There is Only ONE True Monster of This Age, & it is Still Flit Asuno: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 22


[Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 21]

I was wrong. Dead wrong. I predicted an overwhelming victory by the Vagans. I predicted everyone will die and a V Gundam setting will emerge from the ashes of this age. I predicted a multi-episode set piece battle that will show one death scene after another. I pretty much thought this will be like the end of Z Gundam. I need 7th Level Access to Veda to correctly predict this show.

What I  most certainly did not predict is Flit Asuno still being the peak of human regression – as the philosophy surrounding the X-Rounders is the opposite of that surrounding the Universal Century’s Newtype tradition. The X-Rounders are pretty much a human enhanced for combat – that is with a connection to survival instincts evolved out of the domesticated and civilized human species. Flit is nothing but exceptional among X-Rounders. This isn’t some kind of NT progression of powers as supposedly was Kamille to Judau, before Tomino turned Amuro into Jesus.

Flit was the first X-Rounder pilot we met, and he is pretty much the Son Goku of the show, and he charged out against the evil Saiyans to protect his kid, who’s also doing his best! This is no casual comparison to Toriyama Akira’s Dragonball and Dragonball Z. Let me say a bit more.


In a far lesser number of episodes, Flit did his “Journey to the West” thing as a shounen anime kid back in the first age. He went to weird colonies, fought cartoony opponents, before getting sucked into a proper Gundam conflict (and how good that was!). That was Dragonball, where the Gundam was the Kinten cloud and the AGE system were like the Dragonballs themselves.

The second age is more like DBZ now where Flit’s son is a promising fighter like him, and is even trained by his one time (albeit very briefly) rival. Flit’s butthurt rival was this midget big shot who he keeps beating (although Desil’s height shot up unlike Vegeta). It’s not too similar to be derivative, but you get the picture.

The key similarity for me is how despite his offspring are supposed to be much more powerful than he is, Son Goku remained the baddest badass in the universe. This is how Amuro remained in our memories, though he is father of none. Flit becomes the more apt comparison. Even better, Flit is more than just a pilot, he is an able commander, who is also blessed with people he can rely on – and the wisdom to actually rely on them.

Flit is the the ultimate success, if we had to take a measurement at the given lifetimes and accomplishments of the different lead pilots, among the characters in Gundam. He is Bright, Char, Usso, and Amuro combined. He has rank, achievement, responsibility in the scope of war, family, and unholy piloting skills.

He took the Gundam AGE-1 Normal against current generation mobile suits piloted by X-Rounders. Sure, Setsuna F. Seiei took out the GN-001 Exia against the final boss, but Ribbons at that point was piloting an even older suit: the 0 Gundam. This would be more like Amuro taking out the RX-78-2 against Full Frontal in his Sinanju. And STILL he’d be younger than Flit by about a decade.


So it’s still Flit’s show, and I can’t help but feel it’s no great tragedy that it is. Maybe this is a setup for his:

a) death

b) corruption into the dark side (full Gihren)

If he does turn into a dark, Gihren-like character that casts a shadow over the AGE then he will indeed become the great UC characters rolled into one. He’d be the bitter Char Aznable of the Second Neo Zeon War, but in command of his own Titans. Unlikely? Who knows with this show. I can’t seem to to predict anything (and don’t start with Yurin dying or who wins the ships – that’s way beyond foreshadowed).

And what about Asemu? Zeheart? The re-emergence of Flit made all other plot elements orbit around it, and I think it’s a good thing. What would normally annoy me – these shouting matches in these cockpits while in mortal combat… didn’t. You know why? It’s because Asemu and Zeheart said the words I always wanted Amuro and Char to say to each other. WITHOUT THIS WAR… WE COULD REALLY BE FRIENDS.

This breaks me up man. I love this show…



…despite the complete lack of holes. Aquarion EVOL has all the lovely holes.

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62 Responses to There is Only ONE True Monster of This Age, & it is Still Flit Asuno: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 22

  1. schneider says:

    I love this week’s panel, especially Kati!

    Flit’s words to Asemu were rather dire. It was well done because for all that training last episode and the hope it gave Asemu, he realized first-hand how far he still was from his father. This rift will probably grow in the future.

    I also noticed how Lt. Obright’s piloting skills shot up after last week. People get stronger when they have something to protect!

    • Anything with both Asunos in the same scene has been solid gold in this show. I love it. The tension feels… different. There’s so much going on and it’s all understated.

      Kati is love.

    • sadakups says:

      But of course! Obright is powered by love courtesy of that mechanic!

      To anyone listening to Gundamn! @ MAHQ, that other pilot alongside Arisa and Obright is definitely one of Soul Bro’s men.

  2. rollover says:

    Wait, even Natarle can’t spell her own name right?

    And yeah, Flit is going into Killem all mode. Let’s hope his meeting with Grodek develops his character more.

    • What do people ever mean when they say “develop” a character?

      Flit is already awesome, and in an understated way that I really like.

      What Grodek needs to do is to show up and kick some ass.

  3. anon says:

    where is Char… there’s Yurin flashing everywhere on this episode O_o

  4. senshi says:

    X-Rounder being a regression isn’t exactly new – some material in the UC universe also looks at Newtype power as perhaps humans needing to tap into their animal-like “instincts” which manifested to telepathic abilities in Newtypes in order to survive the harsh conditions in space – humans becoming more animal-like in our civiliased world where we value reason would be viewed as regression yet in the lens of evolution and natural selection this is still an adaptive advantage, so in the general UC world they sort of sit on the fence of things when it comes to Newtype power being better/worse of human evolution (in which I would argue Tomino falls right on the “neither” camp, as Tomino has hammered the point and again that Newtype power doesn’t assist, let alone wipe out the human instinct for war and conflict). AGE just had the guts (or cut to the chase simplicity to make it easier for the kids to understand) to come out and flat out call it a regression.

    • Umm just like some fans Interpreted the Force in the SW universe… That is a Natural Darwinian Step but bad manage can be a ‘dark side’ because some people are just willingly to use their skill for his own(Palplatine, Anakin), then the Samurai like Jedi who belive than status quo is god to stop them.

      I blame you ATOKAD… you having full subtitle when here in the americas we are waiting for the english sub…

      So even if it this a generational History, is still Flit Show and until somewhat happen he is still the main characther and resident ‘Saiyayin’, even if Asemu is the focus Characther… that open us to the mad idea than Asemu will either die(but after ‘Do it’ with Rosmary) or start is own AEUG Like faction… anyway AGE put all mad theories in the rubbish bin.

      Again AGE suprise me again… This one not only MUST become the Gateway Gundam for the next decade.. but the model for the future AU(Don’t Restrain for Broke the GUndam Tropes, follow both the good thing of the Tomino and Fukuda School,etc)

      • senshi says:

        It’s not quite like The Force though, as Newtype power goes a step further and poses the question – if humans can communicate perfectly (like Newtypes where they can read each other’s thoughts completely) would conflict disappear? Since it could be argued that human conflict arises from misunderstandings and miscommunication. But Tomino had slapped that hypothesis down as early as the Amuro/Char/Lala conflict because he correctly pointed out that people are not perfectly rational but are emotionally drive as well, so even when Newtypes can perfectly communicate it does nothing to eliminate conflict as long as humans have emotion, thus Newtypes aren’t the next step in human evolution as Tomino sees it because he thinks that the next step in human evolution is when every and all people can co-exists peacefully completely without conflict (of which that is only attainable in the metaphysical world when humans are freed of gains and loses in the physical world, a very Buddist/Zen like thinking I might add).

        The Force in comparison is a bit more vague and wishy-washy.

        • Yes i know that about the force, but the analogy was to the superpower who make the protagonist(Luke/Gundam Pilot) vs the most stronger Antagonist( Vader-Sith of Turn/Char-Char clone), and when originally sell as something exotic and good.. become more plain and gray in the time.

          Again that is Gundam.. how is true Human Nature, Misunderstading come from the prehistory and mark how we was and will be.. For that is how gundam is trully Ageless even if the techology somewhat is retro now…

        • kevin says:

          go watch turn A gundam.


          EARTH ISN’T A PLACE TO START A WAR! *gundam hammer smashes into your face*

          a person who’s naive as to believe that perfect understanding would cure all problems might need to look towards nations and countries that you have never heard of.
          perfect understanding in itself is impossible. that is because you are selfish. you are created from a pile of bacteria, cured and dried in the seas of origin, many of your ancestors died trying to climb onto the land, and when they did, they often die off. millions of you were killed off by larger organisms, most who have came from the same bases as you. when you finally reached land, you find yourself chased by even more predators, so to save yourself, you climbed onto a tree. millions of years later, you climbed off of that tree after a meeting with the monolith countless nights ago, and looked at yourself in the mirror and said. “HEY! lets stop killing each other so we can finally evolve and live happily ever after”
          that thought, in itself, is selfish. a perfect understanding, is also selfish. so dam selfish.

          when will you accept the fact that you’re nothing but a carbon based lifeform that got to where it is by destroying others? perhaps you should’ve stayed on the tree. oh wait, even life on the bacteria level ends up having the strong eating up the weak. aw hell, life’s hopeless.

          • kevin says:

            in summary, perfect understanding is garbage and the only way to cure our thirst for war is the ultimate answer to life
            six by nine. forty two.

          • senshi says:

            I’ve seen Turn A. 🙂

            What you are saying though is already covered in the original Gundam. Char/Lala/Amuro demonstrates the selfish/emotional aspect especially well. Even when Amuro and Lala reached perfect understanding, Lala chose Char because she was more emotionally attached/in-debt to Char, Amuro was selfish to hate Char as well even though he knows that Lala’s death wasn’t really Char’s fault (and even Lala’s Newtype ghost keeps telling him that too lol), but he keeps hating Char because that’s the only emotion to drive him on at that point or else otherwise he has little reasons to continue fighting, so yeah, Amuro was selfish too. Tomino’s covered all the bases in the original Gundam when it comes to communication vs selfish emotions.

            That’s why none of the other Gundam work has managed to better Tomino’s when it
            comes to explaining how wars end. Tomino’s flew right past everyone to say that perfect communication is not the solution yet all the other recent work are still stuck on that page with how communication leads to pacifism and all that (looking at you SEED and 00) .

      • senshi says:

        I can’t remember there is one specific work where they’ve said this plus even in the same work the different sides and characters have their own definition when it comes to Newtypes, I’m going with the Japanese wiki article where even their general understanding is that a part of Newtype ability is an animal-instinct like spatial perception, so yes I would argue that if humans are relying on more animal-instincts, as a species who values technology, man-made tools and reasons, it would be a regression if we have to become more “animal-like”, and I think I’ve remember someone saying this (maybe Zeta Gundam?).

        • It’s harder for me to take that as a conversation of regression. I mean, obviously the animal instinct parts are right — but that’s only the misappropriation of the NT ideal. Unicorn episode 01 said as much.

          • senshi says:

            Well I don’t have much respect for Unicorn’s interpretation of Newtypes because in Unicorn the story was geared towards making Newtypes being pure, selfless and Messiah/higher existence-like (Bahnager and Audrey being the only two “natural” Newtypes in the story), whereas Tomino’s original vision clearly doesn’t point that way (again, simply look at Char/Lala/Amuro in the original), and since Tomino is the original person who came up with the idea I would take his view over non-Tomino work first and foremost and build the view around this foundation. And in some works Tomino even went so far to say that Newtype power are merely a tool for war (eg F91), so I really think Tomino don’t view Newtype as a next-step evolution at all and is clearly something that is to be debated.

          • I don’t share your opinion here, as I don’t buy into author-centric “political” preferences when it comes to concepts.

            I think the tension between the Zeon Deikum “vision” and the practical exploitation of the NT concept as human weapons is one of the great things in the franchise. Unicorn really sends it home for me.

  5. Reid says:

    Looking back, once I realized “Char’s Counterattack” really showed Char’s failure as a human being (and how glorious it was, despite that failure), and especially after I watched “Zeta Gundam” and saw what a good guy he can be and could have been, I too genuinely wanted for Amuro and Char to be good friends and take on some kind of greater evil. Unfortunately, in the case of “Gundam AGE”, Zeheart (as a stand-in for Char) and Asemu (as a stand-in for Amuro) AND POSSIBLY Asemu and Romary’s kid, might just find that greater evil in Flit.

  6. Chris Tenney says:

    “So it’s still Flit’s show, and I can’t help but feel it’s no great tragedy that it is. Maybe this is a setup for his:

    a) death

    b) corruption into the dark side (full Gihren)”

    Maybe it’ll be a setup for a bit of his corruption, but then someone will talk some sense into Flit, then we cue Heel Realization combined with My God, What Have I Done, then he goes out into a battle and gets a Redemption Equals Death moment when he saves Asemu and/or Zeheart. He may even get some last words to them both and be all “Lear from my mistakes, don’t become like me!”. Or something to that general effect.

    • Wow, trope-fu.

      In english please 🙂

      • Chris Tenney says:

        Sorry. -_-;; OK, maybe Flit becomes noticeably more dogmatic in his quest to destroy the Veigans, Asemu tries to fight the Federation’s corruption from within as he fights Zeheart and the Veigan forces, Woolf dies by Desil’s hand, Flit grieves for him, Asemu goes “Look, father! This is what you’re allowing yourself to become!” He sees it as Asemu sees it, and says to himself “My God, it can’t be!” Flit ends up with an earth-shattering revelation that affects that leaves him flummoxed or shocked to the point of mentally shutting down for a while, like reaching the very heights of despair, except temporary instead of permanent, then after he gets over it after tearfully begging for forgiveness from the spirits of his mother and Yurin, he goes back into battle, save Asemu from Desil and kills him in a suicide run while saying to Asemu to “Learn from my mistakes, this is the death of a man who corrupts his soul for vengeance!!”. Any thoughts?

        • Thanks!

          You do the other readers a service by not having to make them look up those specific tropes and suck up their entire day LOL (you know how it is).

          Definitely plausible, and that’s what makes this show pretty good too — it’s so wide open now that this and other possibilities can happen and most of the time it does something else anyway.

          The war drags on a bit, but it becomes more of an extermination led by Flit. Asemu knocks up Romary without him knowing. Asemu gets killed by Flit by accident, as he tries to save Zeheart. Romary joins Zeheart on the run, and raises Kio for a Jin Kazama vs. Heihachi Mishima style vengence finale LOL.

          • Chris Tenney says:

            Makes sense to me. Hey, maybe he could end up surviving his suicide run, and fails to end Desil’s life, but Zeheart defects after seeing what kind of monster he is. And as Flit lies injured, possibly dying in his cockpit, Flit comes to realize that while he may still not be ready to forgive the Veigans, he admits he was wrong to not recognize their humanity, and admits to more of his foolishness. He may even say to Zeheart “I’m glad you were able to befriend my son, to become the brother he never had, and if you should ever have the time, I would one day like to hear stories of your homeland”. Your thoughts?

          • raidenwarrior says:

            That is a plausible prediction. As of me I have come to one of my own that Desil would ultimately murder Zeheart with cold blood, then gets his karma ass finally handed by the enraged Asemu, ending his life of utter villainy.
            This could happen shortly before Flit’s death.

          • I can dig it.

            Nice, sappy GRIMDARK. Kids will love it. I would’ve had I still been 11.

  7. Kherubim says:

    Desil got smacked down like the bitch he was the moment he challenged Flit, although the look on his face makes me think that he was nursing a boner from all that violence.

    In the meantime, Zeheart got pwned both on command and on piloting by Flit while Asemu has the bear the brunt of SILVER MEDAL GENETICS FRUSTRATION by Flit, who is probably not that upset with his son, but rather himself for not finishing the job from 25 years ago.

    Next week, we’ll see whether if the Feddies let Grodek out on good behaviour, or whether if it’s because they couldn’t find any other person other than Flit who is a BAD ENOUGH DUDE to fight the Vagan.

  8. kevin says:

    aw man i wish i knew japanese. oh well this episode can be watched with out the subs ( and they were dam slow today too, some one should check up on them )

    ok, this episode we saw:

    -massproduced generation one end game machines
    -ZEDAS!!! FUCK YEAAAAA, even better, piloted by cry baby newtypes!
    -woolf’s getting old – oh well, oh and looks like he either turned or is turning or has turned in the past, preview of 23 shows flint meeting him in a bar => obvious char joke, three times more effective

    creeping GM series: 1
    crying desil: 0
    flint: /trollface

    -yurin dies for the nth time in the fastest feeling gundam flashback possible. awww yeeeeaaaaa
    -WOOLF AND BLONDY! take note: NEVER STAND STILL IN COMBAT – or Z-Heart will come and buttsex you from behind with out saying no homo.
    -horrific defeat for the displaced people of mars. lol owned
    -terrible, terrible predictions on our end that never happened because something even more badass happened.

    fuck man, nothing gets me going as much as seeing an underarmed unit taking on something that should be way out of its league. desil got completely chopped to pieces by something he should’ve seen coming from a million light years away.

    and lets see… we’ll go with option A)
    flint will die, since hes already got a score of 2:0 against desil
    woolf looks like he might turn next episode…. oh my… can my heart survive?

  9. Tenryu says:

    shouldn’t it be ‘Touhoufuhai(Undefeatedof The East)’instead? other wise you’d just repeating yourself.

  10. kevin says:

    Newtypes, by crossbone era. has been defined as a person who is capable of adapting to his environments. therefore making a newtype no more super than a normal human being. However, during the course of Z, ZZ, unicorn and especially CCA, people that have been labeled as newtypes could be seen doing super human things. and furthermore, in the steel seven of crossbone gundam everyone was getting facerolled by some psychic from jupiter (sounds awefully familiar…)
    if we’re going by other media terms, these people are simply more psychically competent who happens to be piloting machines.
    that is why i loved crossbone so much, because they were ballyz enough to make V fin jokes and tell people off on throwing the word newtype around. and AGE, fuck yes, i love you so much for being a dick towards super humans.

  11. CVPhased says:

    Unfortunately for Amuro, he won’t grow up to have a bad-ass moustache that Flit has… And I am guessing that Woolf might take the cake in order for Asemu to totally awaken his X-Rounder powers… assuming that it’s just dormant or something…

  12. sadakups says:

    Godlike. Flit was just frickin’ godlike. No need for words.

    True, this episode was Flit’s show, though Generation 2 should be about Asem. I know he’ll get his time to shine. I feel like it’s more of setting Flit as a huge threat to the Vagans and yes, I do agree that it’s either setting up for Flit getting killed (I sense that his blonde right hand man is a traitor) or him going to the dark side. The fact that they introduced the concept that being an X-Rounder is more of a regression rather than an evolution makes me think that being one isn’t exactly a good thing. Either way, I like where it is going.

    And now that Asem is starting to feel the pressure from Flit, he could realize what he really is fighting for and not because he wants to be as good as his father, or to impress him. I’d like to see where he goes from here.

    Nice to see Grodek in the preview. Wonder what he’ll be doing in Generation 2.

  13. ces06 says:

    Wihoah. Flit just up and beat Jesus Yamato in terms of godhood. Having a commander leave the command center to go straight to the front lines is as believable as say, General Revil piloting a Gundam, but with Flit it’s as legit as Dozle piloting the Big Zam. At least, it’s a whole lot believable than one-shotting everything in Seed.

    I don’t really think anything might happen to Flit with his position, since he’s more likely to be behind the lines as a commanding officer. If they wanted to kill him, it would have been in this episode. But then again, anything’s a guess with what they’ve been doing. If anything would happen to him, my best guess is it would have to do with some sort of conflict within the army itself.

    It would be funny if Earth was actually in ruins or something, unlike what Ezelcant showed Zeheart.

    X-Rounder abilities as a regression is fresh and interesting. Do away with ALL the tropes!

    Starting to get whiny emo with Asem and Zeheart… hope they quickly straighten things out and just get to the point.

    Honestly, I was kind of hoping Desil to be reformed or something, but I guess that’s the sort of person you tend to be when you’ve got a screwed-up childhood.

    Woolf, the bro-est squad captain ever.

    Man, Flit sure is harsh. But then you’ve got him scolding, then welcoming Asem in the previous episode, encouraging Asem not to think about the test scores too much, and smiling in the ED stills. It’s a bit confusing. is he’s just strict, or insensitive? (Or both?) I hope there’s a lot more development on Flit and Asem.

    Awesome panel this week, BTW, haha

    • Char will remember your words about this week’s panel.

      Flit is much younger than General Revil, and Revil was no MS pilot. The analogy you’re looking for is Char in CCA, only that Char would be a little less than a decade younger than Flit.

      Wouldn’t be surprised if Earth was less than verdant.

      • People here haven’t play Gihren Greed.. Revil can become a Jed—Newtype very late in the game(at last level thus only having one level in newtype again 2-3 average, or the 4 of Kamille among others) plus other thing..

        With this chapter.. I Demand Vagan no Yabou(Vagan’s Ambition) for the PSP Vita.

      • I can almost imagine it, the Vagan breaking through for a massive invasion of Earth, only to find it a scarred wasteland from centuries of warfare and colony drops, while the Federation in the surviving colonies prevent them from leaving the planet’s surface.

    • sadakups says:

      “Flit just up and beat Jesus Yamato in terms of godhood.”

      Man, Flit took some time and developed before becoming this godlike. That’s more believable than Kira’s case.

  14. After Finally watched it Subbed… This chapter was simple like another mini 14 but with more action…AGE do it Again… You Simple become my favorite Show so Far(and keep there).

    In general the contrast of Tactics Vs Skill was hard, here the Vagan doesn’t have the Techological Edge Anylonger(even the feddies will surpass them at this rate… much like Zeon) and what happen in Big Ring is the main reason of that.

    Again I’ll not comment who is the start of this show… but Again the thing goes Interesting, Even Asemu should learn that Flit want him to be the stronger and capable regarthless of Being Jedi or not.

    Again the Vagan Ideals… What we saw was like is the vendetta plus doesn’t return back to space(aka Char Plan in Reverse) but what looks is that Both Zenehart and Desil are something pretty Close to the Lord Ezkebert(their Grandson? thus make them member of Royalty?) That would explain the freedom who they have as soldiers.

    And about the Preview… we goes again to the Colonies dinamic.. so what looks that colonies must have either Vagan or Vagan Allies… the Woolf Scene is so Open to be interpreted… and Grodek return.. Another week of Madness again

  15. Raidenwarrior says:

    Quote: “I was wrong. Dead wrong. I predicted an overwhelming victory by the Vagans. I predicted everyone will die and a V Gundam setting will emerge from the ashes of this age. I predicted a multi-episode set piece battle that will show one death scene after another. I pretty much thought this will be like the end of Z Gundam. I need 7th Level Access to Veda to correctly predict this show.”

    Too soon, ghost, as I have suspected! XD It’s still too soon for Vagan to even conquer Earth, given we haven’t even seen Age-2’s upgrade just yet.

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