12 Moments of Anime 2011: Broken Blade? No Problem–Fully Operational Retrievable Gigantic Ninja Star


[First Moment: Mazinkaiser Enters The Battlefield]

Our next moment is from another giant robot show; similar to the anachrnonisms of Mazinkaiser SKL of using medieval melee weapons and fighting styles in an age of technological giant robots. Every new installment, the Difringe deploys a new kinetic weapon to offset the lack of sorcery of its pilot (a requirement to use magic mecha weapons – don’t ask).

The finale gives us by far THE BEST robot weapon I’ve seen in a loooong time.


Rygart, gripping hard on the reins of history
Plays out his unlikely destiny,
Defeating the legendary hero of the enemy
Using the unlikeliest of weapons:

A gigantic ninja star on an even more gigantic rubber band.
There probably are no ninjas in Krisna, none in Athens;
So who knows what Sigyn remembers love for
When she lovingly entrusted this sharp star

Your life, your safety, and your victory?
Throw it far with all your might;
It will always come back to you
Tearing through the toughest hides of fiercest of your enemies.

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32 Responses to 12 Moments of Anime 2011: Broken Blade? No Problem–Fully Operational Retrievable Gigantic Ninja Star

  1. draggle says:

    YES. Best weapon since Gundam’s mace and chain.

  2. Shinmarizu says:

    It’s the visceral feelings from your gut as you watch him, in his half-berserk state, grunt and snarl while he throws that thing at Borcuse. You know that when he does hit his target, he’s going to feel it, and it’s going to leave a huge dent. Such a physical weapon.
    Made me smile and cheer throughout the entire battle scene.

  3. WhatSht says:

    This giant ninja star weapon’s versatility impressed me.

  4. Reid says:

    I have so completely and utterly failed in my life by not watching this series past the first episode.

  5. animekritik says:

    I detect a GAR motif running through these series of poems 😀

  6. Tenryu says:

    you know i was gonna say that Sigyn remembers love for either Combattler V or Voltes V(Chōdenji Yoyo and Chōdenji Goma respectively) but then again i remembered something from my childhood, please look at the 5th picture after clicking this link http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/jyankenrobou_1/25728795.html
    the mecha is called 幻神丸 if you want to do a google/youtube search.
    From the cartoon Mashin Eiyuudan Wataru/魔神英雄伝ワタル

    • Haha that’s one bigass ninja star.

      The Romance Trilogy Robots had the best fucking weapons

      • Matt Wells says:

        Electric yoyo buzzsaws, spinning tops, giant screw drills, chest swords, chinese tri-staffs, rocket propelled chainsaws, uppercutting things in half, electromagnetic whirlwinds, turning into a car with fists and driving on a road made of your own chest lasers, crotch missiles that shoot out MORE missiles…

        The Nagahama robots make modern super robot attacks look pale and uinspired by comparison. It was as if they said “Well, our very premise throws logic out the window, why don’t we drop any pretence of realism in our weaponry? Eye beams and chest lasers are for PUSSIES, it’s giant super-electric yoyos or nothing!”


          In the Filipino dub we grew up with, it was called the ULTRAELECTROMAGNETIC TOP.

          The greatest Filipino Band, The Eraserheads remembered love for this when they debuted with their album named ULTRAELECTROMAGNETIC POP.

          You have no idea how much we love Voltes V.

          • Matt Wells says:

            So if Voltes V is the official robot of the Phillipines, and Taekwon V is the offficial robot of South Korea, does every single nation on earth get their own adopted mascot mecha? Sort of like G Gundam? The Arab Emirates get Grendizer, Italy gets Kotetsu Jeeg, Spain gets Mazinger Z, Poland gets Daimos, America can choose between Gigantor or Megas XLR… I can’t think of a popular giant robot for the UK though.

          • We like Daimos a lot too.

            Unofficial, but fuck yeah

            And yeah,


          • Reid says:

            I’m not sure if I’d say that America gets to choose between those two. Gigantor was big (hur dur) a long time ago and Megas XLR was pretty cool but not especially well-received. A lot of folks I talk (even some of those who love super robot stuff) have never even seen an episode. I’m jealous of those other countries that have “their” own super robot show. Megas SHOULD have been the one for us in the U.S., but sadly I think it’ll have to be rediscovered in the future to live up to it potential.

          • Tenryu says:

            Then dose Hong Kong get the Gundam franchise?

  7. -chii- says:

    I loved everything about Break Blade. well almost everything but well yeah 😛

    The Gigantic Ninja Star is like someone watched Gundam Wing and like you their favourite pilot was Wufei, but they thought that the Dragon Fang was lame so they improved it by creating this lovely Gigantic Ninja Star! ❤

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  9. foshizzel says:

    Rubber band ninja star of death for the win! I loved that fight a lot! At first I was like yeahh right like that weapon would work until I saw it in action…lolol boy was I wrong! Now I want my own weapon like that….

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  12. Reid says:

    I just watched this episode today and it as amazing. Break Blade has the best mecha fights in history if what you value in mecha fights is pure carnage. This show was great for many reasons, but I think the best is the conceit of “the realest real is the superest super” when it comes to our un-sorcerer hero and his robot called Dolphin. Break Blade needs to be in SRW.

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