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Asemu Asuno is 17, making him one of the older lead characters to ever pilot a Gundam for the first time. What’s interesting to me as well is that it would seem that despite his father Flit’s schedule, he’s pretty well-adjusted and grew up surrounded by a loving family. Very interesting indeed, given how Gundam leads usually have less-than-ideal family/upbringing situation. Asemu is no orphan, has a non-overbearing dad, a doting mom, a non-annoying kid sister, and the freedom to pursue his interests. This kid has got it made.

Of course, the foil to such a perfect life, is pretty much WAR. True enough, the Veigans (can’t really call them the UE anymore) attack the Tordias colony and threaten civilian areas. But let us put that aside for later, because the war will play out not only on the fields and in space, but also in High School.

Galette Zehart is the new transfer student and is every bit as pretty as Asemu. This guy has rival written all over him, and the way the narrative is presented, and especially through the OP, there will be a love triangle. Since this is Gundam AGE, and based on what happened in the previous age, this triangle will be resolved with death. Something to look forward to.

He’s into mobile suits, the high school has a mobile suit club. This going to be a kiddie/high school version of Stardust Memory/Macross Plus. Galette already has Gato’s white hair locked down, and Asemu rhymes with Isamu. No matter how you look at it, the triangle will be resolved with death. Yes. (Of course, since he’s wearing a mask in the OP, and will be piloting a red suit, he is also Char).

Two things before I talk about the expected set-piece battle:

Flit Asuno is both an awesome family man and a genocidal Gihren Zabi. This is great. I can’t love this enough. He’s our hero, the developer of the Gundam who showed a whole lot of valor in the battle of Ambat. Captain Grodek may have spared him from having to summarily execute Yark Dole, but Flit turned out to be this racist/xenophobic soldier and technologist anyway. His values are pretty much intact, he just won’t forgive nor tolerate the Veigans. They all got to die.

This is to me, a far more effective characterization of a sympathetic complexity than the one done for Dozle Zabi in Mobile Suit Gundam. The Zeon commander doted on his siblings, respected his father, and treasured his wife and daughter on his way to die defending their safety. But yes, he’s a key player in the Zeonic war offensive that was responsible for the gas attacks and the Colony Drop.

In Dozle we have a villain who looks like a villain who did human, heroic things. In Flit we have a proven hero who we feel will do morally questionable things and act righteous about it. It’s exciting. We don’t know if Asemu shares the same values as his father, but I foresee this is where they would have conflict, if at all.

Asemu and Zehart are MEN’S NAMES!

I find it interesting in how both would-be antagonists faced down bullies. Both, however didn’t really threw strikes at their opponents opting instead to use some kind of Aikido; mostly sidestepping their attackers. These introductions are very Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, wherein Kamille Bidan found  himself in a number of violent situations. Kamille however, is a FAR more angry kid than either of the two, and never hesitates to lay his fists on whomever pisses him off.

Both characters will be a little (or a whole lot) smoother than Kamille, and a whole lot more than his trainwreck clone Shinn Asuka. Don’t get me wrong though, Kamille is still the best angry teen character in robot anime. Part of me kind of hoped Asemu would be batshit angry like him, but given his family and upbringing, if he behaved like this he’d be aggravatingly stupid.

The set-piece battle that re-introduced the Gundam AGE-01 Normal, and put Asemu in his first battle (to seize the reins of history, as the trope goes) was delightful. Just like Flit, he showed some talent and individuality, in this case a preference for two-swords style close combat. The way the battle played out was clumsy, scrappy, and very violent in the end. Asemu stumbled around in a way that didn’t make his opponents stupid in how he managed to survive and prevail.

mobile suit gundam seed 02 kira yamato pilots for the first time murrue ramius done by ghostlightning

The immediate and most relevant comparison (aside from Flit Asuno’s himself) is that of Kira Yamato’s first foray into battle. Asemu did pretty well against a traditional pair of mobile suit opponents, but he isn’t portrayed as having to do some god-mode reprogramming the whole thing’s Operating System in the middle of the fire fight.

The battle was exciting despite how predictable the outcome obviously is, and will better set-up Asemu’s eventual X-Rounder fury when the big battle arrives. This is crucial, I think. Despite how carefully the show paced Flit’s fighting capability progression, his valor and fighting prowess in Ambat still seemed sudden for some.


This show, just can’t get a fair deal from the critics LOL.

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85 Responses to The Start Of The Second Age: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 16

  1. Shinmarizu says:

    I knew Yurin would hit the panel in style. And Char is suffering from withdrawal it seems…

  2. senshi says:

    Flit really turned out to be an interesting man – a VERY loving, caring and responsible father (which in itself is already pretty freaking rare in a Gundam show) whom went out of his way to prevent his son to follow in his steps by giving him a warm family but still put enough sense of responsibility onto his son to raise up and fight when it calls for, yet also with the seed to become a genocidal manic whom is right on the edge of the big fall to the Dark Side, I really can’t wait to see how he would swing in this arc.

    There’s a lot of rAGErs who enjoyed the Asemu arc first ep now claiming that the Flit arc was unnecessary, but think for a moment if we never seen what Flit went through to become the man he is now, I’d argue the impact would’ve been halved at least.

    • Ragers are full of shit. Unnecessary my ass.

      These are the same fuckheads who praise Grodek. I’m just glad I don’t visit forums and other cesspools of hate.

      • sadakups says:

        Yeah, that’s why I stay away from forums to spare myself from the idiocy of the rAGErs. Heck, this is the only blog where I stay and say stuff about AGE since people who comment here actually know what they’re saying. #notapromotionforWRL

        • Karry says:

          “people who comment here actually know what they’re saying.”

          You mean the uncoherent ravings of Gundam otaku with little interests otherwise ?

          • Reid says:

            I dunno, I tend to agree with sadakups. The folks on the blog are a pretty well-rounded lot if you ask me. Obviously since this is an anime blog the main thing we’ll talk about it anime, and Gundam is certainly one of the bigger titles that gets talked about, but I feel pretty confident that everyone here has lots of interests outside of anime and certainly outside of Gundam. Take for instance, Ghost himself: the guy has a background in literary criticism, can talk about the NBA all day long if you’ll let him, is very knowledgeable when it comes to punk rock and heavy metal music, enjoys good poetry, is an avid follower of professional combat sports (as well as being a martial arts enthusiast on top of that), etc. The thing is, most everyone you’ll talk to around here is just like that, with a lot of other interests. I think that it’s that breadth of other interest is part of what makes the discussion here at WRL the best I’ve come across on the internet.

  3. Matt Wells says:

    Did not expect Flit to be such a good father. Like you say, it’s a whole lot more interesting to have a formerly idealistic protagonist suddenly do very ethically questionable things for the greater good. Cool fight scene choreogrpahy at the end there too. Though I did laugh at the way Asemu went from “I’ve only ever piloted training mobile suits before!” to “YEEEAH I CAN DUEL WIELD LIGHTSABERS DICKSMOKERS!!!”

    Asemu is a pretty boy. Very very pretty indeed. I assume the gratuitous shots of his barely legal ass in the ending animation were what distracted Char from Asemu’s cute “oni chan-ing” little sister. I forsee Asemu vs. Zehart being an Amuro vs. Char play along the lines of Kira vs. Shinn, minus the stratospheric amounts of bishonen plot armour suckfest. I can hear the slash fic fans salivating as I type this…

    Mecha designs so far are pretty meh. AGE 1 Normal just has more rounded shoulders, and the Genoace and Woolf machine variants are so so. The UE suits move like Berserk Mode Eva-01’s, but no longer turn into Guymelef knock-offs. Zehart gets a Red Samurai robot to match the Gundam’s White Devil. AGE 2 waverider looks too much like a model kit. Too flimsy.

    Lastly, some idle speculation and rumour mongering. Zehart is Woolf’s son (Woolf has sympathies with the UE given his whole shed a tear moment in episode 15, and the two of them are like the only Blaxicans in the AGE universe). The old dude skinny dipping with Zehart in the beginning is Decil. He will kill Flit in front of Asemu, triggering Kamille Lite’s own “Rider in the Skies” moment.

    HOLY SHIT Milliais got awesome! Look a little Miss Badass Battleship Commander! Glad to see she was taking notes from old Grodek. And just look at Woolf!!! That grin! That poise! Those sideburns!!! I take it all back, Woolf won’t be AGE 2’s Quattro Bajeena character. HE’S GOING TO BE AGE 2’S LIEUTENANT SOUTH BURNING. Yessss….

    • Don’t forget Gato x vs. Kou!

      I think the mobile suit contest next ep will show where that double-wield skill comes from.

      AGE designs overall are never going to blow me away.

      Desil had a sex change and bore Woolf a son?

      • Matt Wells says:

        I’ve read far more half-baked and boderline retarded fandom theories in my time (most of them by myself). Why the hell not? If you ship it, they (yaoi fangirls) will come…

      • sadakups says:

        I may be alone in this, but I like AGE-2’s design.

        • Reid says:

          I like it too, though I wish the “x-foils” were attached to the backpack a la 00 Gundam or Wing Zero. Having the wing binders on the shoulders is going to be a problem when it comes time to start swinging one’s arms about.

          • kevin says:

            you know. 00 isn’t what the design is referencing =___=


            is the face of AGE 2. shoulder mounted daggers on a ZETA TYPE is smart as hell seeing as wave rider crashes are pretty much what they are designed for.

            as for that kid… meh, Woolf’s too manly now. and god damit. the kid’s got a cute sister, i hope she gets more screen time — then die for it like all gundam lolis should. <— very very srs face.

          • Reid says:

            Yeah, I can see the GP02 reference, and I did pick up on it from the beginning, however, I still feel like it’s a design problem, even on the mighty Physalis. Any time you start sticking huge wings or thrusters or binders or whatever on some shoulders it’s going to be a problem, especially given Asemu’s preferred two-swords fighting style. I’m sure the animators will get around this problem, but when it comes to putting the model together, it’s gonna by GP02 and Gundam Arios all over again – those things on the shoulders get in the way of freedom of movement for the arms, and that’s no good on a high-speed melee mobile suit. Of course, me not being the mecha designer, who am I to say what to? But it if were me, I would have at least put the wings on swinging arms that attach to the backpack, like the same designer’s 00 Gundam does.

          • kevin says:

            there’s barely any difference to put weapon racks onto the shoulders or swing arms as long as everything is clear of obscurities. infact, having the arm assembly and the weapon rack on the same rotationary axis and then add an extra rotationary axis ontop of the arm assembly itself would be the best way to go- as this doesn’t prevent the arm from doing 360 turns which would come in handy from time to time.

            the problem with 00’s gn drive on its swing arms is the fact that 00 gundam can’t have its arm rotate 360 – an absolute nono if your machine is going to do some real mobile suit melee. and bitch please, setsuna NEVER did proper melee. all he did is copy some super robot moves from his favorite tv show and use them. the best melee attacks are often the most unconventional. and if its uncoventional we’re talking about crossbones and uso are the ones we’re talking about.

            i’m looking forward to see what this new kid can pull off. is he a second coming of uso? a second coming of kamille? a third coming of jadau awww shita? or another crappy gundam wanabe like setsuna?

          • Reid says:

            I’m no huge fan of 00 Gundam, just so we’re clear.

          • kevin says:

            yea well anybody whose a huge 00 fan these days is fairly noticeable if they

            A: keep bring up the minovsky particle debate but keeps back tracking to the plot debate
            B: continously bring up the fact that GN Xs might have actually done something
            C: keeps on talking about 00qt not being able to quantize
            D: names themselves after something from 00
            E: loves setsuna.
            F: keeps trying to tell people that 00 explained itself and that should be a good thing that people should note when bashing 00.

            i’m just saying that its a much better design to put the armory onto the shoulders instead of the back. as the two does end up conflicting with each other and you end up crying. but yea 00’s was pretty cool, just not very practical. nothing 00 did was really practical though so i guess i shouldn’t bash it that hard to begin with.

          • kevin says:

            don’t tell me you love setsuna, please don’t tell me you love setsuna.

          • Here’s what I thought of Setsuna. Here’s some more.

            Then here’s what I thought about 00 as a whole.

            Now can you not talk about AGE without whining about 00? Seriously you’re being fucking lame. You want to talk 00, go comment in the third post.

          • Reid says:

            I really couldn’t give two craps about him, honestly 🙂 The show was…ok but the overall experience was pretty well ruined by the movie, for me anyway. I’m not so much into the “let’s all hold hands/clap our hands if we believe in peace, love and understanding” tact that the movie took. So anyway, no, I don’t like Setsuna. I’m indifferent at best.

          • kevin says:

            hey, some one has to care. all i’m stating are simply comparisons since 00 is the series that JUST HAPPENED. When 00 was going i was comparing it to seed and praising it for being less shitty, and yes, i know your stands on 00. and trust me i don’t hate 00 as much as i make myself out to, its a fun series to make fun of at any gundam forum and there’s no way in hell i won’t laugh at setsuna gundam.

            as for what people often refer to as rage, frankly its just very hard not to take ficition technology seriously when the producers seems to take it so seriously, for that i apologize. i’m sorry, i’ll tune down the heavy metal nerd inside of me from now on knowing that i’m still forever alone.

            i love over analyzing things, its just part of me. just tell me when i need to tune it down.

    • Andaer says:

      Glad that I’m not the only one who thinks Zehart looks way too much like Woolf.

  4. sadakups says:

    I love the set-up for Generation 2. Even though my first impressions of Asemu is that he’s gonna be a Kamille, but we’ll have to wait and see when shit hits him hard, then he’ll get angry.

    I guess the setup between Asemu and Zehart wherein they could be friends at one point, only to show that the Veigans might not be completely evil. With this, Asemu might have this conflict with his genocidal father. And yes, the love triangle among the two of them and Romary will result in most death, though mostly Zehart’s since Asemu has to give Romary his child. Unless of course, premarital sex happens. 😛

    Kidding and ridiculousness aside, I’m more excited with Generation 2 now that it has started.

    • I’m glad that the excitement I feel for Generation 2 is more due to how awesome Generation 1 ended, and less as a relief that the first kiddie generation is finally over.

      Them pretty boys will make eyes at each other while fighting for Romary who just wants her own harem.

      • kevin says:

        you forgot rosmary’s contender, who will turn up eventually and fade away just like her after war gundam X’s counterpart.

        man, that chick had the biggest 14 year old breast, and she only got… less than 3 episodes of screen time.

  5. JoeAnimated says:

    You forgot the mention the second coming of Emily: Romary Stone. We luckily get to experience that all over again. And with love triangle, are you thinking between Asemu, Gundam, and Romary?

    • sadakups says:

      Asemu X Gundam X Romary? Dude, this ain’t Gundam 00. Asemu ain’t infatuated with the Gundam… yet. 😛

      Seriously though, I don’t expect much from Romary except that she’ll be just like Emily, though the Asemu X Romary X Zehart dynamic might make things interesting.

      • JoeAnimated says:

        Yeah, lots of sarcasm in my reply. Love, in what little Gundam I’ve watched, is always complicated, all for the sake of drama. I agree that there will be some sort of triangle between Asemu X Romary X Zehart, whatever that will be. But based on the OP, I would guess Romary ends up following Asemu (she’s wearing a federation uniform). That means we get to see her replicate the Emily saga all over again.

        • sadakups says:

          Yeah, I know. I just found it hilarious that Gundam was part of the triangle and it immediately reminded me of Setsuna. 🙂

          And yeah, Asemu getting Romary is inevitable. I’m just looking forward on how the triangle operates. She could be a litter better than Emily in the sense that shit might happen to her, not unlike Emily who was just on the side, being Flit’s cheerleader.

    • Asemu x Gundam x Zehart

  6. schneider says:

    Aya Endo’s still voicing Emily, using her sweet, mature voice now. So very cute. And Woolf seems to have put on some weight. I can’t complain, he looks more badass.

    re: panel

    Judau needs to be punched, but he’ll just PUNCH BACK. I hope Yurin keeps on appearing in the panel. Just don’t stick her beside Char too often…

    • Reid says:

      YES TO THAT. Aya Endo has a very nice “mature” sounding voice, as you point out. I favored Emily right from the start of the first third of this show and I hope that Flit actually does love her.

      All the returning characters seem to have aged gracefully, even old Vargas, who behaves exactly like my own 80-year-old grandpa does! lol it killed me when he said “but this is only my third plate!”

    • Judau is a masterpiece of character. No other has the sheer power to annoy the fuck out of people.

  7. Myssa Rei says:

    Hilariously, while a love triangle of some sort is expected (the ED was blatant about this), why it seem to me that Rosaly was intruding on Asem and Zehart’s quality time? It’s the positioning I suppose (the one shot where the two guys were looking at the storefront especially, and Rosaly taking a picture)…

    Stop looking at me like that, I’m not a fujoshi! I like yuri damnit.

    • Myssa Rei says:

      Darnit, I meant Romary. A name that makes sense, I might add. I kind of miss the out-there Tomino-esque naming conventions but ah well, nostalgia.

      I find it interesting that we’re shown the first Wear of the Age-2 right out from the bat (in the OP), but the silhouetted third wear hinted in the promo materials (which were surprisingly accurate, barring the Gold version of the AGE) is nowhere to be seen. Maybe a ‘mid-generation’ upgrade?

      Also LOL Judau, have you seen the design for AGE-3?

      P.S. Hmm, Asem’s sister is named Unoa/Yunoa. So close! I wonder if there were awkward circumstances behind that? “You know, when you were born, I wanted to name you after an old friend of mine, but your mom gave me this look and, well…”

    • If there’s anything this show is good at, it’s sending women back to the bridge/the kitchen/the nursery/the office, wherever as long as it’s not inside a Mobile Suit cockpit.

      Romary will intrude in Asemu’s and Zeheart’s quality time.

  8. kevin says:

    what i found is this soon to be legendary style of lols.

    as for everything else. you forgot about the legendary GM pilot who stuck his hand up and stopped the enemy from moving.
    That is the way to go as a GM pilot, absolutely fucking wonderful way to die T___T my heart is crying out to who ever is inside that machine. he may not be much of a pilot, but he has the spirit!

  9. CVPhased says:

    Liked how this basically killed all that Flit-turns-into-a-Gendou type of scenarios with respect to Asem. And the design of the AGE-2 makes more sense now, given his fighting style and all…

    No Romary love from Char though… hahaha!

    • sadakups says:

      We’re just starting. Flit might be shown as a good father right now, but who knows, something might happen along the way and he’ll be on odds against Asemu. It’s a nice concept though, having father and son go heads-on on something.

    • Zetatrain says:

      While the fact that Flit did not neglect or abandon Asemu is a good start you can definitely tell that there is a little bit of tension between the two and it also seems that Flit has been grooming Asemu to become a gundam pilot for quite some time. I also kinda get a feeling that Asemu entering the military academy was more of Flit’s idea than Asemu. How their father and son relationship develops will be interesting to see.

      • CVPhased says:

        Yep, the whole notion of Asem trying to prove something, plus the fact that Flit has been like reminding him every now and then that he has to protect everyone important to him will definitely affect the character dynamics between the two… Looking forward to more of this as the arc goes along…

    • Too plain, too old. Maybe if Yunoa becomes more noticeable.

  10. Rusty says:

    Hello, I’ve been following your Gundam AGE and Unicorn posts. Your writings and the discussions here are very interesting.

    AGE 2nd gen has a nice start. I find it nice that Asem’s grown up happily despite Flit’s busy schedule. However, the way Flit just makes an apparently unilateral decision that his son should attend the military academy looks like a sign for trouble. Emily looked unhappy and while Asem doesn’t object for now, who knows how long he is content with letting his dad plan his life. Flit seems to try hard to impart on his son the sense of responsibility of an “Asuno heir”.

    Flit mentioned that Earth has made several peace offers but the Vagan turned them all down. Hope there will be elaborations on the politicking. Zeheart may be Decil’s son but my crackpot theory is that “Galette” is the name the Vagan gave to their version of Cyber Newtypes.

  11. WhatSht says:

    Regarding the fog after Asemu destroyed the Vegan MS in the AGE-1 Normal.. I think they were trying to establish the Gundam’s status as a ghost MS or trying to hide the fact that the Gundam is still there.

  12. Andaer says:

    [quote]I find it interesting in how both would-be antagonists faced down bullies. Both, however didn’t really threw strikes at their opponents opting instead to use some kind of Aikido; mostly sidestepping their attackers.[/quote]

    Have you realized that when Asemu enters the Mobile Suite battle agressively and thoughlessly, the Veigans just step aside. Totally in the same way Asemu used earlier for the bullies.

    His double sword wielding fighting style is awesome, might even top melee god Setsuna on day!

    • kevin says:

      setsuna is not a melee god. he just took pictures from his favourite giant robot shows and used it with a machine titled a gundam that had more god in it than machine. when setsuna starts owning people in a suit that is not his own against his own, he can have some of my respect.

      Uso, tobia, these are the true gods of melee. even when they no longer have a giant sword, they will still manage to cut you to pieces with something you never saw coming. probably in the form of your own beam saber.

      as for this new kid. what ever he does regardless of how super robot it seems will be forgiven seeing as he learned how to pilot mobile suits from MINIATURE GIANT ROBOT WRESTLING. i like shows that easily explains what they do by showing, not saying – 00 did too much saying, very little show.
      yes setsuna, this sword cuts gundams. it simply cuts gundams, that is all. and its GN coated so that means it cuts gundam. yes, our technology owns, it has two trillion uses but we still call it a nerf and pretend its no different from minovsky particles! SCIENCE!
      UC did it by having char drop his jaws at how heavy gundam’s armor was then showed us that gundam could easily be damaged by heavy fuck mothering explosives, and G did it with crowds cheering for giant robo fights. now age is doing it with a bad harem start that will soon hit critical harem mass causing terrible terrible damage to be dealt on anime otakus who loves their lolis and harems.
      and as a viewer, i must say.

      I. AM NOT PREPARED D: the future is so obscured! how could this possibly be!
      lets just hope they don’t kill rosmary, shes cute, and looks like flint’s mother, so that would be double tabbing if they kill her D:

    • That’s a pretty cool observation you made right there. I don’t know how significant it is, but it’s a very interesting observation.

      Don’t praise Setsuna, you might get 00 haters… too late.

      • kevin says:

        well if they just straight up said he was a japanese kid. i might have accepted it better. then some asshole told me he was middle eastern and that was just… bleh.

      • Andaer says:

        Nevermind, kevin just gets overexcited about everything Gundam. And his reasoning is interesting. However, I will not deny to like 00. ^^

        • kevin says:


          setsuna: ah, finally, reibons is dead. — wait, what the hell is this? A GN FLAG???!!


          -skip the unnecessary filler moments-

          *overused collision that ends up being super fricking EPPPIIICCCCC*

          =—= mission incomplete =—=

  13. Turambar says:

    I’m kind of surprised at how slowly technology is moving in this show. The beginning of the episode has old Flit talking about either a mass production version of the AGE-1 finally entering its combat deployment phase, which begs the question: why has it taken 20 years to get that done when Woolf pretty much got a spanking new suit that was a giant upgrade over the Genoace based heavily on the Gundam in a matter of days? We already know that the AGE system can be compatible with things other than the Gundam itself, so why wasn’t it used to help develop a new multipurpose suite if the war has been on continuously?

    • kevin says:

      its quite simple. and i could easily fanwank an explanation for you.


      the AGE builder might be able to come up with solutions for your problems, it can’t exactly come up with solutions to every bug and issue that will come from fielding the original solution it has created. its pretty simple, prototypes might be cool and pwn ass, but they break down easily and requires a lot of attention. that and the fact that simply solutions to the problem is out there, hence age trolling your face with woolf running in with beam sabers and rolling the gabato’s face off.

      while the Genoace series are completely garbage machines in ever aspect except for probably engine output, they can still easily hold onto a DOTS rifle, which is easily the most effective solution in taking down a martian suit. when theres a hundred genoaces firing dots rifles in the general direction, it doesn’t take more than a couple of seconds for everything in that area to be completely wiped out and become part of stardust memories.

      mobile suits are expensive, they take a lot of care time and needs a lot of oiling and resources to maintain. but a gun, it could easily come off of an assembly line, get a few calibrations and go right into combat, when that gun dies out, you lol and take out another gun. even better, have a genoace carry two guns because its completely garbage to begin with and your gun’s pretty mass produced. when this happens, you lol at your enemy.

      so basically, the earth feds didn’t need new machines for the longest time. and the war pretty much goes off and on and off. and the martians are always SHOWN VERY CLEARLY that they DO NOT TARGET INNOCENT CIVILIAN TARGETS – UNLESS GUNDAM OR GUNDAM’S MAKER IS THERE! most people don’t see this <—

      now onto the prototypes. while the TiTus was indeed very fucking cool. it was obvious that it didn't have enough room on its armament to sport more verniers and engine mounts, hence despite its indestructible nature (by name) and really godly melee capabilities, its not really viable, and using beam weaponary takes up a lot of energy.

      now while the spallow is also very cool, it probably had overheating problems and thin armor, and most people would probably die from the pulling that much Gravitational forces.

      now while the Ez-woolf is also pretty cool, it was made from a genoace's frame and probably used most of genoace's parts. so it was a souped out genoace no matter how you look at it.

      so essentially, there was absolutely no need for new machines to be made due to high cost of upgrade, inefficiency, and easier solutions being available.

      the adele might just be one of the better upgrades that actually ends up being necessary.

    • I think it’s a fair thing to say. After all, next generation suits normally come in bunches in Gundam shows that have the time span of months.

      • kevin says:

        jegans were used for 40 years in universe.
        was in service during F91, if they were given beam shields they might’ve done a bit better— meh.
        still in service after the F91 massproduction type became mainstream officer units.
        and then, out of nowhere, the legendary gunballs from 0079 ends up serving along side of F91s.
        50 years bro, those balls were in service for 50 god dam years. those jegans ran for more than 40. forty years of jegans.

        and now we got people complain about genoaces being in service for 20 when the only real item that determined their value was the weapon they are mounted with?

        man, nobody else in the fan base seen FPS russia fire a mini gun?

        00 tried to emphasize the ‘new generation’ of mobile suits when the ONLY thing that SHOULD ever matter is the out put of their GN DRIVES. GN drives in 00 are essentially the ONE AND ONLY thing they need. the higher the particle drive output, the better the mobile suit performs. it doesn’t even matter at all if its 20 years old or 50 years old. AS long as the frame structure is A-OK and the armor could be coated with GN particles -> just slap on a new generation drive system and away goes exia pwning reibons gundam.

        screw all that! put a GN drive onto a gunball ->
        *epic collision*

        so they spend a trillion dollars making new molds for fricking A-heads anyways when the only thing that was different was a few extra parts from the GN X. just slap those god dam new parts onto a GN X and send it to hell. you still got tons of GN x lying around what the hell are you going to do with them?

        and people get so happy when they see a new armor on the gundam. omg, the armor gives the gundam more power. yarrrrr. lolwut? no not even super robot shows did things that way =___= in super robot shows, that new piece of armor that gave the robot strength usually contains a power source of some kind, or at least some what sentient.
        in gundam. we’re talking about fricking giant slabs of dead composite steel (that has a higher chance of being plastic than steel) bolted together with layers of protective armaments slapped ontop of them to prevent dust and damage. theres nothing special about those pieces of armor, nothing at all, anybody can make metal (err plastic). Its what is inside the frames of the mobile suit that counts. not the outside.

        in this sense, mobile suits are like girls in anime. do you call a girl something else when she changes cloth? i hope not. unless she goes magical girl, then we talk about different universe altogether.

        and here, our buddy AGE has gotten itself a complete internal frame overhaul. rock on AGE! show those 00 fanboys that gundams aren’t just made for show!

  14. dieta says:

    Still, I prefer not to craft battle scenes around a moral/political debate with lots of shouting by teenagers, and Banagher dished out enough shouting, semonizing, imploring, pleading, and whining to fill nine thousandths of a Gundam SEED episode. But is this necessarily bad in itself? Or, is it a poor execution of a craft with its own tradition?

  15. mercadeo says:

    The mere thought of that gets me excited just much as I am about seeing Flit turn the tides of the war with his Gundam. It’s worth noting that he wasn’t planning to pilot the Gundam himself since he’s an engineer, and was going to entrust it to Largan Drace ( Hatano Wataru ), further emphasizing the reluctant pilot theme that’s been a mainstay in the franchise. The difference with Flit is that he has a resolve quite unlike all the Gundam pilots before him. Not only is he driven by the loss of his mother and the AGE Memory Unit she entrusted to him, but he’s also up against a “potential” alien enemy — something that was only recently introduced to the franchise with Gundam 00′s movie . Of course, I haven’t ruled out the possibility that UE is actually a secret human organization with advanced technology, seeing as they were quick to scan Flit’s Gundam and destroy their damage mobile suit so that information about it couldn’t be reverse engineered, but even if that’s the case, it’s not quite the same as a war between mankind. In Gundam AGE’s Advanced Generation (AG) timeline, all the fighting after mankind immigrated to space is supposedly over and UE has appeared as a new threat that mankind is united against.

  16. Shinmaru says:

    Definitely liking the start of the second generation, particularly with Flit. Immediately when you see him, you can sense all the anger that has been festering inside him for so long. It’s a really interesting, gray portrayal of a Gundam hero without being overbearing and silly. It’s not the kind of thing that Gundam series tend to do well from what I’ve seen, so I’ll be interested to see where AGE takes it, if indeed Flit gets much more time (and I hope he does, although not to the detriment of the new characters taking the stage, of course).

    What will be REALLY interesting to see is Flit in the third generation near the end of his life — the show could go in some really fascinating directions with that. But I’m getting way ahead of myself right now, haha.

  17. ces06 says:

    I’d have to say, I’m excited after watching this. Of course, The setting and everything felt more like a traditional shonen manga compared to last arc’s OYW feel, but it’s a promising start. We’ve got a shonen feel, and a hot-blooded kid with a caring family and siblings. And I’m sure we all know what happened the last time we got that in a gundam. (EPICNESS! They’d have to kill Emily, freeze Flit, and have Yunoa become a german ninja, though.)

    I was expecting Flit to become either Grodek or Hitler, but having him become Dozle is an interesting, and natural turnout if you think about it. it’s kind of a letdown for those expecting a father-son conflict because they seem to be on pretty good terms. He’s not forcing Asem to join the military in a strict way either. Doesn’t look like Flit smiles a lot, though. He’s giving off the same vibe as CCA-Amuro as well.

    Zeheart… man, this is a crackpot theory since they’ve only got matching eye color and mechs, but it would be interesting if he’s somehow Desil, frozen cryogenically so he’s the right age to infiltrate the school or something. That, and the guy with the red hair looks a bit too old to be Desil.

    Twin swords? The first AGE 2 variant is Double Bullet, so that pretty much tells what the next one is, haha.

    One thing I hope they elaborate on in the future is the earth. The earth’s pretty much at stake here, being the Veigan’s primary objective, but we’ve never really seen how earth looks like in AGE. Sure, the further space-age you get, there’s a sense of detachment to the earth, like in post-Unicorn UC. Not including the earth as a plot element makes it ironic though, since the Veigans want it, but the protagonist don’t seem to care about it anyway.

    • Rather than Dozle, or Amuro, Flit gives a Bright Noa feel though I daresay he’s done better already — as he’s risen farther than Bright (though he’s slightly older) and his son hasn’t turned out to be ugh Hathaway yet.

      Bright’s no fascist though.

      Yes, I want to see Earth. It’s VERY interesting that Gundam AGE has kept it out of sight for so long.

  18. I should’ve known you’d throw a damn Macross reference in there! I bet when you cry the tears fall all weird on your face like some wet Itano Circus or something. But I suppose it is an appropriate reference at least. Woolf and Flit clashing was OK, but this show desperately needs a heated, bitter rivalry. That will give me the proper passion I need for this show.

    The Kamille “Kill Bill” clip, AWESOME! I like your post just for that. The SEED montage of Kamille taking over the naked Strke Gundam, painful. I didn’t need to relive that again in any form. The panel? Plus One on Kamille and Yurin (brutal); I can’t believe she could be so petty from beyond time. I actually felt like Domon was screaming in that face with his comments. I think that man eats ramen violently. And what’s Judau FUCKING Ashta doing on the panel? He’s as qualified to comment on quality Gundam as Andrew Bynum is on maintaining healthy knees! “Get that bum outta here!”

  19. ZabiLegacy says:

    I have to disagree with you when you say that Flit’s portrayal is more complex a sympathetic villain then Dozle Zabi. While Flint motivations are perfectly understandable yet ultimately evil, it is in such a way that a truly good character would have overcame. His flaw in reasoning is entirely separate from what makes him a good person.

    But, Dozle Zabi is different. The key defining feature that Dozle Zabi radiates with every minute of screen time is devotion. He is devoted to his beloved wife and daughter, so much so that he was willing to take time in the middle of a battle to say his final farewell to them. He is so devoted to his troops, that rather then retreating from the base with the rest of the brass, he goes off in the experimental mobile armor to hold the line. And he was was so devoted to his family that he was willing to hold up the Zeon ideal, no matter what the cost.

    This, I believe, is the true brilliance of Dozle’s characterization. His flaw that distinguishes him as a villain, is the same thing that makes him so sympathetic. His devotion to a morally flawed cause comes from the same personality traits that makes him love Garma and Zenna so much. The simple act of being a Zabi put him down that road of destiny, because of just how loyal he is. Dozle’s complexity doesn’t necessarily come from depth, so much as all that the attributes we assign to him are overlapping and stem from the same source.

    You can safely remove Flit’s anger and bitterness and still get a wholly formed, likable character, character. But, the true complexity of Dozle Zabi stems from one fact. Remove something like his willingness to hurt innocent people in the name of his family, and then the entire rest of the tapestry of why he is so empathizeable comes down with him.

  20. ZabiLegacy says:

    Oh god, I hope he doesn’t end up like Hathaway. >.<

    But I get what you are saying

  21. Pingback: War in The Pocket Was Not For Kids, But Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 17’s Version of It Is (Except for the BL) | We Remember Love

  22. BenDTU says:

    “Character X is evil but the good guys think he’s good and only the audience is aware of thing” is the most painful to watch trope ever.

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