5 Reasons Not to Drop Nisemonogatari After 9 Episodes

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[Nisemonogatari 08]

Bakemonogatari is show that didn’t fit what I thought I’d like in anime, but it rewarded me. I loved it. Nisemonogatari gives a little of what its predecessor did in terms of what got me excited about it, and then pretty much went all the way with extremely indulgent fanservice. It’s the kind of indulgence that makes it the centerpiece of every episode, while the narrative is there on the cum-stained floor like bread crumbs on the smutty path.

This is the fundamental difference between the two shows (and by extension, Katanagatari). There’s a lot of meandering conversation, but the conversations and situations in Nisemonogatari are decidedly exploitative. It exploits character interactions and situations to portray the maximum amount of smut while maintaining a narrative or plot.

Am I that hung up on plot? No. I can watch 26 episodes of Aria or K-On!! with no irritation. It’s really about the content in this case, and there’s no point going around it. I am not thrilled about long-winded, tension-filled scenarios where the potential payoff is some kind of nudity, groping, or sexual gratification involving these particular characters when I can actually be watching them solve problems, work through relationships, and/or act like human beings.

Let’s burn some straw men here lest the discussion be polluted by generalizing. I am talking about Nisemonogatari and at most the two other adaptations of NisiOisiN’s works, nothing else. I have no interest in the source material, nor with the author himself, and/or the director and the production staff. I’ll assume they are all fine people.

Am I interested in making a moral statement regarding cartoons, elementary school girls, and pornography of such? No. I have my beliefs but they are not what I’m putting forth here, nor am I interested in making every reader believe as I do. I do think that Nisemonogatari in particular has become difficult to watch due to its dedicating itself towards featuring this content above all other value propositions it may have had. But there are still reasons to watch it. Here are mine:

[HorribleSubs] Nisemonogatari - 09 [720p].mkv_snapshot_13.23_[2012.03.04_07.15.11]
The Filler May Actually Be Over

Pros: With two episodes left, the pace will pick up and we get to the actual story of Tshukihi Phoenix. The Bee thing wasn’t very interesting in the previous arc, unlike the Snail, the Monkey, the Crab, etc. from Bakemonogatari, but the Phoenix is the first unusual creature. This interests me.

Cons: With two episodes left, there may no longer be an opportunity to flesh out Hanekawa vs. Hitagi that was interestingly dangled like bait in the opening episodes. Instead, we get two new characters to explore – which is not a bad thing! However I don’t think there’ll be much apart from 2 long speeches from them apiece, while Nadeko and her cooter makes a comeback since she’s Rara-chan’s age.

Senjougahara Brings it Home

Pros: This is the very best part of this whole narrative. There’s this chance that they get together and show us something new about them as a partnership. It’s actually unlikely since they got to do this already at the end of the Karen Bee arc, the same way the Tsubasa Cat arc ended quite anti-climactically. But who knows?

Cons: We may get Tsubasa instead, Koyomi’s supposed perfect girl. This may actually prove interesting given how the new characters seem to be powerful physical opponents and Hanekawa never really had this going on for her. This is all unlikely, as she’s really more of a distraction throughout Nisemonogatari.

[HorribleSubs] Nisemonogatari - 09 [720p].mkv_snapshot_20.50_[2012.03.04_07.15.42]

The Equivalent of a Mud-Wrestling Free-for-All

All the girls show up for a Dynasty Warriors type of melee. The new girls may be powerful and the “saved” girls don’t have much by way of power levels… but they have numbers, Koyomi, and Shinobu. If there’s going to be a fanservice payoff, let it be this.

It’s not too late. But it’s also likely that the next episode will have 50% of it utter bullshit similar to the content of episodes 08 and 09.

Hey ghosty, I thought you had 5 reasons not to drop this show!

I lied.

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20 Responses to 5 Reasons Not to Drop Nisemonogatari After 9 Episodes

  1. Martin says:

    I have every intention of watching this show for two reasons: Shinbo’s visual style is comfort food for the eyes and 2. Hitagi’s in it. In regards to 1., yes: I want to watch it because it looks cool. I feel no reason to apologise for that and I understand anyone else who feels the same way! In regards to 2., well…that’s probably the reason why I’ve not started watching it yet. TBH, the episodes centred around the Koyomi/Hitagi pairing were the most enjoyable for me, and Bakemonogatari simply wasn’t as much fun when she wasn’t around. I’m a little concerned that my favourite character of the show – and her verbal sniping – doesn’t get as much screen time as I hope she does.

    What Bakemonogatari did, and what I’m guessing its sequel does too, is witty dialogue and pretty moving pictures from *all* the cast….from what you’ve set out here, it does at least still deliver on those two fronts so I’m prepared to give it a chance.

    • Watch Bakemonogatari. Skip this. Watching this for “visual style” = watching it for smut. The BD release of Bakemonogatari doesn’t look too bad compared to the production values of this sequel.

  2. Mushyrulez says:

    Here are 5 reasons not to drop Nisemonogatari after 9 episodes.

    Do you have 5 reasons to pick up Nisemonogatari without having watched any of its predecessors?

  3. Chips03 says:

    I think Nisemonogatari in general wasnt as interesting as other books of the monogatari series. If you skipped all the dialogue and stuff the tsukihi story is actually very short. Despite not really enjoying Nise as much as i did in Bake, i keep watching cause i’m a loyal fan of the book series. Thats all. Heh

  4. megaroad1 says:

    Not enjoying Nise as much Bake that’s for sure. Bakemongatari was a revelation.
    Yet some of the humour is getting a bit repetitive (the whole should I grope Hachikuji or not monologue) which substracts from my overall enjoyment. But I’m intrigued about what will happen next with our new ‘villains’. They seem pretty confrontational. And the whole Hanekawa is still Senjougahara’s rival for Araragi’s heart scenario has got me really intrigued but I’m guessing that with 2 chapters left we won’t get to see a lot of movement on that front. Maybe Nise get’s some extra chapters like Bakemonogatari did with 13-15 which were released some time after the main series.

  5. The Kenosha Kid says:

    I only recently got around to Bakemonogatari and I’m gonna let the impressions I had of it settle a bit before watching this one.

    But I will indeed watch Nisemonogatari, if only because I’m fascinated by the idea of Shinbo making porn.

    • Xard says:

      oh boy oh boy then you’re in for disgusting treat because Shinbo HAS directed porn in early 00s under a psedonym when his career wasn’t exactly in its best shape (but is anyone surprised about this, really)

      Search up disgustinf vile shit like Night Shift Nurses and your curiosity is satisfied beyond anything Nise can offer.

      • Random_Passerby_Number_612 says:

        Don’t know where you got those silly ideas from. Shinbou had nothing to do with Night Shift Nurses. The pseudonym you mentioned is Minamizawa Juuhachi, and he is credited for 5 titles: Unbalance, Blood Royal, Seijun Kango Gakuin Shinjin Nurse “Yumi” Chigyaku no Kango Jisshuu, Ryokan Shirasagi, and Yuuwaku. Those are the 18+ titles Shinbou had a hand in. Next time, please check your information before putting it up anywhere.

        • Xard says:

          A honest case of remembering the name wrong. I was thinking of Innocent Nurse Academy/”Yumi” but somewhere down the line the name mutated into wrong title in my mind.

          Thanks for correction.

          In any case the point stands, if one wants to find porn directed by Shinbo it’s around.

  6. kevo says:

    Here is the #1 reason not to drop the show.

    There are only 2 episodes left.

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