Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 12: After The Time Skip


It’s no secret that I mostly get to watch anime via fansubs. This year however, Bandai started streaming Mobile Suit Gundam AGE at no cost to the viewer, at least over here in Southeast Asia. This is a liberating experience. Here in the third world I have no real purchasing power to buy imported DVDs or even subscribe to streaming sites. Thus, my love for anime must be satisfied by other means. Well, until Bandai showed us some love!

The last 12 weeks flew by pretty fast and it’s been great to watch a Gundam show in real time without having to worry about anything. I am watching and blogging the show without guilt or remorse. So thank you Bandai! You’ve certainly made it quite a Merry Christmas here in Manila.

On to the episode! Last week we saw all these death flags for Yurin. What I didn’t know is that the show will pull an Evangelion/Eureka 7 episode two on us and go straight into the future (and maybe flash back to the events that led to it). In any case, I went to the site I get to watch the stream and found a show that seems far into the future.

The OP alone, seems very different. I thought Flit would have a son, but instead I find this blonde girl that was saved by this high school student that piloted a weirdly gray Gundam. But even stranger, there were so many Gundams! This makes a lot of sense given that the AGE system should’ve mass produced these babies.

So Flit and Emily ended up having a girl, but she didn’t get to pilot a Gundam here. I smell something fishy. I mean, years into the future… and the AGE universe is still chauvinistic as fuck. I mean, it’s one thing for Emily to be pretty useless, but you’d imagine her daughter with Flit would be some kind of Gundam pilot badass. Instead, some “genius” named Kira will kind of get to seize the reins of history.

[AHQ] Gundam Seed - 01 - False Peace.mkv_snapshot_19.57_[2011.12.25_19.48.12]

They also kind of turned Haro into a bird, which is a rather questionable decision… but I can’t really talk about that right now.

I suppose Kira would be Flit and Emily’s daughter’s boyfriend, and they’d be the parents of the next generation. It would seem though that the enemy Athrun knows Kira. What kind of relationship do they have? Are they straight? One of them’s got to be… or not really, as long as they can knock up Flit and Emily’s kid there’d be a new generation of not-Asunas anymore.

[AHQ] Gundam Seed - 01 - False Peace.mkv_snapshot_21.33_[2011.12.25_19.48.59][AHQ] Gundam Seed - 01 - False Peace.mkv_snapshot_01.25_[2011.12.25_19.42.59][AHQ] Gundam Seed - 01 - False Peace.mkv_snapshot_11.36_[2011.12.25_19.46.17][AHQ] Gundam Seed - 01 - False Peace.mkv_snapshot_22.20_[2011.12.25_19.51.12]

I also saw a lot of Zalam-looking mobile suits. So much for the UE I suppose. Man, Yurin must’ve turned out to be some kind of Ayanami Rei-like WMD and must’ve caused this “Bloody Valentine” thing the show talks about. I guess we’ll find out next episode.


I don’t blame them. I was kind of stunned and speechless too. But The One, The Only Judau Fuckin’ Ashta told me to, never ever ever shut up. That’s his life’s motto, and he told me that I have much to learn from it.

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20 Responses to Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 12: After The Time Skip

  1. Shinmarizu says:

    Nice one there. That was hilarious.
    Thanks for the laughs, and the eye cancer! I need to gouge them out and replace them!

  2. ottocycle says:

    Somehow I both regretted and rejoiced in putting that video up on twitter. Only Gundam makes us like that. What a special quality it has.

    Wait Shinn should’ve been part of the commentary panel! In the I GOT MY SHOW HIJACKED FIRST kind of way.

    • This is all your fault.

      You’re right of course. No other franchise can inspire such sado-masochism, such misguided loyalty.

      As for Shinn, the flames of war have yet to upend his peaceful life on Orb. Give him time, Shinn is guaranteed to disappoint.

      • ottocycle says:

        >>No other franchise can inspire such sado-masochism, such misguided loyalty.

        Oh you don’t know the massive lulz that was shared when Gun-ota bros come together for an EXVS session and laugh their heart out at Strike Freedom vs Strike Freedom / 00Q vs 00Q duels…

        • THAT’S HOW TO DO IT.

          Why do I play Dynasty Warriors Gundam almost exclusively as Jerid in a Baund Doc?


  3. sadakups says:

    Merry Christmas, bro. You got me trolled as a gift from you. 🙂

    And oh yes, we’re gonna see SEED with its flashbacks, reused animation and Hirai’s same-face in quality HD.

    Thanks, but no thanks. I don’t hate SEED as much as people do (but I hate Destiny), and I’ve seen it five times (yes, I really did) but this one does not warrant a rewatch from me. If I want to watch Gundam in HD, I’d rather watch 00 or AGE.

    • Golos says:

      Why would anyone who is not a fan of it watch SEED five times???
      At least, this “rerun” is slightly different.

      • Shinmarizu says:

        Because they’re masochists?

      • Because Gundam fans are incredible (yeah, in all sorts of ways)!

      • sadakups says:

        Hey, Gundam casual fag here. I do admit that SEED was good but that was years ago. Back then, I enjoyed the heck out of it, but of course, years later, it’s a totally different story. I ask myself the same question why I did a rewatch five times (probably bored back in college since I don’t get to watch as much Gundam back then). If I rewatched Destiny more than once, then that’s being a masochist 😛

        Up to this day though, I still think SEED is meh at best. Honestly though, I don’t hate SEED as much as people do (though Destiny is something that I do hate). I hate the fanbase the supports it as if it was the best Gundam show ever.

    • Being Gundam fan is suffering.


  4. WhatSht says:

    Well, SEED was fine, at least until Kira got the Strike Freedom.

  5. Whatsht says:

    Nah, the Freedom is much less of a beam spammer with only 2 plasma cannons(on wings), 2 railguns(hips) and a beam rifle. The Strike Freedom has 2 beam rifles, 2 railguns(hips), 1 plasma cannon(abdomen) and 8 DRAGOONs. And, imo, the Strike is better, if only they jacked one of Earth Alliance’s Strike E and made a custom striker pack for it(after modifying it to fit the METEOR, and making it nuclear-powered). And the SF does look like a Strike E with DRAGOON wings.

    • sadakups says:

      Honestly though, the Freedom was an OK suit though I think Kira really showed some skills with the Strike more. It’s just that it started a bad trend of aimbot spamming when he started using it, though for me, it was tolerable in SEED since he used it two-thirds in the show.

      It’s just that in Destiny, they overkilled it that it reached levels of ad nauseam even before Kira got his hands on the Strike Freedom. It was that time that I wanted Freedom to get blown up. And yes, Strike Freedom is just plain stupid in design.

  6. Anya says:

    DON’T FUCKING MESS WITH ME 0/1000000000000000000000

    Damn, at first I thought you miraculously got to watch the 12th ep and this would be spoilers. Turns out it’s freakin KIRA JESUS YAMATO IN EECHHHHH DEEEEEEEEE

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