Check-in Station: Rinne no Lagrange eps1-3 (I’m really starting to hate this show.)

The groans!  The pain!  I suppose the end of this episode wasn’t bad, but for the most part I felt like the first 3 episodes of this series could have been rolled into two.  There was a lot of faffing about this episode, a lot of silliness.  And plenty of things that I know Ghostlightning would have cringed at in viewing.  The whole nonsense about Madoka hopping about the city trying to save it just irked me.  All she had to do was just leave the area.  Hell, she shouldn’t have charged in the first damn place!

Hearing her sing the that Jersey Club song just made me nauseous.  Seeing the horrible mecha on mecha combat made me wonder if the genre was being mocked, or just underestimated.  And having Lan in the background mentally pacing back and forth on piloting her machine or not wasn’t exactly the most compelling way to sidestep the action.  “Action”?  Ugh.

I could say that there is some positive to this series in that the bad guys aren’t faceless, or pure evil entities.  They’re bishounen, but I won’t punish them for that.  They’re about the only things so far that have been given better than average development this early into a series.  Everything on the Earth side is what irritates me with its bland characters.  The snippy commander who clearly hates his job.  The snake-like butler/alien who.. actually I don’t think he’s a bad character so far.  He could be a good guy or bad guy in my eyes.  There’s Madoka who is just knucklehead in my mind.  And not the kind of knucklehead I like either.  Lan, the doll/Rei Ayanami sterotype who has succeeded for getting a lot of screen time for either looking vacant or frustrated.  I suppose I could comment on Madoka’s cousin, but there’s not much to say.  She’s just succeeded at being vague, nosy, bossy and annoying to her cousin.  She does have a nice game face though.

It’s rare that I put a series on life support this early into its run, unless I just hate the first episode.  I’m pretty steadfast in my “5 episode or bust” policy.  But Rinne no Lagrange has not shown me anything compelling.  It has no “wow factor” for me at all.  And I’m starting to feel that what I want to see as a mecha fan, and what the studios believe mecha fans want to see are no longer compatible.  Or maybe that’s the problem.

Maybe I’m not watching a mecha show at all, but instead another one of those cleverly disguised mahou shoujos.  The two genres aren’t really that far apart in their general story structure.  They often involve some sort of coming-of-age story/a journey to find one’s self.  There is plenty of fluffing and posing involved in both genres if we’re gonna be honest.  The enemy of the week theme seems to run pretty strong in both genres.  And you can bet there are going to be some convenient upgrades.

So maybe if I look at this in a different light, I may come to tolerate it better.  You think? No.  No.  This show clearly dresses itself up as a mecha.  So I will judge it as such.

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33 Responses to Check-in Station: Rinne no Lagrange eps1-3 (I’m really starting to hate this show.)

  1. dliessmgg says:

    Most important question of all, why the fuck is Lan barking?

  2. Digibro says:

    As a big fan of mahou shoujo, I can tell you this is as shitty a mahou shoujo anime as it is a mecha anime. It’s just a fucking bad show. The dialog is shit, the action is shit, and the show pretentiously tries to have its tonally serious and eat its retarded lame characters, too. Fucking fail.

    • Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one who was irked by these first three episodes. It feels like a watered down version of all the post-EVA “god” robot shows I’ve grown to appreciate and love. He feels like its trying to be an updated Evangelion/RahXephon, but it’s not even a Fafner (no offense to that show). The only thing it has succeeded in doing is making want to rewatch Star Driver.

  3. Xard says:

    so much anger…

    I digged the first episode but 2 and 3 were disappointing. Nevertheless nothing that makes me hate or despise it has happened so far and it’s been generally pretty ok watch. Madoka is the best protagonist of the season, easily (only the sassy space pirate girl compares) but if one doesn’t enjoy her character, well, tough luck. Not much to look for in that case.

    The show seems rather popular on /a/ and Japan. shittastes.png and all I’d say normally but as far as I’m concerned show is still enjoyable fluff with season’s easily best OP and some promise deep down. Too bad it’s airing at the same season EVOL is because that show is just much better in every respect and it’s in the same genre. Well, sans the OP.

    • Well I’m definitely not attacking the fans of the show. So I hope it’s not taken that way. There was just something that irked me about the series between the second and third episodes. And the third just looked so ridiculous to me that I had to say something. Usually I ignore or am bored with the stuff that turns me off, but this show just hit a nerve. My tastes often don’t line up with what usually ends up being popular.

      Also, I have never touched an Aquarion series. So at least I’m not beating up based on that.

      • Xard says:

        I wouldn’t really call myself a fan, even if I think it’s pretty ok show so far. So no problem

        Aquarion is the far superior mecha series right now (if that’s what one is looking for). EVOL has been redeeming the sins of its father in quite the rate and it’s without doubt my favourite of the season. Never expected to like it as much as I do

  4. Crusader says:

    If the action irks you this much and three eps you aren’t feeling it, then I think you should just move on to something else. I highly doubt two more eps will have you sold on series and unless you are capable of watching a series you find underwhelming and muster enough rage to post about it on a consistent, I’d say it is time for a tactical withdrawal.

    Understand you are not alone, ghostlightning probably shares the same sentiment judging by his tweets about how kimoi otaku are the only ones who love this show.

    That being said I love this series I am not looking for a deep engaging story, I just find it fun and while you and others may find Madoka to be a knucklehead I think she’s better off not asking the same stupid questions about righteousness, morality, or some other thing male mecha protagonists have been posing more often than not.

    As for your need for mecha you have Gundam AGE, and Gundam SEED HD even if Aquarion EVOL is not your thing either. Otherwise pray that we get another installment of Gundam Unicorn sooner rather than later.

    • Of course, I don’t like torturing myself unless I can have some fun with it. I don’t think I’ll get that kind of fun out of this show. But I will come back to it once its done if enough people said it really impressed. I can be convinced. And I will admit, that after a short drought, I’m finding more than enough mecha to enjoy right now, that includes Gundam AGE and Unicorn.

      If you get something out of it then I can’t hate. It doesn’t appear there are a lot of shows that viewers agree on this season, but it does look like everyone has found something they enjoy watching. Thanks for your comments.

    • Taka says:

      I’m with Crusader on this one. Madoka is proactive; which to me is compelling or at least engaging. I was going a little wtf in the 3rd episode but for the most part I’ve enjoyed the show quite a bit.

      Also pretty visuals easily sway me away from story faults. I think Rinne no Lagrange looks better than the other mecha this season with the possible exception of Aquarion. So there’s that too I guess.

      • I will give you that. It’s exceptionally pretty. I do love seeing the mecha launch, carrier style, into the air and fly through that beautiful sky. I’m much more disappointed in the combat that happens in warrior mode.

  5. better than other mecha? really, taka?. the other mecha series in this season besides aquarion would be gundam and i have to say so myself, gundam is way better looking and more original in terms of design than this (forgive me if i offend anybody) shitty mash up of yukikaze and fafner

    • Crusader says:

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, because I can argue that as Gundams go there isn’t all that much variation from the original we saw back in 0079, weapon layout is pretty much the same also the face plate stays pretty consistent. That being said there are limitations on doing humaniod mecha.

      I confess though I am rather fond of combat in Rinne no Lagrange since it comes down to fisticuffs and not colorful beams eating up the screen. I never got far with fafner though. Besides I’ll let Nissan take all the credit for the designs in Rinne they were contracted to do the work so go ahead make all the Nissan Leaf jokes you want.

    • Taka says:

      Sorry I wasn’t speaking of mobile suit design. I was talking about the overall aesthetics of the show, though Crusader does make a good point about Madoka’s fighting style.

      Also I misspoke when I said mecha, more accurately I suppose I should have said Sci-fi.
      Atm I am lumping Moretsu, Aquarion, Rinne, and maybe Symphogear into this category.
      I am not watching the Gundam remaster and I have dropped Gundam Age. I am watching Gundam Unicorn but it’s rather unfair to compare feature length quality with tv sized quality.

      Forgive my ignorance on the proper use of terms, I am not nearly as devoted to Mecha as other frequenters of this blog.

      • i am, very much new to this blog taka, and i have to agree with u on your overall opinion of your show. the protagonist herself is a fresh breather. i mean, we usually get immature boys with large yet empty ideals or boys who’d rather stuck up in their room thinking why are they fighting in the first place or wise men with too much war experience that they abandon much of their ideals as well as sense of morality and justice in accordance of the point “this is war,blah blah blah….” whatsoever the reason that they can come up with which is already a common thing in the beginning of most mecha anime. madoka however, is a different story. i can see why sir donkangoljones see this as a mahou shoujo anime and it may very well be, a mix of the two genre(obvious, LOL) due to multitudes of facts regarding this anime. i too, support sir crusader’s view regarding the battles in the anime.
        to nissan,
        please stick to just making cars and good ones like the GT-R and not the ones that require half a day to just charge and can only travel for 60 miles at most…..
        u’re mecha designer is leaving a bad impression on one of the best looking anime fighter of all time





    Refreshing lead my ass. Mecha anime fans are so oppressed with their shitty emo girly boys that they get moe anime girl lead and they act like she’s Takaya Noriko or something.


  7. Kaioshin Sama says:

    While I don’t mind this show per se and am kind of okay with it, I can’t help but share a similar concern that mecha is starting to be absorbed into the sort ot things that a lot of studios seem to feel like promoting these days (cute girls, schools, maids, cat/dog motifs) or at the very least mecha just isn’t being used the way we old-school mecha fans are accustomed to seeing them used and is becoming more of a checklist type thing to be included in shows that really have no dominant genre.

    I don’t think this is one of those “fake mecha” shows as I’ve come to describe shows like Guilty Crown and Star Driver, but rather has elements that we aren’t accustomed to seeing worked into mecha series. Madoka is basically the moe equivalent of the hot blooded shonen pilot and she does actually fight in mecha fairly often unlike the heroes of Guilty Crown and Star Driver so it does feel like the “actual” mecha genre is present in this series to a certain extent so I’m willing to venture forth with it. Personally I’m a little more worried about Bodacious Space Pirates not really being much of a space/pirate/ship-combat anime than I am about RnG leaving me hanging with the mecha/sci-fi aspect, and will say that if you really want to see the whole magical girl disguised as a sci-fi/action anime thing taken to the extreme then you have to check out Symphogear. It’s like the embodiment of the trend we are starting to suspect here, but personally I find it hilarious as opposed to grating since it maintains like zero pretense of not being a bizarre mish mash of ideas.

    • I’m watching Symphogear now, and I definitely see what you mean. While Code Geass was famous for being a mix of genres, I’m not sure where this trend started. The trend definitely has its positives and negatives. I’m enjoying the silliness of Symphogear, which probably makes some people wonder why I’m so annoyed with Lagrange even after this post. I guess the difference for me is that I don’t see Symphogear taking itself seriously, it’s a sheep in wolf’s clothing and appears to be snickering at the whole thing. I have a little fear that Langrange is a sheep in wolf’s clothing and it’s taking this act seriously, and that assumption isn’t based solely on Madoka, but on how the show’s atmosphere seems to try to give it this feeling that it’s a weighty god/super robot show with a light-hearted protagonist. The magic isn’t working for me in that respect.

      I’ve heard a lot of complaints and concerns about (Badass) Space Pirates the same as your’s, and I share those concerns, too. It’s almost funny how I have the opposite problem and opposite reaction to that show. I had been expecting a crazy, fast-paced, ecchi fanservice filled romp through the world of sci-fi adventure. Right now, I feel like I’m getting a very tame sort of Outlaw Star/Cowboy Bebop vibe with the attention to detail far below, but similar to PLANETES. And while I enjoyed episode 3 for that sort of thing, I see people in forums already dropping the series. I guess they better pick up the pace.

      • Kaioshin Sama says:

        Actually I’m still mostly fine with Space Pirates, I’m just concerned with the slow pace is all. Just felt a little burned lately by sci-fi shows that don’t know when it’s time to kick the plot and scale of events into a higher gear and just end up wasting their time as a result and I’m still not sure if this is going to be yet another one of those shows or if the jump is just a couple episodes away. That’s really all it comes down too for me. This wouldn’t have even been anything approaching a concern a few years ago, but again the likes of Star Driver and Guilty Crown changed that for me in a hurry. The way I see it if the show gets going by at least the quarter mark then great that’s a nice pace and the apparent world building that’s happening now will probably be a boon to the series going forward, but if we’re still focusing on the things that are getting focus now and the content is still light and feels like it’s building up by the halfway mark then I’m probably hitting the ejection button on the series.

        As for Symphogear I don’t know. On the one hand it has plenty of scenes where it doesn’t seem to be taking itself seriously, but then it also has all the drama with the one character that died back in episode 01. Then again it’s so overwrought that it still comes off as making light of itself and I’m still not getting the sense that I need to take anything to seriously so in the long run it’s coming out pretty passable.

        As for Lagrange, as a result of it feeling like it has the most going on in the early stretch in terms of intrigue and foreshadowing it’s currently the strongest sci-fi/mecha show of the season for me, but there’s so many factors that can lead to that changing in a hurry and to be honest it’s no longer that uncommon for my initial favorite show of a season to end up near the bottom of the pile towards the middle or end. A good example would be No. 6 which had an incredibly strong opening set of episodes and then proceeded to shit the bed the episode they got out of the city and never looked back.

  8. Reed says:

    I think you just hate this show because the robots aren’t cool enough. They do all kind of look the same.

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  10. Xard says:

    I heard you dropped the show at fourth episode. Too bad since in 5th episode something finally happened and the Fabulous Kotetsu finally properly debuting is kinda cool. Oh well. My looming-grimdark sensors also were alerted. It’s going to get plenty serious down the line I think.

    If nothing else counts I’m really happy I got the season’s best anime single from the series. Fucking loved it (and clearly weren’t only one ), the rasmeg piano-vocal version of OP is awesome while I absolutely loved the B-track Pumpkin Cake. I’d be Megumi’s pumpkin cake any day.

    So yeah, even if the series ends up being utter shit I’m happy to get first single by May’n or Megumi outside Macross context that I think is genuinely great. Boughti t. Also my fucking face when it ends mere 345 sold copies away from Oricon Top 10 and that’s quite likely due to Flying Dog fucking up normal edition CD pressings which kept the CDs out the stores for nearly whole week, gahhh. Now to wait out for Aquarion single…

    Anyway, ep 5 was pretty nice. I liked it more than any ep since first one, easily, but you didn’t care much for that either so… ehh, maybe you won’t care for this one either

    It’s pretty funny how there’s little to no mention about this show being a mecha show in official materials. They all seem to emphatize the moe moe girls and FRIENDSHIP (yuri lolol) hijinks 😛

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