Forever Young

legend of the galactic heroes wolfgang mittermeyer and oskar von reuenthal

It’s a nice thought, but it’s an inauthenticity. I can’t stay forever young, not even in “mind” nor in “spirit.” I’ve seen things. I remember so many things. Even more telling, I’ve forgotten things. But there are things I want to remind myself as I grow older, as I do so today – things that are appropriate to share here on this anime blog.

The first thing: someday this blog will end. It will be well-before I actually die. But since I will die someday, so must this blog as I know it, as you’ve known it. The very idea of this finiteness allows for sentimentality. The sentiment here is that, at the very end of my youth and at the onset of middle age, I rediscovered and remembered love for cartoons.

legend of the galactic heroes yang wenli and reinhard von lohengramm

The internet is awesome. It is full of things that will aggravate me, disgust me, and piss me off. But it also allowed me to reach you, to get your attention for a few moments. I got some of you to read, and some of you to keep coming back, and still even some of you to talk to me, about cartoons and comics… all on my terms. I never got to be the great and influential writer of consequence that was the stuff of my adolescent imagination, but some of you acknowledged me the way my university professors told me I will be acknowledged someday. I will never forget this.

I dislike many good things, and it’s okay. I don’t think I will ever like FLCL. I don’t think I will ever enjoy anything Getter Robo. I can be wrong, but I’ve made peace with the fact that there are good things out there that I’ll never enjoy, and I congratulate myself in how I won’t tell people how because I don’t like these things, these things must therefore be  not good. I don’t care enough about these shows to have to be right about them.

I like many bad things, and it’s okay. I feel no guilt. I like Robotech without having to be a Macross purist. I don’t have to apologize for Robotech. Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory remains one of my favorite shows, and I like it more than War in the Pocket.

I like terrible things in some shows (regardless of their overall quality) and I do feel guilt for them… and that’s okay too. I rooted for Lelouch, I feel sympathy for Zeon, I like characters precisely because they are or do fail (hello Minmay, Char, Ranka). I love Cowboy Bebop precisely because it is a pointless piece of sadness.


I’ve grown a lawn. While I still am subscribed to so many anime blogs. I’ve increasingly found them difficult to read – because I think the writing is shit. Things I would’ve read and commented on in 2009, I can’t bother with anymore. I’ve become less invested in seeing these improve over time, because well, they quit before they ever get better at blogging anime… or they just linger on being half-assed, or are like myself – fully convinced of their own ability.

STILL, I am very glad that people care enough about cartoons and comics to blog about them in any capacity and with whatever intention… whether as jaded haters, hipster haters, elitist tryhards, and the whole fucking spectrum of n00bity (precisely, because it rhymes with nudity). It’s because if any of these people ever eventually get an atom of what awesome, vitalizing, pleasure I got out of this hobby, then I feel even better for having done all this.

About ghostlightning

I entered the anime blogging sphere as a lurker around Spring 2008. We Remember Love is my first anime blog. Click here if this is your first time to visit WRL.
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70 Responses to Forever Young

  1. Jesus159159159 says:


  2. otou-san says:

    2012 is the year of insulting everyone with a touch of class! You been taking cues from Daniel?

    At any rate, thanks for occasionally deigning to not only read but write for my shoddy corner of the noobosphere, and may this one continue for a long time.

    And may you live another 40 years!

    • At first I didn’t take to his attitude, but eventually I came around. He is after all, my anime blogging idol.

      Seriously though, he just manifested and put into words something that has been coming true for me for the past year. That said, it’s no great tragedy for me to feel this way or talk this way. It’s just one of those things one mentions in an anime blog post.

      Thank you. You keep a dirty place, but your writing is a standard I try to reach on my better days.

  3. Digibro says:

    2012 is where a blogging generation goes to die. 2DT will go first, then you. Will I last out the year? I gave serious consideration to shutting down, but I can’t because I don’t trust myself enough to not want to post on it in the future. I can’t say I’m that enthusiastic though, or even that any of my posts in months have been any good. Maybe I’ll close shop and go work full-time for SOS or something. Of if you want I could join you at HFB hehehe.

    • Blogging for you and me is a compulsion. We won’t stop doing this in one form or another. What will have to go for me is this place, where I’ve put in a lot of effort — the level of effort and the amount of fucks I can give are finite. I won’t shut it down, but I definitely won’t let myself publish posts here that no longer brings the same amount of fucks I know I want to give every time.

  4. -chii- says:

    Happy Birthday Mr!

  5. Xard says:

    happy birthday!

  6. vucubcaquix says:

    Aw put ‘er there ya big lug. Happy Birthday from this elitist tryhard! (Or maybe I’m just part of the general n00bity)

  7. Shinmarizu says:

    Happy birthday, good sir! *raises a glass* Many more, of course. I need my fix!

  8. Reid says:

    So…you’re really 40, Ghost? I had no clue. It makes me feel like such a nubby young punk to read such good material as you and the others publish on this blog. I know I say it a lot, but truly, I feel this is one of the best-written and best-commented-upon websites there is. It’s certainly the first place I visit in the morning while I eat my breakfast and I check the site off and on during the day during downtimes at work or when I’m on break and I’m always amazed at the high-level discourse (and sometimes shockingly funny junk) that folks write in this space. Thank you so much for facilitating some of the best conversation to be found online. It’s really a shame that the majority of people in the world don’t appreciate robots beating the crap out of each other as much as we do, or else they’d all get to join in on the fun. If today is indeed your birthday as others have indicated, then by all means HAPPY BIRTHDAY, good sir. I pray you and your family continue to enjoy good health and happiness in what, I can only guess, will be the “beginning of your middle aged-ness.” lol congrats on surviving another year.

    And the Principality of Zeon doesn’t need your sympathy! We will rise again!

    • Thanks Reid.

      I’m 35. I’m not quite 40 yet.

      I’ve lived longer than Jesus, Amuro, and Char. Bright Noa circa 0096 (36) is still older than me.

      Sieg Zeon.

      • Reid says:

        pssh 35 is nothing. As my granny often says to anyone younger than her (87 and going strong) “You’re still just a youngin’!” Go run a marathon! Get in a fight in public! Orchestrate a colony drop! The years of your life stretch out before you!

        • I’m very young for a middle-aged guy. I’m in my life’s prime, which may mean doing things away from the stuff that simply gratifies me, but do more of the stuff that fulfills me and the people I love and support.

  9. JoeAnimated says:

    Technically, it’s not your birthday here yet, but seeing as you’re 14 hours ahead of me, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! As I’ve come to realize in the last month, you’re blog attracts a range of voices and opinions that always amaze me. It’s a testament to the effort you’ve put in over the years. And thank you again for allowing me to be a small piece of that once in awhile.

    • Reid says:

      Your stuff is really legit, man. I thoroughly enjoyed what I read so far. I need to make some time to actually get down to the business of turning in my sample blog post. I can’t decide what to do it on is the problem! Also, did you first write yours up in a word processor then import photos and such and drop it all into the wordpress format? I’m curious as to how you guys did it. When I was in college we had to keep a wordpress blog for our weekly update for an online/multimedia journalism class and I was not really good at the blogging part of it. Fortunately my job doesn’t require me to mess with online stuff, but my point is that I’m super rusty. Do you have any tips for me?

      Keep up the good work, by the way!

      • Keep checking the Google+ thread. I recommended the use of Windows Live Writer (I’ve been using this since 2009 and I credit it for my big leap in productivity due to ease of use) — still available in XP if you look hard enough.

        • Reid says:

          thanks! I’ll check that out. Is this available for download or will I need to purchase a disc? (lol I am no good with these computer things)

          They keep making me work on Thursdays, which is supposed to be one of my days off, but hey, it pays the bills. The real reason I haven’t gotten anything to you is that I just can’t decide what to write about. I’m going between 1) something like a compare and contrast between the conceit of hand-to-hand fights in Gundam vs the lack of the same in Macross and the problems/successes associated with both of those things – and how, in my “perfect” real robot world, hand-to-hand fights could be done and 2) a piece on the dynamic between Gundam AGE’s Woolf and Largan regarding the show’s portrayal of the dichotomy of heroism and manliness, and, perhaps most interestingly to me, how this impacts their little triangle with Millais. However, then stuff comes up like that comment I made about the differences between the Decil/Yurin/Flit battle and the one between Char/Lalah/Amuro and I think “CRAP! THAT’S WHAT I SHOULD HAVE DONE!” and then I get writer’s block again.

          • It’s free for download.

            Don’t think too hard about writing LOL.

            I’m a lazy guy. I just let the ideas come and I start writing before I know where they take me. I try to write an end to a post when I feel it’s going to start a whole different post.

            This is how I end up having 14 posts for 4 fucking episodes for Gundam Fucking Unicorn.

            My bias is to get shit done, get posts out. I can live with grammatical and typographical errors. I know people don’t read me for my mastery of the english language. You don’t have to be as lazy as I am, but I get stuff out.

      • JoeAnimated says:

        If you want sometime, we can all get together on a Google hangout/chat, or Skype and work through any of the technical stuff. Like GL says, Live Writer is a simple to use word processor that integrates easy with WP. If you have the latest MS Office suite, there are tools there too. Check the thread on G+ for all the tips that GL wrote out.

    • Thanks bro.

      I truly think that the range of people that we find commenting here is the payoff of me venturing outside of the things I like and really enjoying myself in the shows I didn’t think fit my identity as a fan… but at the same time never losing my voice and identity and my clear passion for Macross, Gundam, Robots in General, and Fail (not necessarily in that order).

      You’re welcome as long as you wish and as long as I’m putting out posts here myself.

  10. schneider says:


    I won’t lie, I’ve become increasingly out of touch with the anime blogosphere nowadays. I do like a few blogs that have sprouted out last year, but I’m not sure if I like the direction where everyone is going. I’ve become invested in a couple of creative projects, and anime blogging has largely fallen by the wayside.

    I’m glad for your success. A soldier with a long, illustrious (by anime blogging standards) career, contemplating his own end. The LoGH pictures are there for that reason, right? You’ll be fine, I know it.

    Happy birthday again!

    • Thank you.

      I’ll be fine. But it’s We Remember Love that must pass on at some point. Those admirals are forever young to me… except of course Wolfie, whom I identify with the most, though I’m just as lazy as Yang.

  11. Ryan A says:

    Happy Birthday! Whether or not you continue to blog, I can’t imagine your enthusiastic personality towards this anime stuff being any different. You’ve left quite a bit on WRL, and I think we’ll remember you through this blog long after you go.

    Also, I’m surprised you’ve read blogs until now. There are a ton of bloggers who don’t read outside their own blog either from a lack of time or interest. They simply go headstrong into their own realm and get a kick out blogging. But I guess that’s another point of your enthusiasm about anime and the blogging fandom.


    • Thank you.

      Google Reader makes it very convenient for me to read what others are writing. What’s different is how engaged I get after reading. Part of this, I must say is how newer guys are making discoveries that I made as a n00b when I was a n00b. I feel no need to repeat myself. In other subjects, I prefer to write my own posts.

  12. kadian1364 says:

    I’ve hung around the anime scene long enough to have seen things. Bloggers I thought were noobs when they started grow well past the 2-year death period and become mainstays in the community. Fresh-faced youngsters get burned-out and quit because they couldn’t stand the shit they keep on watching and the crowd they kept on inviting. Veterans “retire” from blogging only to come back, again and again, crustier, jaded, and yet somehow more perverse than I remember. I’m still stunned when a high schooler joins one of the SCCSAV groups and I remember I’m almost a decade older. And the kicker, my best friend since 1st grade recently told me he’s getting married and has a kid on the way. In some ways, I understand how it is to feel old. And I’m not even half your age! 😀

    But you’re still around, and that alone is worth celebrating.

    From one faux old timer to another, Happy Birthday, you overgrown kid.

    • Thank you very much. Your years in the scene make you more of a veteran than I am. I just discovered all this in the spring of 2008.

      I remember when my friends started getting married and having children… that was over a decade ago LOL, and I started feeling that “no longer young” feeling even then. Milestones in life for ourselves and others tend to make us feel this way.

      I still have a few Macross posts left in me for this blog!

  13. kimaguresan says:

    Happy birthday young man.

  14. Baka-Raptor says:

    I didn’t see any mention of a birthday in the above post, and I’m not the kind of guy who just assumes any post that makes someone sound old is a birthday post. So happy birthday, if applicable.

  15. myna says:

    Happy birthday to you, sir.

  16. sadakups says:

    When you mentioned stuff about your blog ending, I first thought it’s SOPA-related.

    Happy Birthday, man. People like you remind me that you cannot affix age to what you like, even if it looks childish to some, especially your parents, and with that, we feel forever young. 🙂

  17. Even though it sounds like you called my blog a hot pile of sh*t on a cold plate, I still appreciate you inspiring me to start blogging. Hopefully I can find the right time and inspiration to guest write for you again. But as you know I can’t keep a deadline to save the world.

    Happy Birthday old man (you’re at least a few more years beyond me). May you be buried in a perfect replica of a Valkyrie cockpit.

  18. shumbapumba says:

    Happy birthday! Great post. Your passion is as obvious and inspiring as ever. Cowboy Bebop as ‘a pointless piece of sadness.’ Love it haha.

    • Thanks bro, you really should write more often.

      • shumbapumba says:

        I know! Just coming off the back of a couple of the busiest months of my life. My problem is I try and do too much. I AM still writing (a short film of mine just got produced in fact) but have been neglecting my blog. Might try and get a short post up before I head overseas. The madness continues…

        • Wow a short film that got produced! That’s pretty awesome. The thing about your blog is that your posts are ambitious that there’s no middle ground. I on the other hand feel that I’ve found a happy mediocrity of ambition that indulges my bias towards productivity.

          I value discussion more than I value the perfection of my writing, you see. That’s why I always “settle” for the post that gets written.

          • shumbapumba says:

            I love the discussion side of things also. I’m thinking I may put up a post or two that critique and/or explore specific articles or concepts, simply raising a few (hopefully) insightful points that can generate some discussion. Keep it simple, short, but provocative. We’ll see how I go, though, as I’m also polishing up a couple of short stories that I want to try and get published… I smell rejection haha.

  19. gaguri says:

    Happy Birthday ghost. Some emotions are going through me, also concerning my connection with this hobby/art/entertainment/whatever that once was big part of my life…but maybe I really have become too lazy and jaded.

    btw, I agree with your last sentence. For me, it is the more long-lasting satisfaction rewarded for blogging: influencing people the way they enjoy anime.

    • Thanks gaguri. For me it’s always been a compulsion for two distinct things: to talk about anime and manga — easy to do and unstoppable, and then to do things in an awesome, particular, way — which is difficult, and unsustainable.

      The first compulsion will never die, but the it is the second one that I will cease to indulge the way I’ve been doing it the past 3+ years. Thus WRL will end sooner than later, because I’m vain enough to not want it to turn into shit. I care about it too much.

  20. megaroad1 says:

    A very happy birthday to you Ghost.
    Your blog is a source of great enjoyment and enlightening observation to me. For selfish reasons, I hope that its continuing existence mirrors more the career of Mittermeyer than von Reuental, but if it should not, then so be it.

    I’m surprised you consider yourself lazy. I find your productivity astounding, considering that you actually are gainfully employed, have a family and actually get around to watching plenty of shows and reading manga. Not to mention taking the time to actually answer comments however puerile they may be. The day only has 24 hours so I’ve come to the conclusion that you’re one of those people who can do with little sleep.

    • Thank you bro.

      My productivity is not contingent on industriousness but rather to compulsiveness. Doing this is like eating a bag of chips, late at night or very early in the morning when I should be sleeping. The sleep thing will catch up to me if it’s not doing so already. This is why I think WRL is not sustainable for very long.

  21. animekritik says:

    Happy Birthday.

    The great majority of homo sapiens throughout the span of time never lived past 30 years of age, so each and every day now is pure bonus. Enjoy.

  22. Martin says:

    Happy birthday (in the GMT timezone, it’s still your birthday…just)!

    I’ve seen so many good anime blogs come and go over the years, so I can’t completely forget the fact that, at some point, this place will be one of them. Still, there’s life in the old dog yet as long as there’s life in the old dog running it, so I’m continuing to enjoy reading your posts (even when I’m too lazy/busy to comment on them) while it lasts.

    Maybe it’s my own old age showing here (I’m now at the point where the age gap between you and me isn’t all that significant!) but I’m unrepentant about some things too. I’ll always love Macross, and I may never get around to watching any Gundam. The Tsukihime anime was never as bad as the memes said it was. I’m a stubborn, awkward misanthrope and it will only get worse in time. I’m grateful though for being in contact with some cool and interesting people such as yourself and the other writers for WRL. Thank you. Really.

    Oh yeah, you can soon be another butt of the “middle-aged guy shouting ‘get off my lawn’ to kids.” jibes. I hope you’re looking forward to that. 😛

    • Thank you!

      I look forward to talking with only the people who agree with me and talking down to everyone else LOL.

      The finite nature of things is a source of great feeling, right?

  23. Andaer says:

    I’m in the GMT zone, too, so it’s still not to late to congratulate. Happy Birthday!

    Some days ago, I was lying in my bed in the mids of the night, unable to find sleep… because I was “daydreaming” of my own blog. Unfortunaly my creativity is always at it’s maximum when I really have no time. Maybe I start when the exams are done. But I don’t even know whether to write in English (for the web community) oder in German (for my really-life friends). Either way, most posts would not be about anime, for the single reason my knowledge can not keep up with any of the bloggers I enjoy reading from time to time.

    Fuck, that’s ought to be a birthday comment for you – and I’m talking mostly about myself. Shame on me. Sorry.

    • Thank you.

      Writing for friends is nice, but keep the blog to private.

      Writing about anime, if you feel like you have to keep up with the community, can be very difficult. It took me a lot of time and effort to come to a point that I don’t even keep up with them, but rather do stuff that others keep up with (Gundam AGE).

      But you can just write about shows you want to write about. If you want people to discuss it with you, invite them discretely and personally.

  24. Call this too late for the festivities, but I’ll pop a Red Horse and raise it up. Happy Birthday, bro. 😀

    Do celebrate it on a free weekend. With your friends and family.

    • There’s too much of my weekend already spent doing work, but it’s all good. Fuck sleep.

      Thanks my good man, I would really like to have a strong beer right now, but it’s too late … or rather too early in the morning.

  25. ces06 says:

    Happy Birthday! I haven’t been reading here that long, but your insight (and everybody else’s) on anime, mecha, and whatnot here is priceless. Thanks for all the good reads, and best wishes!

  26. Hana says:

    Happy birthday (again), you old mechtard!

    Seriously, I’m glad that we have other anime-ish things in common. Also, you better still be around after I pass my two years. Or else. >:)

    • Thanks dear, I’m very glad how very early on I was interested in participating in a community instead of trying to impose myself on one. This is how I discovered shows I loved I would otherwise not check out.

      I think I’ll be around a long time; it’s this blog that will have to end its run a bit sooner.

  27. Rockmanshii says:

    Happy birthday, don’t worry even if you age you’ll still look the same just like Bright.

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