12 Moments of Anime 2011: Saorin Says the Darnedest Things (Houru Musuko/Wandering Son)


[Second Moment: Broken Blade Traded For Giant Ninja Star]

Yes, she’s in middle school.

I think more than anything in the many things going on in Wandering Son, I enjoyed watching Saorin get thwarted and act out her bitterness the most. This doesn’t approach the fanservice levels reached in Hanasaku Iroha’s Minko, but it’s close.

The Bard is just another writer who’s into cross-dressing,
Another boy you’d possess
But won’t let himself;
Standing out of reach, beautiful, in a language not your own.

So you lash out against the world
But only with words;
Actually acting on anything, doesn’t feel right.
You don’t have the right to be happy

Because you’re forced to act
When you’d rather write;
It plays out, so interestingly
As just another mundane teenage tragedy.

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15 Responses to 12 Moments of Anime 2011: Saorin Says the Darnedest Things (Houru Musuko/Wandering Son)

  1. It plays out, so interestingly
    As just another mundane teenage tragedy.

    Oh god yes. Saorin, a top contender as my favorite character of 2011.

  2. TWWK says:

    Saorin’s an amazing character and a standout in a series of unique ones. Terrific.

  3. lolikitsune says:


  4. ces06 says:

    The characters in Hourou Musuko sometimes say and do stuff well beyond their age, but for Saorin it feels more natural.

  5. jreding says:

    Ghostlightning, I don’t have anything to add to Saorin’s praise in the discusion above.

    Yet I can’t quite agree with your poem’s message, lovely as it is!

    In the first half of the show, which focusses more on her, I see Saorin as very determined to pursue her awkward interest in Nitorin. She’s the one who forces through the genderbender play as she wants it to have and she quite pushes Nitorin into crossdressing! One reason why I love Saorin is exactly that she is so desperately fighting for a lost cause. Saorin is lightyears away from your average teenager. Sure, when there’s no chance in sight she completely loses her drive like what I’d call as a layperson “manic depressive”. Yet, “But only with words” imo does not quite do her justice. It is not featured in the anime but just read chapter 17 of the manga!

    Please forgive me if I misinterpreted the poem! I admit that I did not enjoy her getting thwarted but honestly rooted for her.

    • She’s complicated that way… she wants him to be happy, free, autonomous, and all that… and can’t live with what he does with his freedom. I’m in a binge of violent manga right now (Vinland Saga, All-Rounder Meguru, Akumetsu, Holyland, Alita: Last Order)… but when I satisfy my bloodlust I may pick this up.

  6. Hana says:

    It felt like there were so many characters in this show that I, not being a reader of the manga, really struggled to remember them all at first, but Saorin was certainly one of the exceptions. A multifaceted character, unlikeable on the surface, but sincere and generous when it matters. A great character and a great show!

  7. crazydave says:

    I must say Saorin looks quite fine when she enters HS in the manga~


    Read the first 13 pages, but not past that.

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