The Greatest Time To Be a Gundam Fan

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I am not wrong about this.

Sure, I missed the first Newtype flashes of 1979, the Encounters in Space back when the Original Movie Trilogy aired. I even missed the greatest TV anime in the franchise: Mobile Suit Z Gundam. I missed the entirety of the glory days of Tomino. More than that, I missed out on Char’s Counterattack when it brought the curtains down on the Zeonic struggle.

It doesn’t end there. I missed out on the glory days of the Gundam OVA. The OVAs were the first acts of remembering love. New stories covering old battles, these shows made the Universal Century better than it was – making it gritty and looking amazing while doing so. Gone were the goofiness and here to stay is the older, more adult-friendly seriousness that characterized War in The Pocket, Stardust Memory, and The 08th MS Team. The ‘90s were such that there was almost a Gundam release every year. It was amazing.

But the ‘90s also brought with it wild changes to the cocktail. The Alternative Universe material came, heralded by G and Wing. Both would find massive if not massively loyal international fanbases. Gundam had gone global. The decade would end with what would be Tomino’s return after the hideous Victory, and what arguably is the most different, yet the show that remembers the most love for the franchise itself: Turn A Gundam. I think it is only second to Z itself in terms of being the most satisfying Gundam show made for television. It was an end of things, because Gundam would turn to shit for the next decade.


Even the OVAs sucked. The Igloo sub-franchise re-tread the One Year War in ugly CG. Sure there were interesting bits, and the sequel had excellent battles, but on the whole it was ugly and overfetishized the Nazi aesthetic; not to mention the shinigami nonsense in the sequel.

Without amazing OVAs it was up to Gundam for TV to bring the franchise to new heights. Well, we got Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, and Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Fuck. I came into Gundam during the time of 00, liked it enough before it turned into shit, and boy it sure did.

I haven’t seen everything. I’ve yet to suffer through Endless Waltz, and Gundam X for beyond five episodes (as well as Astray), but I’ve watched G-Saviour. Yes, it exists, and it’s better than the whole of the SEED franchise.


The aughts are over, and Gundam is almost 33 years old, but it’s as good as it’s ever been. It’s because of 2 things:

  1. The UC OVAs are back in an awesome way.
  2. AU Gundam – hell, TV Gundam hasn’t been this good in over a decade.

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn is a throwback to the ‘90s UC side stories. As a capstone show for Gundam’s 30th Anniversary, it’s an editorial on the whole saga. The thing is so dense, rich – both in terms of narrative content and in production values/craftsmanship. It’s how I’ve wanted to see mobile suit battles without having to watch Char and Amuro again and again in CCA.


Gundam the Origin affirms my belief that the franchise is committed to satisfying its core fans – the Universal Century fans that grew old (yes, 10 year olds in 1979 would be in their 40s now) with the franchise. Unicorn was one thing, but this is an entirely different beast of awesomeness. A 21st century production of the original story – I can’t think of anything more satisfying.

But the real news is Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. Almost halfway through the 4-cour show, it’s revealed itself as a premiere “Gateway” show. It’s an awesome way for kids to get into the whole thing. It doesn’t do anything new. This isn’t the game to play, not with Gundam anyway. What it’s brilliant at is how it managed to make Gundam fresh. Expectations are upended on every turn. Whenever I think it’s going one way (except the truly obvious) it goes another, awesome way.

[Zero-Raws] Gundam AGE - 14 (TBS 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_18.19_[2012.01.16_04.57.41]

When TV Gundam is this good, it’s really a treat, because it means a whole year of goodness. One whole year of anticipation and excitement every week. A few nights ago I inadvertently caught the finale of Gundam 00 second season on TV and was just dumbstruck at how superior AGE is in almost every way (except production values). I am enjoying a new Gundam episode every week for the last 24 weeks now… and over the next 6 months I’ll still have Gundam to look forward to. And THEN there’s at least one Unicorn episode coming out this year.

I think things like this are once in a decade kind of goodness. For those of you who haven’t given AGE a chance, catch up. I’ll be here every week. Times like this are meant to be shared by us devoted fans.

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  1. Vucub Caquix says:

    Oh man oh man, yeah I know how you’re gonna respond but I gotta say anyway that it’s been great to read your AGE posts as I’ve been catching up. This show is gold.

  2. Karry says:

    “the greatest TV anime in the franchise: Mobile Suit Z Gundam.”

    One of the worst, surely. It was great up until Amuro rescue, and then it went straight to hell.

    “caught the finale of Gundam 00 second season on TV and was just dumbstruck at how superior AGE is in almost every way”

    You really should start specifically pointing out the sarcasm, because if you are serious – you need to get your head examined.

    • You’re dead wrong on all counts.

    • fadeway says:

      I disagree with GL on a lot of GLs Gundam preferences, from his hate for Seed (best Gundam ever, second only to 79 and CCA), through his praise for Turn (lolworstgundamsinceGFighter), and about 4 or 5 more points which it won’t be productive to describe. The Gundam fanbase has always been fractured on what is great and what is bad, and there’s really no point arguing, since there are only a few shows that are universally agreed to be bad and have no substantial fanbase (I think of G Fighter here, though I’ve seen some praise on the blog, and am thus reluctant to denounce it), and just as few shows that have few detractors and are generally loved (08th MS Team).

      Anyhow, even though I’m not big at all on Age (dropped at ep 5, plan to give a second chance later), and thus have to subtract a point from my Gundam Obsession Opportunities D..d..Dcounter (GOOD)(spent 5 minutes fetching a word for that last letter, I feel like I did the right thing not using dosimeter), but that point I can then easily add back for Seed’s current remaster, which allows me to pretend I’m watching my gateway show as it’s coming out, one episode a week. So yeah, with Seed, Unicorn and the upcoming Origin, Gundam is looking better than ever.

      • fadeway says:

        I just searched through the posts on the blog, fearing I’d said something completely untrue about Fighter praise, found only a few on G Fighter, and I’m not exactly certain on your actual stance toward it, ghostlighting, so care to post about it, or maybe even devote a blog post at some point if you feel like it? I’m curious.

        • Mobile Fighter G Gundam is one of the only true novelties in the franchise, along with Turn A. Novelties in the sense that its uniqueness continued to set it apart (like Turn A) as opposed to Wing Gundam whose innovations in the franchise (yes, even I will call them innovations) became something almost normal in future AU: Gundam teams, pretty boys, rival Gundams (piloted by pretty boys), etc.

          G Gundam has some of these elements (rival Gundams, but not so much in the pretty boys department; not much at all LOL), but what it does is bravely turn the franchise on its head. As a Gundam show it embraced, remembered love, for EVERYTHING Gundam tried to depart from: super robot pro wrestling shows of the ’70s. Here Gundams and their pilots were super heroes instead of soldiers. Instead of war, we have tournaments. It did not do this in some half-assed way (like how Wing and SEED would portray war — as a story about how pacifists win by destroying all their enemies LOLOLOL), but ALL THE WAY.

          G Gundam took the awesome spirit of super robot shows — the fighting spirit and hot-bloodedness, the power of love and friendship, and the investment in crowning moments of awesome. It did this as a comedy for the most part, and with the fearless risk-taking that I don’t think we’ll ever see in the franchise ever again.

          Now, is the animation terrible? Yes. Are there long stretches of awful episodes? Yes. Are there terrible characters (in concept and execution)? Yes. Do these things matter in the enjoyment of the show? Yes.

          These will and should prevent G Gundam from being taken that seriously as a show — not that it takes itself seriously AT ALL (unlike the rest, and especially W, SEED, and 00). But, the kind of goodness it has, is AWESOME. This is why it’s regarded so highly. This is why I will always have a soft spot for it, despite it never really becoming close to my favorites. G Gundam is awesome. AU Gundam, can’t touch this kind of awesome. Hell, Gundam can’t touch this kind of awesome. You’ll have to watch Gao Gai Gar or Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

          Now if either or both of those shows are works you have no regard for, then we have nothing to discuss.

        • what the hell says:

          wow… um. who the hell cares about stances on things? people changes, it is simple as that. I used to love seed, then I saw a picture of GP01 Perfect grade. I puked rainbows, then realized that all the little wings on freedom was garbage. when destiny came out, i questioned the necessity of such retarded designs, then I realized, after all those times. that nobody in seed destiny or seed used their mechas to the full extent. nobody used their robot like robots, they used them like ninjas and failed at both.

          if you understood me, like that homosexual fake iranian by the name of alien setsuna thinks he could, you would wish that you never innovated at all. infact, understanding would destroy the likes of you. such naive personality can not stand the process of instrumentality.

          oh and you’re being trolled really hard, this guy’s pretty good at this thing. LOL

          seed sucked, partly thanks to jesus and destiny, 00 sucked, because the creator can’t come up with anything better than pixie dust (i honestly don’t get why they didn’t just bullshit away with an ion thruster, 300 years is a lot of time, why the hell would they even need to fuck with pixie dust?)
          G however was so badass (only cuz of GvG games, period, don’t even speak of the show other than the music and “LOOK! THE EAST! IT IS BURNING RED!!!!), that if you deny its badassary, we’ll condemn you to the depth of nerd hell and call you a wanker for the rest of your life. it’s basically the same as saying GGG or TTGL is bad, FUCK OFF NAO!

          • what the hell says:

            this place has awkward post management… gee i hope the right people gets it cuz sorting disputes isn’t my strong point.

          • Do try not to put in hate speech in these comments. Anyone who uses fag to mean homosexual is lame, and who means homosexual as an insult is just no good.

      • LOL SEED.

        G Gundam is far beyond anything SEED can hope to accomplish. It’s one thing to have feelings for one’s gateway show (I still have feelings for the terrible 00) — as one can easily see in the hordes of Wing fanboys. But are the shows good? LMFAO

        And by the way, I’m watching the SEED remaster and enjoy being reminded how crappy the whole thing is.

        Such is my love for Gundam.

        • senshi says:

          I have to say that SEED was also a pretty good refresh of the original Gundam, the idea of pitching childhood friends against each other was a good idea, genetically modified humans to become the superior Newtype-race was also a good call. Heck, Fllay who actually slept with her enemy to get what she wanted was WIN. Except all of these points falls apart about half-way through when the writers have a brain fart and decide on the “Pacifist wins by beating their enemies with even bigger BFGs”, which failed so hard in Wing, was going to be the end goal – THAT was what made the SEED franchise disappointing.

          • That’s only a few of SEED’s problems, but you make it sound like the main thing. I wrote a whole post about it, click the link above so I don’t have to repeat things here.

    • BumphGb says:

      You’re not the only one who feels this way Karry, 00 Gundam is probably my favourite tv series out of all the ones I’ve watched and I tortured myself by watching all of Z Gundam in the hope that I would grow to love it as much as everyone else seems to but it just kept getting worse.
      I think the only point I agree with Ghostlightning on is that Turn A is good show despite what its detractors say about it.

    • bonezai says:

      The original Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 completed by Mobile Suit Gundam Char’s Counter Attack is still the best.
      Pure Amuro & Char.

  3. sadakups says:

    True enough, AGE is doing a good job of being the new Gundam gateway drug for the new generation. Moreso in Generation 2, I am actually enjoying every episode that comes out every week and it’s been a few years since I never missed an episode and having that anticipation on what happens next. The last few shows that I can think of that did this to me was FMA: Bro and Steins;Gate.

    • Well, it’s a tough comparison with FMA:BRO. That show is, ya know… perfect. I actually have a lot to say, but I’ll unload it on the other commenters.

      • Turambar says:

        After the original FMA series gave me a Hughes funeral that had me shedding many tears, the speed at which Brotherhood sped through that portion of the story and diminished the role of Hughes had me rage quitting the show in 10 episodes. I’ll have to find time to pick it up again if the remainder is actually that good.

        • PFFF, I was never that emotionally invested in FMA:BRO, but that never let me fail to acknowledge the consistence excellence it brought in every.single.episode. Insane.

        • Tenryu says:

          Thats because the death of Hughes was made important and more emotional through the first anime and not the manga itself. Wasn’t really that big of a character either when you think about it.

      • sadakups says:

        No, I’m not exactly comparing AGE to FMA: Bro in terms of story, characters and everything else, but I only mentioned it in the way that both shows kept me hooked for whatever reason every week without fail. Of course, AGE and FMA: Bro are two different shows catering to the same demographic of young boys, but that’s just about it. Same goes for Steins;Gate which is more of a mystery sci-fi show than a shounen show. That show also got me hooked every week.

  4. Ironically this post come whena debate is Raging(with a lot of hate), That Gundam Models for AGE are selling little(Bandai Fountain of Income) and The rating for the series are plumetting(to the same level of Gundam 0079)

    So Gundam AGE will Finish his run or we going to have another Gundam X and the series going axed before showing his true potential?

    Some Thoughts and Feedback…

    • sadakups says:

      Source please.

    • I don’t think this show is going to be axed. The previous decade’s terribleness yielded incredible popularity that must garner enough clout/goodwill for any cancellation to happen.

      As for the merchandise… the suits are ugly, what can I say? I’m interested to buy out of being a fan of the show, but if you’re going to make me choose between Unicorn suits and AGE suits… LOL

      • what the hell says:

        you know people who disses the suits has never actually seen them up close… they are actually quite cute in many ways, you just need to actually see one instead of just looking at their art in the shows. trust me, zoids references can’t go wrong.

        • It depends on what era of Zoids — the ’80s wind-up stuff are really great, but the later plasticky chunky stuff aren’t. I get to see the suits up close here in Manila where Gunpla are sold in most toy stores.

          • what the hell says:

            dinosaur lol

            but yea,

            they don’t look bad at all, except in the show since the show is low budget compared to say; 00reos
            very convincing design tbh

  5. Reid says:

    I’m totally with you on this, Ghost. AGE is clearly the best of the alternate universe shows that we’ve seen thus far and bar far one of the classiest, coolest and most fun ways to retread the same old themes that make Gundam what it is. Don’t even get me started on how much I love Unicorn. It’s just got everything – great story, great battles, great mecha design (arguably the best part of the whole thing), great production values, etc. It’s also something of a monumental moment in the UC narrative as a whole, which I think will contribute to its status as one of the best pillars of the whole Gundam franchise when looked back at years from now.

    • You lost me at great mecha design.

      Mecha designs are hideous.

      • Reid says:

        Dude, you must be mad. Unicorn (and Banshee), SINANJU, Geara Zulu, Jesta, Delta Plus, Byarlant…seriously, you must really be crazy. Those things are great!

        • I thought you meant AGE suits are better than Unicorn’s which would be stupid.

          • Reid says:

            Heck no! I definitely meant Unicorn has the prettiest and meanest MS design work we’ve seen ever. AGE’s (outside of the plain old Genoace ^.^) designs smoke a whole stack of poles.

          • what the hell says:

            unicorn suits don’t look very fitting in their relative time scale… but then again, its ok i guess considering that the vist foundation is a separate part of the ball game…

            seeing as F90 was made around the same time, gera doga and the mighty jadg dogas too, the unicorn suits simply looks too 00 and seedish in some ways, they lack that certain amount of artistic curvature that makes them actually UC. but hell, when MG banshee gets released, i’ll be the first person in the shop getting it no matter what happens to my wallet.

          • senshi says:

            what the hell – F90 was made in UC0122 (a year before F91 which was US0123),

            Unicorn is UC0096, there’s actually a huge gap between the two. Actually you can see that Unicorn has a throw back to the Nu Gundam, in a lot of ways the suit does fit with the time, well more so than stuff in 0083 anyway.

      • what the hell says:

        have you actually built a martian suit model yet? seriously bro build one NOW

        • No, they’re seriously not nice. They remind me of generic enemy Super Robot Wars mecha. This is not a compliment.

          • what the hell says:

            but the jovans had worse 😀 FLYINGSQUIDSSSSSSSSSSZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

            to contrast the god dam crossbones, fuck yea, best contrast EVER.

            but ya, i think you might be suffering from SRW withdrawal.

          • Reid says:

            The Vagan suits do look like SRW enemies, especially Zeheart’s new Zeydra.

  6. Matt Wells says:

    I really need to catch up with AGE. About the bits of the franchise you haven’t sampled: what about SEED Astray? I’ve done a little digging, and from what I can tell it’s basically the redemption of the entire Cosmic Era. The main characters aren’t whiny plot armoured messiahs, the main units are pretty much openly super robots, Coordinator Whales…

    If anything it feels like the second coming of G Gundam: unabashedly optimistic, hot blooded and fun! Battleship sized katanas, Aliens style power loader Gundams, a Daimos Reppu Sekenzuki style finishing attack… the only downside seems to be that its all manga, the two OVAs out there are only five minutes long.

    • ces06 says:

      Astray, the only part of the SEED franchise worth following. Totally agree.

    • Nothing will redeem the CE, and not the least some short OVA done in the same character design. Are you serious?

      Also, LOL manga.

      • ces06 says:

        It’s not as much as redeeming the CE, but it’s the best thing ever that’s associated with the CE. If a battleship-sized katana (forged from a meteorite!) isn’t enough of a hook, I don’t know what is.

        You’ll have to go through all the manga though….

      • whatsht says:

        I loved the Stargazer OVA for SEED. You see civilian suits getting trashed by military suits and see a gundam be defeated by 4 legged grunts. And also brainwashed kids piloting mobile suits and mobile suits being defeated by tanks.

  7. ces06 says:

    As a guy who’s been watching gundam for so long, I totally agree. Having two, soon-to-be three series at the same time is nothing short of a godsend, not to mention the stuff in other media and outlets that keep pouring in. (Games, model kits, etc.)

    Unicorn’s nothing short of splendid. AGE has been way above everyone’s expectations. I haven’t read ORIGIN, but having the story done with today’s production would be awesome, and something HD remasters and the Zeta movies can’t compare to. It feels even more gratifying, after the decade of crap we had to go through. They’re bringing everything the fans love, loved, will love, and giving it all they got.

    …which is why I can’t seem to get around as to why there’s apparently a lot of rAGE out there. The icing on the cake to 30 years of gundam right now isn’t UC or Origin, those are old shows with old stories. AGE, on the other hand, is a gust of fresh air. It shows that the franchise can still be fresh while staying true to it’s roots, even after 30 years. It’s a promising new start, akin to Frontier, that gives the hope that gundam can continue on for another 30 years. And as a fan, there’s nothing better knowing that they’re keeping the love alive.

    • rAGE is part of the reflexive hate leveled to every new Gundam show. It’s kind of like this (brace yourself):

      A fraternity.

      In a fraternity, new pledges are hazed. Here in the Philippines, this means physical violence for many frats (paddles and shit). It’s really torture.

      The pledges are physically and mentally tortured by their seniors, and there’s no way for them to ever get back at them.

      Thus, when the pledges are now senior, they take it out in an escalating level of cruelty to the next batch of neophytes.

      This was definitely my experience as a member of the Triskelion Grand Fraternity (TGF, Tau Gamma Phi) which I entered back in High School.

      Now the Gundam fandom is never really that organized, but a similar social dynamic between oldfag and newfag is in place. The newest show will come with the newest fans which slightly older or faux-oldfags prey on. There’s a lot of inauthenticity here, but them’s the breaks. That’s what happens after a decade and a half of shitty Gundam TV shows. Turn A was great, but man it was terrible too. Every flaw is exaggerated to be representative of the whole show.

      It’s not surprising given the awfulness of the SEED franchise; it’s become a habit for the fandom as a whole.

      • ces06 says:

        “slighty older or faux-oldfags”

        Exactly, the ones that seem to have a problem with AGE are guys absolutely new to gundam who might not find it their thing, and the slightly older “oldfags” (LOL) who probably haven’t had as much exposure to gundam outside of SEED and 00. It sure is a hard time to be working on gundam right now, having to appeal to both sides of a polarized fanbase, lol.

        Speaking of SEED, it’s interesting how SEED opened up a whole new level of love and hate in the fandom. I don’t recall there being even this much rage (or any at all) with stuff like G and Wing back in the day.

        • It’s because G and W were the first things they saw, and only had Robotech to compare it with. Robotech made people hungry for military robot war action. People took to these shows as other kinds of goodness — much the same way I gobbled a lot of super robot shows of varying degrees of suck waaay back in the day.

          Also, SEED is 10 years old. Anyway, I’ll let Puru 12 say it for me:

  8. Well, I’m with you that AGE had been pretty fantastic so far ever since we got into Generation 2 (though it does have it’s own set of problems, namely the pacing and the time shortage causing events to lose a lot of their set up) and that Generation 1 ended on a better note than I guess anyone expected. I agree with you that it takes past Gundam tropes and present them in a fresh manner that is accessible to a younger audience (as they said back when the show was announced, since they are trying to introduce the franchise to the next generation). I don’t agree entirely with ”Expectations are upended on every turn (except the truly obvious)” since I think that certain expectations have been turned around, but so far I say that the show had been following a rather honest route when it comes to it’s hints and revelations. That doesn’t make it bad, at all, since being predictable isn’t a fault by any stretch, but this isn’t the sort of show that keeps me guessing every week if you get what I’m saying.

    However, does that make it better than Gundam 00 S2? So far, it’s hard to say. I liked 00 S2 despite it’s problems (lose of focus on almost every front and taking a more sci-fi approach to a show that shouldn’t have gone down that route) and thus far it has AGE beaten on the production side of things, as well as the animation and action thanks to 00 being blessed with a better action director (not so sure about the music, waiting till my cope of the AGE OST to arrive, but I’m tended to give this to 00 as well) and while I’m tempted to say AGE has got the better story structure … I remember the Farden arc and I start to think about the many flaws AGE has.

    When I first started watching AGE, I decided to leave my bias against Level-5 at the door. I didn’t want to commit to a year long show that I would ended up disliking due to outside reasons, and I think thus far I had been incredibly fair to it whenever I talk about something I dislike.

    I liked a lot of things in Generation one. I liked Flit as a protag, he was a strong headed kid with a focused goal and ambition and was incredibly talented but also had a humble edge to him and was a very hard worker. His Voice Actor was also awesome, so that made me like him even more. I liked how it started out, how it ended. I liked the VA line up, especially for Emily, Desil and Yurin. I liked Godrek.

    I didn’t like how the show talked down on the viewers. Episode 11 felt like a lesson from Space warships warfare for dummies. I didn’t like the Farden arc and the conflict between the Euba and Zuba was honestly childish and stupid and even the conclusion to the whole thing was very unsatisfying. I didn’t like how little development Emily had gotten when compared to Flit and how she eventually understood she had to build her dreams around Flit’s own if she wants to be with him (LOL). I didn’t like that the UE’s were Space boogiemen and how one sided the conflict was from a moral viewpoint. I didn’t like the justification they had (or lack of) for attacking civilians (because then they are still in the wrong here, no matter how bad they were screwed over by the Federation). And the time constraints are still a problem all around imo.

    That said, the staff is clearly learning from their mistakes. The last episode tactics was much better than 11. We didn’t have a Farden arc so far (but from what I read from the next episode description, they will apparently bring back a certain ”Gundam tradition” that I have been dreading since Gundam 0079 ugh) Romary is still useless, but there is still promise there so I won’t pass judgment yet. And the conflict has entered a more grey area than before, giving us the complexity we had all desired from a Gundam show from the start.

    There is no denying that I walked out of the past generation mostly satisfied. After all, no show is perfect, and the best thing to do is to outweigh the imperfections with the better stuff until they out do the bad things about a show till to the point no one pays attention on the unseemly aspects because they are either no longer hindering the enjoyment of the show, unnoticeable amid the good things, or just became negligible (shows I consider masterpieces often have this aspect). With AGE so far, I think that it’s so far between not making it’s flaws stand out much thanks to focusing on making sure to make it good where it counts (lack of time/set up —> Excellent pay off) and trying to divert attention from the less polished aspects of the show (Zeheart is promoted for failing his mission —-> at least we got cool action scenes with his mecha and a Vegean leader who we can actually sympathize with).

    ”Times like this are meant to be shared by us devoted fans.”

    Yay 🙂

    • That doesn’t make it bad, at all, since being predictable isn’t a fault by any stretch, but this isn’t the sort of show that keeps me guessing every week if you get what I’m saying.

      Seriously? This show turned out nearly exactly how you thought it did? You’re lying.

      Gundam 00 S1 had excellent production values. S2 is shit.

      The film is sub-par for a film production, but no production can ever make up for the shittiness in the film. Nothing will.

      I didn’t like how the show talked down on the viewers. Episode 11 felt like a lesson from Space warships warfare for dummies.

      Not for dummies you dummy! For the freaking 8-12 year olds! I don’t care if you were the fucking Bismarck of space by age 7. This is fine. Also, LOL space warfare. Gundam as a franchise is not very good at space warfare at all. Watch Legend of the Galactic Heroes and/or Banner of the Stars if you take yourself that seriously about being discerning about space battles. I like this space battles as much as ANYONE, so much that I can appreciate kiddy stuff like AGE’s (and the song and dance stuff in Macross LOL).

      And FINALLY,

      I don’t know if this actually applies to you in particular, but people are often sucked in by the idea that Gundam as a franchise is a rich vein of quality to be mined.

      This is far from the truth. Gundam as a franchise has mostly sucky shows, and a lot of them are truly terrible. On a per-episode basis, you’ll find the ledger incredibly unbalanced.

      What truly makes Gundam great, is the quantity. Yes, you read that right.

      No, I don’t mean quantity in a stupid, shounen, infinite episode count kind of way. I mean that there are so many Gundam shows. This is where the wealth is. Watching AGE after watching and rewatching all the shows I’ve seen in the franchise makes the experience incredible in ways no other show can match. While it won’t have the levels of execution and perfection as say, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex or Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, neither of those shows can provide this kind of layered experience.

      Look at the panels I’ve been doing for every episode. That’s the funnest part of writing every week. It’s only possible because I’ve seen so many, and mind you — I don’t only use characters from shows I like, or only characters I like from shows I like. Everything is usable because Gundam as a franchise is that kind of rich. Thus, consistently good shows are a rarity in Gundam, and it’s no surprise that the shorter OVAs get that kind of regard. But it’s TV anime where the weekly action is, and excellence in this theater of war, to me is more valuable than the goodness I get to experience twice a year from watching Unicorn installments.

      • Reid says:

        Like that awful jerk Josef Stalin said, “Quantity has a quality all its own.”

      • ”Seriously? This show turned out nearly exactly how you thought it did? You’re lying.”

        Yeah, I would be lying had I said that the show turned out exactly like I imagined. Which I didn’t say. I said that this isn’t the sort of show that keeps me guessing from week to week, as in you watch an episode and you can already figure out where are they going with the story e.g. Zeheart showing up in school -> him and Asem becoming friends -> their friendship being a major part of the plot, Yurin showing up in episode 2 -> everyone figured out that she would die in battle with Flit etc. I’m not saying that I magically figured out the plot of this show before it even aired, I’m saying that it’s not hard to figure where they are going with it.

        ”Not for dummies you dummy! For the freaking 8-12 year olds!”

        Yeah, sure, but that doesn’t mean they need to be talked down to like they did with captain Hershey. I’m not asking for battle on the level of LoGH, but on the level of what we had with Flit last episode. The one with Godreck was almost like watching a Yugioh anime duel from the way they made sure to explain out loud every move they made. Kids aren’t stupid except when they are.

  9. Bradley says:

    I’ll add that this is possibly the best time to get into Gundam. Not only is there fantastic fresh material in AGE and Unicorn, but sites like Crunchyroll are still streaming the original Gundam TV and Zeta. There’s so much material out there for new fans to dig into.

  10. what the hell says:

    link these music every time some one tells you that age sucks
    tell them to fuck the hell off unless they can find something better from their little alternate universe.

    made for kids right? fuck yea, this is the what a true american would’ve done if the moral nazis didn’t stop him.

  11. what the hell says:

    dude you started this just to troll didn’t you.


    you done well brother. MARCH ON TOWARDS THE VICTORY!

    • what the hell says:

      mandatory link for absolute badass
      AGE > all other AU at making music for giant robots instead of their homopilots
      i challenge thee to find something more fitting for a saviour.

      • Matt Wells says:

        Gundam is unique in that almost every production, regardless of the actual quality of the show, the music is near uniformly excellent. SEED is best summed up as “Shite show, lovely music”. Even Wing gave us “Wings of the Boy Who Killed Adolescence”. The only series that falls short on that front is 0080’s cloying synthesizer tracks; no matter how awful Gundam gets, odds are it’ll still have a solid soundtrack.

      • Andaer says:

        Without the music AGE would be 10% worse.

    • I am not trolling. I stand by everything I said in the post, which is why each statement about a show links to a full article I wrote in the past about it.

  12. d3v says:

    G is still the best AU since it actually took the concept of “alternate universe” and ran all the way with it

  13. Andaer says:

    The Origin manga is based on the Mobile Suit Gundam novel not on the original TV series, right? And the novel is based on Tomino’s original script which is more mature and varies in terms of character and plot developpement. So are we going to see Gundam the way it should have been originally?
    Besides, Tomino’s novel will be rereleased in English in April. Can’t wait!

    You forgot to mention the mysterious thing which is called G Reko, a new project by Tomino himself. Seems to be something similar to Turn A.

    • Matt Wells says:

      Origin is a straight up mixture of Tomino’s novels, the movie trilogy, and production material that never made it into the original TV series. The action and mechs are more realistic, but the characters are more developed and fleshed out. Tiny details and wrinkles are added, like Garma conquering Hollywood and a “White Devil” Test Type Gundam.

      About mid-way through there’s this LOOOONG flashback which is essentially the origin of Char, not to mention a close look at Zeon Deikum’s Newtype philosophy and the Zabi family’s rise to power. It’s just an awesome remake of the original series: all killer, no filler.

    • I don’t know if G Reko is Gundam… and I don’t know if I trust Tomino enough to be THAT excited.

      As for the novels, I don’t really care. I like Gundam as animation, not as manga or other forms of print media.

      • bonezai says:

        I hope they do the cell shaded graphics with a touch of hand drawn feel like Gundam Evolve – Nu Gundam not too clean like Unicorn & SEED
        They must look realistic like Armored Core V.
        Also Gundam is way behind Macross DYRL interms of technology. This is 2012 not 1982. Where are the HAARP, antigravity, plasma, drones, technology and the space fold ….like they are not real!

        Macross has the tech. Gundam has the realism.
        Macross & Gundam guys should all work together.
        And give us something new.
        Soldiers caught up in a love triangle in a war conspiracy that instigates a political power struggle for energy source that threatens the lives of innocent billions. Transforming Gundams against realistic “alien” enemies.
        Assault Suit Leynos for the Sega Mega Drive has one of the best stories ever.

        Its time to show Hollywood USA what Japan is really capable of. Enough of the monopoly of the entertainment industry.
        Gundam should go mainstream.

        • I don’t think Unicorn is “too clean.”

          Tech adaptation must not be wholesale to reflect real-world developments. 0079-0096 is not a great amount of time compared to 1979 to 2012.

  14. toastermech says:

    “I’ve yet to suffer through…Gundam X for beyond five episodes.”
    X gets way better (besides the dolphin arc), keep going.

  15. banagherlinks says:

    AGE?????!!!!!!!!!!!! Too bad I can’t enjoy it the same way that you do dude. Nah…… It’s a good thing that eureka seven Ao is outhere to lessen the 6 months waiting for the sixth installment of unicorn as painful as it could be. Well the thing here is I kinda disagree with you there regarding the superiority of age to 00 though both of them didn’t have the same magical touch to me when I saw 08th ms team and zeta. LOL. Though I really found the character designs as unique and daring to bring up the fresh new look of gundam(well haters will still be haters) But hey, I really took yurin’s death as kinda predictable and hard at the same boat, asem hmmm…. I remembered that bastard from inazuma eleven that can shoot a flaming ball or something XD and Kio as Uhmmmm……. I really can’t take this seriously. Sorry about that I’m suffering from hangover syndrome from eureka seven AO and episode 5 of unicorn.

  16. banagherlinks says:

    Age??????!!!!!! Sorry I can’t still put a verdict on this one. It sucks, but then its good. Then it sucks again but then…. I dont find anything special on age. It didn’t have the same traumatic feeling just when amuro stabbed lala’s mobile armor while defending char(*coughs*) Is it me or just yurin suck so bad copying this. Or When nicole defended athrun from being rip to shreds by kira or while four being shot by jerid, But hey don’t get me wrong I like age but also Hated it. Since I got over with the looks issue of how refreshing age claims to portray, though I find it daring but insulting at the same time. We had asem( the one that looks like that bastard guy from inazuma 11 that can shoot great balls of fire XD LOL) too bad he gone MIA at the second season’s conclusion. No hard feelings bro, flit( aside from that fat ass and the old mechanic) is the main reason I hated age. He got old, he become a supposedly a gundam engineer, a mentor and at times a bright noa for asem and kio but he choose to train kio for the task of kicking vagan ass, and I find it illogical. Did he did not learned from asem’s fate? Gundam is suppose to portray “war is hell” flit must be the first one to realize that since he is supposed to be amuro’s (*coughs*) counterpart in the age universe that “you can be a soldier or a captain, you die when your luck runs out that’s how war is” what did he do? He gave the kid(kio) a video game and a live simulator so that his grandson can become a perfect weapon of war ( blah… I will not say perfect soldier it disgusts me and makes me remind of some overrated bastard (*coughs* heero?????)) I mean, can anyother pilot can volunteer? Yeah I know that kio is an X rounder(*coughs* inovators newtypes?) but he is putting his very own flesh and blood to the brink of death. Ofcourse in real life not everybody has the balls to go jump into that cockpit and shoot n’ kill enemy bastards. Suppose that kio did not have that thick plot armor. Yes, he is a goddamn awesome pilot perhaps more superior that flit and asem but you can never tell what may happen in a real war and I get the funny idea of how age encourages kids to join the army and navy. Other than that correct me if I’m wrong but I dont see any mass production of the gundams what? Feds are some kind of cheapsakes again??

  17. shumbapumba says:

    This is getting me very exciting to keep burying myself in the Gundam universe. I seem to have arrived at a good time. Unicorn has me hooked and AGE just jumped a few spots on my hit list.

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