12 Moments of Anime 2011: Roboworld Trolled Into An Heroism (Redline)


[Eighth Moment: Welcome to Rock & Roll Survival Strategy (Mawaru Penguindrum)]

The race was great, yes, yes. What was interesting to me, and this is what I think made the race so great, was how the whole thing happened as an epic battle. The most militarized planet in the galaxy poured its entire arsenal against the race and lost. It’s this humiliating loss that to me, is the bigger story in the film.

It’s because even as it is humiliating, there was a dignity to all of it. Roboworld’s forces took on the only real fighting force worth fighting: their own. And oh my goodness, what an extravaganza. The sideshow steals everything. Roboworld, I will never ever forget.

Roboworld is lost, the racers have won.
Insufferable indignities piled on top of each other;
Ringing in the ears like the laughter
Of uncountable trolls.

But who are you, but if not strong?
What is might for, if not for smiting the fellow mighty?
Let the racers take the field and your honor
As they did so dishonorably, if stylishly.

Take what powers you have and inflict on yourself,
The only enemy worth fighting!
Violate yourself, the very structure of your cells,
And pay for your world’s sins with violence;

The best and only way.

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19 Responses to 12 Moments of Anime 2011: Roboworld Trolled Into An Heroism (Redline)

  1. kadian1364 says:

    Hmm, I wasn’t really taken with the big mutant monster on mutant monster battle. The movie is so overloaded with over-the-top spectacle that at that point it turned into white noise to me.

  2. animekritik says:

    “Take what powers you have and inflict on yourself,
    The only enemy worth fighting!
    Violate yourself, the very structure of your cells,
    And pay for your world’s sins with violence”

    I’m hoping there’ll be a REDLINE II and we’ll get to see the Supergrass version of that stanza 😉

  3. Emperor J says:

    I was actually pretty bored watching this from the beginning. White noise is about the right description, but far too reliant on set pieces. I’d probably compare it most to the Death Race remake, which definitely put this as the most disappointing thing I watched this year.

  4. megaroad1 says:

    Redline makes feel the need for speed!

    And any gigantic mutant monster is ok in my book as long as its called Funky Boy.

  5. foshizzel says:

    I can not wait to buy this freaking movie! Seriously so amazing and full of fantastic animation, I really wanted to show this to my dad because he loves racing movies…sure it would be in dubbed form even thou that might suck to most that is the best way to get some people into anime.

    Now to spam listen to the OST for hours ❤

  6. ces06 says:

    This movie was like Wacky Races on crack. I loved just how far over the top ridiculous they pushed it. The ending was a good laugh, lol. XD

  7. Xard says:

    Count me as one of those who felt the final race went overboard with its set pieces which in the end had similar effect on me as Lagann-hen’s overblown finale. Feelings of tediousness.

    Still, the start point for final race, initial roboworld involvement etc. were all worth it

  8. Matt Wells says:

    Just caught this on Blu-Ray (Christmas Gift). By the time I was done my eyeballs felt as if I’d saute’d them in cooking sherry, and my brain felt like someone had fucked my empty gaping eyesockets with a twelve inch cock. Every single bit of hype about this film was TRUE. Gloooooriousss…

    I didn’t get a sense of setpiece bloat from the two on two monster battle, it just felt that it killed the momentum of the race up to that point. The sequence didn’t last long enough to receieve a proper solution, Volton got no denoument (perhaps he could have been a late third contender for the race between JP and Tetsujin? Even the proud Colonel of Roboworld caught up in the thrill of racing?), and it killed the actual race stone dead. They were stopped so long the climax had to struggle to build up the tension again. Could have used a teensy bit more focus on JP and Frisbee’s friendship too.

    I loved how seamlessly they inserted the background material into the film without disturbing the flow of the main narrative. Magical space princesses? No big deal. Giant sized baby bioweapons? Pshaw! Theoretical matter teleportation that shouldn’t exactly exist? It’s all good. The politics, the economics of an intergalatic death race, the overflowing character and personalities of the racers themsleves… this film was a masterclass in delivering exposition and world building marred with economy of storytelling.

    I love how the director said the whole piece was a call back to classic Shonen Jump. Nothing but a 100 minutes of Friendship, Love, Guts, and Victory (and not to mention eye popping visuals).

    • Yes! Set-piece bloat my fucking cock.

      But I don’t agree with you either. The moment here is just right, even if I did wanted more of it.

      I do agree with you regarding how the background material is actually richly layered here without getting in the way of a n00b’s appreciation of the narrative. Yes, yes, masterful indeed. This film is god’s own balls.

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