Stardust Memories: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 20

[Zero-Raws] Gundam AGE - 20 (TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_00.07_[2012.02.27_03.32.39]

[Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 19]

Two things make me remember… not quite love for one of my most favorite shows – Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory here in this latest episode of AGE: Asemu not quite eating his carrots, and Zeheart not quite finishing off a vanquished Gundam and its pilot. While they cannot be reduced to mere expys of these characters, Asemu was being Uraki Kou, and Zeheart was being Anavel Gato.

If Romary plays the Nina Purpleton card and we’ll have ourselves a proper shipwreck. Of course, there are striking differences: Romary is not hotshot Gundam engineer, she’s an entry level bridge bunny. Zeheart has something much more than Anavel Gato’s Zeon pedantry towards Uraki Kou. Zeheart and Asemu have something greater, more special, more bitter and painful… between them.

The Spring of their youth was cut short by war… and there are no seasons in space, only the tears of time.

[Zero-Raws] Gundam AGE - 20 (TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_05.16_[2012.02.27_03.35.20]

I want to talk about two things here (there’s more to the episode than these two – and the above mentioned; just chat me up in the comments): 1) Desil Galette is becoming the Jerid Mesa of the show, much to my delight and 2) the mobile suit fighting is excellent for non-CG TV robot anime.

I said a lot little about Jerid Mesa in the previous post. He is such an entertaining villain because there is nothing high, or great about him. His largeness over life has more to do with him being such a petty, insignificant jerk playing what should have been a very significant role in his milieu. He is in some ways the opposite of Char, who with all his talent brings the tragedy of applying all of it towards petty grudges with the Zabis, and then Amuro when he could’ve been the leader of all humanity. Jerid never had a quarter of Char’s talent nor charisma and yet people expected better of him, I wanted better of him…

But he, in Tomino’s genius, delightfully and awesomely disappoints.

Desil Galette evokes Jerid in that he gives off the air of the bitter, petty foe… consumed by hate and a rivalry with the Gundam and its pilots. He is dangerous because he’s an X-Rounder, but he will never be great. This is somewhat tragic, enough for me to appreciate especially since he was introduced as a child soldier. This is a rather satisfying turn to what would’ve been an annoying kiddy villain had he remained that way.

Now going back to the action in the show, it was fast when it needed to be, and fluid when it had to be. No one should be accusing this episode of being a Gundam Unicorn installment, but I felt like it evoked it. It’s not only because Zeheart’s Zeydra MS is basically um, Full Frontal’s Sinanju LOL, complete with a trademarked Char Aznable kick.


The similarity is really striking when viewed from the rear and the “wings” are in play. I appreciate how Zeheart is the kind of ace who is utterly dissatisfied with how Mobile Suits move. I know nothing short of a Macross Variable Fighter will truly satisfy him, and that’s why the Gundam AGE 02 transforms … it’s a close enough facsimile for him to covet. In the mean time, char clones gotta live with them red suits.


But Kycillia, you had it coming.

That said, the action still suffers from kiddy show battle dynamics: unhittable Vagans (good) who somehow can’t shoot down static Feddies (terrrible). Then of course the emo teen Gundam battle dynamic of not killing off the Gundam and its pilot when the opportunity presented itself. It’s love, and Jerid Desil can see it for what it is. Watch your back, Zeheart. Not every heart is as pure as yours.


Isn’t the Hyaku Shiki a Gundam? Right Gato? NVM I’m not going there…

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55 Responses to Stardust Memories: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 20

  1. Reid says:

    The Zeydra looks like something straight outa Super Robot Wars, and I can’t decide whether I like it or whether I mean that in the worst way possible. The whole array of Vagan (Weigand?) mobile suits look like those wonderfully absurd villain-mecha of super robot shows of the storied past, and those reeeeediculous space suits just reinforce this view.

    SHIKASHI: this Zeydra thingamajigger is cool for a few reasons. Allow me to hash them out. 1.) Forget a Char Kick, Zeydra does a Freakin’ RIDAHHHHHH KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKKU! 2.) I really like the Zone of the Enders-style hands. The way it seems to have two “thumbs” makes it even clearer that these are not “normal” human mobile suits. Also, the way it holds the solid sword is pretty cool and very Jehuty-like. 3.) I think it has some of the most attractive and well-designed feet/boots of any not-necessarily-real-or-super robot in a while. They look very much like they could be the shoes of the the hero in some stylized action show or a video game – almost like something Sol Badguy would wear in Guilty Gear. 4.) The little not-a-v-fin is amusing. It’s as if the (in-show) designers said to themselves “All super-prototype mobile suits NEED a v-fin. Otherwise, it’s just a gussied-up grunt.” This kind of thing, like the whole needlessly-flashy aesthetic and “Gundam proportions” of the Sinanju, make it clear that this is a “hero mobile suit” for an antagonist faction that is not necessarily villainous. 5.) Everything red is almost assuredly better than everything that is not red.

  2. Suiman says:


  3. Even if The Hyaku Shiki was a gundam, Quattro Bajeena was NOT a ZEKE, and now Char is unpleased by the lack of loli in the second generation(be grateful than Kio is a Shota.. thus the lolis will comeback.. unless we have a Katejina Loos expy as Desil Daugther and ‘love interest’/Rival of Kio)

    In general Zenehart is the CHAR, at least better than Yozel in Gen 1, But want to be how will be the rivality…

    And Desil as the new Jerid mesa…umm, he is in the Brick, Either become more like Yazan or the lovable Butt Monkey who was Jerid.

    Any mad theory for Gen 3 so far? some friend defend the Victory Gundam like plot?

  4. Rusty says:

    I snickered as they try to give an explanation for the mask and that good ol’ “three times faster”. As Zeheart is stuffed with Char references, my crackpot theory brain begins to think that he’s illegitimate child of Lord Ezelcant (sp?). That explains why he’s treated so leniently after nearly failing the infiltration mission (and we all know he likely won’t be demoted after failing an important mission yet again), his promotion to Commander as he hits 18 and his having different hair colour from Desil. The Cain and Abel dynamic between the Galettes is something to look forward to. Maybe Desil will stab his brother in the back or sabotage the suit or general nastiness.

    I will never get the Gundam love for red mobile suit. Too flashy. Then again I’m being double standard here since I love the white Unicorn and it sticks out like a sore thumb.

    It sure is cozy on the Diva.

  5. CVPhased says:

    This episode is full of Char (and Char-like) homages… From the “three times faster” moniker, to the ever-signature MS kick…

    And you’re totally correct on the Sinanju-invoking thing. The way that the Zeydra navigated through the asteroid field just says Sinanju all over it. 😀

  6. Reid says:

    Check it out.

    • Zetatrain says:

      Are you implying that one gundam series is trying to imitate scenes from another gundam series?…BECAUSE THAT”S JUST UNHEARD OF!!!

      OK seriously though, the pictures do have an uncanny resemblance towards one another.

      • Reid says:

        lol I found this image on GundamGuy and thought it was funny, considering what others have said about his episode’s similarities to the second episode of Unicorn so I thought it worth posting here. I’m all for Gundam referencing itself, because that creates and enriches a strong sense of continuity and “community” among the stories in the franchise. Only Gundam and Star Wars have done this kind of thing effectively, if you ask me.

    • What am I looking at here?

  7. LULz! Just LULz! I’m talking about the panel of course.

    As for the episode, I still will always prefer CCA’s beefy mobile suit designs. And unfortunately we’re reminded of kiddie show like style and writing. It just makes me hate Zeheart as a commander, but I gotta respect him as the #1 pilot in this show right now… well maybe 1A. I’d like to see him and Woolf have a go. He’s bested Asemu two or three times now. That’s pretty embarrassing.

    And seeing Desil just makes me happy. I don’t know if he has the charm to get as many women as Jerid did. He’s not truly a Jerid type character until he starts earning losses and deaths for his comrades. Jerid’s much more than just some douchebag jerk with an over-inflated ego. He’s a talented incompetent who’s email address should be

  8. Zetatrain says:

    Well it goes without saying that the whole dodging asteroids scene at 3x normal speed was meant to evoke the essence of a certain character from a certain series.

    Anyway, Zeheart finally gets his mask. I have to say, the explanation for it kind of reminds of the episode from MSG where Amuro’s newtype abilities had advanced to the point where the gundam could not keep up with his reaction time so a magnetic coating was applied to the gundam to correct this. However, in AGE, Zeheart’s mask is meant to control/limit his X-rounder abilities so that the mobile suit can keep up with him.

    Liking the friendship that’s growing between Asemu and Dique’s daughter. Too bad it will either end badly or be forgotten once this generation is over.

    Loved the beam saber fight between Zeheart and Asemu and we get to see Zeheart’s own version of the famous Char which was a bit OP to be honest. So far this has been the best fight of the second generation although the ending of the fight was a little contrived. I think it would have been better if he hesitated to deliver the final blow for a few seconds and then Wolf comes in at the last second to bail out Asemu. I also hope the rest of Asemu’s team improves if only so that it doesn’t seem that the only reason they’re still alive is because the Vagan grunts can’t hit the broad side of a barn.

    I also kinda wish Millais just ignored Wolf so that we could see her deliver her own version of the Bright slap/punch on Asemu…..what? a female captain dishing out the bright slap…it could happen (I don’t think its happened yet).

    • Matt Wells says:

      The closest Gundam’s ever come to that is Emma Sheen slapping Fa around in Zeta. Female Captains only get to hit female pilots it seems. Damn segregation!

    • Forgotten? As if anybody forgot Yurin.

      Contrived? This is Gundam. What isn’t contrivance?

      I don’t think a Bright Slap fits the moment though. What would’ve fit the moment was if Millais just stayed there with him in his room, perhaps telling a story or two about Flit.

      • Zetatrain says:

        True, but Yurin died and her death was a pretty memorable one as well so of course people remember her. My point was that either Alisa will have a memorable death that sends Asemu into a rage or she’ll live and will most likely disappear from the face of the earth like Largan once this generation is over.

        HA HA I guess so, though there are different levels of Gundam contrivances and this one ranks pretty low on the scale so its only a minor complaint.

        Well if Asemu keeps up this streak of insubordination a little discipline may be in order.

  9. Zetatrain says:

    After going over the episode again there is one scene that made raise a big question mark. Zeheart mentioned that the Federation cannot analyze the AGE system’s technology and therefore cannot replicate it.

    My question is of course why? Why can’t the federation analyze it especially when they have Flit, the one who built it, working for them.

    • Tenryu says:

      plot point for the movie, the AGE system advances so much that it tries to control/humanity humanity

      • Rusty says:

        That sounds awesome. And then the humans introduce the “no kill” clause for AI, rendering the system useless for war.

      • WhatSht says:

        I think the AGE System also upgrades itself, so it would be so advanced that they couldn’t replicate it, they may have to build an AGE System from scratch, but it’ll never beat the original since it was built so long ago.

      • WhatSht says:

        Even better, the Asuno Family has a incomplete prototype Gundam hidden in the ruins of Colony Angel, they connect the Gundam to the AGE System, the Gundam gains an AI and proceed to take over the AGE System, then its Devil Gundam all over again.

    • Stupid bullshit, is why.

    • Brack says:

      There’s only one actual AGE Device, and the creator of that apparently died in the first few minutes of the show. Flit just built the other two thirds of the AGE System (AGE Builder and AGE-1).

      Presumably AGE-1’s upgrades mentioned in the current arc will allow a dummy version of the device to start it up, but not allow further evolution through the AGE System.

  10. Karry says:

    “the mobile suit fighting is excellent for non-CG TV robot anime.”

    Personally, i’m less than impressed in staging of the fights in this show. Certainly its much weaker than almost every other Gundam i’ve seen. But i guess its on par with some generic “robot anime” as you say. Just barely, though.

  11. sadakups says:

    Man, what can I say, when you have an episode titled like that, you can except shit like:

    Red Mobile Suit? Check.
    Red Mobile Suit that moves three times faster? Check.
    And oh look, the device to control Zeheart’s X-Rounder powers is a frickin’ mask!

    Where did we saw something like that? Hmm…

    I like how Asem and Zeheart’s encounter in space wasn’t as SEED-like as I thought it would be, and damn, that duel is as good as if it was the last episode of Generation 2, and how it would be more epic if Asem wakes up to his own X-Rounder powers. And again, Zeheart does a Mister Bushido by letting Asem live again, but I guess that’s kinda expected. As much as he is dedicated for the Vagan cause, the fact that he and Asem had developed such friendship is really becoming a factor. It’s just me, but I have a nagging feeling that Zeheart is going to take down Wolf in a future episode, just to get Asem to fight him seriously.

    Oh hi there Desil. Can’t wait for you to do a Jerid. And of course, for Flit to kick your ass again.

    • Rusty says:

      My impression is that Zeheart wants Asem to stay out of fighting, period. But yeah, nothing motivates better than death of one’s mentor. Possibly one or two other squad members will die too, just to show Asem how dark and edgy war is.

      • sadakups says:

        I guess that’s it. Although I’m just guessing here, but seeing the AGE-1 in next episode’s preview suggests that Flit is going to make Asem fight more.

    • Yes, I want Zeheart to kill Woolf. That’s tears of time shit right there.

      And fuck, Flit vs. Desil II is gonna be fucking awesome.

  12. Turambar says:

    Calling it: next Super Robot Wars game to include Gundam AGE will have Zeheart screaming GESPENST KICK while using that move.

  13. Andaer says:

    “The Spring of their youth was cut short by war… and there are no seasons in space, only the tears of time.”

    Is that your phrase? I think I’m becoming your fanboy! xD

    • Don’t want to take too much credit. I was just playing on some cheesy lines Gundam likes to use, since Tears of Time is a meme from Zeta Gundam. You’ll also find me use “souls weighed down/pulled by the Earth’s gravity” a fair bit.

  14. WhatSht says:

    The Zeydra doesn’t look like the Sinanju to me, looks more like Basara’s VF-19.

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