I Hate You [Like I Love You] Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 24 “X-Rounder”


[Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 23]

So much went down this episode. It seemed slow at some point, but it’s actually very dense in content and moved the stories along in big steps (ending at least one story along the way). Where to begin? I’ll start with the ending.

Farewell, Captain Grodek. You were a badass. I knew you were going to kick the can, but this show got me again. I expected a glorious road trip to hell with Flit, fun with genocide, lots of dead Vagans… but no, you were too prophetic. The kid you let live did you in. You must’ve felt it was only just and I don’t blame you for going all Beatrice Kiddo on us in that awesome battle. You lived a long, interesting, but tragic life.

Usually characters who die tragically are young, with so much possibility denied. You, you realized your possibility. You overachieved in your life, but nearly half of it was spent in prison – punished for saving the Earth Federation. Well, that and murder. You can’t be both murderer and hero, and Gundam AGE is pretty straight with that. But you saved Flit from being a murderer, and while Flit has been cold in his role as admiral, we haven’t seen him do anything evil yet. The very idea that Flit hasn’t liquidated Vagan populations yet in his ascendancy to becoming Admiral of the EFSF, is your legacy. Grodek your actions meant something.

Even if you died in some back alley with a knife on your back, you chose this death, which makes you one of the baddest asses in all of Gundam. Did you hear that Captain? I salute you.


There’s a lot more goodness in this episode. Again, Flit carries the show despite all of Asemu’s (and Romary’s) work to drag it down. Flit’s reverent way around Grodek was delightful to watch, as well as his command of the battlefield in his Gundam AGE-1 Normal. It was inevitable that he fight Zeheart, though I was counting on Asemu being aghast at having to choose between the two men he loves.

But no, Zeheart insulted him and pulled a gun at him even as he confessed “IF YOU’RE IN THE BATTLEFIELD, I CAN’T BE MYSELF” (LOOOOOOL); then Romary (OMG) behaving like a total Nina Purpleton ensured that Asemu was properly enraged. YOU SPURN MY LOVE, KICK MY ASS IN BATTLE, CONDESCEND TO ME, AND THEN STEAL MY GIRL? SOME INDIGNITIES WILL NOT BE BORNE, NOT BY ME YOU FUCKING MASKED PANSY!

Of course, he can’t keep up with Zeheart yet, not being an X-Rounder like his father. Flit on the other hand, gave Zeheart a fight, but his AGE-1 is 30 years old and is outclassed. Dique gives Asemu an out: not an X-Rounder? Surrounded by enemies? NO PROBLEM. Remember, you’re in an AU Gundam show, where the solution to such problems is always beam spam. HAVE SOME BIG GUNS.


Thus Asemu takes the AGE-2 and combines with the Double Bullet parts Victory/SEED style, and does pretty much the Gundam Wing Zero Double Buster Cannon thing and erases several mobile suits and their X-Rounder pilots from existence. This, I hate. But I’ll endure it, because AGE is such a good Gundam show. As long as he doesn’t pirouette while firing, and start shooting Skittles homing laser beams… I won’t rage… much.

“YOU WERE SAVED BY YOUR GUNDAM’S PERFORMANCE ASEMU!” Oh shut your piehole Zeheart, that’s a very Jerid thing to say and we already have Desil for that. You know for a moment I thought Asemu was a teenager of low worth, especially after going all-tsun on Arisa like that. But you know, he’s just fine. And with his tricked out Gundam he’ll spam your Vagan fleet with pink rivers of death.


None of you shits even bothered to say something for dead old Grodek? You guys suck.

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81 Responses to I Hate You [Like I Love You] Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 24 “X-Rounder”

  1. Crianas says:

    Just me, or is Zeheart saying that Asemu was saved by his Gundam’s performance a reference to Ramba Ral saying the same?

  2. sadakups says:

    Man, I don’t even know where to start.

    I was kinda disappointed that Grodek had to die early since I was already expecting him to die within Generation 2, but not like this. Still, I give him a salute for everything else.

    Now, about where Asem’s character is heading. Funny that prior to the start of Generation 2, I predicted that he’ll be a raging ball of fire, he wasn’t at the beginning, but now he is in there. Asem is the supposed main character of Generation 2, but Flit is still controlling the show. I’m not complaining though. I’m still waiting for Asem’s time to shine. Probably when shit happens to Flit.

    I don’t know what to say about Zeheart. The show makes it seem that he is still conflicted about killing Asem, but goddamn, that’s the nth fucking time that he didn’t do it. Not that I want Asem to die, but I wasn’t really sold on it. Yeah, I was laughing at Zeheart’s Jerid-like line while he was running away. I won’t comment on Romary’s very timely appearance and I just don’t know why she is able to make things worse than it already is. Oh wait, is it because she saw Arisa butt-slapping Asem down the hall? 😛

    AGE-2 Double Bullet was neat, but of course it had to come out at a very good time to save the day. Funny how the supposed elite Vagan crew became incredibly stupid just like that. I’m more interested in Asem’s new helmet in the next episode. As much as it will give Asem pseudo-X-Rounder powers, I kinda expect some nasty side effects. Like his brain getting fried.

  3. metaphysicist says:

    Grodek Ainoa i salute you. The man died as he lived Like A Boss!

  4. Reid says:

    I haven’t watched the episode yet, so this is purely in reference to this week’s panel

    Oftentimes in anime, female characters are designed and drawn in such a way as to exaggerate or highlight certain physical features in order to reinforce their (perceived) attractiveness – we’ll call “fanservice.”

    Exhibit A.

    I love Allenby Beardsley. I am so glad she was on the panel this week. She is teh hawt. Here’s why: she doesn’t have to wear skimpy nothing clothing (though her mobile trace suit is, obviously, quite tight) to highlight her best asset – them abs. She may actually have the nicest core in anime, and that’s without seeing her half-naked like a lot of anime ladies who amp up the fanservice to ridiculous levels.

    That was a little creepy…I apologize.

    Uh…it sucks Grodek is dead now…Zeheart is getting annoying with the “I gonna give you one more chance! Scram or you’re dead, Asemu!” routine. Did I salvage the comment enough or is it still creepy? Still creepy. Thought so.

    • Matt Wells says:

      B-b-b-but Allenby is my waifu!!!

      • reidjou4342 says:

        Well, ok, Matt. I don’t want to come between a bro and his waifu, so I guess I’ll just have to kill Chibodee and take his whole harem’s worth of support staff. I’m a better boxer than that blue-and-pink-haired neon cowboy anyway…though he does have me beat in the cowboy/football player/surfer department…

        • Reid says:

          Just clearing up that reidjou whatever is me. That’s my old blog from a reporting class. Please don’t anyone visit that site ever. I only did it because I had to in order to satisfy the course requirements.

        • Matt Wells says:

          No big deal buddy, I’ll just take Lune Zoldark instead. She’s basically an Allenby expy, right down to the same voice actor, except she gets a badass custom Super Robot and a mad scientist/social darwinist father.

          • Reid says:

            I had no idea who Lune Zoldark is until you said her name. Now, after a cursory glance through a Google image search and I can say “GATDAYUM” with full confidence. Yowza.

          • Matt Wells says:

            It’s the cutoff jeans. Never fails…

            Also, you should play more Super Robot Taisen! The OG games are really worth tracking down, even after your mind numbing bad luck (TWO faulty cartridges with no battery for save files? That shit ain’t right.)

          • Reid says:

            Man, it sucks but it’s true. That junk really did happen to me. I tell you what, you’ve got some good memory to recall that story. I’m impressed! Anyway, I don’t even have a GBA. I played those games on my GBA player for the Gamecube…it was so great too – big screen and everything…and then no saving the file. I was beyond pissed. I was really getting into it. I hate to be a generic fanboy but Kyosuke is so B-A and I lurve dat Alteisen. The dude who was Kyosuke’s rival was pretty cool as well (he’s the cat that piloted that Guyver/G Gundam thing). It’s a shame that those games are unavailable in other English-speaking markets so that Z and ZII could get the full translation treatment.

          • Matt Wells says:

            You mean Ryusei? He’s not so much a rival as an alternate protagonist. Great mech (the Wildtraubier and R-1 are pure sex), great character (what if Amuro Ray was a super robot otaku?). But yep, Kyosuke is plenty badass. The Alt was a solid unit but never a favourite of mine; too weak for a tank but too slow to dodge. And the heat horn never worked on anything. Revolver Stake is still one of the greatest weapons ever mind you.

            My favourite was the Elemental Lord of the Wind, Cybuster. Imagine an Aura Battler Dunbine knockoff that changes into a phoenix, sports a Guyver head, uses psychic cat powered funnels, and is piloted by Heero Yui’s hot blooded cousin, a guy so dense that he got lost ON A GUIDED TOUR. That’s Cybuster in a nutshell. AND DAT THEME SONG!

          • Reid says:

            That song’s fairly got me to burning. I’ve heard/read a lot about Cybuster and it always looked really cool to me, but obviously I never got to do anything with it since I haven’t played more than a few hours of SRW games.

  5. rollover says:

    Why did Grodek DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING on his phone is one question I’d like to ask.

    And Asemu is going to become Kou with a side of COMETS GO ZOOM.

    Goddamnit Asemu, why must you cheat?

    • Reid says:

      That’s what I’d like to know. What was it that he got rid of when he said “it’s for the best”? Also, the way the scene was edited it made me think that Flit was behind the (apparent) plot to kill Grodek, since it showed Flit leaving the bar just as the G Men-looking people shot Gerra Zoi’s kid.

      • Or if the animesuki spoiler is true, the hiding of the Earth Federation is bigger than we thought and giving that info to Flit would have put him in big danger(Grodek now more that what we thought) and would be better if he find in other way(more directly, in his fashion?), because if the speech in two chapter is true, Flit will launch his own J’accuse to the federation about the whole true of the vagan.. but still with his hate to those one.

        So maybe we going to see a mini civil war in the federation or a push for power from Flit.. that would be very big and veyr rare(only wing do that) in Gunda,

        • Reid says:

          I had not thought of that, but it sounds very plausible. It would indeed be a different turn of events, and a welcome one at that, for a Gundam series. Good thinking, sir! You just may be right after all.

          • Anything is Posible in this gundam until the chapter prove otherwise, and the spoiler are so pretty open who give for anything, so is waiting how Level-5 Surprise us.

      • Andaer says:

        I’ve got this impression, too, but his grief tells us off. Wouldn’t make any sense so far anyway.

        More important, why did Grodek delete the file? My first idea was, could he tell Flit about AsemuXZeheart? Imagine how Flit would react. I don’t think it is some kind of big conspiracy but something which would have great effect on psychology/emotions. This
        episode being so emotion-based makes me think so.

        Also, wouldn’t it have been nice if Asemu could have met the legendary Grodek just

    • What do you mean by cheating?

      • rollover says:

        Disregard piloting skills, obtain Cyber X-Rounder helmet.

        • Doesn’t rule out the possibility of a Kamille style end, with his brain fried and progeny either produced via comatose RAEP or genetic extraction.

        • sadakups says:

          Not to mention a powerful Gundam.

          Then again, Asem has real skills. It’s just that the guy he wants to beat has powers that he couldn’t match just by those skills. Asem acquiring that helmet is a plot device for he won’t be able to acquire X-Rounder powers naturally. As I said earlier, there might be some side effects to him using Vagan tech, considering that the Vagans might have an X-Rounder farm, wherein they are forcing others to become X-Rounders with some nasty drawback.

        • No, no, no.

          It’s more like…


        • Jeffro Tull says:

          you mean like this one?

    • Rusty says:

      Hmm, I thought it was just because Grodek was suddenly killed and there was no way he could ensure that the first person who found him would be Flit and not the one who wanted him dead. The data may include other informants, and they’d be in danger if it’s in the wrong hand, you know.

  6. what the hell says:

    well, the AGE bullet did exactly what I predicted it would, anti personnel (mobile suits, in dis case) shoulder sabers and two seriously umbalanced cannons. and then the beautiful wings of light, oh god, my heart. HYGGG *dies*

    ^ this


    the best part is that those upgrades actually does something

    oh and how can you forget about the macross missile age 2 has on its new legs now, beautifully done, itano would be proud.

    • what the hell says:

      so who thinks that z-heart will end up banging up rosmary while whats his face blondy dies from lack of oxygen?

      well, i do :U

    • I did take note of it, but I didn’t mention it in the post.

      I dunno about the Wings of Light though…

      • what the hell says:

        well, instead of being made for … doing nothing, its to chop people up, and it is in the same position as wings would be (relatively close, but ok) and it shoots three times further than the actual size of the mobile suit. so even if it doesn’t propel, its still a wings of light in my books

        • But the Wings of Light from V Gundam was to chop mobile suits up while the Gundam flies through crowds (why enemies would crowd together IN SPACE is so stupid that is representative of how that show is just utter garbage).

      • I thought it was GP03-lite, with the huge beam sabers and the missiles.


        btw, how do you get Tweets posted in your replies?

  7. Reid says:

    I wasn’t expecting the Double Bullet Wear Parts to have F91’s VSBRs, ZZ’s mega beam sabers AND a the capabilities for a proper Macross Missile Massacre! This thing looks to be the most complete fighting unit of anything yet equipped to an AGE Gundam. The AGE-2 could really use those missile launchers, especially since this episode showed a major design flaw of its “waverider” mode: no projectile weapons other than the DOTS II beam rifle, which, though powerful, can only fire straight ahead. Since this show doesn’t have Minovsky Particle interference to worry about, I’d recommend that Dique hook up the AGE-2 Normal with the Double Bullet’s legs. However, based on the performance it displayed in this episode, we may never even see the AGE-2 Normal again, unless the Double Bullet parts mess up its ability to fly really fast (in a terrestrial environment….hmmm).

    • This is a problem I have with AU Gundam. Without Minovsky Particle interference, there’s no real reason why combat has to happen in visual range. Gundam 00 tried to do something with this, but Mobile Suits were already the dominant weapons prior to GN particles.

      • Reid says:

        I’m totally with you there. And those X-rounder goons…the Magicians…whatevers, they have those high speed Zedas things but they prefer just to soar in and fight at close range with beam sabers against EVERYONE. ALL THE TIME. It’s kind of infuriating. Even for me, who loves a good close-quarters fight whether in robots or not, this show seems to have had more saber duels than any previous Gundam series and we’ve not even reached the halfway point yet! It’s episodes like this one that lend credence to my idea about Gundam and “chivalrous duels.” If you haven’t given up hope on me yet, I promise I still want to write something for the blog and I’m leaning toward that very topic…as I have been for months and just haven’t made myself do it. I really am sorry.

        Back on track now – it would be interesting to see what would happen in a Gundam show that took beyond-visual-range combat to heart. Could it even be a Gundam show? They’d certainly have to come up with another reason for Mobile Suits or else they’d have to be reimagined in a big way.

        • Zetatrain says:

          eh it’s just something that I’ve learned to except so while there really is no need for mobile suits when there are no Minosky particles or some other reason it doesn’t really bother me and even less in this show considering its suppose to be aimed more at kids.

          While it would be interesting to see a gundam series with beyond visual range combat, I can’t really think of a reason to have mobile suits as a primary combat role (maybe a secondary role) unless we start ripping off Macross.

          • reidjou4342 says:

            Perhaps they’d be more like Heinlein’s Mobile Infantry – Four or five-meter tall powered armor used for boarding maneuvers and occupying colonies? It would make Char’s five warship kills at the Battle of Loum way more impressive, that’s for sure.

        • If you thought this is frustrating, Z Gundam will make you sneeze your brain out through your nose… all that HUGGING IN SPACE. Just awful.

          Yes, go write. But you MUST read this first:

          Those Magnificent Men In Their Fighting Machines

          One of my favorite blog posts ever.

          You can’t be a Gundam show if your combat is beyond visual range, unless it’s a fight between swarms of Balls.

  8. Grodek, I saludate you, your only crime was doing the things in your way rather following the orders of the corrupt Federation, Rest in Peace, Captain(*Do Gun Salute*)

    This week chapter, here Asemu was a little more EMO, but the reason for his reason to fight are more clear(the weight of legacy always is very big in anybody shoulders), and the reason of his ‘hate’ to Zehart(i trully would feel betrayed after that scene) and them how Romary Appared.. More than Romantic, was like Asemu, something about friendship and the love of old days… and how those are only in the past and for Asemu.. as part of a lie.

    Zehart is a Yandere here(I not fan of BL but still the gundam fujoshi need that material for their ‘needs’ and since wing that is munc unavoidable), that would be like a reverse four with his brother(who is the Vagan equivalent of Jerid Mesa here)

    The battle show that, Asemu still feel inferior by not being a jed.. X-Rounder I mean,
    and the reason how he act was mostly how he feel personal this war so far…
    Flit as always surprise us with his skill. Zenehart, listen your own word, you was saved by your machine here too.

    They finally manage to catch a Vagan’s MS and the pieces of the puzzle are collecting, and Asemu will do anything to keep to Zenehart level(ironically being like Jerid here,that was a twist)

    So more Battle for the next chapter that is goood, maybe here we going to see if Asemu finally accomplish his dream and become a jed.. X-rounder? only the next chatper can tell us.

    So there some inside job in the federation, that come for something very big for the climax of this generation, next generation setting, maybe Flit will be in higher power for Kio Arc?

    • Yes, Zeheart was also saved by the MS power imbalance, but he did mention he was evolving too… only that X-Rounders are supposed to be devolutions, right?

      • Ummm, That is something about the Gundam Philosophy and how is anti-thesis of the future, than rather having person with superhuman skills who are mostly make for war is not better than Animals(like Voltaire say: The men is the only animal who enjoy killing) but still is going forward as a biological organism(in the Darwinian Sense).

        But Anyway that is better focused, how Kio will handled the part of the evolution/devolution maybe can be a big plot element for the final generation… but so far, only VEDA knows the truth

  9. Gamer2002 says:

    I was surprised that Asem went KILL KILL KILL mode after previous episode where this attitude shocked Romary, but her betrayal made him snapped. And this does make sense, at the beginning Asem was very open and trusting person, and to the people of Diva he was much more reserved than to Zeheart, who was first to betray him. Then Flit turned out to not be exactly a perfect hero that protects universe and everybody, so also his father betrayed Asem’s believes. And now Romary protects Zeheart.
    I only hope that Romary is victim of misunderstanding and she just wanted to make pace between Zeheart and Asem, but both of them used her as a distraction.

    About Double Bullet, we need to see how it performs aside from his debut episode. Titus also was unstoppable in his first ep, and even Spallow get trashed in finale of first gen. If it won’t run on hax like Freedom (beam spam in the middle of combat) and it will make sense how it is used, there won’t be a problem.

  10. ToastCrust says:

    As long as Asemu never actually becomes an X-Rounder, i’d find it pretty gratifying/satisfying if he massacred a bunch of newtypecoordinatorinnovatorxrounders by just pure shingata momentum.

    It’s the best thing you could possibly watch.

    I can accept him getting a bio-computer, though the Sentinel fan in me would prefer if they haxed in an A.L.I.C.E. type system xD

    I just love super humans being beaten by human means.

  11. CVPhased says:

    I don’t know if I’m being politically correct on this one, but while Asem’s pretty much grew like a normal kid (as compared to other Gundam pilots), everything happening around him for some way still made him angsty and all… can’t blame him though if has a Nina Purpleton right there, haha!

    For some reason, I can’t see the Wing Zero similarities that everyone’s been comparing the Double Bullet with. I see it more as the AGE System compensating his apparent skill of double-wielding everything.

    As for the loss of our awesome captain, I’m looking forward to see how Flit takes it and who would he blame for it…

  12. senshi says:

    Er why A.L.I.C.E.? The ALICE basically made S-Gundam a self piloting MS which could disregard the physical limits of the pilots and the pilots become totally redundant (heck ALICE ejected the pilots from the S-Gundam and it still moved and killed the giant MA….). Being beaten by a Macross Plus GHOST-type super drone which outperforms every single human being isn’t exactly humans beating super-humans, you’ve just substituted one type of hax power with another.

    • ToastCrust says:

      ALICE is still made by humans.

      It’s like arguing whether if you kill aliens with guns instead of your hands, is it humans defeating those aliens?

      Of course we are. Now, it wouldn’t be Asemu winning in that case, but it’d certainly be human triumph: engineering beats evolution.

      • Reid says:

        Battle Fairy Yukikaze begs to differ.

      • senshi says:

        Not a good analogy – yours is more like comparing a person who horned his skills in wielding a normal assault rifle to a sanctuary gun which is equipped with 10 types of radar/motion detectors/x-ray and a self-tracking bullet which shoots through walls.

        Either way engineering had ALWAYS beaten evolution – it’s been engineering which gave humans the edge over other animals for millions of years. From the day where we realise we don’t have sharp claws and teeth so we made axes and arrows from stones to now computers able to calculate the square root of any number or the n-th decimal place of pi faster than any humans, heck a current generation drone or smart bomb is already better than a pilot at bombing targets, there’s NOTHING impressive about engineering beating humans so why do we have to wait till Mobile Suits to realise this? In the day of full automation in a truly impressive fight is one where someone uses tactics and traps to overpower his opponent (I hate to use this example but like Shinn in Impulse defeating Kira in Freedom using a combination of tactics and analyzing Kira’s fighting style) , not use a hax AI because we ALREADY know that computers are better than humans!

        • ToastCrust says:

          Uh, it’s awesome because in the context of Gundam (especially AU), it’s basically always the opposite that happens?

          Duh. We’re watching Gundam, who cares about reality. I want a show that does clever things with the Gundam formula.

          • senshi says:

            A normal human beating super humans is the one path which is lesser taken, so far there’s only been half a case of that happening (which was in Gundam X). Drones has been done to death.

  13. Turambar says:

    So the double bullet is basically a more miniaturized version of SEED’s METEOR. Big guns, missiles everywhere, and big beam swords that come out of where the big guns are.

  14. Rusty says:

    R.I.P. Grodek. Your words to your killer at the end about burden of revenge showed what a man of dignity you are.

    For less sombre topic, I found the scene where he calmly shoved Romary to Asemu and summoned his mobile suit unintentionally funny because of the contrast between his coolness and the other two’s dramatic actions. The part where Woolf had to “remind” those two that there were other combatants there too.

    It was eerie seeing the AGE-1 holding the head of the Vagan suit which contained a pilot. Looks forward to Asemu’s new toy and its side effects. And hopefully there will be less “YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND ME” (mostly Asemu, but Zeheart has his share too).

  15. ces06 says:

    Grodek pretty much confirmed his own death when he said he had some valuable info for Flit. I was bummed out that he was going to die so early on at first, but having that kid kill him was something else. It’s the perfect ending and defining moment to his character.

    I wish they’d settle all the butthurt between Asem and Zeheart in one go. This is the nth time they’ve been yelling out how they don’t want to kill each other while attempting to kill one another. Having Romary step in was grand though, that was really the trigger from Asem.

    I really, really like where Asem is going. War sure messed him up.

    Double Bullet is haxxorz lol, but darn, it looks awesome! It has twin swords (kinda) so I guess the next wear won’t be Double Swords or something….

    • sadakups says:

      Considering that Asem has been dual-wielding swords since AGE-1, probably yes.

    • Now that I think about it, I really like how Asemu got here. He’s extremely upset and frustrated. His perfect life… really sucks now. Worse, it’s not even because his parents were killed by the UE, his mentor and guardian didn’t die by the hands of the UE, his home colonies didn’t get destroyed by the UE…

      He has nothing “authentic” to be angry about, and this just makes him angrier! And this is totally legit, like any privileged suburban teen would be angry at the world. Nothing like feeling like crap, then feeling worse about yourself because your problems aren’t big enough to be angry about.

      This is gold.

  16. Reid says:

    Look who’s back…back again…LARGANN’S BACK! TELL A FRIEND! Now the real master of the Genoace II returns to the battlefield.

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  18. Alas poor Grodek, for thou wert awesome. And now DAT BEARD (as we call him over at MAHQ) has joined the ranks of Bright Noa, Jamil Neate, Bruno Global and Jeffrey Wilder in Eternal Awesomeness.

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