The Second Season of Bakuman Delivered; A Third Season is Coming OH YEAAAHHHH


The first season of Bakuman blew chunks. It did, I won’t defend it. It was a disappointing borefest that failed to communicate the manly (if chauvinistic) awesomeness of the manga, with the beating heart of pure desire to make the best shounen manga ever. I fell in love with the Bakuman manga as soon as I started reading it, and it remains my favorite ongoing manga to this day.

What makes the second season so remarkably better than the first? I’m not really sure, but what it did was power through some of my least favorite parts of the manga – the Tanto arc with Miura as Ashirogi Muto’s editor. It was more than just bearable, it was good! Who’d have thunk it?


I know why, it’s because Iwase happened. Iwase is the PCP style of humor in action. She was delightfully laughable. She’s like Jerid Mesa from Z Gundam with an awesome rack. Her obsession with Takagi was funny enough, but her stalking Hatttori was insane. The scene that just killed me was when Shujin and Saikou were tailing Hattori and then Iwase confessed to him in the restaurant. Gold.

But more than this, the second season finally brought the manly shounen power to the show. The buildup to PCP was very exciting and truly focused on the making of a good manga. It’s as if all the peripheral crap really brought focus on the core of the narrative and why I follow it anyway: making manga in a manly way.


The best part is that it’s going to get better. The manga story feels like it’s wrapping up and I think the third season will do just that for the whole thing. The manga right now is insane. Azuki Miho finally shows up in a great way, delivering manly shounen mad skillz to win the part of her dreams. I can’t wait to see this animated.

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9 Responses to The Second Season of Bakuman Delivered; A Third Season is Coming OH YEAAAHHHH

  1. Reid says:

    I don’t know what it is, but I like women with short hair. And that one, Iwase, is teh hawt. I think it must be the verifiable fact that women with short hair tend to be jerkish and I have a thing for jerkish women. Since you said she’s like Jerid Mesa does that mean she is suitably a jerk with a heart of gold?

  2. Matt Wells says:

    She’s like Jerid Mesa from Z Gundam with an awesome rack.

    You mean your dream girl? I kid, I kid. I think the manga has one solid arc left in it; I still don’t get the feeling like Ashirogi Muto has surpassed Eiji yet. And we’ve yet to see the delicious, DELECTABLE fail of Nanamie, the true Jerid of this series. The arc where his production line style of making manga was beaten with the heroes’ manly passion (and artistic harmony) was glorious.

  3. Tzu says:

    I’m not watching the anime, thou I may pick it up if the manga ends. The manga is getting so good! but I’m afraid I won’t get my ending just yet. The sole reason I didn’t pick the anime was because it feels so weird to watch the characters in color…

    They should just make spinoff series for otter’s 11, PCP, Crow and even Reversi (wich would be like code geass meets death note). I would watch them without a doubt.

  4. thoughtcannon says:

    Yes, the first season was terrible. Also a good bit of this season was too. Yet somehow Bakuman snuck up on me and became one of my more anticipated weekly shows by the end of its run. Though now in retrospect I can see that I started getting into it as the 2nd cour started with the crazy love whatever-shape surrounding Takagi, Miyoshi, Aiko, and Aoki (plus some Nakai and Fukuda thrown in for spice). I was so ready for another shitty melodrama surrounding Miyoshi and Takagi that would last 10 episodes but they wrapped it up fairly quickly and with a good anti-climax that led to Miyoshi, Aoki, and Azuki becoming friends. That’s a formidable team right there. The moment Takagi was at the diner with all 3 and Mashiro wasn’t there was great. From there on I was pretty much on the upswing. The Tanto thing was mercifully short and I can’t help but think it was well executed as I felt those episodes dragged to mirror how distressed Mashiro and Takagi were with the Tanto serialization. I was ready for Tanto to be cancelled too. Finally everything since they cancelled was awesomely nail biting and drove my desire to watch this series through the roof by the end. I cannot wait for the 3rd season.

    p.s. I also like how Hiramaru was built up to be this super bad ass genius at the end of the first season only to have his character reversed to become the overworked, easily manipulated, buttboy of the series. His segments always made me laugh.

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