[Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 18]

Asemu Asuno’s first battle as a soldier of the Earth Federation Forces is nothing short of a spectacular success. Not that he didn’t make rookie mistakes, he did. He put his flagship in unnecessary risk by flying too close to the bogeys that the Diva would otherwise have a clear line of fire at. Worse, he presented himself as an evading target while the Diva was at his back. Terrible decision-making, but he dispatched two bogeys in one shot and saved the Diva anyway.

For his troubles he gets thrown into the brig. This is what’s called the Amuro treatment, but unlike Amuro, I don’t think Asemu’s going to run away and bury the Gundam in the desert. This however, makes me want to rewatch the debut of the first Macross-inspired Gundam, Kamille’s Zeta Gundam in the eponymous show’s 21st episode: “A Sign of Zeta.”


The debut of the transformable mobile suit arrived in the midst of the Titan’s Operation Apollo, which makes it comparable to whatever mission of importance Zeheart is undertaking. Kamille had just returned to space (while Asemu went on his first space mission), and was about to dock with his flagship. He got into a verbal argument with Torres, the flight controller, which would lead to a LOLtastic brawl in the bridge, that Bright Noa cleaned up WITH HIS OWN FISTS.

Like Asemu, Kamille has shown some heroics fighting within atmospheric conditions, and there’s a concern about how big-headed he could be getting after his exploits. In Asemu’s case it has more to do with his being the son of the Fleet Commander and war hero Flit Asuno. Things pick up when Jerid fills himself with umbrage after hearing Paptimus Scirocco’s speech about ruling the Earth Sphere after the war and going on some wild patrol then suddenly: LOLArgama!

gundam z 21 brightbrawl bright kamille

This is beautiful. Jerid actually shoots down Emma Sheen in her Rick Dias, then forces Kamille to eject from the Gundam Mk. II with his PATENTED SURPISE BUTTSECKS BEAR HUG FROM BEHIND ATTACK. This has got to be Jerid’s best showing, achieving all this against elite pilots and mass produced MS backup while being supported by only Mouar in a similar ugly transforming beetle MS.

Then from deep space, the Z Gundam enters the battlefield  in waverider mode shooting off Jerid’s foot with a powerful mega particle cannon (though not as powerful as AGE-2’s mega particle DODS rifle). Jerid had to retreat and Kamille got rescued. The Z Gundam entered the battlefield piloted by Apolly. It was actually in the succeeding episode that Kamille entered his first fight on the Zeta, this time fighting, YOU GUESSED IT, Jerid trying to single-handedly destroy the Argama and the Gundam Mk. II.

When Kamille charged at Jerid in waverider form, Jerid actually flipped his MS and grabbed hold of the Zeta in one fluid motion. Jerid is a fucking maestro at grabbing mobile suits IN SPACE. Kamille shook him off though and saved Fa in her Rick Dias from being shot by Sarah by kicking her Marasai in the face.  Z Gundam’s battles are sure full of fail. The whole skirmish is a mess, and when Siddeley almost rammed her own Marasai into Jerid, she got blasted to spacedust by Kamille in the Z.

That’s what Kamille has over Asemu, he killed a (presumably) Newtype with a name and all (granted, it’s only a first name, but still). Asemu shot down mooks. Sarah chickens out and retreats, forcing Jerid to flee in shame himself.

Kamille’s stats:

  • 1 MS shot down, killed Siddeley
  • 1 kick landed (vs. Sarah’s Marasai)
  • 1 escape from Jerid’s grab attack

Asemu’s stats (my unofficial count):

  • Damaged 1 MS
  • Shot down 3 MS (2 in one shot)
  • Displayed some fancy flying and transforming maneuvers

At this point in their careers, Kamille is already a veteran of many battles (including some big ones), while Asemu has a few on-the-ground skirmishes. Asemu however, spent his whole life around mobile suits, is actually trained by the military, and is the most thoroughbred pilot in the whole franchise. Kamille is a powerful Newtype and is pretty much a genius, but Asemu might prove to be more so.


Ultimately, the quality of one’s career as an Ace pilot can also be measured by the quality of one’s opponents. Flit beat Decil while shooting down squadrons of Vagan MS (or I should say slicing up). Kamille fought the likes of Jerid, Yazan, Lila, and Paptimus. Asemu so far, has been beaten by Zeheart.

The Elephant in Space

Why am I not bringing up Kira Yamato? I don’t want to ruin my fun. If there’s anything worth comparing, is whether Zeheart can ever hope to match the legendary underwear-dropping factor of the most pimptastic character in Gundam: Athrun Zala. I don’t think Zeheart has a prayer, but he’ll probably eclipse Neil Dylandy aka Lockon Stratos, who still has the sexiest sex hair in all anime.


Everyone’s a fucking critic.

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36 Responses to Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 19: INSTANT ACE, JUST ADD SPACE

  1. schneider says:

    A minor but valid complaint from me is how they mentioned that AGE-2’s DODS rifle has a much stronger power output. HOW COULD WE TELL?? Maybe when an elite mech brings up a shield of sorts. I hope something like Unicorn episode 2 happens (where a Geara Zulu got cooked despite missing the beam by a good few dozen meters).

    Beam weaponry, banzai!

    Oh and that poor girl pilot.

    • Karry says:

      In the game it will do 20 damage instead of 10.


        If Factor-5 want to do a Gundam age game well.. Play Phantasy Star IIII, that have a good three generation system with branched characther(and the history change with your choices giving you four ending as minimum) and some of the Action RPG.

        • Tenryu says:

          you can be sure Gundam Age will appear in a SRW game in the future… and having all 3 generation gundams do a combo attack.
          And lament that the upgrades you did for Age1 doesn’t transfer to Age2 or Age3.

          • Karry says:

            Maybe as a 1-game gimmick. The closest show to it in SRW was…ehh…Dendoh i would say ? And it lasted the whole of 2 games.
            The official Dendoh game, though, was rather good.

    • Beam weaponry is just as necessary an evil in this franchise as are Newtype haxx0rz.

      • kevin says:

        the bigger the cannon the more fucking powerful it gets, nuff said. jesus christ guys its a show made for kids you can’t go wrong with this ez mode explanation!

  2. In general Asemu debut as professional was clumsy but better than his Otou-san, that is how little a little will won battlefield experience.

    In general Zeheart is Athurn doing right… would be interesting if he play a role in the third generation.

    Now in most face pace, how will be the future of the second generation, wll be a light Zeta but with similar body count or a more dark SEED with more body count? time only can tell us

    • I must admit that I am finding difficulty understanding what you’re trying to say, so I’ll just thank you for making the effort to contribute to the discussion. I really appreciate it.

    • Zetatrain says:

      I’m pretty sure Zeta Gundam had a much bigger body count. If we just count first 25-30 episodes from each series, Zeta had a 8-10 body count and it continued to quickly grow from there. Gundam Seed (not Destiny) only had about 4-5 KIAs by episode 30 and only 2 more before that blood soaked 49th episode, which I’ll admit was just as bloody as Zeta’s 49th episode if not more.

      As for Zeheart being Athrun…HA!!!, he wishes he could be Athrun. Athrun had four chicks falling for him in Destiny (5 if you include Lacus from SEED though granted that was arranged) Ok, I’m not saying its impossibe, but Zeheart has got a ways to go before he can reach Athrun’s level of pimp and has only 11 episodes to do so (unless he appears in the next generation).

      • Karry says:

        “Gundam Seed (not Destiny) only had about 4-5 KIAs by episode 30”

        Really ? You counted Flay’s father (and his entire fleet) in whatever episode, and the Cyclops bomb in whatever episode ? I’d say it was well in the hundreds. Plus some nameless girls from the GM squad, and the like. Oh, plus several entire colonies, plus that bloody valentine business, plus at least one desert city, etc. 4-5 KIAs ? I dont think so.

        • Zetatrain says:

          “Really ? You counted Flay’s father”
          yeah I did

          Oh I get it you’re also including all the nameless faceless people we don’t see as well. If you want to put it that way then yes I guess you could say SEED is very bloody, but then again so is Zeta. In Zeta Gundam you have that colony that the Titans gassed which sparked the AEUG movement as well as the colony that they destroyed with the Gryps laser. and Jaburo gets nuked (granted most of it was evacuated). There is also all the collateral damage the Psycho gundam caused in Hong Kong. Then you have the final battle in which the Titans get completely wiped out, the AEUG barely was any forces left, and even the Axis suffered significant damage (the huge mobile suit squad that Char vaporized with the mega particle cannon). Putting it that way I guess you can say Zeta and Seed are equally bloody.

          • Karry says:

            “Putting it that way I guess you can say Zeta and Seed are equally bloody.”

            You may be well right, but as Zeta is my least favorite of all Gundam shows ever…well, second least, right after AGE, that i somehow am having a hard time perceiving KIAs in Zeta as actual people, as i dont care about any of them. Except Amuro. It felt alot more personal in SEED for me.

        • Zetatrain says:

          Also a few nitpicks. The desert city in SEED was destroyed, but the Desert Tiger gave out a warning to its citizens so that they could escape. So pretty much little to nobody died in that attack.

          Also, with the exception of the Bloody Valentine, there were no other colonies destroyed in SEED though there was one in Destiny. (My knowledge is based off of what is shown in the TV series and I’m not aware of anything that happens in the novels or other source materials)

          The GM girls or rather the Gundam Astary girls didn’t die until ep. 49 which is why I didn’t include them among characters that died by the halfway point.

      • Named characters is the only body count I’m interested in, Victory Gundam has the most but it’s stupid. Zeta, however dumb the fighting action gets, has a great body count:

  3. ZabiLegacy says:

    Sadly he cannot match the ever burning rage that kamilla carries in the center of his heart at all times of day. If only his parents had given him a man’s name.

  4. LOL! I’m sure I had something to say about the whole Kamille/Asemu comparison, but I saw that panel & couldn’t stop laughing.

    I wish I could have seen your face the first time you witnessed space hugging. I swear, if mobile suits were people, Jerid would have gotten all of his opponents pregnant.

  5. CVPhased says:

    What I liked about this episode is how they’re building Woolf to be the ‘sempai character’ that Asem would have, unfortunately in exchange of further drifting away from his father Flit.

    Then there’s the point of Zeheart actually being an Athrun to Asem (LOL names as adjectives). Aside from the friend-turned-enemy angle, I still can’t see how they’ll go with him… which is something good IMHO.

    And Char’s just too harsh on Emily :))

    • sadakups says:

      Seeing ‘Wolf’ and ‘sempai’ in the same sentence results in instant death for him, although I said the same thing in Generation 1 where he was kinda like that for Flit. I think Wolf is going to teach a lot more to Asem. Heck, him waving at the OP is enough to raise some death flags for him.

    • Reid says:

      As a verified mortal source of kryptonite to single moms, young married moms, young married women and other unavailable females, I must say: Char is being too harsh in his appraisal of Emily. She’s just my type, apparently -__-

    • Very interesting turns to speculate on about these characters, which makes for a far more interesting show than anyone gave this show credit for at the onset.

      Char is a piece of shit.

  6. sadakups says:

    Ugh. So much to say.

    I like the parallelism between Asem and Zeheart, where both kids have relatively major roles in their respective organizations, much to the dismay of some.

    So, it seems that the AGE-2 wasn’t exactly derived from the AGE-1 and as Dique said, it’s still around. Oh yes, here’s to hoping that Flit pilots it again later, and would love to see him and Asem go at it. I mean, I have a feeling that Asem could crack under the pressure Flit is giving him, especially later when he gets to fight Zeheart again.

    And why am I not surprised that Romary becomes a bridge bunny? Also, I’m interested in Arisa. Will she add to the current triangle and make it a square by falling for Asem?

    Dique sure is playing the role of the mechanic, wherein kids from other Gundam shows don’t really care about them and the technicalities as long as they can launch.

    Finally got to see AGE-2 in action. I’m loving it already.

    Nice to see Wolf being himself, heck, he was way more badass in this generation. What he did to Asem at the end was definitely the Amuro treatment. He may have saved the day, but still, orders are orders, and is still a reckless action. Hey, better that rather than the Shinn treatment. The latter’s worse.

  7. ces06 says:

    Other than some fancy fighting and Zeheart taking up command, there’s not really much going on in this episode… wish they had more.

    Finally though, the AGE-2. I love how it looks.

    Millais is like what, 40-something here? Wow.

    Woolf is still a fun guy.

    The guys Asemu wiped out did have a name, something guy’s squadron or whatever…

    They’re modifying the AGE-1… I hope it turns into something cool.

    They’re heading to earth, and carrying something mysterious. I like where this is going.

    Man, Flit sure looks a lot friendlier in the ED song stills.

    So I’ve been reading up on Crossbone, and man, there’s a lot in common between the Vagan and the Jovians. They both seem to have a prominent leader figure as well. Wonder if we’ll get a glimpse of Vagan life in future episodes.

  8. Turambar says:

    At least we’ll get to see how Asemu fairs against Decil, or maybe a Decil clone, in a future episode, given that familiar red hair and golden eyes in the preview.

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  10. Gundam Story says:

    I will write the sinopsis or story this gundam age

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