An End to an Age, and Good Night My Sweet Prince: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 28


[Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 27]

The episode is titled “Upheaval in the Earth Sphere,” – which suggested chaos, but I thought it was hardly chaotic at all. In the Universal Century, it took the chaos of Operation Stardust – which atomized the flower of the EFSF fleet (not to mention the colony drop on the EF primary agricultural resource) thanks to the return of the “Nightmare of Solomon” for the Titans to take over. And by the time the Gryps conflict was starting, the Titans were still not truly in complete control.

Contrast this with the clean, efficient, and clockwork cleanup Flit Asuno did of the Earth Federation Government. Apart from the Vagans who attempted to assassinate the foremost of the collaborators (the Prime Minister), the casualties were kept to a minimum. This is cleaner and swifter than both Reinhard von Lohengram’s control of the Galactic Empire, Senator Palpatine’s control of his Galactic Empire, Job Trunhit’s control of the Free Planets alliance… to compare Gundam AGE with other shows.

Flit really is one of the most remarkable characters in the Gundam franchise.

One of the stories in this particular age is Asem’s coming of age, particularly in relation to his father. I’ve discussed Asem’s finding his purpose in fighting in the previous post. What I’ll point out here is how in the face of imminent death – the Vagan MS was pointing its gun at the Prime Minister, which would’ve killed Flit and his team as well, he calmly told his quarry that he will not let the Vagan kill him. Where does Flit’s unshakable confidence come from?

It’s because he put Asem on the job, and Asem got it done.

A clean, neat resolution to the father-son dynamic. Flit the scourge of Ambat (and Vagans in general), Flit the defender of the Earth Sphere, Flit the reformer, Flit the family man… in the next episode, Flit the grandfather. This character, has done so much given the opportunities he’s given. What a life. What a story.

As for the Vagans, it’s hard not to feel for them given how they’ve been losing for decades now. They have to endure some more, and they do what they can to give themselves a better shot in the next sortie by putting Zeheart in cryogenic sleep. What kind of meeting would it be between him and Asem? Will their love go beyond the time?

Good night, my sweet prince~

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56 Responses to An End to an Age, and Good Night My Sweet Prince: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 28

  1. Shining_Bard says:

    So we might get to see Zeheart vs. Kio. Interesting.

  2. ZabiLegacy says:

    As always love the panel, but as much as I love the pedo Char jokes, without some fresh material you may want to put it to rest.

  3. Simple it was the History of Flit, it show how event as Adult he suffer how the world is more horrible what one think(how event the First Minister.. the political leader of the Federation, one of his direct bosses), and even at the end, he don’t use those action to give more power to himself but simple make the correct… Flit, you’re making your way to be the greatest gundam protagonist since Amuro or Kamille.

    In general the chpater was pretty fast, wink and you can miss a big event, but was an Excellent Chapter, simple the best end to this generation, and end it with a Wedding not less(and of the titular couple, sorry Arisa, you still have fanon).

    With Zehart in Cold Sleep…maybe he will become Vagan Emperor when the Asunos defeated Elzecant?

    And how the thing will be for Kio… every day who happen, the chance of Kio of Living the same things as Uso are almost One… that kid will have a very interesting history.

    P.S. I feel that the Asunos will suffer a: ‘I’m your Father/Grandfather/Great-Grandfather’ from Ezelcant..

  4. Digibro says:

    Char uniting Zeon over being butthurt about his favorite lolis. I believe it.

  5. Myssa says:

    I think I groaned when they showed all those Adeles just STANDING there and shooting at the three Vagan suits. Gunlines do NOT work against mobile units. Oh, right, Mooks.

    Also there’s the sequence where we had the new suit just… wait there, while Flit finished his diatribe against the prime minister. In real life, it would have SHOT the stage then and there, getting rid of the potential liability (the prime minister) as well as the greatest threat to the Vagan incursion (Flit himself).

    And lets not get into the “Oh hey, we don’t have time to develop Romary x Asemu, so lets just solve this by timeskipping to their wedding!” sequence. Ugh.

    • Flit still wanted the PM alive since he has loads of information on the Vagan which would be useful, who is to say that after all that info has been pumped out of him, the ex-PM would not have found a convienient spot in his cell “to make himself taller?”

      Poor Asemu, even after resolving most of the issues with your dad, he is still too busy putting Vagan collaborators in front of firing squads and out of airlocks to attend the wedding ceremony.

    • what the hell says:

      for a kids show.

      lets not even get started on some of the made for emo teens that decides to develop their characters, ‘properly’: Seed. oh god, i didn’t need to know, just put them in a side story why waste the fucking money on making people say stupid shit. or 00: oh god why you so srs you noobs and your god komplex.

      Sci-Fi isn’t a fucking dating sims. the players don’t need a million years worth of development. although it would be nice to slot them in at the APPROPRIATE times, not designate certain slots for character development. At this point in time if AGE starts to develop its characters, it would be a little awkward because age 1 only had 15 episodes.

      once again going back to sci-fi. It is fucking obvious that the concentration of the plot is on the actions being performed. Age isn’t your normal gundam (and frankly normal by definition means its gona be shitty as usual) Age is something that we will look back on in a few years and say: hell bro, that was refreshing – when we watch the next yoai cluster fuck worth of gundam.

  6. Laziness says:

    So in the end Asem turns into an ace in the hole for Flit and makes Romary happy. Good job Asem, you’ve become respectable.

  7. Tzu says:

    Flit may be one of the best Gundam men out there, but there is no doubt Romary is the worst Gundam girl ever. She has no determination, no back story (just bits here and there about her father) and most likely married Asemu because she couldn’t find Zeheart around (cold sleep counts as necrophilia?). She was just the chosen and predestined girl and it seems she knew it well since she never did a thing to be liked by the lead. I just hope Flit’s genes are strong enough to pass trough this generation. They probably are.

    I’m amazed no one has commented on Asemu’s new mobile suit, a hybrid between Wolf’s suit and his own Gundam; I fount it really cool, one of my favorite Gundams.

  8. In times of crisis the Romans would choose a man, one of their number to serve as dictator with emergency powers to save the Empire. Flit would have been considered one of these notables.

  9. CVPhased says:

    For some reason, I’m not comfortable with the idea of having Zeheart in the 3rd generation… It just felt that his character has had it’s moment of completion the moment he and Asem got their thing together on that fortress… but then again, it’s just me…

    • Tenryu says:

      or maybe he comes back in the movie, Zeheart’s Counter Attack.

      • CVPhased says:

        Now that you mention it, (unless I’m totally mistaken) there hasn’t been any sighting of Zeheart’s 3rd generation character lineart… so it’s possible that he’ll skip this one… and return for a counterattack… oh boy, haha!

    • Can’t have enough of Zeheart, he hasn’t suffered enough or got to converse with full characters because as far as I’m concerned the Vagans aren’t compelling characters at all.

  10. BenDTU says:

    This episode made me realize that Flit never actually stopped being the main character.

  11. ces06 says:

    All too fast…but, I guess every G2 character arc got wrapped up in the previous episode, so it was about time to wrap things up. But still, I wish they’d show more stuff between the one year gap, especially on the aftermath of a battle where so much stuff happened.

    I thought the Asem-Romary scene was pretty well-handled, considering: A. this is gundam, and B. the time constraints.

    Wish we had more screen time with all the side characters like Obright. Bring back Largan, damn it!

    AGE-2 in all white looks sleek as hell. I guess that “second wear” for the AGE-2 was just an April’s Fool’s joke after all though… too bad.

    Despite all the ridiculous stuff going on with the battle, I really enjoyed it. Though, AGE’s lack of action scenes probably made it look better than it actually is. I swear, if AGE was given the budget of and amount of battle scenes of SEED and 00, there wouldn’t be so much rAGErs out there.

    Whoah, Unicorn vibes?

    Flit is godlike. Asem is a man.

    Ezelcant sure takes his time. I’m really excited for, and hoping that they don’t screw up, the reveal of his character and of the grand plan he’s been hatching all this time. The guys looks like he’s got everything figured out, right to the plan Z’s. I mean, with three whole generations to plot, you could come up with a pretty much unbeatable plan. I hope they don’t mess up like they did with Aeolia Schaensomethingberg.

  12. sadakups says:

    I’m actually surprised that Generation 2 end already. I honestly thought there’s a story arc on Earth and there’s also the fact that the way it ended was really fast. It seriously bothers me when I keep on hearing that this is because of AGE’s low TV ratings and the show gets cut off by a couple of episodes. Not to mention that we don’t get to see AGE-2’s second upgrade, that is, if it appears on Generation 3.

    Looking back though, I’m okay with it ending since there’s nothing more to expand when it comes to Asem’s character, since last week’s episode pretty much sealed the deal, that it was all about him finding that one reason to fight the war. Seriously though, what’s with the Asuno’s and getting it on with women with really weak characterization? I swear, Romary is the worst female lead I’ve seen in a Gundam.

    The whole arc is still run by Flit, and what a life he has lived. Now, there’s still the fact that he still wants the Vagans wiped out, and so far, the show has not presented a middle ground in terms of the dynamics between the Earthers and the Vagans. Will Generation 3 provide that middle ground or will the show continue to present the Vagans as the enemy? Will Flit get a deserving end to what he has been fighting for all this time?

    I’m actually excited for Generation 3 and how Kio will be play out. Seeing all main characters together is something I look forward to. I’m also curious how Asem is going to play out as well considering that Zeheart will still be around. For all we know, they’re saving the best parts and the most number of episodes in this arc.

    • what the hell says:

      you know what being cut short means:


      in seven years, everyone will remember this series as a legend, not as a fuck mothering piece of junk made to attract fangirls.

    • >Worst female lead in Gundam

      Who would you consider strong? If you pick more than one, rank them.

      Relena Peacecraft
      Rain Mikimura
      Marina Ismail
      Louise Halevy
      Cagali Zala
      Lacus Clyne
      Sayla Mass
      Aina Sahalin
      Nina Purpleton
      Christina Mckenzie
      Roux Luka
      Fa Yuiry
      Cecily Fairchild
      Chan Agi
      Quess Paraya
      Katejina Loos
      Tifa Adill
      Shakti Kareen
      Sochie Heim
      Diana Sorrel
      Kihel Heim

      My picks would be:

      1. Diana Sorrel/Kihel Heim
      2. Aina Sahalin
      3. Rain Mikimura

      The rest are kind of lulz (not that I dislike them).

  13. rollover says:

    Oh god, the pacing in this episode was shit.


  14. Reid says:

    That’s right, ya’ll; Obright Lorraine is still representing dat Genoace 50+ years after its introduction on the battlefield. He is a real man, unlike these other weenies who need a new Gundam and a new Gundam-lite mass-production unit every couple of years. All a real man needs is hard work and guts.

    • setsuna0520 says:

      DAT GENOACE O-Custom

      With that out of the way, I thought the episode was kinda derp. Not because of the timeskips, I thought the wrap up of Asemu & Romary”s arc was handled well, and you could at least see the basic “when and where” of the start of their relationship. I don’t need a first date montage to show that they became lovers.

      The whole MS fight was rather lame. It seemed to have felt like it was shoehorned it just to meet the 1 MS Fight per episode quota.

      Lastly, ALL HAIL COMMISSAR FLIT ASUNO, purger of opposition, and defender of Earth! Best Dark Messiah in Gundam ever?

      It’ll be interesting to see what became of Flit’s whereabouts next week, especially if he’s no longer working for the federal government. I can’t see him retiring voluntarily, Not when he’s got a race to exterminate. And the fact the Vagans were able hide on Earth for 25 years.

    • What a shitty suit. Obright sucks. He should’ve died instead of that nice girl.

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