Nisemonogatari 08 Is a Story of Fraternal Love

And it is as smutty as Satan intended it.

Nothing else to see here. See you next episode.

[Nisemonogatari 07]

But since I promised myself I’d give every episode my very best let me say this: It is tremendously facetious of the show to keep “characterizing” Araragi Koyomi as someone who is “normal” – as someone who wouldn’t be seriously into children, his sisters, etc. by making him say he isn’t at the same time exploit every situation he’s with them by making them naked, showing their crotches, and having them play out pornographic scenes substituting elements with supposedly non-pornographic items (which just makes it dirtier).

I am performing this innocent totally non-sexual game which is totally unfair but that’s okay since I am upfront with it so as to protect my innocent little sister who is now possibly close to the perfection that is the body of Hanekawa Tsubasa because and only because I want to protect her from the perversions of Suruga Kanbaru.

This is the courage of being meta.

Nisemonogatari shows incredible commitment to being smut: oral hygiene for a whole can of foreplay involving toys and oral sex. The very idea that it uses cleaning one’s teeth as an incestuous hentai scenario makes it the fucking god emperor of smut in mainstream anime.


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60 Responses to Nisemonogatari 08 Is a Story of Fraternal Love

  1. kadian1364 says:

    I don’t want to be an anime fan anymore…

  2. krizzlybear says:

    “The very idea that it uses cleaning one’s teeth as an incestuous hentai scenario makes it the fucking god emperor of smut in mainstream anime.”

    /a/ has a huge toothbrush fetish. The episode 8 thread is quite shitstormy in that regard.

  3. Nazarielle says:

    You’ll never see smut with a budget like this anywhere but SHAFT. They are true bros.

  4. karice says:

    …well, the translation of ‘shoubu‘ as ‘game’ is completely off. ‘Challenge’ or ‘contest’ is what Araragi meant.

    Though it still doesn’t make up for where Nishio went with that…

    If there’s any episode of the Monogatari series that I’ll never watch again, this will be it…

  5. gaguri says:

    LOL that second screenshot. i need to watch this show

  6. This entire fucking episode.


    I questioned where the hell they were going to go with this after episode 7 wrapped it all up nicely, but man… this? Insanity.

  7. Reid says:

    That carpet is totally friggin’ disgusting.

  8. Tenryu says:

    what the heck did i just watch? and whats with the opening music type thats usually associated with period shows?

  9. vucubcaquix says:

    Glad to see you used the toothbrush-penis screencap!

  10. Erunno says:

    I don’t get you, guys. This is the first episode of Nisemonogatari where I was genuinely entertained because the series finally dropped any pretense that it is more than just high quality smut. And I can appreciate a series which clearly communicates its intention far easier than constantly feeling like I am being bullshitted into believing that there is any deeper meaning to it. If there’s one episode which I will ever watch again it’s this one and I will fap furiously to it. Hell yeah!

    Slightly off-topic, after watching seven episodes of Daily Lives of High School Boys I can say that it delivers all the hilarious, high-frequency dialogue (including breaking the forth wall) that I expected from Nisemonogatari. Definitely (and surprisingly) the series which offers the best light entertainment this season.

    • Watch Koe de Oshigoto instead.

      I dropped that High School Boys show. I was bored to oblivion.

      • Erunno says:

        Yeah, I can understand that High School Boys might not be everybody’s cup of tea. It isn’t particularly strong (warning: euphemism) in the character development and plot department, so if it all depends on one liking the dialogue which I personally find highly entertaining. It’s not the greatest comedy I ever watched but so far every episodes has managed to get a lot of chuckles, a few genuine loud laughs and a generally good feeling out of me and the waifu.

        I’ll give Koe de Oshigoto a try when I’m alone at home and can watch it with pants off.

  11. megaroad1 says:

    I wonder what Senjougahara would have done had she been the one to walk in on them.

    My visit to the dental technician this week should be interesting.

  12. TRazor says:

    The objective of this anime is to make you feel guilty for getting boners.

    Guilty Boner – noitaminA should’ve hosted this.

    • Erunno says:

      No need to feel guilty about getting a raging boner from this episode.

      Evolution has caused that siblings do not feel sexually attracted to each other. Now, the funny thing about this defense mechanism against incest is that it only works for siblings who grow up together. It doesn’t even require for siblings to be related by blood, just the close, everyday proximity in a family context. Conversely this mechanism is absent from blood-related siblings who lived separately for most or all of their lives. This can lead to cases of incest if they meet, feel attracted to each other and either don’t know that their are related or disregard the social stigma. The important point is: The mechanism works only between specific persons under specific circumstances, not generally.
      That’s why I can easily get aroused from this episode of Nisemonogatari. If I image myself being Koyomi, Karen doesn’t suddenly become my sister with whom I have a livelong relationship and the aforementioned defense mechanism doesn’t kick it. She remains a caricature of a person in my mind which has mostly been presented as the target for male phantasies and I can revel in thoughts doing something dirty and forbidden.
      This is also why the Shinobu loli-porn didn’t work for me. It’s not that I only passively don’t feel attracted to prepubescent girls, the thought alone is actively repulsive. And unlike the whole anti-incest thingie, this is one universal and doesn’t change if I switch my perspective to Koyomi’s.
      Karen on the other hand is a physically fully developed girl so I don’t feel guilty about being aroused. You now why? Been there, done that. When I myself was in puberty and tried to hit on girls in the same age span. Being a good deal older now I wouldn’t succumb to this urges anymore, mostly because of the power/experience gap but the situation is not as freaky as getting off lolis.

  13. Xard says:





  14. F*ck you! This episode was perv-tastic! The height of anime in my opinion! Left me breathless and wanting more! The only unfortunate side effect will probably a spike in Japan of people getting boners and wet crotches at the dentist office.

    Let them eat cake! And then let them sensually have someone else brush the cake from the teeth!

  15. Turambar says:

    I really want to not be ok with this episode, especially considering I do student teaching at a middle school now.

    But I can’t. Fucking god fucking damnit.

  16. Earvs Arabia says:

    I will never see a toothbrush the same way again.

    ♫ If you know what I meeeeeaan…. uh huh. ♪

  17. otou-san says:

    I was actually going to write a post about the meta of the italicized portion there, but I guess you covered it. Perhaps I can get another angle out of it. Like how this is really just roleplay for seriously repressed people to act on their urges without actually acting on them.

    Perhaps you, from your closet, could sympathize with those needs.

    • Macross anime is for people who wish they had bitches fighting over them, but no one ever does.
      TTGL is for people who wish they can do great things, but they never do.
      Nisemonogatari is for people who wish they can fuck little girls/sisters?

      Some closets are different, even if they’re generically closets of repression.

  18. Xard says:

    I had originally written this novel without any plans to publish it. I wrote the entire thing without showing it to anyone. I wanted to hide it away without even making a single printout. In other words, this novel was originally something I was going to keep to myself. So this novel was written 200% to fit my tastes. I very much enjoyed getting to write everything that came from my mind without any arbitrary restrictions.

    Yes, there were times when I asked myself, “What the hell are you doing? You’re a professional!” But I think there’s a certain charm to approaching writing as if I were an amateur.

    I also thank you the readers for bearing with this novel filled with my dumb stories written without much care.

    -Nisio Isin


    lol just found this. Why I’m not surprised

  19. Yi says:

    “Nisemonogatari shows incredible commitment to being smut: oral hygiene for a whole can of foreplay involving toys and oral sex.”

    And this alone makes me want to pick up Nisemonogatari now. I know, I’m terrible.

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