Nisemonogatari 01 and The Courage to Be Authentic

[HorribleSubs] Nisemonogatari - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_04.11_[2012.01.08_08.21.31]

I really, really liked Bakemonogatari; it was one of the first shows that I blogged episodically, and it was one of the shows that got me thinking about the concept of otaku that I am now familiar with. For better or worse, I enjoyed the uh, allegory it does in the representation of the viewer – or more precisely, the fanboy, or at least the “target” audience. I won’t really know how accurate it is as such, but I enjoyed the complexity and cleverness it has in doing so.

I think the show is like Senjougahara itself, contemptuous of the kind – or in part of the person Araragi is, but is dependent on him, in love with him, in awe of him. It trolls the viewer as Hitagi teases Koyomi, reminding him of every perversion he has. The beauty of this is how she really can’t. Only Koyomi himself can reveal the extent of his depravity. The show titillates with layers of fanservice.

It spits on the viewer, then licks all of it off, by portraying the viewer as Araragi, the monster pervert who has the biggest of hearts, and rewards him with his harem. Nisemonogatari’s first episode validates all this for me. The cleverness pleases me very much.

[HorribleSubs] Nisemonogatari - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_14.12_[2012.01.08_08.24.20]

This whole thing plays out in the semantic game Hachikuji Mayoi plays with Araragi. Her claim is how she can make any statement of a contemptuous act sound awesome if she prefixes it with the word “courage.” The sentences themselves are delightful:

  • The courage to keep your secret to yourself.
  • The courage to lie to your lover.
  • The courage to betray your comrades.
  • The courage to be a lazy bum.
  • The courage to admit defeat.

I admit defeat, to this fanservice extravaganza – of the kind I look down on other people for liking. Sure I try not to judge or look down on others, but who really is successful in doing so? Watching and coexisting without shame nor prejudice? Without self-righteousness but with full of compassion – and yet without compromising their principles? Are there really bodhisattvas watching and blogging anime every week? Would you take me by the hand, can you show me the shine of your Japan? Show me.

[HorribleSubs] Nisemonogatari - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_08.03_[2012.01.08_08.23.31]

Then the show takes it up a notch, by talking about misdirection without talking about misdirection: The arc is called “Karen Bee” though Karen herself never appears, and this is brought into high relief in the wager of revealing Mayoi’s panties. We’re never sure if Araragi did see them, but we’re sure we don’t. It is as invisible to us as Karen is, and it is a juxtaposition of the two value propositions this show makes:

  • Otaku getting fanservice
  • Otaku giving service to others (albeit members of the harem)

It is overt, without giving up subtlety, nuance, or cleverness. I am quite harsh on shows the likes of Fractale, Guilty Crown, and Rinne no Lagrange. I feel that those shows are dirtier and more shameful than Nisemonogatari. It’s because those shows lack courage. Yes, the hypocrisy that can be found in the semantic game Mayoi plays isn’t entirely all-encompassing. This show has the courage to be authentically perverted and pandering, and somehow offers far more value than those three I mentioned.

Mayoi goes forward and plainly says it: Araragi has a harem (this is a harem show), and he deserves it. This is why she keeps staying around, despite how Araragi aggressively molests her. Since she is a fanservice loli (or attempts to be more than such), she validates how she can be relied on – she and Shinobu, as the only characters that Araragi reaches out to for help – validating how he still has trouble dealing with girls who are more like women, who are self-determined. He accepts their assistance (tutoring, etc.), but does not reach out to them.

[HorribleSubs] Nisemonogatari - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_04.22_[2012.01.08_08.21.46]

The first episode of Nisemonogatari allowed me to remember love for its predecessor. I feel good in how I marathoned the first three arcs of Bakemonogatari to hype myself up for this show. This first episode validates much of what I enjoyed about the uh, franchise. It has the courage to be authentic: making it sound like it’s more than some fanservice show, but really it panders to the hilt. But yeah, somehow, it’s just better.

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54 Responses to Nisemonogatari 01 and The Courage to Be Authentic

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  2. Ryan A says:

    I happened to snatch up Bakemonogatari just yesterday to revisit in preparation for Nisemonogatari. Glad I wasn’t the only one with that thought. And if you do manage to blog this weekly, I’ll happily read away. 🙂

    • Thanks, I think I’d like to try keeping up with this show. I just wish it doesn’t pull another delayed finale. I don’t know if I can stick around long enough for that — blogging wise.

  3. Xard says:

    This will probably be season’s best title (though I have fingers crossed for Aquarion EVOL because the staff and cast are strong and most indications are to end that it might have good chance of avoiding original’s failures. Which means the original couldn’t be awesome from time to time, cosplay of the soul bitches) and so I watched the first episode with surprising degree of glee.

    I digged it.

    I think the whole thing felt somewhat rushed and at times very disjointly put together but ehh, whatever. SHAFT has upgraded their artistry – namely the complexity of art direction and lololol architecture – from Bakemonogatari to sweeeeet results, and music is good. Fanservice is done with some sense of style (there was less than I expected though) and dialogue was mostly great as always. Lol’d hard at some bits. Classy eva reference was good, Hachikuji’s courage game was probably the best part. Snappy OP though it has nothing on EVOL or Lagranne as far as the song goes for both (and visuals for latter, hard to say how EVOL turns out)

    Senjougihara is scary, even if he is just protecting Araragi from someone.

    Since I haven’t watched a Shinbo show in a while and monogatari titles are monogatari titles I find it pretty refreshing and fun watch all in all, even if some of Shinbo’s autistic editing was distracting. But whatever, that comes with Shaft package and can’t be helped.

    I watched Rinne’s pre-air and not sure why diss it alongside with Fractale and Guilty Crown that are utter shit (can’t wait for GC’s next episode and getting to drop it again). I found it highly enjoyable all in all and fanservice didn’t bother me much. It had this strange early 00s feel that I found refreshing and attractive down to art direction. Plot can go up or it can go down from there, at least the lead girl is win: maru! Though I dig the lolshaftesque ED and awesome OP with dem Mamegu songs the best. Especially the OP, cool visuals and the song is niiiiice and really out of line with your average mecha anime OP (guhhhhhhhh Jam Project and such)

    not related to anything but how can I quote tweets in wordpress comboxes like you do? 😦

    • Xard says:

      >Which means the original couldn’t be awesome from time to time, cosplay of the soul bitches)

      urgh what did I do with that sentence. I ment to say original could be awesome at times too even if as a show it fell flat on its face (though it’s not as bad as some people say and the OP song is god tier).

      Can’t believe I forgot to mention the really notable thing about Nisemonogatari 01: the animation was actually really good and shot shit. I’m starting to like this new Shaft that isn’t constantly overworked

      though knowing them POWERPOINT: THE ANIME is almost inevitable result at some point

    • Good lord, you thought there was LESS fanservice in this episode? Araragi was kissing a child’s chest for cryin’ out loud. It must take stupendous amounts of pandering to register in your radar.

      Lagrange has nudity, nudity, boob-poking, ass-inspecting, girl on girl fapbait… and lame mecha action.

      Paste the twitter url. That’s all it takes.

      • Xard says:

        ahh but you just admitted you enjoyed it~~ 😀

        My expectations re:fanservice were informed by more than half-pornographic PV and my friend who has read the books saying “expect an even higher level of moe and fan service compared to Bake” – these two made me expect a fullblown Bakemonogatari ep 2 (or whatever it was that Senjougihara nekkid and in underwear for like half the episode) from this.

        So really, it’s all relative to expectations as always.

        Lagrange sure had its fair share of fanservice which I particularly didn’t mind – it reminded me of Gunbuster’s retarded fanservice more than anything in style. The action was kinda lame, yeah, but the finisher move and MC made it worth it. I have no idea when was last time I saw mecha protagonist like this. Diebuster perhaps? In any case she entertains me. Not expecting high art from it but it was good, simple fun nonetheless. Expectations cautiously positive!

        That’s really simple then… thanks! 🙂

        • No, I admitted I enjoyed a show that has this much fanservice. I was not “served” by Mayoi getting molested. Were you?

          Ugh no please, Lagrange 01 was no Diebuster ep 01. I’m coming into the show wanting to like it, but instead it was inane with lame robot fights. Improve the fights and I’ll enjoy myself better, but right now the proportion of elements that doesn’t serve me plus the elements that don’t meet my expectations overwhelm any value I might have gotten from that first episode.

          • Xard says:

            No, I admitted I enjoyed a show that has this much fanservice. I was not “served” by Mayoi getting molested. Were you?

            Ararararararagi with pedogrin and wobbbly wobbly itty bitty titty grabby mode creeps the fuck out of me but at the same time is also reliable source for “hilarity ensues”. I’d say the net total is always on the positive so you could say yes, I was served. Though not necessarily in the sense you mean lol

            No Lagrange was no Diebuster (but then again Diebuster is not that great show either :P) but the MC’s spirit was very Nonoesque. I don’t want to push my case too much because I found it enjoyable – not the next Eva or anything like that. As for mecha part it was pretty weak but there wasn’t much of it yet so I wouldn’t judge the show’s that aspect for now. It was enjoyable for me and I can see why one would not find it enjoyable because as of now it’s pretty mediocre (though “fine” side of mediocre instead of “lame” for me). It’s just that putting it next to Fractale and Guilty Crown is a bit too much because in no respect was the show that much fail.

          • Well the next few episodes will show us then.

            Humorous content is not the fanservice we are discussing. We are discussing precisely the kimoi otaku shit that micro Klan and Ranka appeals to albeit Nisemonogatari is extreme and blatant in comparison, while Senjougahara service is more like Sheryl’s albeit taking the provocative dialogue and tsun much further.

          • Xard says:

            yes, of course I got what you ment with service. One can get lulz and enjoyment from the scene even without (and to be fair the depiction was so deformed in that scene it was probably ment to be comedic more than anything – in contrast with, say, the scene with imouto you screencapped and the Hachikuji flashing later which were clearly made to titillate) wanting to molest snail loli tits is all I’m saying 😀

            (I’d say more precise comparison point for Ranka would be Nadeko in all respects but that would be nitpicking, I think)

            I must admit I watch Nisemonogatari mainly for three things. NisiOisiN’s delicious dialogue, the general SHAFTy aesthetics and intelligent mature fanservice for intelligent mature audiences (such as myself hurhur). The emotional main line that gave Bakemonogatari what soul it had under the surface was the surprisingly and astonishingly heartfelt romance arc with Senjougihara. I don’t know if I can expect much focus on that from Nise so I’ve been left with the three first mentioned safe bets (though I hope this too has such “soul”).

            In short at the very least show will provide me a delicious pandering oglefest which is the precisely reason I’m watching this. I admit as much – and for me the gratuitous, overblown oh so clever dialogue and extremely male gaze oriented framings titillate the same hedonistic sources of pleasure. I don’t really watch fanservice shows at all in general (insufferable crap) but when it’s done as delightfully as *monogatari series is there’s a lot to enjoy and keeping this approach to work makes sure I don’t make the mistake of treating the show as something more than it is.

            Which is to say unlike you I’m not enjoying *monogatari *despite* fanservice – for me all elements of the title mix together into this flattened, contentless aesthetic that allows me to wallow in purely hedonistic field of oddball artistry, delicious legs and snarky oneliners. You can’t remove anything from the mix or the effect will be ruined.

            Of course I’ll be very delighted if the show will offer something beyond the aesthetic like BMG ended up doing but I’m not really watching it for the hope it does. If it will all the better, if not I still get the aesthetic punch I’m after.

            ps. if Lagranne was on fine side of mediocre miniskirt pirates was on the “meh” side of mediocre beyond the OP that was awesome in the wtfamilisteningto sense. It’s pretty clear comparing the look of this and EVOL trailer where Satelight is putting all the money at… still, it might be fun series so not dropping just yet (dunno if you’ll check it out but ehh whatever)

          • C’mon, Miniskirt Pirates was a lot more fun than Lagrange, with far far less sleaze.

            Have your underage tits! Since you can’t enjoy Nisemonogatari without them!

          • Xard says:

            I have the courage to accept your kind offering – itadakimaaaasu~~~

            Miniskirt Pirates has potential to be great fun so I’m sticking with it but all around I found first episode pretty mediocre. The only really good and entertaining bit was (beyond the OP song holy lol wtf was that) when the secret agents or whatever flooded cafe. That was funny.

            fun fact: both shows have the same director (Nadesico guy)

          • Mediocrity is underrated.

            I mean it gets thrown around like it’s some death sentence, not really considering like how statistically most shows would be within this category. And yet, so much anime is enjoyed!

            I have no problems with Miniskirt Pirates being mediocre. It really is. But it was fun! Lagrange was mediocre and not fun, unless you really like your sleazy cockteasing. Between the two, the latter show has more ambition, but does not have the courage to own its own banality.

          • Xard says:

            True, mediocrity is in a sense underrated.

            I found Lagranne more enjoyable due to preference for its aesthetic: it was snappily paced and very well framed and animated throughout. I also liked the MC more than any character from Pirates which all in all means I got more out from Lagranne this time around. That might change soon though. Looking at Lagranne’s key staff they’ve done mostly quite serious anime before. The guy doing series’s composition previous such credit is for Darker than Black and he’s written screenplays and scripts for shows in line of GitS:SAC and Eden of the East. Add on this the fact it’s been already scheduled for two cours (other one in summer) and some producer bigshot saying it’s supposed to be “pretty big” franchise makes me think they’re not going to take the easiest way out with Lagrange.

            Pirates was fun and will probably get much better when we get to space pirating but chances are it’s one cour adaptation (and acts productionwise as B-series to EVOL) which makes me have lower expectations for the show overall. FWIW even Zac digged it though:

            Well, we’ll see how they go down from here on.

          • otou-san says:

            Which is to say unlike you I’m not enjoying *monogatari *despite* fanservice

            have you seriously convinced your readers of this, ghostlightning? :3

          • There’s fanservice that I eat up, obviously (Senjougahara, Hanekawa, Kanbaru).

  4. Shinmarizu says:

    There’s enough anime series right now that aim to hit people with the giant toy hammers of Plot/Drama and Fanservice whenever necessary as a lifeline instead of a premise.

    I think we’d all rather watch something that’s unabashedly fanservice-laden and embraces it rather than skirts around it all the time. And yet, subtlety plays a huge factor in it all. It’s the little cues for your imagination to fill the blanks, and the extra exercise your brain gets allows for increased enjoyment. Also helps remember love for assorted things.

  5. schneider says:

    The Araragi home, with those haphazardly piled ladders, is a miracle of SHAFT architecture.

  6. It feels like I’ve gone back in time watching this show. Sure, it wasn’t that long ago, but it still feels nice. I admired Bakemonogatari for its cleverness of narrative and dialogue. I admired it for its aesthetic beauty. This first episode brought that all back home for me. It may be hard for me to objectively view this show given how much I loved its older sibling.

    • Objective shmovjective. Enjoy the show and don’t get hung up on making definitive aesthetic statements. Leave that to the “critics.” That doesn’t mean you can’t discuss a show intelligently! I expect a lot of shit to be said both ways about this show, and that’s just how things are.

  7. cucuc says:

    >The first episode of Nisemonogatari allowed me to remember love for the prequel.
    Nitpicking: should be “predecessor.” A “prequel” is created after the predecessor and chronically before it. That’s a common mistake, although it’s surprising to see you make it.

    Otherwise, cool article. If I ever had to explain Bakemonogatari to somebody, I’ll point them to this post. 🙂

  8. A courageous mullet is still a stupid haircut (Kaiji excepted).

  9. Kai says:

    Insane visuals, even more so then the last season ;D This first episode looks like it retained the same atmosphere too, with all the weird camera angles, graphics and the dialogues. And The Courage to be a lolicon, Araragi haz!

    • LOL the courage indeed… this is one of the conflicts he has, I suppose. His preference is for powerless, non-mature females; whereas the relationship he has is with someone who gets off on dominating him.

      • Xard says:

        I can’t help but think deep down he likes it. He loves Senjougihara after all (fucking shit harem lead why you do this 😛 )

  10. Emperor J says:

    Good post on this episode. I think approaching this as a harem series that justifies itself is a good way to go on this. I have also been interested in the massively divergent views on the beginning of the Mayoi scene. I know the reason why, but I guess I’d like more perspectives.

    • This is my fourth experience of a NisiOisiN work. Harems are ever present, in some level. Sure he’s subverting them in some way almost all the time, but they’re there in the form of your male protagonist among many females. The least harem-like is Katanagatari, but it’s there. The only thing I got to read is Zaregoto, and I did not like it AT ALL. I think, strangely enough, that animation (or still images) do the long dialogues a favor, to say nothing of the heroic acting performances that require these actors to speak lines at such rapid rates.

      I am unfamiliar with other perspectives on the beginning of the Mayoi scene, and am unwilling to look around for the distaste of reading bloggers jizz about molesting an elementary school girl.

      • Xard says:

        wait what, there’s harem in Katanagatari? Really?

        I haven’t finished reading Zaregoto yet but I digged what I read generally…though yeah, it can be kinda really damn slow moving.

        I’m not sure what the “other perspectives” are either but I saw bunch of retards earlier today get all caught up with the pantsu scene’s pie (Mayoi lifts her dress > Araragi gets a cream pie to his face > creampie, GET IT? LOLOLOOL)

        (ps. watched Aquarion EVOL’s first episode (well first two as it’s 42min special). It was really good and promising – already much better than the original ever was. The MC is cool MC for virtue of his part time job alone lol.)

        • I mean, there wasn’t a tension maintained between many different women all at once since the damn protag male kept killing them… but it’s there.

          I’ll look forward to Aquarion then~

          • Ay! Give Shichika a break! He didn’t know about all the wonderful feelings ,and emotions and fun things you could do with women. Besides putting his hand through their chest, and getting bossed around by Togame, he just had his sickly sister to go off of.

            I vaguely caught the harem aspects in Katanagatari. And I’m hoping to experience more NisiOisiN goodness in the future, including the Zaregoto you speak of. I can’t seem to get enough of it.

          • Part of the subversion, is the lead being oblivious to love — like a female in a reverse harem. Well, he did profess to Togame immediately. The haremettes are there to fuck with Togame, much laughs to be had.

          • Xard says:

            Well, I shall remain slightly skeptical for now. The thing is not even all the sword owners were females and there’s pretty large male cast. Togame is the fanservice/moe/wtf source most of the time but I saw nothing comparable to harem setting in Bakemonogatari which is harem very explicitly. Zaregoto’s first volume is halfway there between the two and I can see it as harem but Katanagatari…not really. Shichika is a dense guy nor is he frequently placed into sexualized situations with the girls apart from Togame with frequency.

            Hope subs for EVOL come out soon enough. I found absolutely hilarious the bit in beginning with this in-universe Aquarion film that totally bombs with audience – I couldn’t help but feel like Kawamori was making a self-mocking jab at first series (which didn’t quite bomb but wasn’t really a hit either). Heh. I already love the setting, CG is superb, mecha designs great, music season’s best already as expected and…well, hands down it’s just good stuff generally. A promising start and as long as the show doesn’t devolve into meaningless monster of the week matches like original I keep my expectations high. (btw found out space pirates is 26 ep show too…expectations raised accordingly! Satelight sure is busy this year)

            ps. (I’m sure this doesn’t surprise you at all after you see the ep…) I’m definetly in Mikono camp if the show gets popular, triangle gets explicit and ship war trololol starts out like with MacrossF 😀

  11. kadian1364 says:

    They’re obviously flush with money this time around, so if there are going to be blank screens, it will be an aesthetic choice rather than necessity,

    I’m actually not very enraptured by the early episodes in the arcs. The cat-and-mouse streams of dialogue, though clever, go on for too long without discernibly advancing the storyline. But the payoff at the end of the arcs in the last season were more often than not spectacular. My enjoyment could change now that I’m following Nise weekly where for Bake I picked it up when it was nearly over and could plow through the slower set-up episodes.

    • What I enjoy about the dialogue, is that they are not plot-advancing, and are instead about… stuff.

      They are about stuff, without feeling like a lecture.

      Dialogue has often, most often been a donkey pulling the cart of plot. Plot is fine, but I’m not hung up about it. I enjoy dialogue that talks about things, and not just what happened before in the story, and what’s about to happen next.

      • kadian1364 says:

        Let me clarify that I’m not so much hung up on plot as much as there’s so much dialogue between the same characters having similar conversations that we’ve already seen so often. It reminds me that I’m watching a novel adaptation that feels like I’m watching someone literally read a novel to me instead of, I dunno, anything else. NisiOisiN is just a style of writing that I vacillate between liking a lot and completely abhor.

        • I’m with you about the vacillating thing. Zaregoto pissed me off where Katanagatari wouldn’t. I generally enjoy Bakemonogatari’s because it was fresh to me. In this episode, I enjoyed the Mayoi conversation far more than the Hitagi conversation. I enjoyed the Tsukihi conversation the least, but after reading emperorj’s post I’ve developed an even greater appreciation for this episode so heh, I now love all these banal conversations all over again.

  12. megaroad1 says:

    Arriving home, massively jet lagged after being a couple of weeks on an island with no internet connection and find 137 emails…Sifting through them, one stands out. The mighty, splendid surprise that Nisemonogatari’s first episode is already out. Downloaded with trepidation and watched before going to bed…

    I wasn’t dissapointed.

    A lot of the stuff I loved about Bakemonogatari is there. The over the top dialogue, the pleasing visuals and of course the tantalizingly snarky Senjougahara. And “the courage to accept the label of pervert” has given me a smile that is lasting until this caffeine filled morning.

    Looking very much forward to watching the rest and reading your take on it a few days later..he he…

  13. Shugarl says:

    This is a surprise, since it was only a few months ago that i started visiting your blog. I figured you were only a mecha fan, since i never did delve deep into the website and only checked for new posts. Glad to see you liked nise! Hoping for another ride like it predecessor. The character interactions are as tasty as i remember it. xD Might i inquire what else you would be blogging for this season?

    • You may find that I have even more diverse tastes, as I’ve grown the past 3 years in my sampling.

      I’ll do my best to keep up with Nisemonogatari, as my commitment is to finish Gundam AGE. I will try to do something with Aquarion as well. I do make posts whimsically on first impressions or when a subject from an anime I’m watching leaps up to me. But as far as episodic blogging is concerned, it’s Nisemonogatari and Gundam AGE.

  14. Picked it up after some waiting, and I wasn’t disappointed. First episode, and I was entertained just right. Almost everyone, except for some characters, especially Meme (he’s out of the picture) and Karen (not yet appearing), are present.

    Poor Nadeko gets friendzoned. Hitagi does her Yuno shtick with a reference to Eva…. Wait. Hitagi is Araragi’s krytonite, and he gets pulled around damn nicely.

    And I laughed out loud through much of the 24-minute journey, but despite Araragi’s seemingly (funny or disturbing, take your pick) affection for Mayoi, which the girl responds by turning herself into an emotional, hissing, pole-climbing version of Kyubey (what with those red angry eyes and claws LOL), amazingly the latter somehow had the knack and wisdom of a woman older than him (she’s dead for ten years, after all, which means she had enough time to study more about the world and human interaction while within a spiritual state… at least not until Nicholas Cage would soon pick her up at the bus stop).

    Suddenly I had newfound respect for Mayoi, even if she’s jailbait.

    • Respect for Mayoi as a person?

      I find this funny, because there’s nothing that comes natural to this character. She is clearly a pile of constructs and contrivances. The remarkable thing is how it actually works. I don’t mind how this character is put together because she contributes into an entertaining whole… despite the taunting of perversions/indulgence of perversions that both exist and are communicated at times simultaneously.

      • A soul of a dead girl, hanging around for 10 years… well, it’s a very long time (me having read The Lovely Bones on the side). Enough time for a soul to pick up a gazillion ideas almost everywhere, and when Mayoi was talking to Araragi about courage and relationships and other ideals (after being toyed with like a plush doll), for a fifth grader I thought she was very profound.

        (an idea forms: imagining an episode of Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader with Araragi and Mayoi :lol:)

  15. Vendredi says:

    There used to be quite a glut of shows featuring Kamiya Hiroshi, but it seems like he’s taking a little less work on recently. It’s been a while since I’ve heard him, but upon viewing this episode I was immediately struck again in a moment of intense deja vu, with the memory of that utterance: “Zetsuboushitaa!”

    Nisemonogatari also has provided me with another regret; after her performance in Stein’s;Gate I will forever associate Kana Hanazawa’s voice with “~Tutturu~!” There are times when I fear I have been watching this medium too long.

    • megaroad1 says:

      That “Tutturuu” does distinctively brand itself into one’s auditive memory for a long time though, so I wouldn’t worry too much about feeling one has been watching anime too long :-).

    • Yeah he used to be everywhere. The last show I heard him was in Sayonara no Tsubasa.

      I didn’t watch Steins;Gate beyond the first episode.

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