Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 11: TRIANGLER


Largan has a crush on Millie, and Woolf believes that he should always get with the hottest female on the ship. Rightfully so, because he’s the Alpha Wolf. The story here is how Grodek gains support from a wealthy Tycoon named Birmings to fight the UE fortress, at least that’s how the narrative tries to move forward.

The real juice is in all these death flags for Yurin. I mean c’mon.  There’s no way this show is going to kick Emily into the curb. It’s not that kind of show. So, the only way to resolve this triangle is for one of the girls to become a tragic enemy and have Flit destroy her with the Lariat Gundam Beam Titus (or LGBT) attack.

This is the kind of melodrama that works in a kiddy show, you gotta lay it real thick, and real contrived; and for me, the more absurd its execution, the better it works in the context of this show. This is how you break the triangle. But I highly doubt it. What will really happen is…

…Flit will be in some kind of danger and Yurin will totally do a Sarah Zabianov/Mouar Pharoh and take one for love, straight through the heart. This is ordinary, cliché stuff that I won’t mind, but there’s a way to make it slightly more awesome:

First you crush little Yurin’s heart by letting her witness how much Emily loves Flit, how much she cares for him and what she’s already done for his sake.

Second, you put Emily in the way of a giant beam weapon and its target. While this is happening, make sure you put Flit and Yurin in mortal combat.

Finally, you have Yurin save Emily… perhaps by pushing some asteroid in the way of the beam. BUT, by doing so she has to drop her guard while fighting Flit and eats the LGBT, make sure to repeat parts of the montage from this episode to make sure she’s really dead.

Boys and girls, this is how I want this love triangle resolved. Don’t let me down Sunrise! I’m sure my panel will wholeheartedly agree!


Ugh, what pervfags. Fuck them, but surely you must see the genius in my proposition!

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35 Responses to Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 11: TRIANGLER

  1. sadakups says:

    Given that Flit’s son has the same hair color as Emily, I already saw Yurin’s death flag up from the beginning.

    And it’s just cruel that Flit and Yurin be so close in this episode.

  2. Reid says:

    I am so torn by this show. Within the context of a mecha show, Largan is who I am and Woolf is who I want to be.

  3. WhatSht says:

    Why wasn’t using the AGE system to modify the Diva into a Macross Clone mentioned?

    And I’m sure Yurin is gonna die a tragic death and Flit’s gonna be depressed for a while.

    Then again, Flit’s slight depression in the beginning just reminded me that Boyage should have said “This is not death! This is a sacrifice for humanity’s future!”(Graham-Style) before dying.

  4. Nathan says:

    “This is the kind of melodrama that works in a kiddy show.”

    Not in GOOD kiddy shows.

  5. CVPhased says:

    OK, I have a feeling that I’m the only one that didn’t see through all those death flags for Yurin… But then again, Asem has the Emily hair color… so yeah… More or less we already know how that will go… that might be the reason for the bad-ass Flit we’ll be having in the 2nd generation…

  6. I’m glad someone else saw the signs. Though I’m more interested to see how Largan, Woolf and “Hottest Bridge Bunny on Ship” resolve their issues than how these tadpoles work out. And I think you’re milking the melodrama a little hard. Then again, this show is a kiddy one, and this episode already showed how they’re gonna handle relationship building (through a montage). I don’t think I’ll miss Yurin or feel a bit of emotion when ever it goes down.

    Also, what’s up with all the losers doing commentary this week? Odysseus?! That powder puff shouldn’t be allowed to talk for any reason. He should be wearing an apron and dusting a mansion, or waxing a car. I’m not even gonna touch on Glemy Toto (clone humping, tit-suckling loser) and Gyunei Guss (born hater). I suggest you spend some of that big time WRL money and get some better guests.

  7. ces06 says:

    Death flags, lol. At first I was like “awwww” but then after the whole song thing, I thought “OH CRAP SHE’S GONNA DIE”. I’ve watched enough Gundam to know that when something good happens, something terribly bad’s gonna happen in return, lol.

    The subplot with the feds seemed filler-ish to me. 30 minutes of fighting against Genoaces would be a bore, so I hope they elaborate more on the Federation’s backstory and how it ties into the larger plot in the next episode.

    • Reid says:

      When Harry and Kihel’s descendant shows up in a ballin’ gold SUMO Mk. IV or whatever with a Federation battlefleet in tow and starts killing everything, then all will be revealed about the Federation/ UE conflict.

      AGE System…nanomachines…dark history…

      lol it can happen.


        • Reid says:

          No wayyyyy. See, it’s AFTERWARD. The Federation is the governmental body that succeeded the reunification of the Earthrace and Moonrace many years down the line. The UE are like the Dezalg from Megazone 23 – that is, their mobile suits are. The little punk kid Decil and cult-leader-masked-man Yark Dole aren’t the “real” UE. The UE are another group of survivors who fled the Earthsphere before the final catastrophe that befell mankind in the Dark History. Some of them came back with the arrival of the Turn X, which led to the development of the Turn A, but some of them stayed out there in deep space, kind of like the Clans in Battletech or the Honored Matres in the Dune series. However, something even worse than all that has forced the “UE” to return to the Earthsphere many many many years AFTER the events of Turn A. So AGE is the really ultimate final last one. So far. Yeah.

    • I’ll be happy if the stuff I laid out happens.

  8. Andaer says:

    You should join Sunrise as a script writer. They are employing worse.

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