Bakuman S2 Still Sucks But Episode 13 is Elite Tier


Yes, I may be the only viewer who deeply cares about this dumb show. We all have bad shows we like, and this is one of mine. What sets episode 12 apart is its sweet, humorous, and shounen love dodecahedron antics featuring the would be harem lead Takagi. I love it. Can’t stop myself. It’s amazing to me.

Aoki needed to learn to write from a male perspective, with all its puerile sensibilities. She needed to learn how to pander to adolescent male tastes. Takagi was told that his female characters were boring. He had a girlfriend, but she’s more macho than he is. They find themselves meeting cute at the zoo. Aoki is attracted to the Takagi and boldly asks him to trade notes on writing the opposite sex.


It’s all teasing… and Aoki finds herself falling for him, and he behaves with just the right kind of disinterest and cool distance to make himself even more desirable. Oooh yeah. He doesn’t really talk about himself so Aoki doesn’t find out about Miyoshi.


Then it gets interesting because Iwase kept bugging Aoki, about Manga, and ultimately about Takagi. Aoki finds Iwase interesting because she is intelligent, talented, pretty and haughty. Iwase reminds Aoki of herself. She then becomes more interesting because of her past with Takagi. Aoki couldn’t help herself, she set up a meeting and she’d watch.

What a sick bitch! I love it.

Aoki as the bystander witnessing Iwase and Takagi go at it in their shounen battle way works so well, as she’s able to provide prompts for our reactions. Her reactions themselves are funny… she gives voice to our lazy thought: Iwase is acting like a child.

Takagi: You are admirable, no matter how you look at it. You are 1000 times better than Miyoshi in looks and intelligence.

Iwase: So, you’re still dating Miyoshi!?

Takagi: Yes.

Aoki: [So, he actually has a girlfriend] (so adorable in her disappointment)




ghostlightning: LOOOOOOOO☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆OOOOOOOOOOOL

This is the best ever. It’s so stupid and ridiculous and delivered straight. While I’ll stop short of saying this justifies the adaptation, it’s made all the crap worth it – what anime does beyond providing visuals (it’s primary value is moving the illustrations), it’s the performances. In a talky, non-action show like Bakuman, the actors’ performances will be a primary source of value.

In this case Aoki, Takagi, IWASE, and Miyoshi made this episode incredible. Aoki’s reaction to Iwase’s demand to Takagi was incredible. Don’t mind me, I’m just a stupid fanboy of Bakuman in general. This show is still shit, and the manga is still amazing. I just can’t not watch it, and at least in this episode and perhaps in the next, this ridiculous melodrama will continue to deliver the laughs.

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4 Responses to Bakuman S2 Still Sucks But Episode 13 is Elite Tier

  1. Xard says:

    ghostlightning: LOOOOOOOO☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆OOOOOOOOOOOL

    I had brain aneyrism when I saw that. Oh god GL using a smi-OHGOD 2CH SMILEY YOOOOOOOOOOOO

    I enjoyed this post despite dropping Bakuman when first season reached halfway mark.


    • One of my side jobs is to provide online PR for a Japanese style dance club and bar. Every so often I use emoticons to spice things up in shorthand. Thus I have quite a number of sources of emoji ready for copypasta.

      As I said, the show is still close to garbage if not entirely so. I just love this part. I loved it in the manga, but to hear voices playing the reactions was incredible LOL.

  2. Taka says:

    I’m a Miyoshi x Takagi apologist. It almost feels like the creators thought it was proprietary that all the chicks would want to get into Takagi’s pants since he’s pretty much the only bishonen on the show except for Mashiro who is insanely monogomous to a girl whom he can count the number of times he’s talked to face-to-face on one hand. I don’t think Takagi and Miyoshi’s relationship dynamic needs to be called into question. I really dislike the kind of melodrama that arises out of events similar to what happened at the end of this episode. Plus Bakuman has shown little competence in handling romantic drama of this type. The question is will I find it funny like Kimi no Todoke or insufferable like Kimi no Todoke? Fuck Kimi no Todoke. Fujimura Ayumi rules end of story.

    • I don’t think any of this shit is necessary either, but it’s fucking hilarious and I lurve Iwase. Miyoshi’s great and I love her to bits, but Iwase is an incredible fucked up kind of character that is such a credit to this work.

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