment. I’m just older and got stuck with thrash from the 80s and 90s.

            I do love this video though:

            Also LOL

        • animekritik says:

          Megadeth’s Rust in Peace album is god-level, definitely.

        • Reid says:

          Here’s some moar awesome METAL for us anime geeks:

          No bonus points for guessing what super robot series influenced this track.
          Hint (just for the lulz): HIKARI NI NAAAAAAREEEEEEEEEEEE!

          • Andaer says:

            Skull Fist are awesome, I saw them two times live this years! A third time will probably follow in January.

            This one is still my favourite and will ever be:

          • Reid says:

            Blind Guardian are awesome as well. I love their concept album about the Dark Tower series. My favorite song of theirs is “Touched by the Crimson King.” I should listen to more of their stuff but right now I’m going through this NWOBHM kick.

          • Andaer says:

            The album you’re referring to is not by Blind Guardian but by Demons&Wizards a side project of Blind Guardian singer Hansi Kürsch together with Iced Earth boss Jon Shaffer.

  3. animekritik says:

    Epic words for epic screencaps~ Isn’t this Christmas deal supposed to start on the 14th though??

  4. JoeQ says:

    Truly, the state of the art of 90’s Japanimation!

  5. megaroad1 says:

    Have not watched this yet but it’s on my to watch catalogue. After reading your verse + the reader comments, I’m thinking of placing it right after one of those “slice of life and listen to the sound of the cicadas in summer” kind of anime. A balanced diet is important.

  6. lolikitsune says:

    Is it bad that I want this series to be over so that I can see your Ranka Lee post?

  7. foshizzel says:

    Ahhh yes! Mazinkaiser SKL soooo freaking amazing, well it was my first experience with anything Mazinkaiser related yeah yeah I know I fail! But these OVA were great to review even thou I got no comments it was still fun exploring other mecha series.

    That and Metanorn doesn’t have a huge mecha following T__T

    Great post thou! Loved the poem 😀

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