The Ace Pilot in Gundam

A recent comment on the events in Mobile Suit Gundam AGE episode 26 got me thinking.

Yeah…it happened Asemu’s character arc went exactly where I had hoped it wouldn’t. But knew it would since revealing that he failed to inherit his father X-Rounder capabilities.

Ladies and Gentlemen Asemu Asuno has crossed The Batman Threshold”clap,clap”.
So Just what is “The Batman Threshold”? The Batman Threshold is the point at which a Badass Normal ceases to be a capable and competent baseline human in a world inhabited by superhumans. And becomes Superhuman themselves, with out being recognized as such in-universe.

So why did Asemu cross The Batman Threshold,because it was the writers way of escaping the corner that they’d written themselves into.

X-Rounders as result of their clairvoyance have reflexes an order of magnitude faster than a baseline human. Now logically on account of those traits no baseline human would ever be able to fight an X-Rounder on an even footing;mind you i said fight not kill,You don’t have to out fight an enemy to kill them.

Asemu’s rival and greatest adversaries are all X-Rounders, and as a baseline human he’ll never be fast enough to ever go toe to toe with them. So they could have Asemu win through trickery/tactics and mechanical superiority. no not option Heroes don’t sneak their way to victory they triumph over their enemies in glorious combat. They could make Asemu an X-rounder giving him the one thing he needs to bring down his rival;faster reflexes. no not an option lack of”power”is a huge part of his character. So they come to the last option CHEAT. Have Asemu become the Super Pilot! Giving him all the superhuman ability that he need to win. without having to make him officially superhuman;likely attributing it all to HARDWORK and GUTS!

–  metaphysicist

This bothered me almost as much as it did the commenter, but there’s more to it than what it seems. Newtype/X-Rounder/Innovator/Coordinator powers are not the sole determinant of pilot combat ability after all, and there are oldtypes in Gundam that are quite accomplished aces. At times, the NT ability is utilized more as a specialized weapon (funnels) than they are enhancement of fundamental piloting skills. Sometimes they’re used as psychic attacks.

I’ll put forth here a table of sorts of my estimation of NT powers and piloting skill, and some general remarks on how it all comes together for a particular pilot. It won’t be comprehensive, but I think it’s worth discussing.

Legend for the table below: Skill means combat piloting skill in general; power means level of Newtype/Coordinator/Innovator/X-Rounder ability; Use means how such powers are manifested in the story; Remarks provide additional context and relates everything to practical combat perspective (as much as possible).


Anticipation is that flash that alerts the pilot of a very immediate future event (e.g. where the next attack will come from). This isn’t of much use if one’s piloting ability (inclusive of reflexes) is no good. The best and most critical use of this is when the pilot is attacked by multiple weapons coming from different vectors (e.g. funnels).


The key question here is: Are X-Rounder powers necessary for Asem to defeat Desil, who manifests very powerful X-Rounder abilities. I would say no. This is because while Desil benefits greatly from X-Rounder anticipation benefits, he is not necessarily a top-tier pilot. He isn’t bad by any means – as were the likes of Hilling Care, Bring Stabbity, etc. (Innovators from Mobile Suit Gundam 00) when their connection to Veda was severed. Asem can reach a level of piloting ability, in addition to having a very powerful Gundam, can overcome Desil’s innate X-Rounder advantage.

HOWEVER, Mobile Suit Gundam AGE didn’t quite establish this explicitly. Instead they made a fuss about how suddenly, Desil’s X-Rounder anticipation ability can’t catch Asem’s movements. Here’s a thought:

X-Rounders do read minds, but not instincts. This is what Woolf was telling Asem whole time, to move like you fell [sic] natural.

This same way Desil was defeated first and second time – Flti [sic] was too angry to think straight, he was just beating the crap out of him.


Sophistry. When I play video games, I seldom spell out my thoughts as “I will move to the area behind the building and catch my enemy’s flank; upon which I will use weapons x and y.” Perhaps at first, when I’m learning a game (say, Gundam Extreme Vs. on the PS3). The thoughts aren’t articulated in a form that can be read. The decisions are often instinctive as opposed to chess match deliberateness. Even in martial arts, there’s a premeditated tactic, but once the match starts, the way to execute well is to pay no mind.

Asem’s attack is still fluid and coordinated, not some button-mashing wild berserk thing. Thus, the inscrutableness that rendered Desil’s X-Rounder ability is still suspect. Something Asem did, or something Asem suddenly had, overcame Desil’s X-Rounder powers.


Having not seen much of After War Gundam X, I don’t know of straight up duels wherein an oldtype beats an NT straight up. Yazan Gable uses coordinated attacks with his team when fighting Kamille in Zeta, and it’s not like he actually wins. Gundam AGE has much to explain, as far as I’m concerned.

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  1. rollover says:

    Well, there’s the (BULLSHIT) excuse that X-Rounders reads emotions and/or thoughts. Rage prevents them from sensing the pilot’s intention. Like trying to listen to a radio over static. But then we would see more indication of this from Decil. For example:


  2. Turambar says:

    Out of laziness, I’ll c/p my post from Gundam 26 along with some additional thoughts

    “This is all fan theory wankery, but indulge me anyways. X-rounder powers is derived through the stimulation of a part of the brain that allows for awareness and prediction through observation. Ie: being able to predict someone’s immediate movements from the way they are moving right now. (There actually is a part of the brain in reality that serves a similar function, though for a wholly different purpose, called mirror neurons which allows you to predict someone’s actions after witnessing such actions multiple times. If I reach for an apple, your mirror neurons tells you I’m going to pick that apple up.) So an X-Rounder in a sense do not actually move faster or dodge better than a normal human equal to them in skill, but rather have more time to recognize the need to move.

    What may potentially have happened with Asemu is letting his emotions stimulate a different portion of his brain that does not control prediction but rather stimulates his physical reaction speeds and response times. Since adrenaline already exists as a natural stimulant, it would be possible in the world of Gundam fiction that a different part of the brain has evloved to take further advantage of that.”

    There is one thing faulty about this theory though. It runs counter to the position broached by Zeheart that x-rounder powers is more of a deevolution as the brain is futher embracing it’s primal instincts. That would imply that x-rounders not only become somewhat prescient, their animal instints are also still being stimulated.

    • Yeah, animals can’t read minds/anticipate actions. Instinct doesn’t do that. Instinct allows say, me … perform efficient sets/patterns of behavior without having to think each part separately. It also has something to do with pattern recognition I think, that allows for “correct guesses” without thinking the process out. It’s a set of biases my body/my being adopts to respond to situations (patterns of situations).

      An X-Rounder will process a very large amount of responses to MS combat situations and arrive at correct responses at a much higher rate than normalfags. They do this without “thinking” the way a tactical strategist does battles.

      This is not inconsistent with “primitive” or “base” — since the process is not thought through but instead are more “automatic,” like a machine, or a computer. Much like Coordinators amirite?

      • Turambar says:

        While the “like a machine” moniker can fit the more natural movements of an x-round pilot, I don’t agree on the presience part. The show has displayed that as not just a instinctual reaction like your typical newtype flash. An x-rounder pilot is very much cognitively aware of what their anticipations are.

        • Like so many moves in advance? You’re talking about Aquarion EVOL element abilities here (Cayenne) who can predict the immediate future. Is this the case?

          • Turambar says:

            I haven’t watched Aquarion EVOL, but given your description, that sounds accurate. You can also consider it like Code Geass’s Knight of One’s geass ability. It’s presentation in Z2-2 is pretty similar to how AGE presents it in the show: a color filtered vision of the near future movements of both enemy units as shown by Flit as well as the environment as shown by Zeheart.

  3. snakechimera says:

    I’d like to see some more of the newtype/pilot charts later on. They’re pretty tight.

  4. I’m hoping Asemu doesn’t inherit X-Rounder simply because it’d show that pilots can be competent without needing to be born as unique, psychic supersoldiers. Gundam Age is primarily a show for kids, so I’m a little uncomfortable with the idea that your prowess and ability would be so readily determined by a genetic fluke.

    Besides, the idea of a SUPAHPIRROUTO who is powerful only because of his own abilities is far cooler to me than these silly x-rounders.

    • I’m all for showing normalfags beating enhanced humans, but it can’t be by simply becoming super powered in all sense of the word without being acknowledged as having super powers or the ability not being acknowledged as super. It’s the execution here that’s quite lacking.

      • what the hell says:

        perhaps a straight up increase to reaction time as part of adrenaline rush from previous experiences? unstable hormone levels could perhaps be the reason to your fan rage?\

  5. schneider says:

    There’s one Oldtype vs Newtype battle in Gundam X (after episode 10 or something), where Garrod goes against a textbook Cyber-Newtype opponent with FUNNELS. He gets beat the first time, the Satellite Cannon wrecked and inoperable. So the Freeden’s amazing mechanic cannibalizes some scavenged parts to make the Gundam X Divider.

    He beats the guy in a rematch, thanks to some advice about shooting FUNNELS down (thx, Captain Obvious). The thing to note is that the Satellite Cannon is an Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm, but is useless in a mobile suit duel, so the Gundam X Divider is actually an upgrade in terms of dueling capabilities, though it loses the WMD.

  6. The Eternal Dilemma of Super Human (aka Jedi) vs Normal Humans combat in the gundamverse, at least macross keep all the life & sapient form with roughtly the same biological responses and limits… but Gundam is Gundam.

    In general the post and some comment show that… Not matter how super human you’re, you still act and react as a human and figthing against human, and human are unpredictable.

    In general i want to see how the season end with Asemu as the Supa Pilot who at least manage to settle the score with his old ‘friend'(sorry, so much bishi sparkles created some bad thoughts) .

    But… i want Kio to become the Suppa X-roundo pirotto…

    • Macross has Brera Sterne. He is unbeatable by any of the Frontier cast, and I’m glad they kept it that way. Otherwise it would be cheap if Alto just hot-bloodedly powered up and outpiloted Brera.

      • Turambar says:

        Did Alto beat Brera in Wings of Goodbye? I don’t really remember. Though I suppose if he did, that can still be contributed to a better plane.

        • Myssa says:

          Decisively? Nope, Brera switched sides close to the end of the movie, and even then Alto wasn’t fighting him per say — if I remember right, Alto was just making a straight beeline to the Battle Frontier/Vazra Hive queen.

        • Alto didn’t beat Brera. Brera had a hard lock on Alto’s Durendal (which while superior to the VF-25F Messiah, was an anti-Vajra unit, not an anti-VF fighter), until his implant acted up and eventually led to him regaining his own will and identity. Alto did well to survive that long though, dispatching THREE ghosts while fighting Brera at the same time (SUCK ON THAT GULD).

  7. “According to Nikkei MJ, the rating of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE has been hovering around the 2% level. Although the main target of the TV series is preteen boys, the rating among the kids sometimes goes down to zero. Bandai has been aware of the unpopularity of Gundam AGE among kids and have tried to identify the reason by conducting a questionnaire. What they found from the survey was that kids today are unfamiliar with wars and space colonies. To draw the attentions of those kids, Bandai featured scenes at school in Asem’s Arc, but their attempt failed to obtain the expected result.”

    AGE is the worst-rated Gundam series in over a decade, both a critical and financial disaster for Bandai. The model sales are equally dismal. Just thought I’d let you know.


    • This makes me very, very sad.

      This is the consequence of having a generation wholly UNFAMILIAR WITH WAR. Such an ironic consequence isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there should be war so our children can enjoy Gundam shows.

      • senshi says:

        They are familiar with war (we’re continously bombared by Gulf War/Middle East war news), the problem like the article pointed out is the lack of interest in SPACE. It’s like how astrophyists Neil deGrasse Tyson puts it – the current generation of child lacks dream in SPACE and SciFi because we are no longer being shown the dreams of space colonisation, and Gundam has a huge element of space colonisation in it.

        The other problem is the general attitude towards war in Japan is one of a pacifist stance (all war and all killing is bad), you see that not only in Gundam but in all anime, basically anime don’t deal with killing people now because the kids don’t like seeing them.

    • Turambar says:

      But, giant robots! Why would you need war to enjoy giant robots! Kids these days.

    • sadakups says:

      I just hope a cancellation isn’t in order yet.

  8. fadeway says:

    I’m veering off-topic and nitpicking here, but I thought Kamille was the strongest NT in UC, with Amuro being better than the average NT but mostly benefiting from insane skillz obtained by fighting since the very advent of MS combat (and talent as well)?

    • The statement was made during Z era, so it’s not definitive.

      Judau was the most powerful, after all he is the pinnacle of human evolution.

      But, the proof is in the meteor. CCA settled this most definitively. No demonstration of NT power comes close to matching Amuro stopping Axis.

      • WhatSht says:

        Wasn’t Amuro stopping Axis partly due to the Psychoframe?

        • Myssa says:

          Or his unborn son in the novels.

          The fact is though, in terms of skill and actual Newtype potential, Amuro pretty much came as close to perfection. No pilot since then, except possibly Grey Stoke, came close.

        • zetatrain says:

          Kind of, though the Psychoframe acts more as a conduit between the Newtype mind and whatever object the person is trying to manipulate. For instance, i order to move a funnel you need a psychommu or psychoframe system other wise it doesn’t matter how powerful of a newtype you are. The point is that if the psychoframe was given to any other newtype they probably wouldn’t have been able to utilize it the way Amuro did.

  9. Tenryu says:

    i don’t know, your lumping Coordinator as the same as new type/innovator/x-rounder but you have to be born to be a coordinator, a normal ‘human’ can’t suddenly become a coordinator.

    What i’m trying to say is, on even grounds, SEED mode should be the ‘power’ not being a coordinator, since it was shown that a normal human can go into SEED mode.

    • WhatSht says:

      Having the SEED Factor pretty much means that you’re a newtype.

    • It’s a cute distinction, but it’s still ultimately a variation on the NT gimmick.

      • Turambar says:

        I personally agree with Tenryu. SEED mode is definitly the Newtype analog of the show. Despite talking about how much stronger and what not coordinators are, the show never did display martial superiority of ZAFT forces over the Federation. ZAFT did show better engineering skills, having created most of the endgame super weapons and suits used by both sides. But engineering skills have never been attributed to one’s newtype powers, and you can’t make that link here either.

  10. WhatSht says:

    I smiled when I saw “Trigonometry”, I wish I could be that good in Trigonometry(or even have some ability that makes me better in Trigonometry)

    I see, you didn’t include Rau..
    Due to the fact that Rau Le Crueset tried to kill Humanity, many forgets about his insane piloting skills(and perhaps his partial NT ability), he left the Freedom with 1 arm, 1 leg and with his death, crippled the Freedom(and destroyed the head, along with the wings.), he could have killed Kira, but he made the wrong move and killed Flay.

    I have to agree with you, Kira, being the Amuro Ray of CE, will have the same piloting/power levels as Amuro, I find it fitting when I saw the opening video of Gundam Musou 3 where Kira(piloting SF) and Amuro(piloting Nu) are walking beside each other while shooting the hordes of Zakus.

    Since we’re talking about Gundam.
    When I rewatched Unicorn yesterday, some scenes seems to imply that the Unicorn Gundam is sentient.(Many Gundams may be sentient, but Unicorn actually has signs of it being sentient.)
    Episode 1: The Unicorn shut down on its own after Banagher’s dad died and Banagher started crying, then when Banagher decides that he will take on the “curse”, the Unicorn rebooted.
    Episode 3: When Daguza died, Banagher went into a rage and Unicorn went into NT-D, as the Unicorn changes into NT-D, the movements of the Unicorn makes it look like it was struggling, as though the inner demon is trying to take over.

    Speaking of Gundam X, I have watched.. till episode 6, and I’m stuck there.

    • Kira can suck Athrun’s cock.

      But yeah, he’s grossly overpowered.

      Unicorn, Turn A, Turn X… are the sentient ones I think.

      • WhatSht says:

        Stargazer has an AI unit, which was taken out so that they can use it to protect the station, the AI unit was incomplete anyway.

        • kharisma says:

          in my opinion AI is not the same as sentient, a sentient being can do silly, irrational things without any rational reason(just like human). an AI is always constrained by rules by different level to reach their target, while sentient being can decide what the target is.

  11. megaroad1 says:

    Have not seen AGE so I cannot comment on that, but surely Kamille Bidan is anyones equal when it comes to newtype power? And where is the magnificent, the incomparable, the one and only Judau Ashta?

  12. I said it before, and I’ll say it again

    ”Gundam AGE has much to explain, as far as I’m concerned.”

    There is no time. Gundam AGE is working on a schedule so tight that it leaves no room to elaborate on such things.

    Yes, I know you didn’t mind the fast pacing at first ghost, and tbh even when I considered it a problem I tried and put it out of the way in order to enjoy the show. But now I think it’s clear that the show lacks sufficient time to tell the story it’s trying to draw on screen. That’s why suddenly Desil is incapable of countering Asem’s frontal attack, because there is no time to properly elaborate on why did this happen, just to get things over with.

    And where would you put Graham on that chart? And Wolf would be a threat if ….?

    • I suppose it will be explained through para-text (related media) such as guidebooks, games, official guides, manga, etc.

      Hmm the formatting got fucked up — it should read “Would be a terror if piloting a Gundam. Graham I think would be close to being as good as Woolf, maybe a step behind. After all, Graham got to power up his suit and even had Trans-Graham at some point.

  13. Matt Wells says:

    I’d rank Amuro below Kamille in terms of Newtype power, shifting Axis or no. I put that one down to Psychoframe magic, Amuro’s Newtype skills were always more nuanced than Kamille’s “twist laser sword with the soul of my dead girfriend”. Had Kamille not been neutered by Scirocco odds he would be a 12 to Amuro’s 10, but this is all pedantic fanwank. Since I’m a terrible one for fanwankery, I’ll continue where you left off!

    “The Newtype” Challia Bull
    Skill: 6
    Power: 2
    Use: Distinguished Zeon Ace of Kycilla Zabi’s Newtype Corps.
    Use: Lasted five minutes against Amuro in his prime.

    Murasame Four
    Skill: 6
    Power: 6-8
    Use: Psychically summoned a NT type Mobile Armour, fought Kamille AND Amuro to a standstill.
    Remarks: Cyber-Newtype. Powers vary depending on emotional state. Unstable in every sense of the word. Inexplicably escapes anti-climatic death for an even LAMER one. CINDERELLA FOUR.

    Rosamia Badam
    Skill: 5
    Power: 7
    Use: Fought evenly with Kamille in a pimped out Psycho-Gundam and… a giant crab shaped thing.
    Remarks: Cyber-Newtype, emotionally fragile. Prone to instability and psychotic episodes due to frequent brainwashing. Persists in “ONIIIII-CHAN” complex with teenage Kamille, despite visibly being over 34 years old.

    Fa Yuiry
    Skill: 4
    Power: 4
    Use: Survived the Gryps Conflict in a
    prototype transforming mobile suit, did so with only minimal training and experience.
    Remarks: … Does anybody actually care about Fa? Seriously, ANYBODY? She’s a good resupply unit in SRW, but that’s about it.

    Jerid Meesa
    Skill: 7
    Power: 0.5 (speculated)
    Use: Survived Gryps right up to the attack on the Jupitris, fought countless times with Kamille and SURVIVED, had the odd ability to retain command in spite of breathtaking incompetence.
    Remarks: Devilishly handsome, possible latent Newtype powers, uses girlfriends as human shields, disparage woman’s piloting skills, begs her for lessons, somehow earns undying affection. Voice of a GOD.

    Sara Zabiov
    Skill: 5
    Power: 4
    Use: Multiple engaggements against Kamille Bidan and Quatrro Bageena.
    Remarks: DAT VOICE. Wears a Beret casually. Loves Scirocco and Katz Kobiyashi: taste in men too terrible to accurately measure.

    Paptimus Scirocco
    Skill: 8
    Power: 8
    Use: Exerting peculiar charisma and influence over susceptible minds, bio-sensor enhanced beam rifle shots, mind raping Kamille into mental infanthood.
    Remarks: Name is Scirocco, not Syruppo or Torucko. ORE WA TENSEI DA. Elitist, egotist, sociopath, untouchable in fatass huge mobile suits, talented mechanical desiger.

    Puru and Puru 2
    Skill: 5
    Power: 8
    Use: Funnel spamming.
    Remarks: Enormous powers compensated for lack of skill and inexperience. Pedo bait cloned Cyber-Newtypes. Char abides. JUDO ONEEE CHAN!!! PURU PURU PURU PURU PURU!!!

    Kou Uraki
    Skill: 6
    Power: n/a
    Use: Never achieved more than a draw against Anavel Gato.

    Seabrook Arno
    Skill: 6 (8 in Crossbone Gundam)
    Power: 7
    Use: Precognition, mastery of F91’s bio-computer system.
    Remarks: Underated pilot and Newtype. Nice balance of skill and power, a superb melee fighter and guerilla tactician. Employed as Baker and SPACE PIRATE CAPTAIN.

    “Iron Mask” Carozzo
    Skill: 3
    Power: 7.5
    Use: Killed a dude WITH MIND BULLETS, survived a sniper shot to the heart with little discomfort, plioted a giant flowery tentacle rape Mobile Armour.
    Remarks: Death by self-impalement by a hundred mecha tentacles. Worst. Masked Rival. Ever.

    Tobia Arronax
    Skill: 7
    Power: 7
    Use: Instinctually guided a core fighter back to mothership when lost in deep space and without the aid of advanced navigation tools or tracking devices. Standard Newtype “flashes”.
    Remarks: Became an Ace at the tender age of 15. Most hotblooded Universal Century pilot of all time. Expert at Mobile Suit melee combat. Only Newtype to ever Bright Slap OTHER whiny Newtypes.

    Usso Evin
    Skill: 8
    Power: 8
    Use: Mastered mobile suit combat before his balls dropped. Beat up adults twice his own size.
    Remarks: PARAGLIDING FALLING IN THE COCKPIT. Has a harem of hot chicks, all of them die.

    Umon Samon
    Skill: 9
    Power: 0.5
    Use: Only ever exhibited the simplest level of Newtype spatial awareness.
    Remarks: SURVIVED THE ONE YEAR WAR IN A BALL WITH A GUNDAM FACEPLATE. Took down six Doms in said ball, three of which were piloted by Black Tristar level aces. Survived Operation Stardust, Gryps, the First through Third Neo-Zeon conflicts, the Cosmo Babylon war AND the first war with the Jupiter Empire. Served as a pilot well into his seventies, professions of Newtype powers might be untrue, were it not for his service record.

    Marida Cruz AKA Ple 12
    Skill: 6
    Power: 8
    Use: Mastery of multi-funnel combat, decimated an entire squadron of Federation Mobile Suits and demolished the better part of a whole colony.
    Remarks: Hard exterior hides broken and fragile interior. Victim of rape both physical and mental.

    Skill: 99
    Power (levels): 9001
    Remarks: Exhibits physical abilities that place him at the level of Superhuman, despite lacking any Newtype or psychic potential whatsoever. Nice mustache. Unusually fond of his horse.

    • Thanks for the updates, but some considerations are in order:

      You want to nerf Amuro for his powers being amplified by the Psycoframe… but the Z Gundam does something similar for Kamille. He couldn’t do the shit he does with it using the Mk II can he?

      Same thing with Four, the stuff she pulled off was against puny suits. Sure arguably the Mk II is superior to the RX-78-2, but it’s not like Amuro did a lot vs. the Big Zam — it was Sleggar who really got the breakthrough using his suicide attack.

      Can Kamille use the psychoframe to push back Axis? You tell me. Maybe if you outfit the Z Gundam with the psychoframe Kamille can play pinball with the planets using not only the psychoframe but also all the dead people.

    • Turambar says:

      It’s interesting that you put Master Asia on there because out of all the entire Gundam franchise, I feel like it is the status of Martial Artist that is the greatest in terms of a faux Newtype than any of the others.

      As noted before, the tragedy of the newtype ideology is the the desire for understandinging, that spiritual desire is always inconflict with the practical application of newtypes: being ace pilots in a war. Alot of the AU newtype types such as SEED and X-rounder completely disgards this spiritual side of things and fully embrace the warrior side of things. On the other hand, G Gundam embraces both side and merge them together. Not only are Martial Artists masters of combat, they are also able to use their combat prowess to communicate their feelings with one another. “Master’s fists are crying!”

    • rollover says:

      Treize Khushrenada:

      Skill: 8
      Power: n/a
      Fabulousness: 9001

      Remarks: Only sane man in a failing Gundam series. Managed to put all blame on political assassinations to Gundam pilots. Managed to recall the names of all the men that died under his command. Trolled a retard so hard, he changed sides after killing him.

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  15. ToastCrust says:

    Newtype Dolphin from Gundam X
    Skill: (1)0
    Power: ???
    Use: Interspecies communication, becoming albino, (probably) anticipation
    Remarks: I bet this dolphin would be a really strong pilot if it was given a swimming G Gundam dolphin mobile suit. Would swim and fight more efficiently than any human underwater.

  16. what the hell says:

    lol its so simple. Blondy Asemu has achieved a different kind of power.

    Not every creature is made from the same mold, mutation and evolutionary mistakes occurs constantly to ensure that only the strong survives (or atleast it tries until we intervene). why? perhaps to reach the evolutionary end game that is beyond our understanding?

    regardless, just because some one isn’t a super human, doesn’t mean that he isn’t another type of super human. Foresight does not equate to insane reaction time. foresight decrease the need to have insane reaction rate, but reaction rate is what determines whether a shot lands on you or not.

    our Blondy has became A Jarod, that is all.

    fight on bro. fight on

    • what the hell says:

      newtype powers has always sorta been foresight. mind reading is what a psychic newtype or a really talented cyber newtype do from time to time. how can you possibly say that every X rounder is the same? biological machines aren’t as straight forward as statistic on a page afterall.

    • No, this is not a satisfying explanation. It’s simplistic and not simple.

  17. Vendredi says:

    I think a straight metric comparison of “ace skill” is in itself fundamentally lacking, but perhaps that’s reading a little too much “real” into Gundam’s take on real robot. After all, a great kill tally means nothing if you get shot down, so maybe it’s better to be lucky than good (by this idea perhaps Patrick Colaseur is the greatest pilot in all Gundam). Plus, there’s a million different complex factors in combat; some aces benefit from great mecha, good intelligence, favourable terrain or circumstances, or great support teams. Others we consider incredibly skilled because of the feats they accomplish without any support at all (take the Ball vs. Zaku in 08th MS Team)

    And in general the latter seem to be a lot more memorable; characters like Char are expected to be deadly from the get-go, but there’s an element of surprise and unpredictability that comes from watching a mobile suit start fighting and slowly realize that “hey, this guy can fight!”; that Jegan ace in Unicorn 01, and the Xamel pilot in Stardust Memory come to mind. Shiro’s Ball stunt in MS 08th sort of qualifies as well.

    • Of course it is, but if you were to build a video game and these were available characters, how would you build them? How would you distribute game-difference-making attributes?

  18. Gamer2002 says:

    Yeah, I was quoted, I am important!
    But I shouldn’t write it while being tired, and there is no edit option ;P

    Instinct/not thinking/thinking like animal/doing everything automatically is quite common counter to telepathy in fiction. I bet that Wolverine used is already oh so many times, and it was used in Code Geass and Detonator Orgun. Of course we don’t really know how telepathy does work, but the basic concept is that you can’t read mind that works faster/different than yours. And Asem’s attack was fluid, because for him piloting is natural, it was commented by Woolf when he took him to simulator. And IIRC people (Sarah?) also were calling Yazan animal.

    Anyway, we didn’t get direct explanation this episode, and there wasn’t much of duel between Zeheart and Asem. I think it will be done later, Asem still needs to master this ability .

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