Enter the Diva: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 13

[Zero-Raws] Gundam AGE - 13 (TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_18.43_[2012.01.09_07.08.50]

[Gundam AGE 12]

It is to my great delight that while Flit had his big X-Rounder moment in this assault, the show belonged to the capital ship. It’s been discussed quite early on that the Diva ship would transform in some way, and it finally did. I’m not sure how much sense there is in distinguishing the two different modes, but hey, the Diva Albion looks a lot better, and packs a big punch.

There’s much negativity on my end regarding beam weapons in mecha anime, but I have no complaints when any particular derivative of Yamato’s Wave Motion Gun is fielded or fired by a fixed installation, or a capital ship. This is the kind of weapon that makes the ship more than just a mobile suit carrier. This is important because the Diva can’t just be the ship that fields all three mobile suits in every battle, even if one of them is the Gundam.

Now it fired, taking out its opposing battleship, and punching a hole through the very asteroid holding the UE fortress. Now this doesn’t quite decide the battle, I have every suspicion that the battle will eventually be decided on the level of a mobile suit duel. What’s interesting however, is the tactical action that led to the firing of the AGE-builder delivered gun.


[Zero-Raws] Gundam AGE - 13 (TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_14.09_[2012.01.09_07.03.51]

The tactical objective in this case is to get the Diva into effective firing range. Nothing complicated about the battle itself: there is a straight line of fire that’ll get both the UE flagship and the fortress. What gets in the way is the swarm of mobile suits providing cover and anti-ship support.

This is sound defense, in that mobile suits clearly are the best weapons against bigger, slower capital ships. Thus it is the job of the supporting carriers with their mobile suit complements to clear a firing position for the Diva. What I find funny, however – and I fully fault the planners for this one:

The Diva never needed to get that close.

Yes, you read that right. Why? It’s because if the beam was powerful enough to punch through the damn asteroid, then its effective range must be far greater than from where they fired from. The Diva could’ve just destroyed the capital ship from a position of superior safety, and reduced the mobile suit resistance greatly. It could then recharge and destroy the asteroid fortress at will.

[Zero-Raws] Gundam AGE - 13 (TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_14.24_[2012.01.09_07.04.12][Zero-Raws] Gundam AGE - 13 (TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_18.48_[2012.01.09_07.09.01]

But of course, we need drama in our arc-ending, two-part battle. And much drama there was, giving Flit the opportunity to go all Setsuna F. Seiei on a swarm of UE suits and deploy his X-Rounder CQB skills. Decil and Yurin will combine next episode to fight you.

[Zero-Raws] Gundam AGE - 13 (TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_17.00_[2012.01.09_07.06.49]

Still, pretty intense battle; I enjoyed how Ract was saved from his own suicide, thus preserving the most awesome hair in AU Gundam to date.


That Athrun is so pimp.

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57 Responses to Enter the Diva: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 13

  1. schneider says:

    Chris: LOL
    Kycilla: My fucking face
    Athrun: *u*
    Relena: What kind of person is he?!

    They did say something about the main weapon not dealing lethal damage unless it got into effective range, though. They acted with the thought that they could only get off one shot.

    • I’m saying that the effective range is much greater than the episode wants us to believe. If the beam is going to punch through a whole asteroid and continue its deadly pink river, then they could’ve just hosed the enemy cap ship from far out as well as its mobile suit complement. The asteroid would’ve been defenseless after.

      • sadakups says:

        I honestly thought it was going to cover a cone-shaped area, hence the reason why the Diva had to get closer before firing.

        • The map certainly suggested a cone-shaped blast, but the cone was actually very small.

          • kevin says:

            entirely possible they over estimated the power of the UE technology.
            which turns out to be fricking zeons again!
            blast it, another musai sunk by the federation! NO MATTER! once the big zams are mass produced.

            but still, they forgot about the speed of a space ship that is on burn out mode, and they completely forgot how space is xyz instead of XY =_= coulda just did it from behind or from above or below. even upside down, man is original gundam the only gundam that would ever do things like that?

          • Too complex for teh kiddehs.

            Let the whole thing play out in 2D and leave the grownup battles to people who watch Gundam Unicorn.

          • kevin says:

            You know. unicorn was pretty kiddy too, not to mention pretty low budget. and suffered quite a bit of 00’s lack of logic seeing as how this was only three years since cca and there is still F91, crossbone, and god mother of all brain using USO to come later in universe.

            to put it simply, Unicorn just had too big of a shoe to fill, infact, no gundam series after the movie of CCA could fill in that dam shoe, its too fricking big. Seriously man when’s the last time you seen a Grunt move like a macross missile in a gundam series? I could remember one guy who did that and it was during the opening of gundam X (don’t think he actually did that in the show…)

            but to justify my point for lack of basic logical functions and lack of animation quality. for example, the funnel attacks used by Nz666 was the original type that has been out dated, not the grandmaster MMM version shown in CCA. None of the Jegans during the fight to recover the unicorn suffered any visible damage before they went boom. Melting marks barely shows what has been blown apart. Unicorn itself only took a shoulder damage so far, since mesh works = ez to animate but hard to open up and put things inside to make it look like it just took a huge hit, its sensible to say that they were being really cheap about everything. Reused CG ragdoll type systems is shown through out the OVAs, and grunt battles like the one shown in episode four was clearly an lazy piece of work (although i still liked it, grunt battles /drool). The GM series should at least recoil from using the beam cannons and such seeing as that’s pretty much AI controlled anyways. The Ra-calium, which was seen launching a crap ton of Jegans, storing a crap ton of rockets, and still have room for Nu and the broken ReGz, only had four mobile suits onboard (five counting the Delta). All of the said Special forces tri-star mobile suits were riding on sledges, which were seen used in cca, (and can carry a suit from one side of the earth to the other in less than a day, out of atmosphere of course) but instead of following the same rules, they seem to run on GN particles and defy physics all together. and last but not least, my personal slight resentment: an entire squad of ReZels lost to a single mobile suit. Those things are expensive, nobody cared about them nor their pilots. Nobody in universe even shit a brick about them dying, it doesnt matter how fucked up the command chain is, if ten of your best units gets blown the fuck up, i’m sure you’ll be pretty mind fucked. If the pilots in question were indeed that noob to get owned by one single unit then they shoulda been in Jegans. Zeta types transformations are hella expensive and should naturally only be given to Lts and above, no matter how screwed up the commanding line is. And this is londo bell we’re talking about, the task force that is completely separate from Federation fleets, who has shown us, that in the past, (only 3 years ago), that they could hold their own really well.

          • You lost me at “basic.”

          • kevin says:

            yea i usually lose people its not a big deal I copy paste these things from word documents.

            i’m too much of a critic sometimes~

  2. Emperor J says:

    I’m not watching this, but I laughed at Relena

  3. Marcomax says:

    Hehe, you just reminded me why I like Athrun from Seed so much.

    As for the episode, what impressed me the most about was that front section of the ship guards the main cannon. Both before and after the transformation, the cannon is positioned in a difficult place to target. I also picked up on the white base similarity almost immediately.

    On a side note, I’ll take Setsuna F. Seiei over Kira Yamato any day of the week.

    • Hehe, Athrun for all his fail makes SEED microscopically bearable.

      While all ships that carry Gundams are tributes to the White Base, the Diva is most similar to the Albion from Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory.

  4. Athrun’s too much of a dandy to go around impregnating princesses. Though I could see that turning into some horribly entertaining Dynasty Warriors: Gundam sub-plot.

    Relena: “I – I’m pregnant with your baby, Athrun.”

    Athrun: “Wha- no! That’s not possible!

    Cagalli: *enters SEED mode*

    Heero: *murderous intent radiates from body*

    Cue pitched battle where Kira tries to defend his cheating boyfriend from vengeful tsundere ex-fiance and homicidal maniac with giant death lasers.

    *nom-noms popcorn*

    Surprise twist. It was Char’s baby all along.

  5. sadakups says:

    “And much drama there was, giving Flit the opportunity to go all Setsuna F. Seiei on a swarm of UE suits and deploy his X-Rounder CQB skills.”

    I find it weird that he seems that he can do it at will. Which kinda worries me. Still, seeing that scene was awesome. Setsuna is probably proud at Flit for doing an Exia in his Sparrow.

    “Decil and Yurin will combine next episode to fight you.”

    Now this is what I want to see. I’m not going to expect anything since this encounter has been et-up until this point, and all I want to see is how it will end.

    BTW, have you seen the leaked scans of the next generation characters?

    • His X-Rounder powers have fully awakened. Remember it took him a full season to get where he is now, which is, admittedly, a shorter episode time span compared to Amuro turning Newtype during the battle of Solomon… but that’s a longer narrative and a different discussion.

      I’ve seen the next generation stuff though I try not to think about it at all as it messes up how I enjoy what’s here and now.

  6. kevin says:

    nu gundam: remembered for its backflips, epic dance moves, and pushing back axis

    ZZ gundam: remembered for its bulky feel and really bad storyline that was surprisingly entertaining


    00 gundam(s): remembered for overflanderization, ninjas, and aliens. Aliens man, they freak me out

    Seed gundam(s): remembered for godmode yamato

    Alex: remembered for being pwned by a zaku

    (Captain) stark Jegan: remembered for ALMOST, but not quite, owning something ten times more powerful

    Gundam: remembered for being fat and shooting towards teh sky

    Zeong: remembered for having no legs, and more recently remembered for being a magical girl’s favorite cosplay

    ReGz: lol piece of shit.

    After war gundam(S): remembered for that god dam overpowered A-Sat cannon

    Wing gundam(s): remembered for the qq and pew pews.

    AGE: remembered for the lolis. and the amount of fanservice it does. OH GOD FUCK THE HELL YES ALBION ❤

    i want a body pillow of the albion ❤

    • WhatSht says:

      SEED Gundams were fine, its only the Strike Freedom that has too much weapons. The Strike and Impulse were great(Multipurpose unit FTW), the Aegis is surprisingly good for a kamikaze move, the Strike Noir is awesome, and the Stargazer.. probably the first gundam built for a peaceful purpose(isn’t exploring the depths of space peaceful?)

    • Are you some kind of n00b?

      • kevin says:

        i wish i was, then i could still enjoy gundam like i used to as a kid and dream about being a badass ace pilot that is emo and has parental problems. And then i’m going promote world peace with some chick that i found on the road.

        man. those were the days. Why the hell did a picture of GP01 have to come my way? i woulda been happy to stay ignorant but some asshole somewhere just had to burst my bubbles.

  7. CVPhased says:

    I think it’s along the lines of not giving chances for the enemy warship to dodge, thus the nearer distance for its ‘effective range’?

    … Relena on the other hand is very disturbing… LOL!

  8. WhatSht says:

    The new main cannon is situated quite close to where the Main Cannon of the SDF-1 would be, between 2 parts of the ship. The new Assault Landing mode would allow the Diva to travel on Earth with ease.

    • But the SDF-1 fired from the two booms and not from between them. This was changed to having an actual gun that’s bigger than an aircraft carrier and held in the hand. The position of the gun in ship mode is not very different from the Diva’s though.

      I am talking about the Battle class Macross ships and not the Quarter class, which has the quantum cannon at the side during ship mode.

      • kevin says:

        quick question. but does anybody actually realize that QUANTUM cannons pretty much means the ship fires the direct results of a experiment involving a cat and a bottle of cyanide gas locked inside a box?

        wavemotion cannons fits better under nuclear physics. During theorization it is of course, quantum physics is the one that does the hypothesis (with cats, boxes, and cyanide gas), but once it becomes built, it is simply a particle weaponary that involves things getting blasted through a barrel. It will emit a hell ton of radiation, like things that involves the basic forms of matter, wavelengths, randomness of particles and cats and what not, and potentially cause an (GDI) ion cannon type chain reaction that continues until the entire object hit is obliterated and turned into simple elements such as hydrogen.

        To quantumize means to make things happen with ones thoughts and actions. It involves breaking matter not. Can not be quantumized simply means the thing can’t be in existence and must exist out side of the expanding universe but will never occur.

        the only absolute true way for a weapon to be quantum weaponary would be for the weapon to fire a round of shot that creates a universe upon what ever the hell it was suppose to hit.

        quantum however still remains to define small. Physics sure is strange. And its funny how most people make quantum physics to be more than it is. Its basically nuclear physics that studies impossibilities and causes more cats to die than humans.

        • I think the names are there to sound cool and aren’t “Hard Science Fiction” concepts. I can hardly think of examples that can be thought of as hard sf in mecha anime. Macross isn’t one of them; Gundam isn’t one of them. Both series have technology = magic, basically.

          • kevin says:

            then you might’ve seen a bit too much 00 for your health.

            strangely, when a series straight up says their science relies on magic, i never have problems with that. Its series that magics too much and still tries to say mecha in my face that makes me palm.

          • I don’t think I’m the one who has a problem here.

          • kevin says:

            *magics too much and tries to legitly explain it with 21st century technology, and failing really hard at doing so*

            all they coulda said was that they magically synthesized a super particle that yields high energy and does everything from curing cancer to jamming radars to causing everyone to become japanese at heart. but instead of going with the badass route they bullcrapped the bejebus out of something impossible and caused major fanhate. at least flay didn’t exist this time around. Thank you god.

          • kevin says:

            man, ofc not. Humans usually don’t like admitting to things like that. you’re perfectly healthy as long as you believe it.

  9. Shugarl says:

    Setsuna should have been in the the panel section.

    Innovator > X-rounder
    Floating in space naked > Rolling in space to transfer to your gundam.

    Flit should totally pilot his gundam naked.

  10. Matt Wells says:

    Yurin gets a pink custom UE suit? Geesh… I’m already looking forward to her impending doom next week. We better see Lalah and Four on next week’s panel. Anyone else call out at the flag markers on characters about to die? Black Guy Helmsman: “I promise I’ll take you to dinner next time we meet Mom…” = DEAD. DEAD MAN WALKING. SO FUCKING DEAD. Bet you Lagran will only cop it after a heartfelt confession of love to Millie whatsherface.

    Loved Miliard saving the day with his Mega Bazooka Launcher knock off. Lol’ed at Woolf calling his Ace Custom suit his girlfriend. Bitches are fleeting and transient, Mobile Suits are forever. Not that I’m complaining about the pace mind you, but Flit’s huge growth in abilities is startling even for Newtype magic. I can imagine old man Amuro bitching about how easy Gundam protagonists have it these days.

    “Why, in MY day we had to sit through 32 episodes of filler shit to get our magical psychic powers! And our homely love interests were whiny shrews instead of demure, submissive sammich makin’ hoes. And never mind this AGE system crap, I had to design my OWN shitty upgrades for my MS, you got just a magnetic coating paint job if you were LUCKY. I made do with Super Napalm and Beam Tridents, and you whippersnappers get fuckin’ ninja blades and kamehame-hadooken laraits for nowt. No effort or repsect, that’s why this franchise has gone to the dogs…

    “And speakin’ of doomed love interests: you got to spend two whole friggin’ weeks with yours! All I got was two episodes of creeping on Lalah while the broad got wet for swans, and one of those episodes was spent naviagating Char’s Mud Hole… wait, that last bit came out wrong! Things were much better during the One Year War, blah blah blah…”

    • Reid says:

      Just think, if you can, what kind of a whiny dick Flit’s kid is going to be – born with his mom’s exact hair and all…

    • Pink suits are AE staples. Cagali, Lunamaria, Soma Peires, the Gundam Meisters when they activate Trans Am…

      Lol’ed at Woolf calling his Ace Custom suit his girlfriend. Bitches are fleeting and transient, Mobile Suits are forever.


      As funny as those statements are, I don’t think Amuro is the butthurt oldfagtype.

      • Matt Wells says:

        Nope, he’s the trolling NewFagtype. “Zeon mobile suits are so fucking gay. No learning computers, no core fighters, no standard beam weapons, Goufs are just Zaku recolours. Mirror coating? Oops sorry, I forgot, you don’t have the money. Space Nazis only have ugly monoeye junkheaps, cum sucking faggots burn in a fire with your Spacenoid AIDS. Zeon aces fuck kiddy prostitutes, I bang stacked broads wearing engagement rings LOL.”

          • kevin says:

            have you ever though of how USO EVINS woulda used the spallow? hell, screw the spallow, what if we put him into the freedom? >:U HOLY SHIT! or put him into the 00 gundam! HOLY SHIT!!!!

            pop out the gn drive…. kill the enemy while his distracted… reinject gn drive… yea. 00 woulda been my instant love if some one did that and made the enemy cry. ❤ victory gundam's abusiveness

  11. Thomas says:

    Actually the Photon Blaster Cannon reminds me more of the Yamato Wave Motion Cannon up to the point where by you see the tubes connecting followed by spinning. Not much Gundam feel. Best warship battle should be the Archangel with Ramius & Natarle at the helm

  12. ces06 says:

    Dammit, Largan! Saying “don’t die” only gives you two a death flag, lol

    Lol’ed at the Zaku and Dom spacesuits.

    Ambat looks strangely… symmetrical, if not inorganic in shape, no? In before it dusts off it’s rocky exterior and transforms into some kind of giant MA.

    So either they’re Spacenoids…. or actual aliens. The outfits look really alien-like.

    Man, if they animate all the other things in this show half as good as the UE ships and the Diva looks, this should would look a whole lot better.

    Speaking of death flags, man, obvious next episode titles……

    • The UE ships look terribly. Its clunky, out-of-place CG.

    • The colonists are spacenoids already… so I don’t really know what the UE are yet.

      I’m mostly tolerating how things look in this show, am not really a fan of the overall aesthetic. I just don’t let it get in the way of my enjoyment of it.

      • kevin says:

        well it could be a UC situation. i mean seriously by the year uc 150 theres like at least fifty zeon wannabes that spawned because the feddies were too mean. Factions gets very complicated at one point. Speaking of which; crossbone ghost so far has trollfaced the entire industry by unleashing UE/ELS/00feddie style jovian mobile with a beam rotor, what’s your take on that?

        even if you don’t like crossbone, you gota admit, referencing the monolith on jupiter in the book space odyssey 2001 was pretty badass.

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