To Be Super: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 26


[Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 25]

Woolf Enneacle’s pep-talk to Asem worked superbly, and he builds upon it with a team-wide speech on surviving at all costs. The thing about the speech is its fundamental inconsistency:

Directive 1: Survive at all costs. Fighting to survive is suffering, but seeing your comrades die is even more suffering. So, don’t die.

Directive 2: Fight to the bitter end.

What the flying fuck is the bitter end? Of course it means death. This is probably the worst pre-battle speech ever given. There are 2 good (arguably) things to come from it:

Woolf had the good sense to get killed before anyone else did, and he did it by 1) killing 2 sacrificial X-Rounders, and 2) saving Asem’s ass from being Z-Gundamned (hugged to death IN SPACE).

Woolf dies delivering a better (if funnier) speech to Asem, which really lights a fire under his ass. BE THE SUPER PILOT THAT’S EVEN MORE SUPER THAN ME! Yep, that’s the message. Let’s pretend X-Rounding doesn’t exist and just be better than anyone else by pure RAEG and GUTS. Don’t forget Asem, you’re piloting the motherfucking Double Bullet!

Will Asem’s X-Rounder powers awaken in the heat of battle?


We won’t find out yet, but he didn’t need such powers in completely dismembering Desil’s mobile suit and sending the poor Jerid facsimile to his timely demise. That loser has been asking for it and now he got it. The awesome ignominy is that Flit wasn’t even needed. His son was the pilot that got him, and wholly without X-Rounder powers. Good riddance, loser.

The battle itself is rather interesting because 1) the strategic goals are obscured, and 2) the mega-weapons tactically neutralize each other after dramatic tactical events (and non-events). It’s evocative of (however paling in comparison to) “Operation Stardust” from Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memories, and this is a good thing. It makes me care about the battle itself beyond the character drama that unfolds within it.

It’s not incredibly complex, but I don’t need it to be. It’s funny though that it’s the defenders that have an offensive WMD laser and the attackers are the one who deployed a shield. Well, not that funny given the science fiction example of the Iserlohn Fortress’ Thor Hammer as the primary deterrent in the corridor it guards (from Legend of the Galactic Heroes). As he claimed, Zeheart would command better from the front lines, and he anticipated the Photon Ring laser attack based on the gap in the Federation fleet formation. We may still see a Vagan WMD in the succeeding episode.


I suppose Zeheart’s coldhearted manner towards Desil is worth discussing, given that it’s presented as his lack of humanity. Seriously. Desil was a liability. Given that he ignores all orders and gets his comrades killed, just let the loser die while taking out a bunch of grunts – which is what you want an X-Rounder to do: reduce the war potential of the opponents by creating lopsided mismatches.

It’s Zeheart who gives Asem his battlefield evaluation: his power levels are unknown at this point, only that it’s enough to beat a high-level X-Rounder. I’ve mentioned before that the trigger  for Asem’s X-Rounder ability would be a significant death, I just didn’t expect it to be Woolf’s.

Now Flit is very, very mad. And Zeheart you’re all alone to deal with both Asunos in Gundams. Enjoy.


Mobile Suit Gundam AGE is awesome.

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85 Responses to To Be Super: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 26

  1. Shining_Bard says:

    Well Zeheart is screwed. Two pissed Asunos and a potential second wear for the Age-2 will result in major destruction on his side.

  2. schneider says:

    Lololololol Graham! And who is this Quattro dude?? He looks strangely familiar!

    I liked the swiveling Wings of Light from the Double Bullet. Theoretically, no one should win against Asemu in melee!

    I noticed that Flit teared up when he learned about Woolf’s death, but he wiped them off-screen before talking to Millais. What a leader.

    • Why stop at swiveling? The mechanism can spin like a rotor and the Gundam will be the sword that cleaves Vagans. He’ll be unstoppable… imagine, those giant blades spinning will deflect all beams like Kamille’s BEAM CONFUSE in Z Gundam movie 3.

      If the Diva fires the guide beam into the Photon Ring and then the fat beam will be dispersed by the Double Sword Rotor of Gundam AGE 2 Double Bullet, it will be the ultimate anti-fleet WMD. Who needs to be an X-Rounder?

      • ToastCrust says:

        I want to like this comment.

      • Turambar says:

        Why even use a mobile suit for that? It can just be something built into the Photon Ring system itself. Though that would also require friendly fleet position to for a very wide arc unless the ring itself is going to be on the front lines.

        • Turambar says:

          Though there is the problem with making the mechanical device spinning the beam fan to be laser blast proof. I mean, I suppose you can have the it deflect the beam at an angle that keeps the rotor outside of the scope of the concentrated blast, but then the deflection would be unpredictable and could result in a ton of friendly fire.


  3. CVPhased says:

    The great thing about these large scale battles in Gundam AGE is that they really have some tactical importance over the grand scheme of things unlike let’s say … Destiny…

    And speaking of Destiny… if only Shinn was able to capitalize all that RAEG just like Asem… oh well!

    • The less said about Destiny, the better. I’d say Gundam 00 had some cool battles. After all, it was supposed to be a competition between tacticians in the form of Sumeragi Lee Noriega vs. Kati Mannequin. Of course, the show being what it is, the ensuing battles aren’t really that excellent… especially since Celestial Being always fights few vs. many leveraging on super-powered units.

      • CVPhased says:

        Haha! I totally forgot about Gundam 00, how could I, LOL!

        For some reason (at least for me), the battles in Gundam 00 didn’t feel that much were at “tactical stake” (i.e. long-term effects) given that Celestial Being had all-powerful mobile suits that could easily get the job done.

        But yes, the techniques that Kati/Sumeragi keep on throwing at each other makes you wanna see how the battle ends.

        • Well, in the first season the targets of CB interventions supposedly have strategic value in reducing the war potential of the Earth as a whole. In the second season the battles serve short term goals: rescue Doublellujah, destroy the Memento Mori, etc.

          On the non-CB side, it was more about: trap CB, capture Gundams, etc.

  4. metaphysicist says:

    Yeah…it happened Asemu’s character arc went exactly where I had hoped it wouldn’t. But knew it would since revealing that he failed to inherit his father X-Rounder capabilities.

    Ladies and Gentlemen Asemu Asuno has crossed The Batman Threshold”clap,clap”.
    So Just what is “The Batman Threshold”? The Batman Threshold is the point at which a Badass Normal ceases to be a capable and competent baseline human in a world inhabited by superhumans. And becomes Superhuman themselves, with out being recognized as such in-universe.

    So why did Asemu cross The Batman Threshold,because it was the writers way of escaping the corner that they’d written themselves into.

    X-Rounders as result of their clairvoyance have reflexes an order of magnitude faster than a baseline human. Now logically on account of those traits no baseline human would ever be able to fight an X-Rounder on an even footing;mind you i said fight not kill,You don’t have to out fight an enemy to kill them.

    Asemu’s rival and greatest adversaries are all X-Rounders, and as a baseline human he’ll never be fast enough to ever go toe to toe with them. So they could have Asemu win through trickery/tactics and mechanical superiority. no not option Heroes don’t sneak their way to victory they triumph over their enemies in glorious combat. They could make Asemu an X-rounder giving him the one thing he needs to bring down his rival;faster reflexes. no not an option lack of”power”is a huge part of his character. So they come to the last option CHEAT. Have Asemu become the Super Pilot! Giving him all the superhuman ability that he need to win. without having to make him officially superhuman;likely attributing it all to HARDWORK and GUTS!

    • A perfect description.

      I’m crossing my fingers, for consistency’s sake, that Asem actually is an X-Rounder… because I’d rather give up the theme/motif for the sake of the integrity of the science fiction in this case.

      • sadakups says:

        Considering that consistency is not AGE’s best suit, I’ll say that Asem should still be a non-X-Rounder pilot who can go toe-to-toe with X-Rounders. As long as RAGE is not the key to unlocking Asem’s skills.

        • Metaphysicist says:

          There is something that I’d like explained. Just how is piloting skill supposed to compensate for the fact. That Asemu’s rival and greatest enemies The Magician’s 8, are all superhumanly fast. No matter how skilled he became he still wouldn’t be able to apply said skills quickly enough to deal with them. Unless it’s possible train your self until you become effectively super human in the AGEvers;however i find that scenario unlikely.

          • Turambar says:

            A much better suite. Remember, they are using the same untis that Zeheart found completely unresponsive. On the other hand, Asemu hasn’t hit the Gundam’s limits yet.

          • Instead of continuing the discussion here I’ve prepared a whole post just on this matter. I’ll publish it before the next episode airs.

    • Mr Myu says:

      A couple theories on this:

      1: Is it possible that Asemu just stopped thinking so hard about his next move? Woolf’s advice this whole time has been along the lines of “Don’t think, feel.” And it seems that X-Rounders rely on a certain degree of mind-linking/reading. Desil’s ability to control either mobile suits or their pilots being a demonstration of that. Flit and his X-Rounder flashes whenever he touched another X-Rounder being another example.

      Sooo… Asemu (who seems to have Idolized Woolf since he was a little kid, based on his two-blade style and playing with a G-Exes model when he was a wee one) stops trying so hard to be an X-Rounder like his dad the strategic mastermind, and instead goes animalistic. No conscious thought, just instinct. Nothing for Desil or any other X-Rounder to read.

      2: Asemu unconsciously hobbled himself up to this point because he didn’t want to disappoint his father any more by fighting like Woolf instead of Flit. Put another way: He tried to fight like Woolf and think like his father, and that didn’t mesh up at all. Woolf dying finally pushed him into one fighting style.

      3: Asemu damaged part of his brain using that X-Rounder helmet, and now he can’t be read, depriving X-Rounder enemies of one of their main senses. It would be like a regular pilot going into combat without eyesight.

  5. Laziness says:

    Shut up Shinn. That is all.

  6. Shining_Bard says:

    I’m getting the feeling that when the AGE-2 gets its second wear (it’s going to happen, people, maybe) there’s going to be a lot of curbstomps on the Vagan side.

  7. sadakups says:

    Man, when I saw that pineapple salad, I knew it was his time to go, and it was sooner or later that he had to die in order for Asem to become what he was in this episode.

    Goddamn, that part where Asem kicked Desil’s ass so hard? That was a fistpump / FUCK YEAH moment of awesome. To see Desil panic, moreso when he was so mindfucked on why he couldn’t read Asem who isn’t even an X-Rounder, and the way Asem destroyed Desil’s MS piece by piece like Flit did and even shoot the fucker to make sure – that was so damn good that I had to watch it again. Oh, just imagine if Flit was there. Just imagine the things Flit would do to fucking Desil.

    As for Flit, I seriously hope he doesn’t go down yet and live on to the next generation, but it would be sick if we see Flit’s version of RAGE.

    • The moment of awesome is quite mitigated by the uncertainty of how Asem suddenly got so much better — to become unreadable/unpredictable to X-Rounders. I mean, what kind of magic allows this?

      I think this is very important and is something the narrative should explain.

      • Gamer2002 says:

        Simple: X-Rounders do read minds, but not instincts. This is what Woolf was telling Asem whole time, to move like you fell natural.

        This same way Desil was defeated first and second time – Flti was too angry to think straight, he was just beating the crap out of him.

        • sadakups says:

          Yes, that’s how I see it. Too bad the show does not show that it works that way… YET. I mean, there’s still Zeheart to deal with and it’s hard to see how Asem is going to work around him this time. Unless Zeheart kills Flit and Asem goes mad again in order to defeat him then they need a better explanation.

          With Flit vs Desil in Generation 1, Flit, aside from being too mad, was already X-Rounded as well so Desil sure got fucked.

          • Gamer2002 says:

            Flit was X-Rounder during his second victory against Desil, but not during the first.

            We will see how Asem is going to beat Zeheart. Zeheart is definitely more dangerous, because he not only has X-Rounder powers but also is skilled pilot. I would prefer that Asem this time would also use help of his comrades, he can fully master being Super Pilot in third gen.

  8. ToastCrust says:

    I hope it turns out Asemu is an ANTI-X-ROUNDER whose power is just to negate the power of X-Rounders to read him hahahahahaha

    We can call them Y-POINTIERS

    • WhatSht says:

      Might just turn out to be true, the normal humans may actually be able to negate X-rounding on them through extreme emotions.

    • sadakups says:

      I like the sound of that.

    • This must be explainable in terms of Newtype mythology. Is it chemical? Is it a new evolutionary path? If this inscrutability to X-Rounders is a real thing, then it must be explained.

      • Turambar says:

        This is all fan theory wankery, but indulge me anyways. X-rounder powers is derived through the stimulation of a part of the brain that allows for awareness and prediction through observation. Ie: being able to predict someone’s immediate movements from the way they are moving right now. (There actually is a part of the brain in reality that serves a similar function, though for a wholly different purpose, called mirror neurons which allows you to predict someone’s actions after witnessing such actions multiple times. If I reach for an apple, your mirror neurons tells you I’m going to pick that apple up.) So an X-Rounder in a sense do not actually move faster or dodge better than a normal human equal to them in skill, but rather have more time to recognize the need to move.

        What may potentially have happened with Asemu is letting his emotions stimulate a different portion of his brain that does not control prediction but rather stimulates his physical reaction speeds and response times. Since adrenaline already exists as a natural stimulant, it would be possible in the world of Gundam fiction that a different part of the brain has evloved to take further advantage of that.

        What is interesting about X-Rounders (and SEED Mode) is that they both abandon half of the original Newtype equation of greater spiritual awareness, and focus solely on the physical.

        • WhatSht says:

          That makes sense, so Asemu just went into SEED Mode?

        • Take this further when I publish my post on this subject before the next episode airs.

        • Reid says:

          I’m digging this in a big way, man. I think you’ve really stumbled onto something here. Very well done. I’d like to see how the whole situation is resolved in the show itself, but if no explanation is given I’d gladly accept yours as plausible enough.

      • ToastCrust says:

        Yeah, the success of this bit of AGE is going to be couched on the next few episodes I think, since that’s where they’re going to explain Asemu’s new whatever during that, I’m assuming. (Explanation might be delayed to finish the battle first though.)

        • WhatSht says:

          Imagine Asemu’s son(I don’t know his name) having X-rounders power, then Asemu taught him to negate X-rounding, he’ll be the ultimate pilot.

  9. WhatSht says:

    Desil seems to be the prime target for raging gundam pilots, first he got trashed by Flit for killing Yurin, then now he got killed by Asemu for killing Woolf.
    I like characters that actually managed to defeat someone who had better weapons or special abilities with pure skills.

    • The thing is, we can’t really ascribe the victory purely to skills… something else happened. You’re generally unable to apply a high degree of skill when you’re very angry and the movements here are highly technical and complex. Consider the hot-blooded rage of pilots in G Gundam, Gao Gaigar, or TTGL… their rage powers up attacks, not increase dexterity.

      • Reid says:

        To go with a fighting game analogy, the “hot-blooded rage…” is like Sol Badguy’s Overdrive Attack “Dragon Install” in the Guilty Gear series, whereas the “instant skrillz just add madness” thing Asemu displayed in his beatdown of Desil is like the Rage Meter/K groove of Garou: Mark of the Wolves/Capcom vs SNK2: Mark of the Millenium, Both do the same thing but one happens automatically after being injured enough (death of Woolf, etc.) and the other involves intentionally invoking a powerup (“HELL AND HEAVEN!”).

  10. Blacknoah says:

    Bah, I wanted Desil’s death to be much more painful than this. It felt so half-assed and rushed as if they just wanted him out of the way (maybe that’s their true intention). Part of me wants him to survive that explosion, missing arms and legs, and try to pester Asemu & Zeheart as they go about their final duel by remote-controlling the last of the 2 Magicians, at which Flit arrives and finally delivers the painful and gruesome death blow to whatever’s left of him. YURIN’S GHOST HASN’T BEEN LAID TO REST YET!

    • sadakups says:

      Nah, I think his stay is overdue. He has degraded to Jerid-levels of fail that seeing him be a bitch to Zeheart and keep on screaming Flit’s name over and over is going to be annoying to watch.

      Asem taking him out is sweet enough. It’s like making a point that X-Rounders aren’t needed to take out another one.

    • I don’t want it to be necessarily painful. What’s more fitting is that it’s undignified, and it is indeed so.

      The inability of Desil to clear the mid-boss to get to Flit is the delicious pain.

  11. ces06 says:

    I rAGE’d when Woolf died. This early, man….. though an untimely death is pretty much a timely death in gundam. There goes another awesome guy. Wonder if Obright’ll fill his shoes.

    Guessing something pretty big happens in the next episode, from the way they didn’t show that much in the previews.

  12. -chii- says:

    kyaaaa that pineapple salad picture is amazing awesome

    “I’ve mentioned before that the trigger for Asem’s X-Rounder ability would be a significant death, I just didn’t expect it to be Woolf’s.” agree but when I really think about it, it being Woolf’s death kinda makes sense to me for some reason.

    • Tenryu says:

      that and the opening sequence has been hinting it since the beginning.

    • What Tenryu said, but only in hindsight. I actually expected Flit to die first.

      • sadakups says:

        I have a feeling that the Asuno family will be fighting together in their Gundams in the final battle.

        • whatsht says:

          It’ll actually be rather fitting for the final equipment produced by the AGE System to be compatible to all 3 gundams, or the most powerful equipment is created by mashing all the different equipments of the gundams into 1 wear

        • whatsht says:

          It’ll actually be rather fitting for the final equipment produced by the AGE System to be compatible to all 3 gundams, or the most powerful equipment is created by mashing all the different equipments of the gundams into 1 set.

  13. Pineapple Salad… the Symbol of every death flag( Remi… don’t even think in offer any pineapple based product to Obright… the same is for you Romary…), that was the prelude of someone die as a fact… but Him… our Albino Lupino friend… simple the Blood was necessary to satisface the Altar of the Gundam Father… Tomino….

    Again the chapter was a good battle, better paced of those of SEED, not so one sided as 00, have his feeling, but again the notion of Vagan Spy are in pretty high place(you can even think the war is a ruse between the Vegan Emperor/Hierophant and the Earth Federation High goverment) as knowing the existance(well that is hard to occult anyway) of a Solar ray like weapon and having a countermeasure ready so easily…. but the ghost of a traditional colony drop is near and if the spoilers are true… the Titan-esque looks of Flit in the Third Generation is a foreshadowing..

    Woolf. you was the best BRO & Commander in gundam so far(only Quattro with Kamille can compare that dinamic), you sacrifice will not be forget, Asemu will have your sunburn like hair in the future…

    • Yes, the countermeasure against the weapon seems convenient enough to foster suspicion of a spy in high places… or this could be just Anaheim Electronics — or whatever they’re calling it in AGE, all over again.

  14. Turambar says:

    I didn’t really find there to be any inconsistency in Woolf’s speech. “Survive the battle. But do it not by running scared, but by fighting and beating every opponent in your path.”

    Also, I was really expecting Obright to bite it this episode, not Woolf.

    • He didn’t articulate it that way, did he?

      • Turambar says:

        We’re gonna survive this. Every last one of us.
        We need resolve to do this.
        Resolve to fight to the bitter end.
        Fight to the end, no matter who your enemy is.
        Fighting is painful.
        But losing your comrade is even more painful.

        Those last two lines confirms that meaning for me. Fight to not just keep yourselves alive, but your comrades. If you run, the next shot you’re not there to block will end up killing someone else.

  15. Tzu says:

    When “Mechanic girl” accepted “Nameless soldier A”‘s marriage proposal all I could hear was: “Hey here is your death flag, you forgot it last episode”. But then I remembered this show needs couple’s to make kids for the next iteration. I’m guessing these two plus Alisa+”Nameless soldier B”‘s kid will be Asemu Jr.’s childhood friends. It would also be nice if Asemu Jr. is in fact a girl since we already had girl+girl+boy and boy+boy+girl as love triangles.

  16. Prime says:

    Asem is going seed! There is only one person who has an acceptable Seed/Berserker Mode and that is Shin… Oh, and Kira… After that… Asem you’re gonna have to try harder…. XD But, i guess he’s still in this whole Selfesteem/Self-Discovery journey… kinda like buddism! 😀 Go Asem!

  17. Sooo who’s gonna break it to The Heart that Earth isn’t a total paradise?

  18. GS_era says:

    na na na na na na hey hey hey goodbye desil yea & good ridence yea you can join basco in he!!

  19. rollover says:

    …Decil’s going to pull a Roanoke, isn’t he?

  20. Reid says:

    I don’t love how Asemu is now the “Suupaaa PAIROTOOOO!” or whatever, but everyone already talked about this one to such a degree I can’t add anything to the discussion.

    I do love how the Double Bullet parts are so clearly a match for his style of combat, what with the two guns, two swords, two huge swords, lots of missiles weapons loadout. The Double Bullet parts also don’t have a shield, which is ok since Asemu is a headlong kind of guy. It makes me wonder what the AGE system would have come up with had Flit been the pilot, or Woolf or anybody else, for that matter. If there are other Wear Parts for the AGE-2, I really have no idea how they could be any better than the Double Bullet so long as Asemu is driving that particular Gundam. Initially I hated everything about the AGE-2 but it’s quickly become cool without being God-tier…until Asemu went all God-tier…I think he’s going to end up being an X-Rounder, for the record.

  21. suiman says:

    There were many candidates for character death turning points for Asemu. But when Woolf got the role of warm father figure while Flint became more of a cold commanding officer, Woolf’s death slowy became certain. Heck, Flint’s attempt to comfort his son’s inadequacies for not being an x-rounder only made things bitterer. Woolf was more effective in consoling Asemu (Much to my dismay at the time because Asemu should have exploded a lot sooner).

    Ah, but the wait was worth it. Asemu’s RAGE defeating Desil’s x-rounder hax was so great. I don’t want Asemu to ever “regress” into an x-rounder. As it would seem, x-rounders has the ability of recognizing the “simple” patterns in the movement of normal humans and/or fellow (lesser) x-rounders, in addition to spatial recognition. Asemu on the other hand transcended that; his RAGE has no immediate pattern. It was not so much that he had faster reflexes but the x-rounders inability to go beyond their reliance on movement prediction. I really wish that AGE will continue on playing with the idea that the x-rounder’s ostensible superiority is ultimately an obsolete trait left behind in evolution.

    Asemu, just keep on ace-ing as a super pilot (with OP pieces of hardware of course) while your father sorties in his Gundam [AGE] Freedom. LOLS will be had come next episode.

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