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Basara Nekki, the SPACE BARD OF PEACE, has been my favorite character in all anime for the past 3 years. This is unlikely to change, but Basara for all his annoying righteousness and callousness… is indeed righteous in the most righteous way: he sings for peace in the most awesome way possible. He wouldn’t countenance killing, and he’d disable lethal ordnance on his VF if he could.

The thing is, would I want another character like that? The way I would want say, more badass mecha pilots in anime? No. One Basara is enough, spare us all. I came into watching Senki Zesshou Symphogear knowing only that there is a concert scene. And I thought, “oh idols.” I had watched iDOLM@STER to my disappointment – there was nothing remotely awesome about it – just a bunch of moé idols perpetrating the marketing illusion that idols are adorable in front and away from the camera.

I grew up watching Macross so that nonsense will never really impress me. But I gave it all I could and I would do the same for Symphogear. And sure enough, it rewarded me with an idol concert far beyond anything in iDOLM@STER:

Not bad at all, and this is from me who’s watched the May’n & Mamegu Sheryl & Ranka schtick over and over and over at the Budokan (no I wasn’t really there). This is well done as idol concerts are concerned, especially for TV anime. But I’ll be goddamned if this was the only thing the episode gave me.

It gave me violence and death, and a big ‘ol  stand from an IDOL MAGIC GIRL ROBOT FIGHTER.

Now let me tell you what is cool about this shit. Yes the idol was singing to destroy the enemies. The song wasn’t just for powering up, it’s intrinsically linked to how the enemies… the “Noise” are destroyed. Melody destroys Noise. Get it? Got over it? Good. This wasn’t Minmay shocking the Zentraedi with idol cuteness. This wasn’t Ranka stupefying the Vajra with fold waves. This wasn’t Basara making Space Vampires cum with his Anima Spiritia and HOLY LONELY LIGHT.

This is an idol magic girl with power armor and weapons destroying CG monsters that kill people without fanfare. Concert-goers got massacred, now Kanade delivers her retribution. Even cooler, she sings in the low register, as befits her badass powers. It just wouldn’t do to have a shrill or chirpy moé idol voice getting this shit done. This was righteous.

The episode unfolds its origin story of a Madoka Magica-esque weak little girl turned hero. But unlike the long, clever tease of Magical Girl Madoka Magica, Tachibana Hibiki transforms by the end of the pilot episode, AND HOW! BRING FORTH THE BEATS OF BEASTS~ I’ve no idea how this show will progress from here, but I only ask for the following:

  • Keep things violent and deadly.
  • Make the action scenes fist-pump worthy.
  • Make the music interesting.

Do this and I will sing your praises. Note how I didn’t mention “character development” or “DEEP PLOT” whatever anime fags demand from their moving illustrations. Titillation is okay, just keep it down a notch or seven from the trash Guilty Crown and Rinne no Lagrange have been begging to make us fap to. Code Geass, Macross Frontier, and Neon Genesis Evangelion are titles all up to their gills in fanservice, but I never felt the disgust that kimoi shit like Fractale serve up.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear has my attention, now LISTEN TO MY SONG!

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  1. JoeAnimated says:

    but .. but .. but I want my K-ON! level of character development.

    Jokes aside, I hadn’t plan to watch this, but maybe I will. I’m having trouble finding something that piques my interest this winter.

  2. Maverick05 says:

    Downloaded this anime and Highschool DxD, but wasn`t in the mood to watch both(NFL playoff game was a big factor there—Go Saints!!). Now that Bengals are defeated and still one time to go, I wasn`t planning to watch Symphogear until I read this. So I am on my way to check it out. XD Thanks!!

    • LOL if you like singing and violence, this show has it!

      • Maverick05 says:

        ROFL!! Well, my expectation to this series was a Panty & Stocking musical show with some out of place Chibi side characters. Yet, first episode blew my expectations, and I got a good time. That is better than Rinne no Lagrange`s mix which turned my Sento Yosei Yukikaze tuned into a Valkyrie with a very Moe Pilot instead of Rei.

        Either way, I will keep watching this show for a while. It`s promising.

  3. jpmeyer says:

    Man, this show is EPICALLY TERRIBLE. Like, probably the most inept show that I’ve watched since Dragonaut. It felt like every single event was a plot hole! It thinks that it’s sooooooooooooooo edgy and grimdark and AWESOME but doesn’t realize that it’s actually INCREDIBLE AWFUL. I laughed almost nonstop throughout the whole thing.

    • Haven’t seen Dragonaut. I dunno about GRIMDARK, it’s too FUNBRIGHT for that but I want to see more of this violent singing. I suppose you won’t be watching anymore LOLOLOL

      Also, I remember you said Toriko was terrible. Still watching it 38 episodes later!

      • jpmeyer says:

        They show The Noises gruesomely killing people, they show Hibiki’s agony during her translation, that’s MAD grimdark, yo!

        And au contrare, I’ll be watching dis shiat for the same reason that I sat through Dragonaut! lolololololololol

  4. Whatsht says:

    When I read the description of Symphogear, Basara came to my mind, immediately. If they had Basara there, even without those armor, the Noise would have been converted into Basara fans.

  5. polymetrica says:

    Watched this for the luls too but as you said, the turn of events was surprisingly not bad. Unfortunately, it still has incredibly horrible/lol character/monster designs and really lame attack name er, announcements…Hopefully it’ll turn out to be a good surprise but it’s still hard to tolerate these kind of visuals on a weekly basis www

    Anyway, Symphogear seems more like a way to get into the “singing to save the world” mood until ABK0048 arrives :’D Kawamoriiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!

    • Hahaha. Thank goodness for low expectations. I wasn’t put off by the mugen attacks. I like that kind of shit. Hehehe. Until the Kawamoripocalypse…

    • Bruno J. Global says:

      What. Kawamori will direct the AKB48 anime?

      That kind of worries me since it would mean that the 30th anniversary Macross offering would be delayed to next year, again. Unless…

      Unless the next Macross will feature AKB48 idols?

      • WhatSht says:

        How many people was there in AKB48? Are they gonna squeeze that much people into Macross?

        • Bruno J. Global says:

          I hear they’re looking for only nine who will voice the idol characters in the AKB anime.

          You should realize that squeezing all the idols would be easier IF it’s a Macross anime. Two words: Meltran fleet.

  6. Kai says:

    Indeed. The premise of the episode is one whole mess. Honestly, the presence of Nana Mizuki hyped me much more rather then the anime itself.

  7. Ratatosk says:

    It should’ve been a pile of cliches, but there were surprises everywhere, from the Ranka doormat-girl ranting on about CD special features like a true music geek to her making a surprisingly painful effort to stay alive (& how rare is that for that type of character?). That’s what swung me from just watching it for the massacres and neon monsters to actually getting interested in the next episode.

    Incidentally, lurking on your blog has managed to finally overcome the awful reviews I’d read and get me to start watching Macross 7, so thankyou. As a musician, I’d rather have 80s rock than idols any day, and the band are spot-on, right down to the drummer who never shuts up. Genius.

    • Yeah, the portrayal of the physical effort that’s part of the struggle is notable. It’s certainly a step above just making the little girls writhe in pain pr0nographically.

      There you go. Somebody who gets Macross 7. I’m glad you’re digging it because the discography is rather rich.

  8. greyfalke says:

    Im going to have to watch this …………I need more violence & music in my diet

  9. Matt Wells says:

    Bah, Mic Sounders Za 13th in Gaogaigar was killing monsters of the week with the power of rock and roll 13 years before this! Sort of like the ally buffing feats Fire Bomber pulled off in Macross 7, but with offensive based attacks too. Disc X, the sound based vibrational weapon that requires highly specific data sequencing so it doesn’t destroy everything in the sourounding area.

    • Oh man. I hate that lame piece of shit. He doesn’t even have actual songs… at least anything worth listening to. Get that crap out of here.

      • Matt Wells says:

        You… hate… Mic Sounders? Sai Mecha 2012 is going to get ugly… C’mon, the little guy killed a Sol Master BY PLAYING A GUITAR RIFF ON TOWER BRIDGE. Anything that hot blooded is worthy of being the opening act to Fire Bomber.

        Are you seriously telling me a robot with the singing voice of Masaki Endoh has nothing worth listening to? Like the freaking opening theme, Yuusha Oh Tanjou? Or Power of Desire? Not even his “Let’s Final Fusion!” duet with Hironobu Kageyama? Two of the most hard rocking members of JAM Project singing along to the King of Braves, and you unmoved? For shame.

        • So, Mic Saunders sang those? I don’t see that rubbish bin singing.

          LOL that piece of trash is going to get in the tourney? Don’t make me laugh.

          • Matt Wells says:

            Well, Giant Robo made it into the final sixteen, so I wouldn’t be too hasty to judge.

            Yes, Mic sings all of these. You would know this HAD YOU ACTUALLY WATCHED THE TV SHOW. His G-Stone empowered form of Rock and Roll is invalauble on the battlefield, as G-Stones derive strength from the emotions of their users. Any music that gets their blood pumping increases their strength and is detrimental to the emotion vampire Zonder robots they fight.

            Disc M raises the 3G team’s morale, Disc P lowers that of the enemy. Disc X destroys Zonder Particles at a molecular level, making the Mic Sounders Brigade some of the strongest mecha in the series. Theoretically it can be programmed to destroy anything, even diamond and organic tissue. Disc F summons a the soul of Gaofighgar to punish evildoers. This buffing mechanic carries over to SRW games starring Gaogaigar, similar to Fire Bomber units and their songs.

          • I watched FINAL and he was LAME in the END.

  10. squaresphere says:

    hmm…. i say hmm…. This wasn’t even on my radar, but it has concerts plus power armor so i’m kind of obligated to watch at least the first few eps.

  11. Reid says:

    This…Senki Zesshou business could prove…stimulating. Like a stimulant. Like caffeine. Addicting. I like it! It’s pretty crazy how in that second video sample we see that most everyone in the crowd is very dead, except the little girl. No doubt she’ll end up taking up with our (lol katana-toting) heroines and will somehow melt their battle-hardened hearts just as their skimpy outfits and robot powers harden our…courageous resolve and the belief in the power of music. Or something. The song was cool too.

  12. Digibro says:

    >>a Madoka Magica-esque weak little girl turned hero

    she has the same voice as Madoka too, one of a few things that made me think of that show. And what else to think , I don’t know, but man was that intense!

    • Yeah, it does remind me of Madoka Magica a lot. Shhh, don’t let the fags hear me. They’ll get all butthurt that I’m comparing this pretender to their favorite show of super perfection!

  13. Vendredi says:

    Ah, it’s a pity that Idolm@ster was a disappointment to you. I went in with fairly low expectations but was pleasantly surprised by it episode after episode, but I do agree it’s not exactly a high octane or particularly revolutionary show.

    • I came in with very high expectations. Show was supposed to save anime; it’s completion ended an era, etc. It was supposed to be DEEP while K-On!! was garbage, etc. Hyperbolic, but not entirely inaccurate in describing the semen I find all over about this show.

      Jesus Minci and Yamato people actually expect ME to be impressed with the AWESOMENESS of those blobs?

      I grew up watching Minmay for crying out loud. I went out and bloodied myself arguing for the fundamental importance of idols in the Macross Franchise, that it is just as important if not more so than the robots. I followed Mylene, and built temples for Ranka and Sheryl. I may just know a thing or two about idols in anime. These fags want me to go nuts about the MUSIC in this show? Seriously? People want me to CRY to Chihaya’s clumsy back story?

      Idolmaster is basically SRWOG, an anime franchise based on a game franchise. Both are wholly bent on satisfying fanboys’ base cravings. Idolmaster is just a lot better at being anime.

      Do I automatically think SRWOG as beyond the impossible awesome by default? No, that would be silly. Neither would I think that idolmaster’s all moe all the time shctick would exceed the value provided by other moe-infested, slice of life-like, shows such as Aria, K-On!!, and Hanasaku Iroha.

  14. Shugarl says:

    Hoping for some CG Noise buttkicking from Gungnir? next ep. I don’t expect a full concert for every episode, as long as they integrate some kind of singing in the battles. Hope this doesn’t go downhill from here.

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  16. I had a feeling you would eat that sh*t up. And I don’t blame you. If it sticks to your three points, I can probably say that I’m going to enjoy the hell out of the show. The first episode left me dumbfounded. I didn’t know what to expect, and by the end wasn’t sure what to think of it. I just knew that I needed to see the next episode.

    By the way, hasn’t there only been one episode aired of Lagrange so far? You’ve been sh*tting on that show for about two weeks now.

    • Lagrange is a show more about tits and ass than it is about robots.

      The robot enemy stands around showing off its AT field, or Aqua field whatever. I’m okay with this when I’m watching Evangelion’s kaiju-like Angels. I extremely dislike this if I’m watching a military operation involving this kind of shit.

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